Weakness Drabble

Allura could remember when she first became aware that there might be something more to Lotor’s ears, some form of extra sensitivity that had made him twitch and move away from her. She could still picture that moment vividly, Lotor sitting at his desk, intent on the book he bent over. She had been curious, and more than a little put out by his lack of attention, Allura coming up behind him to bend over his shoulder.

She had spoken then, her voice soft as she asked him what he was reading. Her breath has ghosted along his ear, and it was then that he jerked away from her. She would have been hurt, but he gave a weird smile, patiently explaining he didn’t like her talking so loud in his ear. She had known then he was covering for something, for Allura had made sure her voice had been low in volume.

Certainly it hadn’t been high enough to hurt him, but he hadn’t given her a chance to further explore his ear, moving into an act of seduction that still had her blushing even weeks later. Allura had thought she had forgotten all about that gentle rebuff, and the way he had twitched. That was before her current situation had the memory rising unbidden in her mind.

It was late, and Lotor hadn’t been to bed yet, out doing mysterious deals for the good of the Empire. She had actually fallen asleep waiting up for him, and it was only the sound of the lock being undone that Allura awakened. She had hurried out of bed, and met him as he stumbled inside the room. Lotor had looked incredibly tired, and she thought she smelt the faint odor of wine on his breath.

She hadn’t had a chance to question him, Lotor murmuring that he was tired, and to let him rest for a bit. He barely got those words out, and he was already slumping, Allura trying to catch him. It was a laughable attempt, the princess being dragged down to the floor by the prince’s heavy weight. She struggled free of his body, and knelt there looking at him.

She didn’t want him sleeping on the floor. It was hard and uncomfortable, and would leave him sore in the morning. But more than that, she wanted him back in the bed with her, where she could snuggled up to his muscled frame and feel Lotor’s arms wrap around her.

So she tired to wake him, pressing a hand to his cheek in a light pat meant to annoy him into opening his eyes. That only earned a mumble in retort, leaving Allura to sigh and try to pull him over to the bed. Or at least get him standing, the princess sure she could get him to walk with her help.

But Lotor proved too heavy for her to lift, and he was refusing to cooperate and stand on his own. She had frowned, and sighed against his ear, muttering a question
about what she was going to do with him. And then noticed he twitched, showing more reaction than he had since collapsing on the floor. It was then that she started to think his ears might be his weak point, and she impishly blew a warm breath into his ear.

Surprisingly he had moaned, and the sound carried arousal with it. She had been surprised, and thought back to that day with the book. But more than that, she felt mischievous, Allura thinking she had found something she could exploit. She had often harbored resentment, small though it was, that Lotor could so easily dominate her in the bedroom. She didn’t like how he could use her body to make her weak and helpless to his desires while Lotor maintain control at all times of his own emotions.

She wanted to see him rendered weak to arousal, and his ears made a tempting target. Allura couldn’t resist the experiment, thinking to toy with Lotor while he was asleep. She only meant to do a tiny bit of teasing, enough to discover if her theory about his ears were true. So she pressed her mouth to his ear, and gave him a little kiss, hearing him make that delicious sound again.

The moan emboldened her, Allura going so far as to lick the inside of his ear. And then his fingers had locked around her one wrist, Allura gasping and trying to jerk away. His eyes had opened, and he looked right at her, with an odd mix of irritation and amusement. She could only stare back, guilty and growing more so at his words.

“You like attacking someone when they sleep princess?”

“You…you were awake?!” She had said, shocked and then growing angry. “If you were awake, why didn’t you help me get you to the bed?!”

“I was sleeping…” he had replied, and smirked at her. “Until a certain someone began playing with my ears.” His eyes seemed to darken, the gold smoldering with intense heat. She recognized that look, and realized she had unleashed a tiger from it’s cage, Lotor growling at her. “If you weren’t trying to give me a warm welcome home, then you’ve carelessly tempted me.”

“What?! No! Not that! It’s just…” She had been protesting, when he arched an eyebrow, her cheeks warming as she admitted the following. “When I whispered in your ear that other time…I…I got the feeling they might be sensitive. I was just curious to see…”

“My, my…” His teeth gleamed as he smiled wider. “Didn’t anyone ever tell you curiosity is dangerous for little pussy cats?”

“Just…just forget about it and come to bed!” Allura had said, and tried to pull away. His fingers had tightened on her wrist, Lotor keeping her prisoner before him.

“Let’s try it.” Lotor had grinned, and she stared at him. His smile unnerved her, as did the invitation, but somehow she found herself seated on his lap, his hands on her waist. This brought her to the present, Allura staring at him sullenly as he bid her to do as she had started.

“Weren’t you so tired you collapsed?” She said, trying to get out of this experiment.

“This is different.” Lotor retorted, still smirking. “You came on to me…how can I leave it at that…?”

“I wasn’t trying to seduce you!” Allura snapped and he tsked.

“Your blush says otherwise.”

“Hmph!” A haughty toss of her head, Allura leaning forward. “I’ll do this, but only to wipe that smirk off your face!” She was already putting her face by his ear, Allura smelling the after shave he dabbed behind it. It was faint, not an overpowering scent like some men wore, and it wholly reminded her of Lotor. She found herself breathing it in deeper, and when she blew out a breath, she felt Lotor shiver.

He couldn’t see her smirking, but Allura wore that expression well, the girl thinking to once again regain control of the situation. She began to kiss the very tip of his ear, fastening her lips around it to moisten it with her tongue. That move had Lotor’s fingers digging into her hips, she could hear him hissing in pleasure. “Oh my.” She
murmured, amused. “It really does feel good doesn’t it?”

“Less talking, more licking.” Came his strangled order. She giggled in response, and did a long lick down the length of his ear, then back up again. Her hands were resting on his shoulders as she did this, and she moved them enough to tangle fingers in his hair, Allura controlling his head’s movements. She began ardently kissing and nibbling on his ear, and the time seemed to fly by, Lotor muttering things under his breath.

This was too rich, she was making him lose control, she could tell by his tone of voice and the fact that he wasn’t making his usual glib comments. She continued her ministrations to his ear, this time tugging on his lobe with her teeth. He seem to go into spasms, crying out her name, and she purred in contentment. Another kiss, another lick, and then he was hauling her away, touch rough.


“Enough Allura…” He panted, staring at her with desire ridden eyes. She knew that look, and also was aware of the erection that she was now seated upon.

“But..” Her protest was cut off by his mouth, Lotor kissing her hard with possession. She could only squeal in surprise, soon welcoming his tongue inside her as his hands began to roam her body. She could feel him touching her all over, hauling up the skirt of her nightgown to brush fingers against her panties. He was burning like a fire, feverish with a desire that was being spread to her by his expert touches.

Before she could even think to protest that things were going to far, he had her panties off, the fabric torn free of her body as easily as paper would tear. His kisses fell to the side of her face, Lotor moving his mouth to whisper in her ear. “You have to take responsibility for teasing me…” His purr made her shiver, he wasn’t the only one whose ears were sensitive.

Allura could only nod, finding Lotor was already lowering her down onto his freed erection. The familiar ache of him spreading her open with his massive girth course though her, and it only burned for one brief second before exploding into pleasure. Lotor chuckled at her moan, and began to bounce Allura on his lap. She worked her hips from side to side, and squeezed muscles deep inside her to further tease him this way.

It seemed neither one could last very long, Lotor’s climax bringing on one of her own. He slumped backwards, taking Allura with him. She thought he was going to go to
sleep right then and there, but instead he picked her up, carrying her over to the bed. And as he lay her down, he whispered in her ear, Allura flushing with pleasure at the words he spoke.

It was more than just words of love, it was an admission, Lotor telling her that she shouldn’t tease, for every action of hers was enough to get him stirred up.



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  1. Happy birthday, May baby!!! It looks like you worked right through, posting all these updates. While I defintely will enjoy them, I hope you had a lovely day today.

    Best wishes on a pleasant year!

    ps this oneshot was v cute!

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