Pride 06

There was a thin trickle of dust and plaster falling from the ceiling. It fell steadily to the floor, making a small pile that was constantly disturbed, soldier’s foot prints smashing into and around it. It wasn’t the only sign of the ceiling’s impending collapse, all over Sabbath could note the many cracks and wide openings, wires hanging downwards like a stomach’s intestines.

The castle was a wreck, unstable and close to completely falling apart. Pillars were toppled over, one less thing supporting the roof of the building, and all the windows’ glass had shattered. Dirt littered everywhere, as well as bodies, the humans who had made this building their home falling to laser and Drule steel. Sabbath himself was just finishing dispatching some foolish soldier who had lunged out of a darkened alcove, the man stupid enough to think he could win in a fight with a Drule.

He barely acknowledged the man, sword digging in deep into the cavity of his chest. He could hear the human gurgling, blood being coughed up. Some of it might have even gotten on Sabbath, but he didn’t mind. He was already marked with the blood of a dozens of soldiers, all humans he had encountered as he made his way through the castle. These humans who guarded it didn’t seem to realize they had already lost the war, that the castle was now claimed by the Drule, and any who remained were left to be their prey.

Not many of the humans inside the castle would be allowed to live, especially not the soldiers. Able bodied though they were, these men and women who fought so valiantly for their world would never break, never deign to suffer the life of a slave. They would constantly fight the Drule, refuse to acknowledge them as their masters, even seek to lead uprisings against them in a desperate bid to regain their freedom. And that couldn’t be allowed.

With a sigh, Sabbath so weary of all this fighting, jerked his blade out of the dead soldier’s body. It immediately collapsed to the floor, moving as though boneless. The eyes stared up at Sabbath in accusation, but he felt no guilt. He was just doing his job, his duty to his empire.

With that duty in mind, he stepped forward, walking carefully on the damaged floor. There were whole sections of it gone, the floor having collapsed so he could see down to the floor beneath this one. Occasionally a human solider would appear and fire up at him, Sabbath having to deflect the attack with his sword. Lazon made an excellent reflective material, bouncing lasers off it’s surface and back to the sender.

It was quicker to just shoot them, Sabbath having two accompanying subordinates that quickly leapt to their Commander’s defense. These two relied more on pistols set to kill, rather than fight in close quarters with a blade. It mattered not what they used, the end result was always the same, human soldiers dead or dying, the Drule victorious.

And more would die, Sabbath leading part of the clean up crew that moved through the castle. They would route out any humans that hid, kill the ones who looked like trouble, and makes slaves of the remainder. It was all too easy, and almost mindless work, a break from the hard fighting he had been a a part of during the last few hours when Doom began a full out assault all over Arus.

At first the battling had been difficult, Arus and Doom far too evenly matched. Doom had brought forth the entirely of the Empire’s might, every ship, soldier and weapon called into battle. With their forces spread over all of Arus, even with Voltron, the humans hadn’t been able to drive off the Drule. They had been forced to pick and choose one small section of a large planet to defend, Voltron fighting desperately to destroy as many Doom ships as it could.

For what seemed like hours, Sabbath and his ship had held back, watching as those lower in the chain of command fought and died on Voltron’s sword. Quite a number of Drule soldiers died, mere grunts that’s only role had been to be cannon fodder against Voltron’s attacks. It made the Arusians cocky, the humans thinking they would win, even if it was a slow going eventuality.

That was before Haggar and several other witches had unleashed their surprise, conjuring enough power to lure Voltron to it’s destruction. Sabbath would never forget the image of Haggar, the beauty magnified in size ten thousand times over. The light of the combined witches and warlocks power had made her glow, her skin losing it’s dark purple hue to the white light. She had looked like some human Goddess, but there had never been a more malevolent minded God then Haggar, the witch using the power she siphoned off her allies to strike the robot down.

A cheer had gone up over the airwaves, the Drules going wild as they saw Arus’ defender separated into several pieces. Each piece hurtled in a different direction, slamming back to it’s world of origin in a wave of heat. Sabbath wouldn’t be surprised if the metal of the robot had melted, Voltron deserved no less for all the Drules it had killed in these past five years.

He had lost friends to Voltron’s sword, good men that had become his brothers in arms through the years. They hadn’t deserved to die in such an ignoble fate, killed by a creation of the humans, and looked down upon by the Drules. Those who had died, weren’t given hero’s deaths, they were practically ignored, in some cases reviled for failing. Sabbath was relieved no more Drules would die by the robot’s hand, his sword twirling as he decapitated the newest soldier to lunged out of the shadows towards him.

He barely looked at the man he had just killed, likening the human soldiers to pests. Troublesome but ultimately disposable, Sabbath stepping over the body and continuing his trek down the hall. From a faint distant away he could hear what sounding like shouting, and even fainter a woman’s shrill scream. He frowned at that, knowing from the mocking quality of the men’s shouts that it was beyond a simple killing they were doing.

He proceeded forward, taking the time to dispatch two more human soldiers. He was surprised that none of them thought to drop their weapons and pretend to be harmless, but then these soldiers had a Drule’s warrior pride, preferring to fight to the death rather than be thought weak and enslaved. It didn’t make them any less dead, Sabbath shaking out his sword so that the blood fell off the blade in thick, gooey drops.

The shouting was louder, and there was no doubt about it, the men were making sport of a woman. Sabbath growled annoyed, knowing there wasn’t time for this kind of nonsense. His orders had been strict, go through the castle and hunt down any soldiers, kill them and secure the rest. Under no certainty were they to stop and abuse a woman, no matter how tempting a morsel she might prove to be.

The two soldiers with him were his shadow, following silently. He didn’t know what was on their mind, they were wise to keep their own council about what their comrades were doing. Creeping carefully forward, Sabbath noticed the holes in the floor had increased in number here, until he was standing at the edge of one wide enough for five men to drop down in at once.

And literally beneath the hole was his men, slacking off as they made prey of a woman. He didn’t see her face at first, but he noticed the straight, waist length hair, strands a beautiful golden color that was not dulled even by the plaster that coated it and her blue dress. She had a regal bearing to her, even as she cringed and cowered, lunging away from the reaching hands that pulled and grabbed at her arms.

A great ripping sound was heard, a large segment of her skirt being torn. The soldiers continued to laugh and taunt her, words a mixture of Drule and Arusian as they called her all manner of names. She seemed to snarl back at them, and though her words were not obscene, she came up with her own colorful insults for the Drules. It only served to amuse the soldiers, they were laughing, intrigued by her foolish bravado.

A shriek was heard as her waist was snagged by one Drule in particular, a reddish purple brute who hauled her in for a kiss. Sabbath caught sight of angry, blue eyes and found himself reacting beyond mere annoyance at his men. Those eyes seemed to call to him, though he had only seen a brief flash of them, and the girl hadn’t even been aware of him.

She pulled back from the Drule who had forced a kiss on her, her hand flying forward to land a resounding smack across his cheek. The Drules went silent at that, and she sensed the mood had turned even more hostile.

“That hurt.” Said the brute who had kissed her, and he cocked his head from side to side, neck making cracking sounds. Her sun kissed skin seemed to pale, she was trying to take a step back when another Drule snagged hold of her blonde hair. Sabbath saw him jerk on it hard, throwing the girl to the floor, and instantly she was lost from sight, several male bodies lunging forward to cover her.

All Sabbath could see was her failing arms and legs, and hear their laughter, and the sound of her clothing being further torn. She was shrieking, but then it was muffled, and his mind vividly supplied what could have been used to silence her screams.

All this happened in an instant, Sabbath tensing, a low, angry growl erupting from deep within his chest. What happened next was truly an out of body experience, Sabbath grunting a command to the two soldiers behind him.

“Stay here!”

“What are you going to do General?” One asked, then gasped as Sabbath leapt downwards into the hole. The Drule soldiers were so intent on trying to pry open the girl’s legs, they didn’t even look up at the thud that accompanied Sabbath’s landing. A part of him noticed this, Sabbath snarling over how sloppy his men were. But more than that he felt angry, not liking how they were treating this woman, and neglecting their orders.

With another growl, he stalked over to the group, and grabbed a green scaled Drule from the huddle. Hauling him back, the green Drule snarled and turned to punch him. The punch never landed, the Drule staring in shock at the sight of Sabbath.


A brutal back hand across his face, the Drule being rocked to the side from the force. His shocked cry wasn’t enough to get the other men’s attention, they had quickly closed in the space around the girl. Sabbath gritted his teeth, and jerk another one back by his hair, and it was all he could do not to take his sword and slice open that Drule’s throat.

He saw the girl’s waist, her dress torn down to reveal her stomach, the remains of her skirts up high enough to reveal she still wore her panties. But with claws pulling at the ties, she wouldn’t for long, Sabbath throwing another Drule across the room. By this point, the two soldiers from above had landed in the room, and together they worked to help their commander pull the remaining Drules away from the girl.

She lay there stunned, face tear streaked, body trembling. He crouched protectively in front of her, staring at her face. No doubt about it, she was the princess of Arus, and the one woman the prince had forbidden them to abuse. That alone should have been the motivation for Sabbath’s actions, but he felt a foreign emotion as he looked at this abused girl. He wanted to PROTECT her, and he didn’t understand why, nor did he understand the reason why a possessive word came to mind whenever he looked into her unaware eyes.

~Mine.~ His mind growled, and he tried not to frown. She could never be his, she would be at best be used by his prince, and when Lotor was through with her, she’d be tossed to the soldier barracks, just another whore to be used.

“What the hell do you think you are all doing?!” He demanded out loud, fist clenching on the handle of his sword. “I gave you implicit orders! You were to secure the castle! No distractions!”

“But commander…” One Drule was fool enough to whine at him. “We thought…”

His head went flying, Sabbath shocked he was angry enough to make such a deadly example of one of his own men. The Drules before him all looked just as shocked, Sabbath wasn’t known for the deadly temper tantrums their prince was prone to.

“No excuses.” Sabbath snarled. “This castle is far from secure. And I will not have you stop for fun and games, no matter what type of woman you come across!” A muttered yes sir was his answer, the Drules bowing their heads, and shuffling sheepishly from the room. One dared to look back at the girl, and Sabbath had to fight to keep from growling, finding he wanted to launch himself forward and attack this man.

He maneuvered himself so that he was blocking the view of her, and the soldier took one look at his angry face and wisely departed. That left Sabbath alone with the princess, and his two most trusted soldiers, but damn if he didn’t wish he was alone with her himself. Though to do what he did not know, Sabbath looking down at her heaving chest.

He felt ashamed to feel arousal course though him as he gazed on her full and heavy breasts. Her nipples looked red, far too many pinches of her flesh leaving bruises on her skin. His first impulse was to offer her the tunic of his uniform, but he squashed that impulse of kindness, telling himself she meant nothing to him. “Get up.” He said out loud, and she didn’t respond.

“I said get up!” He snapped, nudging her legs harshly with his foot. That got her to look at him, her eyes showing she was not so far gone as to have her mind broken by her ordeal. And yet she still wasn’t moving, leaving Sabbath to snarl in frustration. She actually flinched at the sound, which made him feel guilty, Sabbath bending downwards to reach for her.

At the last possible second she sat up, and slapped HIM across the face. “Don’t touch me!” He was stunned, more so by the slap than her command, Sabbath narrowing her eyes at her.

“That’s a good way to get killed.” He told her, and grabbed her arm, roughly hauling her up off the floor. She began fighting him, and it did interesting things to her chest, breasts bouncing about without any support whatsoever. He gnashed his teeth together, and told himself not to look, Sabbath ignoring the blows her fists landed on his arm and chest.

He hauled her in close, and she gasped, an insult flying from her lips. “You beast!” No doubt about it, she had survived the near gang rape just fine, with all her wits about her.

Ignoring her insult, and the temptation to kiss her mouth closed, he threw her across his shoulder. For a second she just hung there, and then she shrieked. Wild screams erupted form her, hurting his delicate hearing, her legs and fists flailing about. She pounded her hands against his back, and even grabbed hold of some of his braided hair, jerking hard on it. He winced, and slapped her panty covered ass hard, hearing her squeak in indignation.

“Let’s go.” He said to the two amused soldiers who just stood there watching them. He couldn’t blame them for being amused, though he didn’t like it. He knew he should be putting this woman in her rightful place for treating him so, and yet he couldn’t bring himself to really hurt her. But he could threaten, and he did so, Sabbath gruff as he spoke.

“A spank on the ass will be the least of your problems if you don’t settle down!”

Another loud gasp from her, she seemed shocked by what he said. But was it enough to get this hellion to behave long enough for him to find Prince Lotor and hand her over to him? A few feet out the door, and it proved too weak a threat, the princess screaming and kicking, pulling on his hair once more.

It attracted humans, Sabbath wondering where the cowards had been when she was being assaulted. He drew his sword with the hand that wasn’t holding her trapped on his shoulder, and awkwardly but efficiently slayed two of the five men. The soldiers shadowing him killed the remaining three with their lasers, and they continued to walk through the corridors of the castle.

The human princess continued to shriek, more intent on cursing them than calling for help. Sabbath thought she’d pull his hair out by the roots, so brutal was she with her grabs. Not even another slap on her pert bottom was enough to calm her fury, she was a handful that would take ten Drule warriors to hold down. He was amazed that such a frail looking human woman could give such trouble, but also knew because of the fight in her, it had kept her from being completely raped before he could pull his men off her.

He both admired her for that fight, and was annoyed by it, Sabbath wishing she would just sag into a helpless, quiet state for even just one minute. But that was wishful thinking, her fire and determination proving the princess of Arus was anything but docile. He was gritting his teeth, jaw clenched as they reached what had to be the castle’s command center, Sabbath jerking his head at the door.

Immediately one of his soldiers hurried to open it, and they heard the sound of other Drules talking. The princess didn’t quiet at first, not until the number of voices registered with her. She was doing one last pull on his hair, kicking out her shapely legs when an amused voice spoke.

“Problem commander?”

“Prince Lotor!” Sabbath almost gasped in surprise, so harried was he by the girl on his shoulder. He quickly moved to bow, an awkward move considering the struggling girl he was holding.

“Rise Commander.” Ordered Lotor, and Sabbath did so, and pulled the princess off his shoulder. Lotor looked her over, and she seemed to glare back at him, angry and haughty. “Who’s this?” Lotor asked, and Sabbath blinked.

“Why….it’s the princess of Arus…” Sabbath said, and hesitated. “Isn’t it?”

“The princess of Arus is currently secured, and on my command ship.” Lotor answered. “I know not who this wench is, save she bears a striking resemblance to Allura.”

“I am Princess Romelle, Allura’s cousin!” The girl announced, her voice holding as much anger as hatred in it. “And I order you to free Allura, and leave this planet at once!”

Raucous laughter erupted from the Drules in the room, Lotor looking amused. “You’re in no position to order me around. In fact…” He leaned in close to her, the distance far too intimate for the words he was about to say. “You should be on your knees begging me for my leniency for your people and your cousin.”

“I would never, ever beg the likes of you!” This Romelle retorted, and actually spit in Lotor’s face. The room seemed to go silent at that, Lotor stepping back as he calmly wiped his face with one gloved hand. He then wiped it clean down the side of her face, his expression cold as he spoke.

“I have no use for this one. She’s just a lesser princess, ruler of some pitiful kingdom of Arus that has most likely already been wiped off the face of the planet.”

“You may have destroyed our cities, but you’ll never destroy the hope of the people, or our fighting spirit!” Romelle snapped out in reply. “We will fight you, and we will find a way to get rid of you Drule. King Aflor will….” She trailed off at the laughter, Lotor and the other Drules amused.

“Your King is dead.” Lotor informed her, a smirk on his face. “Died like the miserable human he is. And with him, all hopes of that galaxy alliance were destroyed. There’s no one left to stop the Drule, and no one to save you.” He turned then, looking at his men, most of whom were staring at Romelle’s near naked state. Sabbath tightened his hands possessively on her arms, not liking the hungry looks she was receiving.

“I think you men have earned a reward for your hard work.” Lotor was saying, and Sabbath filled with dread. “May she be the first of your spoils here on Arus!”

“No…” whispered Romelle, getting his meaning immediately. “NO!!”

The Drule soldiers were licking their lips, and some were already shrugging out of their armor, eyes intent on the princess. Others didn’t bother to shed their clothing, already walking towards Sabbath and the girl, intent on taking her from him.

“Sire no!” Sabbath protested, and Lotor turned, a surprised look on his face. “That is…don’t you think this is too cruel? There are so many, and she is but one girl…”

“Are you…concerned for her?” asked Lotor, and Sabbath hesitated.

“Not at all.” A voice inside him protested the lie.

“Then why?” Lotor prodded, and again he hesitated.


“Could it be you want first go at her?” Lotor asked, and Sabbath could feel the violent trembling Romelle was doing. All her bravery had fled at the thought of being raped, the girl losing her voice to cower in his arms.


“Then why keep her from being of use to us?” demanded one of the Drules, Sabbath quick to note he was a higher ranking soldier than most of those present.

“It’s a good question.” Lotor arched an eyebrow, waiting for Sabbath to say something. “If you don’t intend to keep her for yourself, then you must give her up to those willing to make use of her.”

“Keep her for myself?” echoed Sabbath, feeling as though his IQ had lost several points. “You mean…make her my slave?” He had slaves at home, but they were the type limited to doing his household chores. He couldn’t imagine keeping a slave for his bed, especially this girl. And yet something in his chest ached at the thought of handing her over to become a whore of the soldiers.

The girl was trembling, Romelle surely though she’d be raped no matter what his decision was. He couldn’t even offer her comfort, such an attempt would be seen as a sign of weakness on his part.

“All right.” Sabbath said, and allowed a nervous flick of his tongue across his lips. “I want to claim her as my own.” That one soldier gave him an angry look, he didn’t like that his fun had been stolen away from him.

“Very well commander.” Lotor nodded at him, expression unreadable. “Then she’s yours….for good or bad.”

Romelle seemed to sag into him, only his grip on her arms kept her upright. Truth be known, Sabbath felt close to sagging himself, the Drule hardly believing he had been given a slave. At not just any slave, but this girl, this former princess, a woman who rose protective instincts in him even as he fought back annoyance at some of her actions. What’s more, he wasn’t sure what to do with her now that he had her as his property, Sabbath not as rape minded as some of the other soldiers.

He was still trying to decide what to do when Lotor walked away from him, Sabbath realizing that the disappointed soldiers were still staring lustfully at Romelle. He let his possessiveness show now that he knew she was not Lotor’s property, Sabbath bearing his fangs as he hauled the girl behind him. Most of the men wisely turned away, though he caught a few amused looks from some. And one very angry high ranking soldier who crossed his arms over his chest, blatant in his attempt to gaze on Romelle. Sabbath heard himself growl, and had to fight to keep from launching himself across the room, the man wanting to throttle the other Drule for his insolence.

A glance at the near naked Romelle, and Sabbath grew even more tense. He may not know what he was going to do with her exactly, but one thing was for sure. She had to be covered adequately, so that no man would see her body, and risk Sabbath’s killing wrath. The fact that he could want to kill for such a simple thing as looking at her made him worried, Sabbath wondering just how much trouble Romelle was going to make for him.

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