Pride 09

The words of Haggar continued to echo through his mind, Lotor troubled by them, and the look that had been in the witch’s eyes. The witch had believed in what she was saying, a belief so strong it bordered on fear. Such conviction got through to him where words alone might have failed, Lotor shaken and reconsidering at least part of his revenge on Allura.

It certainly helped that he found himself in a less than amorous mood this night, the victory he should have been enjoying marred by what had happened with Cossack. His friend had come out of surgery, the shrapnel and metal removed from his body, but he had yet to awaken. The doctors wouldn’t know for sure how bad the damage to his spine had been, not until Cossack himself could tell them what feelings he lacked in his body.

Lotor knew he had to content himself that Cossack was now in stable condition, enjoying what might be the last peaceful moment he had before he woke up to a potential nightmare. Just thinking of Cossack consigned to a wheelchair had Lotor clenching his fists in anger, the prince growling as he stood outside his cabin’s door. He knew the object of his torment, the one that was culpable for Cossack’s present situation, waited for him on the other side of the door. Lotor wondered if he was ready to face her, the Drule prince knowing the circumstances were far different from any he had imagined these last three years.

People passed him by in the corridor, many pretending not to notice him and the way their prince was scowling at the door. No doubt they had heard about Cossack, and none wanted to approach the prince when he was in so volatile a mood. Pity for the princess that she had no choice in the matter, Lotor unlocking his cabin’s door.

He was cautious as he stepped into the room, not knowing what he’d find upon his entrance. But no spitfire attacked him, Lotor raising a puzzled eyebrow as he switched on the overhead lights. The room lit up, and he spied the open door that led to his bedroom. And inside it, laying on the bed, was a figure, Lotor narrowing his eyes at the female form.

It could be no other, Lotor having given strict orders for Allura to be brought to his cabin. He was amazed that the girl was still asleep after all this time, Lotor beginning a slow stalk into the room. The lights flickered on in a soft illumination, nowhere as bright as the outer chamber of his cabin. It cast Allura in a warm glow, Lotor pausing at the foot of the bed to stare down at the princess with a sneer.

Her eyes were closed, dark lashes resting against her sun kissed skin. Her lips were parted slightly, but no snore emanated from her. Nor did she moan or whimper in fear, the girl’s dreams untroubled. That made him seethe, Lotor angry that she could gain a moment’s respite after the trouble she had caused. Well, no matter, her peace was about to be disrupted, Lotor stalking over to her side, pausing only long enough to grab the pitcher of water that rested on the bed stand.

With a splash and a muffled shriek, she jerked upright, her face and a good portion of her hair soaked. Her blonde hair had been coated with the remains of plaster, and now with the water washing some of it away, it gave her a mottled look. Gold dusted with white, and still she did not lose her beauty.

Allura was shaking her head, stray drops of water flying everywhere, her hands raised to rub at her face and wipe away the remains. He stood watching her, empty pitcher in his hands, the ice cubes having long since melted while she slept.

She finished rubbing at her face, and cautiously lowered her hands. A gasp escaped her, she was staring at her strange surroundings, looking forward rather than to the side. It kept her from noticing Lotor, the princess’ brow furrowing as she tried to make sense of where she was.

“No, it’s not a dream.” Lotor’s voice drew a jerky motion from Allura, the princess whirling around on her knees to stare wide eyed at him. Drops of water clung to her eyelashes, and he saw the vivid blue of her eyes, she looked startled for one brief second, and then hate clouded her emotions.

“You!!” She snarled, and started towards him. Her hands were curling into fists, she seemed ready to strike him. He watched with an impassive expression, curious as to if she would actually try to hit him. “Monster!”

He didn’t so much as flinch from her words, knowing she was capable of far greater insults towards him, and towards his people. But when she threw the first punch, he caught her hand, fingers wrapping around it in a grip that would be bruising. She cried out in pain, but Lotor had barely exerted himself, watching her carefully. With just a but more pressure he could break her fingers, but he wasn’t interested in injuring her in that way.

Such was Allura’s discomfort, that she didn’t try to hit him with her left hand, merely struggling to get her right one free. Lotor made her endure his grip a minute more, and then he was pushing her back, letting her topple over onto the bed when he released her fist. She didn’t cry when she fell, just held her hand close to her chest, taking heaving breaths.

But her eyes were aware, Allura glaring up at him with a furious expression. It might have amused him to have her look that way, as though she believed she could hurt him with the narrowing of her eyes.

“You’ll learn a great many things in these coming days.” He was conversational, his foot bumping the dropped pitcher out of his way. “And the most important will be to never, ever attempt to hit a Drule.”

“I’ll do more than hit you if I get a chance!” Came her threat, the girl cautiously pushing herself up on elbows.

He wasn’t surprised by her threat, might even have admired her bravery, but Haggar’s warning rang through his ears. This girl was dangerous, to herself and to others judging by her hostile words and actions. “You really think you stand a chance against a Drule?” He let out a derisive laugh when she nodded, and her cheeks flamed in response. “Even the weakest, and sickest of my kind would prove out of your league.”

“I just need a weapon then.” She retorted. “I brought down one of your ships…I know I could do it again.”

He was suddenly in her face, snarling and hearing her gasp at how fast he had moved. He had closed the distance between them in less time then it took for her to attempt to blink her eyes, Lotor bending over her. His hands slammed into the mattress on either side of her head, his fangs flashing as he remembered how Cossack had looked on the operating table.

“Oh yes, I supposed you’re proud of that.” He hissed, staring into her defiant eyes. She was either very brave or very stupid, giving the slightest of nods. “Taking down a good man, a loyal soldier, one who has people depending on him!”

“A good man?!” She snorted then, tone insolent. “Hardly. He’s one of the Drule that invaded my world, and brought countless misery to my people. He deserved to die.”

Her words left Lotor fighting not to slap her, the prince allowing a cruel smirk to cross his lips. “Die? Don’t be so quick to assume. Cossack still lives.” She was still glaring, leaving Lotor unable to gauge her reaction to her failed attempt at killing a Drule. “But barely.” Lotor allowed, and pulled away from her. He heard the creak of the bed, mattress making noise as Allura sat up.

“It’s more than he deserves.” She told him, Lotor whirling to glare at her. “More than any of you deserve!”

“You may have left that man paralyzed for the rest of his life!” Lotor snarled, but refused to step closer to her. “His life and career potentially ruined, forced hardships on him he should never have to suffer…”

“You and your kind killed my father!” Allura countered, hardly moved by Lotor’s anger. “You lured him into a trap, and fell on him like the savages you are!”

“You and your father are responsible for a war that seemed never ending!” Lotor snapped back, hearing her gasp. “Countless dead, lives both human and Drule are on your hands!”

“My hands?” She repeated, staring at him like he was insane. “It was your people’s lust and greed for other worlds that started this war in the first place. My people were merely trying to stay free, and to help our neighbors remain out of your grasp! If anyone is at fault for all this happening, it’s you! You and that wicked king of yours!”

“So you play judge and jury, eh?” Lotor demanded. “You care nothing for the facts, don’t want to bother to learn what motivates us to do what we do?!”

“There can be no excuse for invading another world, enslaving it’s people, and stealing their treasure.” Retorted Allura.

In a way she had him there, but Lotor refused to admit it. “My people have needs, and our King took the measure to fulfill them. The strong always devour the weak, that is the way of the universe.”

“It’s not right….”

“Might makes right.” Lotor retorted, earning a frown from Allura. “Even your father knew that to be true, or he wouldn’t have made that robot champion for your planet.”

“My father’s robot was to ensure the peace of Arus, the peace of the galaxy!” Allura was heated in her reply. “Voltron was never intended to be used as anything more than a defender.”

He laughed then, a mean snicker of sound. “Tell that to all the people who died on it’s sword. Your father’s robot initiated it’s fair number of attacks, in some spots, the cosmos is still littered with the remains of the ships and bodies it destroyed!”

“Voltron was defending those worlds from hostiles…from you barbarians!” She snapped, seeming to shake with her anger. He almost smirked, wanting to goad her on, Allura continuing to glare.

“And what of the worlds already in the Drule Empire’s grasp? Hmm?” He crossed his arms over his chest, giving her an arrogant sneer. “Time and time again, Arus led attacks on our holdings, trying to steal what belong to Doom.”

“Those worlds were never yours to begin with!” She shot back. “Your king enslaved them, my father merely wanted to free them from your kind’s tyranny.”

“You father had no right to interfere with our way of life!” Lotor retorted, voice just a soft roar. “Did he…did any of you consider what would happen to the Drule if we lost those worlds?! How my people would suffer without the resources gained from the planets that were our territory?!”

“Resources?” She repeated with a blank look, then shook her head. “I don’t care what your reasons are, nothing makes up for enslaving another!”

“It’s so black and white with you, isn’t it?” sneered Lotor. “No gray exists in your world, you don’t care about the suffering of my people, the way they would have starved if your father had had his way.”

For a second uncertainty flashed in her eyes, but then it was eaten by her anger. “Your people are evil. Monsters! You kill and enslave, torture and terrorize. You can’t expect me to feel sympathy for you Drules after all your kind had done!”

“Evil? Monsters? Hardly!” Lotor gave a haughty sniff, unfolding his arms from his chest. “Do you know Allura, that to us Drules, you Arusians are the true evil? The monsters under the bed that would have us die out, weaken us with hunger and illness first, and then exterminate us?” She looked shocked at the thought of being considered evil, but Lotor felt no pity for her perceptions being altered. “Your father was as ruthless as mine is. He wasn’t content to stop until all my people died!”

“My father isn’t…wasn’t like that!” She protested with venom. He couldn’t tell if she really believed that, or was just that good a liar.

“I talked to him once…” Lotor said, watching her eyebrows lift with surprise. “It was roughly three years ago…his words made an indelible impression on me. He talked as though we were nothing more than pests, distasteful bugs he couldn’t stand. For a great King, he was surprisingly easy to read, his disgust open on his face.”

“My father may not have been a perfect man…” Allura began, frowning. “But any dislike he may have had for you Drule was well earned.”

“Then the feeling is mutual!” Lotor retorted. “Alfor was many things, a murderer and a thief chief among them!” Her frown deepened, Allura looking ready to object his words. “Oh yes, didn’t you know? In addition to killing so many of my people, he also stole from us!”

“Any worlds…”

“I’m not talking about the worlds he kept from us!” Lotor interrupted with a shout. “I’m talking about the money and slaves my father sent to him. They were conditions to be had with those items, conditions he failed to meet.”

“Conditions?’ She scoffed. “Your father sent those things as a bribe! He meant to buy my father’s loyalty, gain his vow that he would not interfere with Drule business. Zarkon was a fool to think my father could be bought by a sum as paltry as that!”

“And yet he didn’t hesitate to keep those gifts.” Lotor retorted. “And use that wealth to further his own ambitions.”

“And what would your King have done if he had regained that money?” Allura demanded. “No doubt all of it would have been put into Doom’s military, unleashing more devastation on the galaxy!”

“That doesn’t change the fact your father was wrong to keep the money!” Lotor snapped. “If he wouldn’t agree to our conditions…”

“As if he would ever agree to anything so distasteful!” She retorted with her own sneer. He seethed at that, lifting a brow, hating that both she and her father had found it so distasteful an idea, the proposed marriage that would unite their two worlds.

“Distasteful or no, the fact of the matter remains, Alfor would still be alive if he had agreed to my father’s request.”

“Request? You mean demands!” snorted Allura. “That’s just like you Drule…always demanding, always trying to take what doesn’t belong to you!”

“Our nature is that of a covetous race, yes.” Lotor agreed. “But then you humans aren’t so different. You know greed and desire, you want things you can never have. Yes…” He said when she shook her head no. “Even you Allura. I wonder what kind of desires your harbor in your heart.”

“That’s easy.” Allura retorted, raising up off the bed. “I desire your death. Your father slain, your empire in shambles! I won’t be able to rest until it happens!”

“Dangerous words.” Lotor noted, reflectively touching the pommel of his sword. “Ones that by all right should get you killed.”

“Then kill me.” Allura sounded bitter then. “I’ll only be reborn, again and again, for as long as it takes to get my revenge!”

“I won’t be killing you just yet.” Lotor told her. “There’s no…satisfaction in that.”

“Satisfaction?” She echoed, her frown fading as she paled. He wondered what she thought of then, the girl taking a step back. “I’ll not give you any satisfaction. Now or in the future!”

“Oh but you will!” He hissed, eyes narrowing. “There’s so much I want to do to you. My desires know no bounds.” A smirk then, Lotor careful to flash his fangs. “I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking on what I would do once I had you in my grasp. You could say I was consumed with this obsession of mine.”

“NO!” Allura shrieked, her voice so loud it hurt his ears. “I won’t let you do it! I won’t let you have me. I’ll kill myself first.”

“You think I would allow you to escape me that easily?” Lotor demanded, seizing hold of her wrists. “No, Allura, suicide won’t be an option for you. You’re going to live out the carefully planned nightmare I’ve cultivated, and I’m going to relish each and every moment.”

“MONSTER!” She bit out, struggling to get her wrists free of his grasp. “Demon!”

“All that and more!” laughed Lotor then. She shrieked, wordless, as if that would bring help to her then. “He’s still alive you know…” That got her confused, Allura staring at him. “That man with the mustache.” Lotor explained. “It would be a terrible shame if after all that care and struggle to keep him alive, he ended up dead…”

“You intend to black mail me into compliance?” She demanded, aghast.

“I intend to make sure you don’t try to kill yourself before my revenge is complete!”

“Revenge?!” A puzzled look, Allura seeming not to understand. But then she was snorting, squaring her shoulders as if it wasn’t important. “What must I do to ensure Coran’s continued well being?”

“For now? You must simply obey my every command.” He let go of her wrists, but was cautious of any sudden movements from her. “You can start by removing that dress.”

Her eyes widened then, a hint of stubbornness in them. “No.”

“It’s not a request you can deny.” Lotor retorted. “I want that dress off of you, and now! Or do you value so little this Coran’s life?”

“I hate you!” Allura retorted, and began to turn her back to him. He stopped her, not wanting to miss a moment of her show, even as he knew it was a mistake to remain around her while she disrobed.
She didn’t look away as she began undoing the laces of her corset, glaring angry and defiant at him. Nor did she delay the undressing, her fingers nimble as they worked open her bodice’s fastenings. The dress loosened, and then she was shrugging out of, letting it slump down to the floor.

Staring at Allura clad only in her underwear, drew a sharp breath from Lotor. Her garments were all soft lace, hugging to her generous curves, enhancing her charms. He found himself being affected just staring at her like this, and had to force his hands behind his back to hide the shaking of his arms. He wanted to touch her in the worse way possible, wanted to bury his face between her breasts, heap kisses on her skin and touch betwen her legs.

Imaginings filled his mind’s eye, Lotor wondering what it would feel like to be buried inside Allura. To see her anger give way to arousal, to see her head throw back in bliss, her throat offered up to his fangs. Unpleasantly, Haggar’s words echoed through his mind, the warning she had given him against bedding this girl. His hands clenched into fists behind his back, Lotor wondering how sex with Allura could possibly bring him pain and ruin.

And yet he remembered her tart tongue, and the hostility of her words, the bold threats she had made. She was determined and full of hate, and that could indeed be dangerous. Better to not risk it, even as he swallowed nervously, and gave her another command. “Your undergarments…take them off.”

She started to color in anger, blush blooming in her cheeks. But she didn’t dignify his words with a comment, just moving to unclasp her bra. Immediately her breasts popped free if the cups, Lotor’s hands itching to take hold of them. To bite and suck on those rosy colored nipples of hers. His breath drew in sharper when she hooked her fingers over the side of her panties, drawing them down so she could step out of them.

His eyes zeroed in on the tuft of golden hair between her legs, and the flesh of her sex. His prick hardened, Lotor wanting nothing more than to take it and explore the slit of her body. But he forced himself to look away, to make his voice sound normal and without feeling. “Stand here.” He didn’t wait for a response, stalking over to the dresser, and the drab bundle that lay on it’s top drawer.

When he returned to her side, he was tormented by the fact she didn’t try to hide herself, arms remaining rigid by her sides. She was blushing, and yet seemed to be refusing to give him the satisfaction of seeing her shy away. And yet her glare turned puzzled when he handed her the bundle, Allura staring at the drab colored, coarse material.

“What’s this?” She asked, and Lotor grunted out a reply.


“Clothing?” Allura echoed, frowning as she look touched the topmost item in the bundle.

“I know it’s not what you’re used to wearing.” Lotor began, and smirked. “I’m sure that delicate skin of yours has worn nothing less than silk and satin. But those days are behind you. A slave knows no such pleasure, save for the handling of their master’s clothes.”

“Slave?!” gasped Allura, and he nodded.

“Don’t look so shocked. Surely you could have guessed that is what your fate would be. Oh, but don’t worry. You won’t be just any slave….you’ll be my own personal attendant, there does come some advantages to having a prince for a master.”

She threw the clothing on the floor, and stamped her feet in a tantrum. “You are not my master, and I will not be your slave!”

“You don’t get a choice in the matter!” Lotor retorted coldly. “And I’d treat your clothing with more care. It has to last you a while.”

“I am not a slave!” She repeated, and he shrugged.

“What would you call yourself then? There’s little room for any other title for a former princess.” He gestured at the clothing. “Go…clean yourself and get dressed. And rest easy in knowing that tonight I won’t ask for anything more of you than to accept your new position in life.”

“You ask too much!” Allura flared, making no move for the clothing. Lotor shrugged again, and moved to walk out of the bedroom. “Lotor!”

It was the first time she had said his name, and Lotor paused in the room’s threshold. “You don’t get to speak as though we are equals Allura. That’s PRINCE Lotor to you, or master if you prefer. But never Lotor.”

With that he left her, blocking out her indignant, sputtering protests by shutting the room’s door. But he found himself collapsing against it, leaning into the metal as he took a shaky breath. Dealing with Allura was harder then he thought, their anger driving much of the conversation. He supposed it was good he could hide behind the anger, and the fear and uncertainty he felt over Cossack’s situation. It made him want her less, even as his body turned traitor, lusting after her all due to a simple undressing.

He glared down at his erection, feeling unhappy about it’s presence. The person he wanted to spend it on was barred to him, Lotor refusing to risk ruin for a bit of momentary fun. He again wondered just what Allura was capable of, and if he wasn’t a fool to continue his association with the girl.

“It’ll work out.” He told himself softly, sighing. “It has too.”
And yet Lotor wondered if that was true, the prince angry and disappointed that this day had turned out to be nothing like his fantasies.

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