Pride 11

She awoke shivering, Allura finding herself on the floor, with only the plush carpeting to cushion her body. For an all too brief instant she was disoriented, Allura wondering if she had fallen out of her bed. As she turned to glance at that piece of furniture, she realized the bed was not in it’s usual place. If she had been home, the bed would have been pressed into the left corner of the room, but here it was to the right of her. And large! Far larger than any bed she had ever slept in, Allura frowning as it all came back to her.

And with those painful memories, a moan erupted from her, Allura bringing a fist to her mouth. She bit down on her knuckles, trying to stifle her screams, Allura remembering the events of the day before. Of her father laying on the gurney, bleeding profusely. Of his whispered words, Alfor frantic for her to leave the castle, and escape Arus. But she had been beyond reason, especially once her father had breathed his last breath.

The pain of her father’s death was not lessened, Allura feeling it as vividly as though the moment was occurring now. She could remember her sorrow, and her panic, the rage and denial that bubbled through her. She had done things, things she knew were foolish now, Allura running off with revenge on her mind rather than obey her father’s final command. What good did shooting down one Drule do her, when she herself was now enslaved, mere property of the very people she hated?

She knew now she should have listened to her father, even as her heart cried out for revenge, Allura sitting up slowly. The coarse wool of the drab clothing she had been given rubbed across her skin, irritating it with it’s scratchiness. There wasn’t much to the outfit, more tunic than dress, but minus any leggings. It fell down just past her thighs, being indecently short. The sleeves were also short, and except for a pair of cotton panties, she wore nothing underneath the tunic.

Already she missed her fine gowns, Allura having never worn anything so immodest in her life. Nor so uncomfortable a fabric, the princess knowing what these clothes signified. She was a slave now, at least in appearance, Allura refusing to think less of herself to satisfy some Drule. Especially the one who called himself her master, Allura inching up off the floor to peer at the monster that lay in the center of the comfortable bed.

Hatred clouded her judgment, Allura unable to look beyond his Drule features to see anything else. She certainly didn’t notice his handsome looks, or the fact that the Drule was somehow softened within him, all due to the mixed blood he enjoyed. All Allura could see was the enemy, someone who represented the chance for her revenge to be complete. Her eyes narrowed as she climbed onto the bed, taking care not to jostle his figure as she crawled towards him.

Her breath began to come out faster in nervous excitement, Allura resting on her knees beside the sleeping prince. She studied him for one long moment, last night’s indignities playing back in her mind. Of how he had forced her to strip for him, the Drule’s eyes staring at her with an open hunger that disturbed her. Somehow he had held back, keeping from taking that final step towards the last of her innocence. The fact that he had abstained from raping her wouldn’t spare him now, Allura reaching for his neck.

She realized too late her mistake, the Drule purposefully feigning sleep so as to trick her into acting. Allura didn’t know when Lotor had awakened, if he had been aware of her from the first moment she put her knee on the bed, or if it had been sooner. But the instant her hands tried to close around his thick neck, his eyes snapped open, the cold amusement in them making her gasp.

Valiantly, she still attempted to choke him, feeling no remorse of guilt for her actions. Allura actually screamed in impotent rage when his hands closed around her wrists, Lotor preventing her murderous act. She struggled against him, blinking back angry tears, hissing and snarling, trying to pull her hands free. She badly wanted to injure him, to do something that would leave a lasting mark on his skin.

She failed in that desire, Lotor suddenly yanking her downwards, both their bodies flipping so that Allura ended up on her back. The Drule was on top of her, a malevolent grin on his lips as he pinned her hands over her head. She struggled even more, actions furious as she tried to get her hands and body free. Lotor merely laughed at her, and adjusted his grip, left hand easily holding onto both of her wrists.

“Let go of me!” Allura cried out an instant before his right hand was on her throat. There was no pressure to his hold, but the implied threat was enough, Allura gasping. She knew it wouldn’t take much for him to crush her wind pipe, a Drule’s strength notoriously strong.

“Do you know it is a punishable offense for a slave to lay hands on her master?” Lotor asked, his tone conversational. “Especially when their intent is to do harm, or even kill?” She said nothing to that, but her eyes goaded him to do his worst. Lotor merely tsked in reply, giving a slight head shake that had his unbound hair falling forward like a white curtain.

“I was curious though…” He continued. “What could my little spit fire be up to, I wondered. I’m sure by now you realize you had no hopes of sneaking up on me. I am a light sleeper, especially around murderous little slaves such as you.”

“Just be done with it!” Allura grit out, carefully not to move lest he respond by squeezing down on her throat.

“It?” he echoed, none of the amusement dying down in his eyes at her response.

“Kill me now, or I’ll make you regret keeping me alive!” She was incensed by the sharp bark of laughter that erupted out of him, Lotor actually relaxing his hold on her neck. She wasn’t sure if she was disappointed or not, Allura feeling all she had left to live for was revenge against the Drule. And as hungry as she was to bring damnation and ruin upon these miscreants, Allura wasn’t sure she had it in her to succeed in such an endeavor.

“I’m sure you’ll try.” Lotor agreed, still holding her hands captive. “But I wonder how successful you’ll be.” A shrug then, as though her attempts were inconsequential. “No matter.” He said. “I’m sure it will prove amusing, whatever you try to do.”

“You’re not afraid?!” Allura demanded, eyes narrowed at him.

“Of a mere slip of a girl?” Lotor shook his head no. “Dear girl, stronger men and women than you have tried and failed. You’ll be no different…”

“That’s where you’re wrong!” She was bold in her protest, Allura trying to smirk at him. “Because I am motivated in a way they are not. You see, I have nothing left to live for except to see you and your kind dead.”

“I’m sure I can find a few incentives for you. There is that man, what was his name…?” The prince wondered out loud, and she gasped.


“Ah yes, Coran. And if not him, then your cousin. Romelle, was it?” A smirk from him, and Allura all but snarled in reply.

“What have you done to my cousin?!”

“Nothing yet.” Lotor answered. “Though I can’t ensue her well being for very long. She is in the care of one of my most trusted Generals, a commander named Sabbath. Her situation is very similar to yours, the girl nothing more than a slave. Though that can change, I can ensure undue torments are applied to her should you prove too troublesome.”

“Why punish her when it’s me who does the crime?” Allura demanded.

“I find when one is as longing for death as you claim to be, they care little about what is done to them. It’s more effective to threaten their family and loved ones.”

“Monster!” She spat out, and he was suddenly pressing into her, hissing in her face.

“That’s right Allura. I am the monster you see me as. I will kill, torture and destroy as I see fit. Do not ever forget that!” His eyes were flashing, enraged as they reflected her face, angry expression not quite hiding her fright. “And I’m sure there are more people I can find to ensure you behave!”

“Behave how?” Allura demanded, trying to twist away from his nearness. He merely grabbed her chin, and forced her to remain staring up at him, his lips dangerously close to hers. “What do you expect of me?!”

A slight shifting of his body, Lotor lifting himself up so he could be obvious in his glance down the length of her body. Her cheeks immediately began to burn in response to his blatant interest, Allura aware that all she wore was the too short tunic and a flimsy pair of panties.

Her shame grew worse when he released her chin, Lotor hovering his hand over her chest a moment. When it lowered, his palm pressed between her breasts, the gesture hardly innocent as he caressed downwards. He passed over her abdomen, down the skirt like bottom of the tunic, and onto her legs. He wasn’t looking at her face any more, touching the coarse wool, nudging his fingers under it.

Her legs were closed, but that didn’t stop Lotor from touching the cotton fabric of her panties. She inhaled sharply, the sound echoing her displeasure as he pressed two fingers against her center. Time seemed to freeze as he touched her there, and then just as abruptly, he was jerking off her, his face angry. Allura didn’t understand the reason for his anger, nor why he had stopped his molestation of her before it had time to begin.

“I have many uses for you.” He announced. “Both in and out of bed, though for now you will simply have to get used to sleeping on the floor.” Allura just started at him, confused and propped up on her elbows. “Oh do try not to look so disappointed.” Lotor angrily teased her. “I have many women fighting over the chance to warm my bed. What would I want with an untrained slave?”

She didn’t understand him, and Allura let that lack of understanding show on her face. Lotor maintained that angry look, even as he walked away from the bed. “As much as I abhor having to housebreak a pet, somehow with you, I think it will be fun.”

“I am not here for your amusement!”

“Ah but you are Allura. You’re here for whatever whim takes my fancy.” He turned his back to her, opening doors that revealed a closet. It was there that he selected clothing for himself, the Drule prince stripping out of the loosely belted pants her had worn while sleeping. She caught a sight of his rear, and then Allura was closing her eyes, not wanting to see anymore.

“You better get used to looking at me Allura.” Came Lotor’s voice, cold and unfeeling. “You’ll be working in close proximity to my body in the future. Helping me dress and bathe. It would serve you well to lose any remaining shyness, a slave can’t afford embarrassment or modesty.”

“I am not a slave!” Allura growled, but she didn’t open her eyes.

“That’s what all slaves say at first.” Lotor commented. “Some just take longer to be broken than others.” He spoke as though her breaking was a certainty, Allura shaking with barely suppressed anger. She was certain she would not break, that she would never accept her slave status. She’d die first, one way or another, either by her hand or another’s, maybe even Lotor’s.

When she finally opened her eyes, he was seated across the bed from her, knee length boots next to him on the floor. “Come here Allura, and help me with my boots.” She quickly shook her head no, and he narrowed his eyes at her, voice a gruff growl. “I gave you an order!”

“I am not your slave to do as you command.”

“I understand the reality of the situation isn’t quite sinking in. But my patience is not limitless. For each refusal to do as I command, you will be denied something. Shall I start with breakfast? I’m sure you’re very hungry…and can be made to be even more so.” She just lifted her chin stubbornly, Lotor feigning a disappointed sigh. “So you’ve made up your mind have you?” A nod from her, but that was all the response he got, Lotor rising. “Very well Allura.”

He didn’t put on the boots, walking instead to the bedroom’s door. He opened it, and she could smell the delicious aromas of the meal laid out on a table. Her stomach actually made a noise, alerting her to how hungry she was. She turned embarrassed, feeling her body a traitor for betraying her like that. But Allura made no move to get off the bed, simply sitting there as Lotor moved in the outer chamber.

Another slave was present, and it was this woman who fetched Lotor”s boots, and saw to putting them on Lotor’s feet. She knelt before him as she did this, the brown haired slave diligently doing up each and every lace in intricate knots. Lotor ignored her, leaning back and eating his meal, only to throw a few scraps of food her way when she was done with his boots. To Allura’s horror, the woman eagerly pounced on the food on the floor, eating like she was half starved.

Lotor barely blinked an eye at this, going so far as to absentmindedly pet the woman’s hair, literally treating her like she was a beloved pet. A pet she mimicked by cooing, and rubbing up against his hand. Allura’s eyes were huge, and she made a vow then and there that, that would never be her.

Eventually Lotor finished with his meal, other slaves coming in to help the brown haired female. They began packing away the remains of the breakfast, the slaves trying to feign disinterest in the half eaten food on the plates. Allura could tell by the look in their eyes that they were hungry, but none tried to sneak a piece of food when Lotor’s back was turned.

Instead they loaded it up with the other trash, and wheeled the cart out of the room. The brown haired slave remained, following Lotor into the bedroom. No introductions were given, the female slave meek and avoiding looking at Allura.

“Get the bed made, and do my laundry.” Ordered Lotor, gesturing at the clothes discarded on the floor. The woman nodded, moving towards Allura’s old gown, gathering it and the other clothing into her arms. “Come Allura. We have much to do today.”

“To do?” Allura asked warily, slowly inching off the bed.

“Yes.” Lotor had produced a belt, complete with sheathed sword in it’s leather scabbard. “There are people I must meet with, affairs I must over see. And of course, we need to fit you with your new collar.”

“Collar?!” She was alarmed, eyes sliding to the brown haired slave who was walking towards the laundry hamper. Allura noted the gray metal collar the woman wore, and realized the others had worn similar. “You are not putting a collar on me!” Her protest did not give the woman pause, it seemed it was an argument she had heard from countless other slaves. In fact, Allura had the dismaying thought that the woman might have said similar on her first day as a slave.

“Yes, I am.” insisted Lotor, turning to look at her now. “I’ll fit you with a pretty one, one that will mark you as my personal property.”


“You can scream all you like, it’s going to happen.” Lotor was calm in the face of her anger. He gestured for her to once again approach him, and Allura quickly shook her head no. An impatient look crossed his face, the Drule prince stalking towards her. She began to back up, frightened of what he would do, but all he did was roughly grab hold of her arm. Allura was then dragged out of the bedroom, and through the outer chamber, towards the still open door that led out into a brightly lit hallway.

He didn’t relax his grip once they were outside the cabin, Lotor forcing her to walk quickly as he moved through the halls. She stumbled and nearly fell a few times, Allura having no shoes to find purchase on the slippery floors. Lotor barely paused to allow her to right herself, Allura scrambling to keep up lest she be dragged on her knees after him. It left her distracted, the girl not taking the chance to study their surroundings and learn the layout of the Drule ship. But she was aware of how many soldiers they were passing, men and women, and predominately Drule though a few human looking slaves moved about.

She nearly crashed into Lotor’s back when he abruptly stopped, but before she could do more than make an annoyed noise he was talking. Not to her though, but to another man, a Drule that wasn’t dressed in the gray and black uniform of the soldiers. This man was dressed in a bright green, the outfit looking very much like the kind of scrubs she would have seen at an Arusian hospital.

The two men did not choose to speak in a language Allura could understand, their words sounding like guttural growls as they spoke Drule. They spoke at a rapid pace, so fast that even if Allura could speak the language, she would probably be lost. As they spoke, Lotor relaxed his hold on her arm, giving her only the briefest of angry looks before releasing her completely.

Allura immediately stepped back, rubbing the feeling back into her arm as she watched Lotor converse with the Drule. Minutes passed, and it was then that she realized the hall was all but empty save for her and the two Drules. She glanced back at Lotor, noting his back was turned, gazing at some kind of chart the green clad Drule was holding. Both men were distracted, and it was without a second’s hesitation, that Allura began to sneak off.

When no one called out to her angrily, she grew bolder, inching her way around a corridor. There wasn’t any Drules here either, and her elation grew, Allura walking quicker. She had no destination in mind, except to get away, Allura wondering if she could not find a way to somehow sabotage the ship. She passed by a few slaves that were similarly unattended, and noted they walked quickly, though with their heads down. She mimicked this gesture, assuming any Drule she came across would assume she was a slave with a purpose. She’d be only half right, hands suddenly grabbing her, one clamping over her mouth to stifle her scream.

When she was spun around, she shrieked into the hand, staring at the three Drules who surrounded her. Their eyes were lustful, the men leering, hands wandering as they explored her body. Others passed by, and though a few did a passing glance her way, no one tried to stop the molestation that was going on. Allura shrieked again, the sound muffled, one of the Drules pressing her against his front.

Her arms were trapped behind her back, the Drule that held her bending down to sniff at her neck. Another pressed a claw against the front of her throat, doing a light caress as he said something. She had no idea what he was saying, but he looked delighted at her lack of collar, the other two also making similar sounds of appreciation. She didn’t understand why they were so pleased, but was aware of the one reaching for her legs, hauling them up and apart.

The Drules continued to speak, laughter filling the hall even as another soldier walked by. No one seemed to care that she was being molested out in the open, in fact some of the looks she got were envious, as if those Drules wished they had gotten to her first! Allura could only continue to shriek and struggle against the holds on her arms and legs, realizing her folly too late. She should have stayed with Lotor, the princess realizing he was a much safer alternative to these three that had captured her.

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