Rules 01

Prince Lotor slumped into his command chair, with an unhappy sigh. So close! He had been so close to returning to Doom with Allura by his side…He clenched his right hand into a fist. Damn them! He had actually had her in his arms, her body soft and yielding in his embrace. Her freshly shampooed hair giving off the a scent of lavender and jasmines, her lips painted a soft pink. Her eyes had been closed, the lids just starting to move, as life slowly returned to them. Had they opened, he would have looked into eyes as blue as the oceans they did not have on Doom.
And then they showed up. The cursed Voltron Force, always arriving to save the day. His fist tightened, his fingernails digging against the gloveless palm. To be defeated by the shrimp of the group…Pidge…the indignity of it all. He snarled, breaking through the skin. Ha had to yield. Yield of die. He could see it in the little one’s eyes. He meant to kill Lotor…kill Allura! Yes…those damnable pilots would rather see their princess dead, then alive and wed to him.

He snorted, oblivious to the blood dripping down his hand. Some hero’s! To hand her over to the dirt and worms, then give her to one who adored her…worshipped her…

“Lotor…you’re bleeding!”

“Hagger…” He hissed. “You dare approach me?!”

She ignored the question, taking hold of his injured hand. “One day you’re really going to do some serious damage.” Hagger tsked. “Then where will you be? We have no surgeon onboard, and my magic does not include any type of Healing Arts.”

“You abandoned any chance of practicing white magic long ago, witch.” Lotor pulled away from her.

“YOU!!” Hagger pointed at a random soldier. “Get me a medical kit!” She glanced at Lotor. “And fetch the prince a glass of wine.”

“Better yet, bring the whole bottle.” ordered Prince Lotor.

Hagger sighed. “Really sire! Do you honestly want to show up at your own wedding dead drunk? Think of the impression you’ll make on your bride…”

“There isn’t going to be any wedding!” snarled Lotor, eyes flashing.

“Oh Lotor, don’t be silly. You know the deal you made with your father.”

“For one more chance at Allura…” Lotor whispered, his eyes taking on a sad expression.

“I must say you made a valiant effort.” praised Hagger. “You almost had her. But…” She resisted the urge to start cackling. “We all know almost doesn’t count.”

“And whose fault is that?” He snatched the bottle of brandy out of the guard’s hands. ‘Huh?! Answer me witch!!:

“It was the Voltron Force of course.” replied Hagger.

“HA! The Voltron Foce…” Lotor muttered bitterly. “Whose idea was it to make our move in broad daylight? Right in front of the force?!”

“Sire, we were on a very tight schedule. The spell…”

“Yes, you and your bloody spells!” He took a long swig from the bottle.

“Would you have preferred she awoke, trapped and terrified in her coffin?” asked Hagger, reaching for his hand. “Or better yet, Allura get buried alive? Suffocate before you could reach her?”

“If you’re as powerful as you claim to be, you could have cast a spell…” He watched as she bandaged his hand. “To ensure she had enough air while I dug her out…”

“Oh yes…” Hagger arched an eyebrow. “So she could worked herself up into a frenzied state? Once the terror of being buried alive faded away, then your precious princess would really have reason to despise you…”

‘The ideal spell would have kept her unconscious until after we arrived on Doom.” muttered Lotor.

“Would a, should a, could have.” Hagger shrugged. “It’s all the same. Allura is barred from you…forever.”

“No, not forever!” Lotor said stubbornly. “Someday…”

“Someday what?” demanded Hagger. “You’re about to become a married man! The best you can hope for is in the future, you can add her to your collection of slave girls. Another pretty blonde, vapid and brainless, and so eager to please.”

“SHUT YOUR MOUTH!” screamed Lotor, slapping her across the face.

“OH!!” Hagger fell to her knees, and starred up at him in shock. “Lotor?!”

“Shut your mouth…” He repeated more quietly. “You have no right at all…” He tipped the bottle back. Empty! With a curse he threw it onto the floor. “Allura…” The bottle was broken, shattered into pieces. Just like his father wanted to do to his love.

“Ah Lotor!” A smirking King Zarkon was waiting at the air strip. “You return alone. How…like you to have failed yet again. And over something you claim matters greatly to you.”

“And so unlike you to actually get off your rear end, to come and greet me.” snarled Lotor as he walked down the ramp. “Couldn’t wait to gloat?”

“Well, it is one of the only pleasures I get from having such an incompetent for a son.” Zarkon turned as Lotor and Hagger reached his side. “Though your worth is about to increase astronomically.”

“I take it you’re referring to my union with Corral?” Lotor asked, as the trio entered the castle.

Zarkon laughed. “But of course! The preparations are almost complete.”

“Almost sire?” Hagger was surprised. She thought the wedding was to take place immediately upon Lotor’s return, whether the bride was Princess Allura or Corral.
“Princess Corral wanted a special kind of lace for her dress.” explained the King.

“Since when do you care about such things?” demanded Lotor.

“Lotor, the girl is about to become my daughter in law. Besides…” Zarkon winked. “With the size of her dowry her father is so generously bestowing upon us, I can afford to be nice.” He and Hagger immediately began discussing the dowry, which included but was not limited to slaves, jewels, gold, spice, lazon, and planets. Even more importantly, the shared wealth the two empires would enjoy.

“Send it back.” Lotor stopped walking. “All of it.”

“And that’s not even mentioning the fact that we will…” Zarkon paused. “Lotor? Did I hear you correctly? Did you just say…”

“Send it back.” repeated the Prince.

Zarkon broke out into loud laughter. “Oh Lotor! Ever the comedian! Perhaps you should have been born a jester instead of a Prince!” Hagger joined in on the laughter. “Now, my beloved nincompoop. Why ever would I do such a stupid thing?”

“To avoid war.” Lotor replied. “Perhaps if you return it, along with Corral and a nice amount of gold as a bonus, King Anador will overlook the fact that I have refused to marry his daughter.”

“What?!” screeched Zarkon.

“Oh no! Lotor!” Hagger was shocked. “I thought we went over this. You agreed…”

“I never agreed to anything.” Lotor crossed his arms. “Not officially anyway. It was you two busybodies who took it upon yourselves to plan my future. Never taking into consideration what I wanted.”

“You only have that future because I allowed you to remain breathing!” hollered Zarkon.

“And I shall still breathe, with or without your approval father. As a bachelor.” Lotor’s hand hovered over the hilt of his sword. “It’s my life, and I shall choose how to spend it, and with who!”

“I gave you that life, you ungrateful brat!” snarled Zarkon. “And I can take it away just like that!” He snapped his fingers.

“Go ahead and try old man!” Lotor drew his sword. “I’m ready for you!”

“Now now…” Hagger nervously stepped between them. “Calm down…both of you.”

“Calm down?” bellowed Zarkon. “After the way he spoke to me? Threatened me?”

“He’s still young…impetous…” Hagger said, repeating the words she had uttered many times, when trying to keep the peace between the two men.

“Don’t try and defend him!” snarled Zarkon.

“Who gave you leave to speak for me?” demanded Lotor at the same exact time.

Hagger whirled, eyes flashing. “I’m trying to save your life, little fool!” She hissed. “Zarkon…” Her voice resumed it’s pleading tone. “Think of your Empire…”

“It’ll be better off without Lotor!” snapped Zarkon.

“Perhaps…” She agreed, ignoring Lotor’s outraged gasp. “But for now…when you have no heirs…”

“I’ll just have to make one then.”

“That will take time.” Hagger said, not wanting to even think of him taking on a new Queen. Unless of course, that Queen was her. “Many challengers to the throne will appear…”

“Let them come. I can easily take care of them all. Or…” Zarkon cast angry eyes on her. “Do you doubt me in that area as well?”

“Oh no sire!” Hagger protested. “It’s just that it gets tedious…and time consuming…time that could be better spent…on more important endeavors…”

“Yes…that is true…” nodded King Zarkon.

“Let Lotor make it up to you.” wheedled Hagger. “Let him marry Corral…marriage might tame that temper of his…in time he’ll realize you did what was best for him.”

“Hmm…well…perhaps…” Zarkon stared at Lotor. “You’ve already failed me as a son…” He smirked. “Perhaps you’re more suited to a daughter’s duty.”

“Daughter’s duty?!” sputter Lotor angrily.

“Quiet!” Hagger silenced him with an elbow jab to the stomach.

“Hmm…” Zarkon’s smile grew nastier. Lotor would be absolutely miserable married to anyone but that Arusian Princess. It would provide him with hours of amusement. And…he could always hold off killing Lotor until AFTER he sired him some grandchildren. “Yes…Lotor…you’re forgiven…for now…” He offered his arm to Hagger.

Surprised she took it, blushing with delight.

“Oh and Lotor?” Zarkon called back over his shoulder.

“Yes…father…” Lotor hissed through gritted teeth.

“If it matters so much to you, you can always dye Corral’s hair blonde.” He and Hagger broke out into uproarious laughter.

With a guttural growl, Lotor snatched a jade statuette off a counter, and hurled it after they’re retreating backs. Damn it all! Why must everyone assumed he was obsessed with blonde hair?!

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