Rules 02

With a growl, Lotor slammed shut the door to his chambers. The loud bang cause a a female to let out a startled shriek from the bedroom. “GET OUT!!” Lotor shouted, grabbing hold of an already open bottle. “I am in no mood for company.” He tasted the liquid, and a small smile crossed his face. It was a very good vintage of Tyrusian wine.

“Lotor!” A petite redhead, dressed in black silk rushed out of the bedroom, hurtling herself into his arms. Cursing softly, he managed to not drop the bottle. “Corral…” Lotor stifled the urge to groan out loud. He had thought the woman had been some slave, not his future bride. “What are you doing in my room?”

“Lotor!” Eyes that were more orange than red, looked up adoringly into his eyes, a happy smile on her veil less face.

“That’s right…” He mumbled. “You can’t speak my language…or even speak basic.” Just another way Allura was the superior princess!

“Go away Corral.” She cocked her head to the side, recognizing her name.

“Don’t you know it’s bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding?!” He said sarcastically. “Guess not.” He added, as with a coo, she wrapped her arms around his waist, all the while staring up at him with love shining in her eyes.

“They probably don’t have that custom on Demos. Actually…” He sighed. “Neither does Doom. And yet our planets still have such outdated ideas like arranged marriages.”

Corral made a happy sound, resting her cheek on his chest. Grabbing hold of her arms, Lotor pulled the clingy princess off of him.

“Lotor?” She blinked, confused.

“That’s my name.” He muttered, opting for a glass this time. “This repeated chanting is really getting old Corral.” He quickly drained his cup, staring glumly at his finacee.

“Allura?” The unexpectedness of hearing his love’s name come from the Demos’ Princess’ lips caused Lotor to choke, as the wine went down wrong.

“Allura?” Corral came closer, looking upset.

“That’s right…” Lotor licked his lips. “Hagger claimed you helped her come up with the idea. Because you wanted me to be happy.” He chuckled, a bitter laugh.
“Well? Do I look happy? DO I?!” His eyes flared, flashing pupil less for an instant.

Corral wisely took a step back. “No…Allura?”

Yeah, no Allura…” He growled, gulping down more wine. “Not here, not now anway…No…” He shook his head, emphasizing the words.

“Ah…” A sly look appeared on her face. “Lotor marry Corral?”

He started choking again. “Where did you learn how to say that?!” He scowled. “Hagger most likely…”

“Lotor marry Corral.” She said more confidently.

“No, Lotor marry Allura!” He snapped.

“Lotor marry Corral!” She insisted, grabbing hold of his arm possessively.

“I’ll never marry you!” Lotor shouted, pushing her away from him. “Never! Do you understand me?!”

“Lotor marry…” She approached him once more, desperate to get her point across.

“NO!” He snarled,. throwing the cup at her. “Al…Allura…” He blinked, seeing her reflection in the red liquid pooling at Corral’s feet. “Everywhere I turn I see her…” He muttered, rubbing his eyes.

“Lotor…” Corral said softly.

“Go away…” He said, refusing to look at her. “In fact…” He turned. “Go home Corral.” He felt her small hand touch his much larger one. “Lotor…” She went up on tip toe, leaning in to kiss him. He pulled away as though her touch had burned him, and with a growl he shoved her onto the floor. “CAN’T YOU UNDERSTAND YOU’RE NOT WANTED HERE?!” He screamed. “EVEN WITH THE LANGUAGE BARRIER YOU CAN’T BE THAT DENSE!” Sneering, he reach down, the anger on his face obvious even to her. She broke into tears as he roughly grabbed her arm, pulling her to her feet.

“LOTOR!” She screamed as he dragged her out of the room.


“YOU DID WHAT?!” screamed Zarkon, half rising from his throne. “HOW COULD YOU DO THAT LOTOR?!”

“Corral was a problem.” Lotor shrugged. “I took care of it.”

“She was only a problem to you!” Zarkon snarled.

“You should be glad father. Eventually she’d have become your problem too.” A slow smirked crossed Lotor’s face. “I’d have made sure of that.”

“Glad? Glad? You just shipped her back to her father without so much as a by your leave, and you expect me to be happy about it?” demanded Zarkon.

“No…just for you to deal with it.’

“Deal with it! That’s just like you Lotor! Once again leaving me to clean up your mess! I suppose you didn’t even bother to notify King Anador of his daughter’s unexpected return?”

“Sorry…” Lotor nonchalantly began examining his nails. “There wasn’t time.”

“Wasn’t time…!” Zarkon’s glare deepened. “I hope you at least had enough sense to send an armada along as an escort for the princess?”

“I saw it as a waste of valuable resources.”

“Waste of…What did you think Corral’s dismissal was?!” Zarkon shouted. “Do you realize what you cost me? Cost the empire?”

“So, I’ll conquer a few more planets to make up the monetary difference.” offered an unconcerned Lotor.

‘That will not make everything better!” retorted Zarkon, pounding his fist on his throne. “Show some foresight for once Lotor! Consider the scandal you’ve caused! Planet Demos is the second most powerful, most evilest empire the next galaxy over! Do you think King Anador will take this insult to his daughter sitting down?”

“Corral will get over it.” Lotor said coldly.

“Damn straight she will!” agreed Zarkon. “Because you’re going to call her back, and beg for her forgiveness!”

“I think not! I beg no one!” Lotor’s eyes flashed in anger.

“Then it’s about time you learn how!” snapped Zarkon. “And brush up on your groveling skills. Unlike Corral, her father is not some silly, love sick female. It’ll take more than a few pretty lies to appease him.”

“I will do no such thing.” insisted Lotor stubbornly. “Tell him to get over it as well!”

“Over it! Is that your response to everything?” snarled King Zarkon. “I was counting on this marriage to unite our two nations! Together we’d be the most powerful force ever seen. Voltron would be bound to fall before our combined might!”

“Can’t we strike a peace treaty over some other, more pleasant terms?” Lotor asked, his heart beating faster at the thought of Voltron being defeated. That would mean Allura would finally be his!

“It has to be by marriage or nothing at all!” Zarkon said. “We have to show an effort of complete unity.”

“Then why don’t you marry Corral?” suggested Lotor. “She’s more your type than mine, anyway.”

“Oh you mean you actually took the time to learn her type?” muttered Zarkon, inwardly fuming. He himself had offered to marry the pretty princess first but…King Anador actually allowed her to refuse! Imagine! Allowing a woman to make such an important decision! Zarkon’s ego was further blown when the pretty redhead had declared she preferred Lotor for her husband! Lotor over him! Bah! There was no accounting for taste…

“Now understand this Lotor.” continued Zarkon, ignoring Lotor’s question. There was no way he would tell Lotor the truth about that! “You will apologize to Anador and Corral. You will come up with a good explanation for your lapse of good judgment.” Zarkon leaned forward, pointing his scepter at his son. “And then you WILL marry Princess Corral.”


“Sire! Sire!” Hagger burst into the throne room, panic on her face. “Oh this is terrible!” She ran towards the dais. “King Anador’s called…oh…dear oh dear…”

“Well stop your babbling and tell us what he had to say!” snapped Zarkon.

“Oh no…how terrible…” She sprinted up the stairs, reaching Zarkon’s side in less than a minute. A remarkable feat for one her age. “King Anador is beyond livid over this insult.”

“Hmph!” Zarkon shot Lotor a, “Are you happy now?!” look.

“He has…that is Demos has declared war against Doom!!”

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