Rules 05

The beautiful skyline of Planet Arus wasn’t a glorious sight to behold for once. Especially the area over the providence where the Castle of Lions was erected. The blue sky was dim, blotted with dark objects, although it wasn’t storm clouds blackening this day. What was actually the cause was what seemed to be hundreds of small ships buzzing about, firing on each other. From this ground, they seemed no bigger than bees. But insects had never been responsible for as much damaged as this swarm caused!

Every laser shot, every torpedo scored, was noted by the planet’s young ruler. Princess Allura, in the safety of her home, stood there, plastered against a window. Her blue eyes, clouded over with fear and worry, tracked the battle. Eyes moving from dot to dot, never being able to tell if the explosions that kept occurring were one of Demo’s ships being destroyed, or one of Doom’s…

Or worse yet, if it was Prince Lotor meeting a fiery death up there, all alone. She consoled herself with the thought that most likely Lotor was still on one of the larger ships. It was a mixed blessing, for fewer were struck down, and yet those larger dots were also the focus of much of the attacks. The smaller ships swarmed all around, both protecting and attacking each other’s hives. The thing is, Allura didn’t really understand why she was so concerned about Lotor’s safety. He was a war criminal after all. A monster! And yet…

“I’m just being foolish.” Allura muttered to herself. “I certaintly don’t care what happens to Lotor, because I have a vested personal interest in him. I care about all life, it was how I was raised.” Keep telling yourself that princess, an annoying inner voice nagged at her. “Someone losing their life is nothing to be glad about!” Although…and Allura hated to admit this, even just to herself, she just might be willing to put aside her beliefs and morals to throw a celebration in honor of Zarkon’s death. If the old coot would die…could die…!

“Princess? What are you doing in here alone?”

“Hello Hunk.” Allura said, not turning from the window. “I see they finally got you down.”

“It took them long enough! But…under the circumstances I guess I shouldn’t complain.” The big man replied.

“How’s yellow lion?”

“Well the head’s still stuck in that mountain top.” Hunk reported. “Couldn’t spare any ships for removal detail in case…” He trailed off.

“In case we have to mount a more impressive defense.” Allura sighed. “My people are already panicking. Some have come here for shelter but most…most have already fled deep into the caves.”

“Oh…” Hunk didn’t know what to say. So they just stood there, watching the skyline together.

“Such cowardice!” Allura suddenly exclaimed, breaking the uncomfortable silence.

“Running to hide instead of staying to fight!”

“Here now princess, that’s uncalled for!” exclaimed Hunk, surprised by the amount of vehemence heard in the young woman’s voice.

“Is it really?” She finally turned to face him. “It’s exactly what they did the day my parents…” Her voice broke off, heavy with long pent up emotion.

“Princess…” Hunk stepped towards her.

“The day my parents died!!” She finished, her face flushed, eyes bright and blazing with anger. “Do you realize Hunk…” Allura took a shaky breath. “The sky looked exactly like this, on that cursed day?” Her eyes stared off into the distance, looking but no really SEEING anything. At least…nothing Hunk could see. “The ships were everywhere, and when Voltron fell, they came down…blowing up buildings, destroying crop fields. There was so many fires, all you could see anywhere, were shades of orange and red…” She suddenly came back to herself. “And all my people did was hide!”

“Allura, they wanted a chance to live.” Hunk said softly.

“Didn’t my father deserve that same chance?!” Her blue eyes were filled with tears, but she would not let them fall. “Perhaps if they had gone to help him…” Another shaky breath. “Instead he was pulled from black lion and killed by merciless soldiers!” She fell to her knees. “They overran the castle, and then killed my mother as well…”

“Allura…” Hunk bent down, his arms going around her, as she finally broke down, and succumbed to the tears. He hugger her, offering comfort and support in the only way he knew how. “I had no idea you felt this way…”

She let out a short sound, a mixture of a laugh and a sob. “You know…I think that’s the first time you’ve ever used my name instead of my title.”

“First time for everything.” He agreed.

She sighed and leaned back against his chest. “It’s nice…feels weird, but nice. Almost as weird as being stuck down on the ground, instead of up there…where all the action is.”

“Oh, action’s overrated.” Hunk quipped, pleased to see a small smile cross her face.

“Hmmm…maybe…” Another deep sigh. “What do you think will happen if Demos wins?”

“Don’t know.”

“Do you think…” Allura twisted around to stare intently at his face. “Do you think Lotor would actually marry Corral?”

“I honestly can’t say.” Hunk admitted. “He might not have a choice.”

“Royal seldom do in any case.” Allura agreed. “Do you…do you think she’s pretty?”

“Princesses usually are.” Hunk’s voice had a teasing edge to it. ‘Though I think you’re the prettiest princess ever!”

“Hmm, high praise indeed when you’ve never even led eyes on this Corral!” She moved out of his arms. “I suppose I better stop feeling sorry for myself if I want to live up to that compliment.’

“I have heard crying gives you wrinkles.” Hunk said, as he helped her stand.

“Hunk!” She playfully slapped his shoulder. “Never say such things to a woman!”

“Sorry!” He grinned.

“That’s better.” Allura looped her arm in his, and let him lead her out of the room. “What say we get something to eat?”

“For once princess, I can honestly say I am NOT hungry.” Hunk stated.

“Hmmm…” She paused in the doorway.


“I just realized…” Allura murmured so softly, Hunk had to strain to hear her. “This room is the first place I ever saw Lotor.” She glanced at Hunk. “Remember? He was here issuing a challenge for a sword duel. I thought he was so arrogant! Arrogant but cute…” She suddenly shook her head, a bit of a blush coming to her cheeks. “Ack! What am I saying?!” A wistful sigh, as she resumed walking. “I’m just a bit…overcome by memories today.”

“That you are.” Hunk agreed. “And if it’ll make you feel better, I won’t let anyone know you admitted Lotor is cute.”

“Why Hunk! You really aren’t as dense as some people like to claim you are!” Was Allura’s response.

“It’ll be our secret.” He winked at her, and she actually winked back.


“There Lotor! Do you see? My fleet is your superior in everything!” Admiral D’artan laughed mockingly over the monitor.

“I can’t really see anything.” Lotor reminded him sourly. “What with you taking control of my monitors. But…” He smirked. “I still refuse to believe any of your claims…especially when my ears still work.”

“What…what do you mean?!” D’artan’s mask of calm slipped for an instant, allowing the confusion he felt to show through in his eyes. “You…you know nothing!”

“Yes, yes.” Lotor said in a bored tone. “You’re controlling what we see and hear. Blah blah blah. But…”


“You may prevent me from seeing what’s going on outside, but you can’t keep me from hearing what’s going on inside.” He tapped a fingertip against his Elven shaped ears. “A Drule’s hearing is excellent…even if your crew was not shouting about in the background of your transmission.” He looked at the Admiral with disgust in his eyes. “Really D’artan, shouldn’t they be whispering what’s going on, rather than screaming about how many ships have been taken out? Boast all you want, I know from your crew, that more of your ships are going down than mine.” Lotor winked, causing D’artan’s blood pressure to rise dramatically. “Perhaps if you spent more time directing them, instead of taunting me…”

“You…you…insufferable, arrogant…”

“The next time…” Lotor smirked, cutting off D’artan’s remarks. “If there is a next time, you might want to have them report OFF CAMERA!”

“Don’t act so smug Prince Lotor! I’ve been fighting wars since before you got out of diapers! I’ll win this encounter yet!!” D’artan’s eyes blazed with anger.

“Oh yes, cause you have more ships than me.” Lotor wildly yawned, knowing such a show of indifference would further enraged the Admiral. “Might make right and all of that garbage. But how well trained are your men?”

“Well enough to defeat space trash like Drules!” D’artan retorted.

“Hmm…well we’ll see about that…” Lotor’s hands were behind his back, signaling out orders to his crew. “I trust my men explicitly. After all, I’ve trained them myself. They know how I think, to guess what sort of order’s I’d issue.” Lotor smiled. “Now if you excuse me, I have a battle to win.” And with that he slammed his sword into the monitor, breaking apart the screen. Elsewhere, other Doom soldiers were destroying monitors as well, completely blacking out D’artan’s transmission.

“Hmm…it’s a quaint method…” Lotor ran a hand through his hair, adjusting the already perfect locks. “But it does get the job done.”

“That pompous blowhard must be ready to bust a coronary!” exclaimed one of the soldiers, causing the others to laugh.

“Let’s give him something to be really sick about then.” Lotor said, causing the deck crew to erupt into excited cheers.

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