Rules 08

“Lotor…” A pleasant sounding female voice softly called. “Wake up, my love…”

The Crown Prince of Doom’s eyelids fluttered, but did not open. The owner of the voice leaned forward, strands of hair that looked like spun gold falling against the prince’s face, shifting teasingly against his nostrils. His nose twitched, as caught the scent of familiar prey.

“Lotor…” The voice took on a whiny edge. “If you don’t wake up, I’ll…” The woman giggled, as fingers began deftly unbuttoning his shirt. “Have to find OTHER ways to amuse myself.” She quickly stripped him down, bare to the waist. Lotor sighed happily, his fingers catching silky curls in his hands, as flower petal soft lips began placing kisses all over his skin. His admirer made quick progress, tracing a path downwards with her mouth, soon pushing against the boundaries of his pants. Very interesting territory indeed, but her advanced was put off when Lotor suddenly grabbed hold of her upper arms.

“Enough…” he whispered, his voice betraying his interest, by sounding husky with arousal. “I’ve never doubted you abilities as a temptress Corral…” His opened eyes widened, and he went mute with shock.

“And what of…” The woman managed to press up against him, surprise making his grip on her, go limp. “…My technique?” Blue eyes were covered by lids that had lowered modestly.

“A…Allura?” Lotor could not believe this. “Is…is it really you?”

“Hmmm…I have a birthmark. Care to look?” The look she flashed him was provocative, her smile sly, eyes dancing with delight. “Of course…I can’t really remember where exactly it’s located, so you’ll have to go searching…”

“Don’t tease me like this!” Lotor cried, a feverish heat spreading across his body.

“I have no intention of doing that.” She frowned as his grip tightened.

“You can’t be Allura! She’d never act like this!” He pushed her away from him.

“How do you know how I’d act?” She demanded. “We’ve never really been alone outside of battle.” She leaned over him, the neckline of her dress dipping low.

“Not to mention…” His brow furrowed, as he finally managed to tear his faze away from the tempting morsel before him. “Where…where are we?” He gestured around them.

“Why on Arus of course!” Allura explained, a little put out by his seeming ignorance of her attributes. “Specifically the forest surrounding my castle…”

“Arus…” Lotor stood, marveling at the picture perfect beauty around him. For once he wasn’t just talking about Allura! Unlike Doom, this place seemed a veritable paradise, with trees so green, and flowers so gaily colored, it seemed as though it came straight out of a painting. It was an exquisite sight Mother Nature had bestowed upon this land.

“Your ship crashed.” Allura’s voiced intruded on his thoughts. “I was so worried! I rushed out immediately to check up on you.”

“Did you now.” Lotor still did not believe this woman was really his Arusian Princess. “And where is the rest of your teammates? Captain Floofy Hair and the three stooges?”

“Busy dealing with their lions.”

“What about the castle guards?” He asked. “I’m a dangerous man.” He smirked. “A monster some would say.” A pointed look at Allura. “Surely they wouldn’t allow such a delicate damsel to meet with me unescorted.”

“They don’t know.” Allura admitted. “Coran would never have allowed such a thing. My nanny would have a fit over the thought of us being unchaperoned!”

“And right she should…” murmured Lotor. If he could be sure this was Allura, he definitely wouldn’t be wasting time on talking! “So…no one knows you’re here?”

Lotor’s mouth slowly twisted into a grin.

“That’s right.”

“That means no one could prevent me from making you my prisoner.” He turned, hands reaching for her, and was surprised when she eagerly stepped into arms.

“Take me, I’m yours!” She inhaled deeply, the sight causing Lotor’s eyes to bulge.

“You don’t know how long I’ve waited to hear you say that!” Lotor sighed, being unable to resist wrapping his arms around her. “But I know this can’t be real.”

“Oh it’s definitely real.” Allura assured him. “I’ve reconsidered my options. And decided this was the best for all involved.”

“Options…what…” The conversation had just taken a confusing turn. He stared into her eyes, perhaps seeking the truth there, and was memorized. Her eyes were so blue…and they always seemed so naive about certain things, and yet knowledgeable about a million others. They really were the window to what she was feeling…the type of eyes poets would write about…the kind of eyes you could get lost forever in…Lotor wasn’t so sure that Allura didn’t take a part of his soul with her each time they locked gazes…He shook his head, breaking contact. “What were you saying?” He asked, determined to stay focused. Almost, he was almost sure this was the real Allura, HIS Allura. “What’s best for us all?”

“We’re at war.” Allura glanced up, and Lotor did the same. He now saw many ships flying about in the sky, could hear the explosions, smell the smoke. Odd that he had not noticed this sooner…
“We’ve always been at war.” Lotor replied, a sense of déjà vu overtaking him. Hadn’t he just said those very words recently. “What’s changed now?”

“In case you hadn’t notice…” Allura’s hands were wandering again, causing Lotor’s train of thought to get derailed. “There’s a new player in the field.” She sighed. “Threesome’s NEVER work out.”

“I dunno about that.” Lotor said, absentmindedly. Allura’s fingers felt like magic on his skin! “If you time everything just right, everyone comes away happy…”

“I’m not quite sure what you’re talking about…” Allura smiled innocently. “But I’m thinking more along the lines of ‘Three’s a crowd’.”

“Again that all depends on the situation.” replied Lotor, concentrating more on her touch than the words she spoke.

“Lotor!” The hands stopped moving, as the princess pouted. “I’m trying to say I want you all to myself!”

“Allura!” Lotor’s heart skipped a beat. “Are you telling me your jealous?!”

“Damn straight I am!” She nodded vigorously, face flushed with anger. “Who does that Corral think she is?!”

“A princess?” Lotor grinned, teasing her.

“Whatever.” She said crossly. “If anyone’s going to marry you, it’s gonna be ME!!”

“You don’t know how long I’ve waited to hear you say that!” proclaimed Lotor, any doubts he had over her identity quickly evaporated by the surge of joy he was feeling.

“Oh Allura, how I love you!” His head bent forward, his lips questing for hers.

“And I love you!” She stood on tip toe, her lips eagerly coming towards his.



“Allura…” Instead of kissing soft lips, he found himself embracing air. “Allura?!” He looked around, his happy expression rapidly turning panic stricken. “Allura! Where are you?” The cheery forest shimmered before his eyes, the sunlight diminishing. Every which way he glanced, the foliage once bright green, withered, brown and dying…tree trunks bent, turning twisted and gnarled, a mist passing between the now incredibly small spaces between the trees…flowers died whereever the mist touched, and soon the sky was pitch black, darkness pervading everywhere. “ALLURA!!” He screamed again and again.

“Lotor!” She suddenly cried out, one hand reaching towards him, the other clawing at a tree trunk in an attempt to hold on. “Help me!” Something was trying to pull her into darkness! Branches snagged on her dress and hair, and she cried out again, desperation shining on her face. A gnarled purple hand reached for her throat…

“NOOOOO!!” He stepped toward her, and felt the ground disappear beneath him. With a startled yell, he pitched forward, the ground rushing to met him.

“Allura no!!” Breathing heavily, Lotor scrambled up into a sitting position. He was on the floor, bedsheets tangled around his sweat glistened body. “A dream…” He blinked, still not trusting his eyes. “No a nightmare…” He moaned, rubbing his face. “The same one, over and over for weeks now…” He began taking deep breaths, trying to get his heart to take on a normal pace. Time and again, the nightmare returned. Sometimes it was Allura, sometimes his mother. Always it ended the same. The dying forest stealing the woman away, a hand intent on choking her. And him…helpless to do anything…except watch the scene unfold to it’s terrifying conclusion. He shivered, glad for once he managed to wake up before he had to witness his love die yet again.

Lotor did not understand why he was being plagued by such a vivid nightmare. He had been having it for a while now…since just BEFORE Princess Corral arrived on Doom…”Damn it!” He suddenly exclaimed, as more memories rushed to the surface of his addled brain. “I remember now!” Indeed he did, for recent memories showed he had much more important things to worry about than the imaginings of his sleeping psyche. “I should have known Demos was behind those men in my room!”

He stood up, the silk bed sheets sliding down his body. A startled female shriek was heard, quickly followed by several quieter murmurs of appreciation. Lotor turned in that direction, facing a large window. He peered out of it, across to a window facing the room he was in, where a trio of three maids stood. They were cleaning the hall of the turret across from him. Or rather…they HAD been cleaning. Now they were wide eyed, ogling him, two openly, while one peeked through her fingers.

“Well, well…” Lotor murmured, flattered by their attention. He noticed the gold gilded window framed ended just below his knees. It was also where the maid’s attention was centered more or less. Lotor quickly glanced down. “Oops!” He said ruefully. He was naked! “Sorry ladies…” He reached for the forest green drapes, which cause more excited squeals. “But the show’s over.” He pulled ’em close, and couldn’t help grinning at the disappointed moans he heard.

“Now…” His expression turned completely serious. “Let’s see what else these chambers hold.” He surveyed the room, his glance quickly passing over the marble floors, cream colored walls with gold borders an inch away from the beige ceiling. Matching beige furniture was spread out across the room, with expensive looking tapestries decorating the East and west side walls. A doorway, practically hidden in one corner, led to what he assumed was the bathroom, while huge double doors the length of the wall, seemed to be the only way in or out of the room.

There was also a small table next to the four poster bed he had just fallen out off. It help up a silver platter that contained pieces of fruit, along with a goblet of already poured liquid. Lotor’s stomach grumbled loudly, pointedly reminding him of how hungry he was. His mouth felt incredibly dry, making him wonder just how long he had been asleep. He ignored the offered nourishment, not trusting his host well enough to eat or drink.

Instead he approached an armoire, pulling open it’s door. A pleased smile lit up his features. Now here was a gift he COULD accept!

Choosing the first outfit he touched, he began to dress quickly. He noted the finery of the clothing. Apparently someone had spared no expense in regard to seeing his comfort was well taken care of. “Well..almost every one of them…” Lotor thought, frowning as he recalled how he had been brought here. “Can’t say much about their invitational skills.” He doubtfully pulled on the midnight blue pants, which had a gold stripe running down the outer thigh of the leg. He had never worn velvet before, but he found he rather liked how it felt against his skin. The white shirt, he definitely did not like at all! It was made of silk, feeling as though it had come straight from a spider’s body. That wasn’t the problem. Neither was the fact it had been tailor made to fit his board shoulders. He didn’t even mind it had an open neckline, that swooped down low to offer tantalizing peeks of his pecs. He often wore shirts cut like this when he was entertaining women.

However, unlike the shirts at home, this was very loose on his arms, and most especially around the waist. It was just begging to snag on something whichever way he moved. Also, and this really made Lotor frown in displeasure. It had unnecessary frills around the collar and sleeves. He hated frilly stuff! And someone had made the sleeves far too long, so his hands kept disappearing into it’s folds. This could definitely prove cumbersome if he needed to fight his way out.

Lotor sighed. He supposed he could change, but he didn’t want to waste any more time searching for a more expectable shirt. So instead he pulled on beetle black boots, and approached the double doors. He gripped the handle, and though the doors rattled from the amount of force he used, unsurprisingly it would not budge. Lotor let loose with a swearword. “Well…this is one of the nicer prisons I’ve been in…” He stared at the door, only his eyes showing any hint of anger. “But it’s still just a fancy looking cage…” He brought up his right foot, bending it back against his chest. With a loud growl, it went forward, slamming just above the handle. He was gratified to see the wood shatter, and the left door slide off one of it’s hinges.

Gripping the edges, he pried it open, and stepped out into the hallway. “How … disappointing.” Lotor said, glancing up and down the empty halls. “No guards.” He cracked his knuckles. “I was looking forward to blowing off some steam…” Shrugging, he chose to do down the path that led to the right.

It was the wrong decision, for when he pushed open another pair of doors, he came face to face with the nozzle of a rifle. Grim faced, Lotor paused, though his hands did not. “Don’t even try it!” The owner said in Basic, the tip pressing against his chest.

“Easy there…” Lotor said. “I’m just putting my hands up where you can see them.”

“No funny moves, or I shoot you!” The man warned.

“I’d listen to him Prince Lotor…” Footsteps approached from behind the armed man, coming closer and closer. “After all…” A dozen or more armed guards appeared, led by a portly man. He was definitely someone of high rank, dressed in expensive looking clothes, had many jeweled rings on his fingers, and a thin circlet of gold around his balding head. In fact, the only hair the man did have, was a few cherry red patches above his ears, and a neatly trimmed goatee. “I wouldn’t want to have to shoot my future son in law BEFORE the wedding.”

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