Rules 19

“Where is he?!” muttered Allura, crouching in the shadows of the ballroom’s servant’s entrance. She was being careful to avoid Matilda. She knew the Chore Master would have plenty to say AND do to her because of the soup incident. It was risky entering so near to where the woman was, but there was no way she’d be able to bluff her way past the guards. She wasn’t even sure how she was going to get to Lotor this time! She already had another note written, but she didn’t think anyone would let her near the food, let alone bring it near any one of any importance! There was no chance of sneaking back into the line of service, everyone would remember the striped haired servant who spilled soup on the guest of honor!
Allura was really at a lost. She supposed she should put some of her Voltron training into effect…try and practice her stealth skills, and sneak her way towards Lotor. Maybe hide behind a pillar, and slip a note in his pocket. But would he even read it? She had set up a place to meet, but how would she even know if he agreed…he might want to come, but not be able to sneak past his guards…And all this was a moot point if she couldn’t even get to him.

Frantically scanning the crowd, she realized Lotor was no longer IN the ballroom. He certainly was a figure too hard to miss spotting. There was not many handsome men who had snow white hair, and azure blue skin in this crowd. Not to mention they were too short. Even sitting, Lotor towered over everyone. He had just vanished…Lotor was gone! And she had no idea where to look for him.

With a sad sigh, Allura excited the ballroom. Her head was hung low, and she dragged her feet, the utter picture of despondence. “It’s…it’s over…” She muttered dejectedly.

“Now tell me…” A familiar voice drawled. “What’s a sweet thing like you…” A hand clamped over her mouth, securing a cloth over her nostrils and mouth. Another hand wrapped around her chest, trapping her arms against her sides. “Doing out all alone…”

Allura’s eyes widened, realizing the cloth contained chloroform. “MPGH!!” She struggled, attempting to hold in her breath. It was a losing ploy, for she couldn’t hold it indefinitely. As the sharp smell assaulted her nostrils, her eyes rolled back, and her whole body went limp. He held on to her, bending down with her, easing her gently to the floor. She had the image of gray pants in her eye sight, before she completely passed out.


“We should really get back to the party.” Corral said, half turning away from Lotor. “They’ll miss us…”
“Let them!” chuckled Lotor, gently leading her onwards via their entwined hands. Several guards obnoxiously followed, trailing back only a few feet behind the royal couple.
“But they’ll talk!”

“What does it matter what they say? As long as they speak about our love!” grinned Lotor.

“…I must admit…” Corral said slowly. “I wouldn’t mind a certain few acquittances turning green over our being together.”

“There you go!”

“But still…” Corral chewed her lip thoughtfully. “Father will be most upset if we’re not back in time for the toasts.”

“Your father has knocked back one to many to even notice we’re gone.” Lotor replied.

“…” Corral sighed. “Well…maybe for a little while. But what are we going to, that we couldn’t do in there?”

Lotor smiled, and patted her hand. “I can think of a few things…”


“Come closer, and I’ll tell you.”

“Okay…” Trustingly she moved towards him, and he reached up to caress her face. “Hands off infidel!” One of the guards rushed forward, fearing the prince intended to snap her neck, and separated the two.

“Oh!” cried Corral, flushing.

“Spoilsport…” snarled Lotor, shooting the guard an angry look. He sighed. “This would be so much easier without an audience.”

“What would?”

“To be with you…to set a romantic mood.” Lotor replied.

“Romantic…” Corral wondered just how romantic he had in mind! She thought the other night, and the indoor picnic had been pretty special, even with them being under the guard’s watchful eyes. Though from what she had gleamed from romance novels, things could get even hotter when a man and a woman were alone…!

“Why don’t you send the guards away?” asked Lotor.

“What? No! I can’t do that…” She muttered, still wondering about his romantic ideas. “Father wouldn’t like that…”

“Corral, you’re a big girl now. A woman.” He told her. “About to be married. It’s time to stop listening to your father, and begin being more assertive. Don’t you want to be alone with me?”

“And uh…there are those assassins…” She continued helplessly.

“Are you afraid to be alone with me?” He fixed her with sad, puppy dog eyes. “Afraid I’ll hurt you?”


“Corral, you do know I would never do that, right?” She glanced away. “Corral!” He moved to grip her shoulders, and heard chainmail rattle. With an annoyed glance, he moved away from her. “Corral, look at me.” She reluctantly raised her eyes to his. “Do you trust me?”

“…I’m sorry…” She sighed. “I don’t.”

“Corral!” Lotor cried, aghast.

“I want to!” She cried. “I really do! It’s just…you were so cold for so long. You would barely look at me. You never had a kind word to say, and then suddenly…

Suddenly you were willing to communicate, asking, WANTING to spend time with me. What am I suppose to think?”

“Corral…” He whispered sadly. “Don’t you see? Do you not understand why I did what I did?”


“I was angry at first, yes…but also scared.”

“You?” She said incredulously. “Scared?!”

“Of my feelings…the strength of them! The unimaginable depth of love I felt for you!” Lotor proclaimed. “I knew I couldn’t let you in…”

“Why not?” She whispered, shaken to her very core by his words.

“To have to wait to be with you…to hold you…to kiss you…to make love with you…” Lotor sighed. “I didn’t think I’d be able to control myself! I…I love you Corral!”

“OH! Lotor!” She cried, and flung her arms around him. “I feel the same way!” And she threw off her veil, to lock her lips around his mouth. The guards stood there helplessly, not knowing what to do. Their orders were to stop Lotor from doing anything suspicious, not the princess!
The two Royals broke up a part for air, and Lotor smiled down at the princess. “Get rid of them…” He murmured, before kissing her again.

“Yes…” Corral agreed, and commanded them to leave. The guards hesitated. “Do what I said…what I ordered you to do!!” She snarled, turning to glare at them. They froze at her unveiled beauty, staring at them head on.

“You heard my wife!” snapped Lotor. “Either leave now, or be executed!”

Faced with the thoughts of execution, and the anger/annoyance in their princess’ eyes over them not leaving, they did the only option they had left. They ran away.


“And then, I pulled out my sword, and I said, Zarkon…” Anador paused, to swallow down some more champagne. “Taste cold steel! And he begged me for mercy! Offering to let his son marry my daughter, in exchange for his life!” He hiccuped, before continuing sluggishly. “I was in a generous frame of mind, so I agreed.”

Lapis sat there, trying to keep her eyes open. Once again her brother had two much to drink, and had taken to exaggerating details of his life. At this rate, they would never get to the toast that would officially end dinner. All around her, were bored guests, though some were wide eyed with admiration for the King’s tall tales. They were the ones who were also drunk. The only other people enjoying themselves were the young couples out on the dance floor. She wasn’t that old to forget the thrill of being with the one you lusted after. Hoping the night never ended as you twirled in time to the music. And if you were lucky, were able to sneak away unnoticed for a little illicit action.

“And then!” Anador screamed, eyes wide with an insane light. “I told Hagger to lick my boots, or I’d make her eat a frog! And, she licked my boots and then ate a frog to wash down the taste!”

Lapis snorted. What the hell was he talking about?! Oh well…she guessed her niece and Lotor were enjoying each other’s company out on the dance floor. She craned her neck, to search out the dancing couple. Her eyes darted from dancer to dancer, but she could not pick them out. “That’s funny…” She muttered. She turned, looking to see if perhaps they had moved to sit at a different table, whispering sweet nothings in each other’s ears. But no…alarm bells went off in her head. Where were they?

“Cirton? Did you notice when Corral and Lotor left?”

“Hmm, what?'” He looked blearily at her.

“Never mind.” Lapis sighed. She stood up, intending to examine the darkened niches of the ballroom, when some guards rushed into the room. Angrily ignoring their superior’s questions, they rushed towards Anador.

“WHAT?!” He snarled, angry to have one of his stories interrupted.

One of the guard’s spoke softly, and everyone strained to eavesdrop.

“SHE SAID WHAT?!” screamed Anador. “And you listened to her?!”

“Uh…well…” The guard mumbled.

“We have to go find them immediately!” Anador shouted. “Step lively men, we’re…we’re…” His eyes crossed, and he suddenly pitched forward onto the table. A loud snore rumbled out of his mouth, indicating he was still alive, just not conscious.

The guards looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

Lapis sighed heavily. When men failed, it was time for a woman’s touch. “What’s the situation?”

“Lady Lapis…” The guard bowed to her. “The princess…”

“What about my niece?”

“She and the prince…that is, she ordered us to leave them…ALONE!”

“Oh Corral!” Lapis exclaimed, disappointed. Did she not glean anything from their talk? “Fine…we must find them immediately!” She rose from her seat. “Where did you last see them?”

“Fear not, your Ladyship. We have ways of tracking them.” The guard said, pulling out a small remote.


“I can’t believe we’re doing this!” Corral said, her breath coming out in excited little pants.
“Oh believe it honey! I’m about to take you on the ride of your life!” Lotor murmured huskily, planting kisses all over her neck, as they leaned against the open door of her bedroom.
“What…ride…” She murmured, wrapping her fingers in his hair. “Are we going somewhere?”

“Sweet, innocent Corral…” He murmured, teeth nipping at the pulse point in her neck.

“Beautiful, manly Lotor!” She retorted, forcing her mouth on his, hands sliding over his body. They stumbled into the room, not willing to break apart, even to disrobe. Lotor’s jacket ended up on the floor, and Corral’s ripped bodice soon joined it. They quickly made it towards the bed, Corral’s inexpert hands clumsily groping at Lotor’s body. The back of her legs hit the bed’s corner, and she buckled, falling backwards. He went down with her, landing on top of her. She giggled, as the bed creaked in protest.

“Lotor…oh Lotor!” She murmured, as he touched her.

“Oh Corral…” He said, eyes resting on the lamp by her bed. More specifically, the long cord the lamp had.

“Darling!” She cried, hooking her feet over his ankles.

“Dearest…” He said, pushing her up so her back rested against the head board. Half paying attention to her, he reached with one hand, fingers touching the cord. He pulled it towards him, winding it around her wrist. She didn’t seem to notice…

“Pretty Corral…” He whispered in her ear. “I’m sorry…”

Suddenly the lights turned on in the room. “CORRAL!!” A woman’s voice screamed. “AUNTIE!” She shouted, blinking from the sudden brightness. “SHIT!” cursed Lotor, sitting back on his knees, turning to look at the intruder. “Shit times ten!” He muttered, noting the woman had brought guards with her.

“Auntie! What is the meaning of this!” Corral demanded, not bothering to cover herself from prying eyes.

“Corral, how could you do this!” demanded Lapis. “How could yo be so stupid?!”

“I’m not stupid! I’m in love!” Corral protested.

“Is there a difference between the two?” muttered Lapis rhetorically. “Get him.” The guards rushed Lotor, who didn’t bother to put up a fight. He was pulled from the bed, his hands cuffed behind his back.

“Don’t you treat him like that!” Corral’s eyes flared. “He’s my soon to be husband!”

“Your soon to be husband was almost missing in action!” Lapis said, walking towards Corral. “He was tricking you!”

“Nonsense!” Corral retorted. “Tell them Lotor!”

“…” He wouldn’t meet her eyes.


Lapis sighed. “He was going to betray you! He got you to get rid of the guards, and was planning to take off!”

“I don’t believe you!” insisted Corral.

“Then believe this!” She grabbed Corral’s wrist, holding up the loop cord around it. “What’s this…?”


“Lo…Lotor…?” Corral asked.

“A little bondage eh?” Lapis smirked. “He was going to tie you up, and escape! Or take you hostage! Maybe even kill you!”

“NO! I wouldn’t kill her!” Lotor protested vehemently.

“But you do not deny you were trying to escape!” Lapis was quick to point that out.

“Lotor…were you…?” Corral stepped in front of him, catching his jaw with her hand. She tipped his face, forcing him to look her in the eyes. “Were you only leading me on…?”

“…” He sighed. “Corral, I’m sorry, but I do not love you!”

“What…no…” Her red eyes brimmed over with tears. “But you said…”

“Now do you see?” Lapis was right behind her, face cold and stern. “Men lie, and tell you what you want to hear as long as it’s convenient for them. They’re only out for themselves, and they’d use you and toss you aside as soon as they could. You must do the same.”

“That’s not true!” hissed Lotor, glaring at Lapis. He didn’t normally strike women, but he would gladly punch this one in the face.

“Isn’t it?” Lapis demanded with arched eyebrows. “You whisper sweet words, all the while thinking of your ultimate goal…to get back to the woman you claim to love. And damn all you hurt in the process!”

“NO!” Lotor cried, feeling very helpless. “I didn’t…Corral…I…” He was at a loss for words. “Damn it! YOU kidnapped me! I was just trying to get back to my real life!”

“Hmph!” Lapis sneered. “A futile endeavor!”

“Corral?!” He looked pleadingly at the crying princess.

“The wedding is still on.” Corral proclaimed coldly, tears streaming down her face. “Our two Empires WILL be united!”

“Corral no!”

“Does the thought of marrying me repulse you so?” She asked softly. “Fear not…we won’t be together long…just long enough for me to gain a heir…then we need never see each other again.”

Lapis smiled in satisfaction. She would like it even better if after the heir was born, they killed Lotor, and took Zarkon’s kingdom from him! Well, there was always time to get Corral into seeing things her way.

“Corral, please…” Lotor begged.

“GET HIM OUT OF MY SIGHT!!” Corral screamed shrilly.

Cuffing the prince on the head, the guards dragged him out of the princess’ bedroom. With one last look at her niece, Lapis followed them, shutting the door to drown out the princess’ heartbroken sobs. “Throw him in the dungeon.” Lapis ordered. “He has refused us, one too many times.”

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