Rules 23

“AlluMPHGH!!” Before he could get her name out in it’s entirety, she launched herself forward, locking her lips onto his. The pleasantness overcame his shock over her being here, he losing himself into the kiss. His arms wrapped firmly about her torso, trying to pull her closer, as though he would have them melt into one person. The wild thrill he got from her kissing him was magnified a thousand times as she wrapped her slender arms around his neck. Raw emotion was in her kiss, the princess almost swooning in his arms. For one brief moment forgetting the danger she–THEY were in.
It was almost exactly a minute and a half before they broke apart, panting for air. “Damn lungs.” Lotor muttered against her mouth. “Damn obsessive need for oxygen.” Allura giggled at this, and it was all it took, before they were kissing again. It was a truly exhilarating feel for both of them. Different from all other kisses they had shared. All those others had been bitter sweet, a result of Lotor forcing them from her…the moment not being as delicious as it could have been, for Allura had never allowed herself to lose complete control, barely holding her emotions in check but doing a marvelous job of fooling herself into thinking she did not like his kisses.
But not this time. Now she was here, and not a fantasy. Lotor’s finger’s slid across her body, confirming that she was real. She half moaned, half sighed as he fondled her. He smiled wickedly, seeing her not protest, not pull away. And why should she? She had been the one to seek him out, instead of the other way around. And she was just as eager, just as demanding as he was, touching him, though not being as bold as he, to touch ALL of his body.
Lotor’s heart thumped almost painfully in his chest, he swore he could hear hers, and that they beated in unison together. “But how…?” He whispered, pulling away from her, managing to get a loose rein around his common senses. “How could you be here?” There was wonder in his eyes as he ran his fingers over her face, feeling out every bump and bone like a blind man who saw through touch alone. He pulled strands of her hair forward, fingering this oddity of different colors. Some sort of dye. But her eyes! Her eyes! “All–”
“SHHH!!” She shushed him, clamping hands over his mouth. He kissed the bottom of them, watching the corners of her mouth turn up in a smile. “You can’t say my name…” She tried to look stern, but found the expression impossible to maintain.
“You’re eyes are green!” He hissed in a whisper. What happened to her beautiful ocean blue eyes?!
She blinked, fingers flying to her face. “Contacts…” She said. “I had to go incognito.”
“Ah…” He said, a look of understanding in his face. “So that explains it…Although…” He smirked, and she loved him for that all too familiar, lovable expression. How she had feared that cheeky attitude would never be directed at her again! “I never imagined seeing you in a slave girl’s outfit of your own free will.”
“Well…” She blushed. “I didn’t actually have a choice in the manner…It’s not important…not now anyway…”
“Yes…” He nodded, willing to agree to whatever she had to say. “But what…what do I call you if not your name?” Now he was relieved he had been so ignored during the party for it meant no one would have been bothering to look this way…To see this tender reunion. He wouldn’t even look away from her to double check that they were still being ignored, too afraid that if he took his eyes off of her for even a moment, she would vanish into thin air.
“A name…” Allura said, also finding it hard to look away from him. It had been far to long since they had been face to face. She couldn’t even begin to recall why she had used to fear him so badly. It was true of that saying, ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder.’ The pain of their forced separation doing wonders in enlightening her to her innermost feelings. “You can call me Rommie…”
“Rommie…short for Romelle?”
She shrugged. “Maybe…I didn’t really think about it.”
“What were you thinking about?” He asked, looking worried. “Coming here into enemy territory, leaving Arus unprotected.”
“It’s not unprotected. Keith and the others are still there.”
“WHAT?!” He shouted, then quickly lowered his voice. “What?! You came alone?!”
“Yes, now kiss me before people start wondering what that yell was about.” Allura ordered. He was ever so quick to oblige her!
“I don’t believe this.” He said when they finally pulled apart. “How could you be so…” He hesitated to call his love stupid. “Rash, and rush in here out numbered, and unprepared.”
“I was plenty prepared.” Allura said, the familiar stubborn light back in her eyes. “I’ve made plenty of plans…if you had been cooperative we could already be long gone from Demos.”
“Who do you think it was that dropped that bowl of soup on you head.” She fluttered her eyelashes at him, looking playful.
“That was you?!” He accused her, shocked she had been so close and he had not noticed. Not even felt her presence.
“I saw you were in desperate need of a cold shower.” There was an unfamiliar look in her eyes. An expression he had never seen before.
“Al–Rommie! You’re jealous!!” He was shocked.
“How can you expect a girl not to be? You spend all that time chasing me, singing my praise in verse, courting me with gifts, and then you have your hands all over some other princess?!”
Lotor blinked. She sounded not only jealous, but angry too! “I was uh…”

“Yes?” She arched one elegantly plucked eyebrow.

“It was all an escape plan! One that failed and ended up with my being thrown in the dungeons and beat!” Lotor explained miserably.

“You don’t look hurt.” Allura said, thinking he was as handsome as ever!

“Lasers used in medical processes can do amazing things.”


“What about you?” He said, trying to steer the subject away from him and Corral. “How could you come here alone?”

“Do you actually think Keith would be willing to help you?” She shook her head. “No, he’d want to assassinate you…and that would make me sad.”

“Me too.” He said jokingly. “So my benevolent rescuer, what IS the plan?”

“Well…originally I was going to get you to meet with me, so we could escape in my lion.” She frowned. “That’s out of the question now.”

“Too many guards.”

“Yes, but there’s also the fact of MY imprisonment.” She shuddered. “I’ll have the slavers after me, if I don’t return with the other girls. That one guy makes my skin crawl.”

“Has he touched you?” Lotor demanded, blood lust making him want to rip the head off any man who dared look at Allura funny.

“Thankfully no.”

“Well you are not going back there.” Lotor decided. “He hasn’t yet, but he will. I’m sure of it.”

“Lotor, what can you do? You’re pretty much a prisoner as well.” Allura said sadly.

“Wrong! I am a political hostage. Which means I have rights.” A slow grin spread across his face. “Except for asking to escape, I can pretty much get whatever I want.”

“Are you sure about this?” Allura asked, blinking owlishly as he reattached her veil to her face.

“Watch and learn, my beautiful princess.” He stood up, grasping her wrist lightly. He walked through the room, passing the men and women, a bewildered Allura trailing behind him. Catcalls and cheers passed in their wake, the men looking on approvingly.

“What are you up to Lotor?” She demanded.

“Just arranging for us to be alone together, my sweet.”

“US? ALONE?” She squeaked out.

He turned, and grinned wolfishly at her. “Scared to be with me without any chaperones around?”

“Uh…NO!” She lied, even though she had an increased heart rate over possible things that could happen once it was just them…together…alone…”But Lotor…” She said, thinking of something else. “Won’t someone object? You’re getting MARRIED tomorrow!”

“My love, you have much to learn about the ways of men.” Another coy smile on his lips. “I shall enjoy teaching you.” Another phrase to almost render her into cardiac arrest!

They reached the room’s only door, and Lotor paused to talk to the guards. “WE’RE returning to my room.” The look in his eyes was challenging them to protest. They did not, and Lotor turned to smirk at Allura.

That went well.

She thought, surprised. “EEEEEEEEEEE!!” She screamed, as he suddenly grabbed her, throwing her over his shoulder. “Put me down!” People were turning to look at them. “We’re going to bed.” Lotor announced, and heads were nodded in approval.
“That’s my boy!” Slurred Zarkon, a topless slave girl in his lap, his hands roughly fondling her bare breasts. “Takes after his old man when it comes to the ladies!”
“Hardly.” Allura muttered disgustedly. Lotor chuckled at this, privately agreeing with her. He did not think there was ANY similarities between him and his father. This is too easy! Allura thought. How could they let them out of the party without any trouble? She stared at the guards, three in all, who were following her and Lotor. They were clearly disappointed to be torn away from peeking in on the entertainment, to guard Lotor and his prize. Once they reached his bedroom, they took up positions outside the door.
They had also, Allura nervously noted, LOCKED them in. “I can’t believe they just let us walk out!” She exclaimed, shyly backing away from Lotor, once he had set her down. “No one protested, not even the father of the bride!” She was very conscious of Lotor slowly stalking towards her, getting closer and closer, even as she kept trying to widen the distance between them. “Don’t marriage vows mean anything to those people?!”
“Different cultures have different rules.” Lotor shrugged, his way of explaining. “I suppose most of the men at the party see it as I’m not yet married so not technically breaking any vows.” He left out the fact that some of the men there WERE married, looking to cheat on their wives. Nor did he explain that no one was expecting him to get rid of his harem, once he had a wife. “But do we really want to talk about them?”
“No, you’re right.” She agreed, eyes widening as she backed into a wall. He came forward to pin her there, lowering his face to hers. “We have other things to TALK about.” She said, placing her palms against his chest.
“Talk?” He blinked, pausing a few inches from her face. “No…” He pulled off her veil, right hand tipping her chin upwards. “No more of this?” He kissed her softly, sensually and she struggled to remain focused. “Well?” He asked huskily, as he released her.
“No Lotor, not now!” Allura protested, pushing him away firmly.
“Then when?” He asked refusing to be moved. His lower lip jutting out into a pout, making her unable to resist going up on tiptoe to plant a chaste kiss on his lips. “Later.” She promised.
“Later.” Lotor repeated, a love sick smile on his face. She ducked under his arms, moving into open space.
“But first we have some decisions to make…some plans…” She moved through the rooms, spotting a small dining table. That seemed like a safer place to sit and talk, then say the bed. She sat down, and he was left to find a chair for himself. He did that, and sat across from her. “Now…about the plans…”
“Plans you say?” He leaned forward to grasp her hands across the table, interlacing their fingers together. “For our future?”
“Our immediate future, yes.” Allura nodded. “We have to get off of Demos.”
“Yes, no quickie wedding chapels here.”
“Lotor!” She pulled her hands away from his. “Be serious!”
“I am always serious when it comes to US.” He told her. “I want to get married, don’t you?”
“If you don’t focus on the issue at hand, you WILL be married. To Corral! She was avoiding his question, doing her best to sound cross with him.

“No, no! Not Corral!” Lotor shuddered, making Allura smile.
“That bad huh?” asked Allura.
“You have no idea.”

“I don’t actually know her, but she SEEMS nice.” Allura said.

“Yes…she is…” Lotor agreed. “I was actually surprised to see there was some substance there when I started talking to her–purely for selfish reasons!” He added, when he saw Allura was getting that jealous look in her eyes again. “The only thing I want more than a happy life with you, is to get off of Demos!”

“That is our biggest problem.” agreed Allura. “We don’t even have that much time. The wedding is tomorrow afternoon!”

“I don’t think I can get away.” Lotor said sadly.

“Lotor, don’t give up!” Allura cried, startled by his hopeless attitude. “We can still win…can’t we?”

“I don’t think so…but you can…”

“What? How?” She frowned, not understanding him.

“I’m going to get you off of Demos.” He explained.

“Not without you!!”

“You don’t have a choice.”

“The HELL I don’t!” Allura shouted angrily, pulling her hands out of his grip. “Stop acting like you have already mapped out my future for me! I get enough out of that at home!”

“Allura…” He blinked. He had never considered the possibility that she even KNEW how to curse. “Please…be reasonable…you have to get back to Arus, and protect it…without you and your lion they can’t form Voltron.”

“I don’t want to back without you!” She insisted stubbornly.

“Please…for your people…”

“Ack!” She made a face. “That stupid Royal Duty baloney! I am sick of doing stuff for other people. What about what I want?!”

“Then…if not for them, for me?” Lotor asked.

“…It’s a moot point. I already told you the slavers will be looking for me.” Allura replied.

“Yes…but I have an idea to get around that.” Lotor said.

“You do? What?” She asked.

“I was thinking that tomorrow morning when one of the maids comes in to deliver breakfast, we knock her out, and dress her in your slave costume.” He ignored her loud gasp. “With a veil over her face, no one will even notice the switch! Then we dress you up in some of my clothes…no one will pay much attention to a boy walking about…then you could get to your lion, and away.”

“Lotor no! That’s wrong on so many levels!” cried Allura, appalled. “We would be condemning that poor woman to slavery!”

“But it’s for the greater good.” insisted Lotor. The princess vigorously shook her head no. “I know your Nanny and Advisor would approve.”

“I…” Allura hung her head. “They WOULD approve. You’re right. Anything is justified to them, as long as it ensures my safety. But I don’t think that way! I couldn’t have that woman on my conscience!”
“How about this then…after I’m married…” She let out a low keening cry of pain that made his heart threaten to shatter. “I buy her back, and set her free?” She was still shaking her head no. “I buy ALL of the women at the party, and set them free?”

“…I don’t think Selina would like that…But the others…” She chewed on her lower lip as she considered. Finally she sighed and said, “All right. I’ll do it. But YOU have to promise you will save them all!”

“I give you my word Allura.” Lotor said solemnly. “I will die by my own hand if I can’t fulfill that request.”

She blinked, chilled by his words. “Don’t say that. And don’t give up either! I will get you away from here SOMEHOW!”

Lotor sighed. “Allura…it’s late…and I have to be up early tomorrow. Let us not waste our last night together on useless plans.” He stood up, and approached her side. “Can’t we…can’t we be together? Even if it’s for only one night?”

Her face turned beet red, as he dropped down to his knees, wrapping his arms around her waist. “Lotor…are…are you asking me what I THINK you’re asking me to do?”

“Yes…” He said, resting his head on her lap. “I want to give myself to you.”

“I…I don’t know what to say…”

“Say yes.” He closed his eyes in bliss as her hand came down to stroke his hair.

“I’ve always wanted to know what your hair felt like, but never had the nerve to actually touch it…” Allura said, instead of answering his question. “It feels like what I thought it would…like silk…I…I’ve always wondered a lot of things about you…like how you would look when you were happy…really happy, not that smile you flashed when you were gloating over some victory…I’ve thought about how you would feel in my arms, if I ever stopped fighting you, and just embraced you instead…”

“I don’t think I’ve ever been happy…not until I met you…” Lotor said softly.

“Oh…” It was quite a compliment, but also a burden. What if she proved to be not worthy of him…what if she could disappoint him somehow…even in some small way…”Lotor…” It was awkward to manage, but she somehow managed to bend forward, to graze her lips against his. “I’m sorry…but…”

“You’re going to say no…” He said sadly.

“I don’t mean to hurt you!” She cried. It was true. It was the last thing she EVER wanted to do. After weeks of mixed messages, doubting HIS feelings for her, the confusion SHE felt over her feelings for him…thinking he might actually prefer Corral to her…To be vindicated, and have proof he still wanted her, was quite an inflation to her ego. It was hard not to give in to the temptation that was Lotor.

“You’re not.” Lotor shook his head, releasing his hold her body, but not on her heart. “It does pain me to be denied you…but I am not surprised. I didn’t think you were ready to take such a big step.”

“I want to, but…!” Her arms were reaching out for him.

“You’re afraid if you take that final step with me, you’ll never be able to move on. You’ll always be yearning for me, instead of looking for another man to share your love with.” He sighed. “I don’t blame you for not wanting to be with a man who is about to marry another.”

“Oh damn it all!” She let out a growl. “You are not marrying her! I will save you!”

“Allura!” Lotor was turning back to face her, and she threw herself into his arms.

“If you can give your heart to me, why not your trust?” She demanded, pooling the material of his shirt into her fists.

“Allura…” He tightened his arms around her in brief hug, then let go. “It’s late. You can have the bed.”

“Only if you share it with me, and never let me go the entire night!” She said this almost viciously.

“I…” He managed to almost look like his old self. “Only if you promise to put one of my shirts on over that costume! It is driving me INSANE!” He playfully leered at her, doing his best to look smarmy and lecherous.

Allura giggled. “It’s a deal!” And I will get you away from here, no matter what you say! She promised to herself.

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