Rules 24

Laying on his side, Lotor silently contemplated the sight before him. Allura. In his bed. How he had longed for this moment, to have this young woman by his side. Her beauty, as always was breathtaking, even more so now that she had admitted to having feelings for him. There was a smile on that angelic face, his fingers tracing over the air above her mouth, not yet wanting to wake her. It was a memory in the making, one he would cherish forever, regardless of who he was married to by day’s end.
But he wouldn’t think about that now. Instead, propped up on one arm, he watched her. Allura was currently settled on her back, her chest rising and falling in a steady rhythm, her dreams were surely pleasant and undisturbing. Her lips parting, she suddenly murmured something unintelligible under her breath, head turning to the right on her pillow. Lotor tenderly brushed back the few straying strands of hair that had fallen across her face, his fingers lingering on her skin.
It was at that moment she awakened, eyelids fluttering open, to reveal her dazzling blue eyes. She had tossed her green contacts in the trash, no longer having need of them. He was glad. Not that he didn’t find her just as attractive with different colored eyes, but happy that he would get to see her one last time with her true color. Right now, they were a vibrant, electric blue, sparkling with excitement, and a touch of mischievousness in their depths.
“Hey you…” Allura said, lips spreading into a grin. She sat up, and leaned in to kiss him. Lotor sighed happily, restraining from pulling her against him in a crushing embrace. Not that she didn’t end up in his arms after all. Rolling onto her left side, Allura snuggled close to him, wrapping her arms around his waist, her head resting on his chest. “Hmm…morning…”
“Morning.” He echoed, rubbing his chin against the top of her hair.
“Have you been up long?” asked Allura.
He chuckled at the question, but managed to answer her in a non-innuendo ridden manner. “For a few hours…since sunlight started pouring in…”
“Why didn’t you wake me?”
“You looked like you could use the sleep…” He didn’t want to say what had really been on his mind. To wake up meant to face reality…to eventually separate…to deal with what was unavoidable…
“I think I’ve spent most of my life asleep…” Allura said thoughtfully. “Walking about, not really seeing what was around me…” She sighed. “I would have rather been up with you…”
“To do more talking…” He smirked over her head.
Blushing, Allura buried her face against his chest. “Yes…to talk more…convince you not to go through with marrying Corral.”


“But Lotor!” She glanced up beseechingly at him. “You have to see there’s still a chance for escape! Somehow…”

“Allura…” He sighed. “We’ve already gone over this…”

“And we’ll keep going over it, again and again!” Allura announced, eyes ablaze with fury. “Until you get it through your thick head, and see things on my terms!”

“Now who’s being the stubborn one?” He gently peeled her off his front, and sat up. “I am not going to risk your safety, just for my happiness.” He swung his legs over the side of the bed, and stood up. He was naked, except for a pair of silk black pajama bottoms. He normally wouldn’t even wear anything to bed, but had put them on so as not to completely freak out Allura.

“Well, what about MY happiness?!” She demanded. “Don’t I get a vote?”

“Not when the only other option will most likely leave you dead!” retorted Lotor, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Quit saying things like that!” Allura snapped, jumping out of bed. She landed on the floor with a light thump, Lotor’s borrowed shirt falling down past her knees, the sleeves having had to be rolled up many times so as not to dwarf her hands. “Don’t you have any confidence in my abilities?!” Hands on her hips, she glared at him.
“Allura, no! I know you are a very capable woman. It’s one of the many things I admire about you.”

“Then what is the problem?!” She demanded.

“Think about what it would do to ME!” He cried. “Do you think I want to see you fail? That I believe you aren’t capable of succeeding when you set your mind to it?! Of course not! But this is not some fairy tale! This is real life, with real dangers! Security is unbelievable! They are not going to let me just slip on out of here without a struggle. And if they learn of your recent whereabouts, you can bet you will have the same problem!”

“But…!” I don’t care! She thought.

“Allura…” He walked towards her, placing his hands on her shoulders. “Please…let’s not spend these precious few moments we have left fighting over this…”
“I…” She stared down at her feet, miserable. “All right…But only because you are too stubborn.”

“Funny, I’ve said the same thing about you for years now.” He grinned at her, pleased to see a small smile on her face.
“I am not stubborn…” She protested.

“Oh really? Could have fooled me…”

“Lotor!” She playfully smacked him on the shoulder. “I’m strong willed, not stubborn. There is a vast difference between the two!” He just continued to smirk at her. “Oh…ooooooh! You are so infuriating at times!”

“Only some of the time? Not all?”

“Hmm…” She pursed her lips, fighting to keep from smiling. “MOST of the time. The other ten percent you are just…tolerable.”

“That’s not what you said last night…” He grinned at her. “In fact I recall…”

“What’s that?!” She cried, interrupting him. Frowning, Lotor cocked his head, listening. “Someone’s outside the room!” Allura hissed in a whisper.

“I think it’s one of the maid’s with breakfast.” Lotor pulled away from her, pausing only long enough to grab the translator diadem off the night step. “Just one moment!” He called, hastily putting on the U.N.I.T.Y. device. “I am in need of…of…”

“Fresh towels!” Allura supplied helpfully.

“Right…Towels…” He had reached the bedroom door, grasping the chair he had propped under the knob, to keep any unwanted intruders at bay. “Miss?” He pulled open the door, glancing into the sitting room. The maid, a young woman with dirty blonde hair, was standing by the table, setting out breakfast. “Miss?”
She turned to look at Lotor. “Yes your highness?”

“Could you come here for a second?” He gestured her towards him, knowing the U.N.I.T.Y. ball was keyed at low volume, audible only for his ears. The maid would have no idea of the meaning of his words, unless she happened to be conversant in Basic.

Looking puzzled, she came towards him. “That’s right.” Lotor cooed, still smiling blandly at her. He stepped aside, to let her ease on past him into the bedroom. She paused when she saw Allura, appearing disheveled and clad only in a shirt standing by the bed. The door slid shut, and the maid turned, a startled gasp emerging from her lips.

“What are you going to do?” asked Allura worriedly. She knew Lotor didn’t have anything on hand to knock a person out. Except for his fists…And she didn’t want to believe he would hit a woman.

He didn’t take his eyes off the maid, still smiling at her all the time. The maid nervously smiled back, eyes darting back and forth, from him to the door. “Ever hear of nerves bundles?”

“I never paid my attention to anatomy…” Allura admitted.

“Somehow I doubt your teachers would have covered this…” His arms shot out, one hand covering the maid’s mouth, the other spinning her around. He pulled her against him, she struggling wildly, he not appearing to exert any energy at keeping her captive.

“You’re not going to hurt her are you?” Allura nervously asked.

“Aside from a migraine, no…” Lotor let go of her waist, fingers flying to a section of skin between her neck and left shoulder. He squeezed, and the maid’s eyes rolled back, her body going limp. He gently eased her to the ground, looking satisfied.

“What did you do?” asked Allura, coming closer to peer at the unconscious woman.

“Pressure points.” He explained. “Marvelous things really. You can do a lot with them.” He smirked at her, wiggling his eyebrows at her. “A lot. Even increase pleasure in sexual experiences.”

“Oh…I’d be interested in hearing more about them…”

“Pressure points, or my sexual experiences?” Lotor leered at her.

“Oh ah…both…” She said, surprising him with her answer. She quickly looked away from him, to hide her blushing face. “But that will have to wait for some other time…” She knelt down over the maid. “I guess we better get her dress…”

“Yes, we should.” agreed Lotor. “I think it won’t be long now before others arrive…to pick you up, and get me ready for the wedding…”

“Time is definitely not on our side.” She reached a hand out to start unbuttoning the maid’s blouse, when she suddenly paused. Looking at Lotor, Allura arched an eyebrow. “Well?”

“Well what?” He asked, confused.

“You’re not just going to stand there are you?” Allura demanded.

“Well, where would you like me to stand?” He asked.

“Go into the bathroom or something. No free peep shows for you!”

“Hmph!” He headed for the bathroom, intent on taking a shower. “It’s not as if I NEED to sneak peeks at sleeping women’s bodies.” Allura waited until the door was shut, before undressing the maid. She went and fetched the discarded dancer’s outfit, dressing the maid in it. “I’m sorry…” She whispered into the woman’s ear, and attached the veil over her face.

“Are you done yet?” Lotor asked, the door already opening.

“Pretty much. I just need…” The princess trailed off, mouth going slack as she got an eyeful of Lotor. The handsome Prince was clad only in a skimpy towel, showing off his legs, his hair wet, and slicked back, his bare chest still glistening with moisture droplets.

“Just need what?” Lotor asked, pretending not to notice what a reaction she was having to him.

“Um…er…” She nervously licked her lips, trying to get her voice to work. “Just need some…something to darken some of her hair…I don’t suppose you’d have that…”

“Check the cabinet’s…” Lotor walked towards her. “This is a guest bedroom, so they might have some make up in case a woman stays here.”

“Ah yes…I’ll do that.” Allura hurried past him, into the bathroom. Calm down girl. She ordered herself, slapping cold water on her face. It’s not like you haven’t seen a man undressed before. There was that time during the Space Olympics when you and Nanny walked in on the boys clad only in a towel. A sigh escaped her lips, full of longing and desire. For none of them, not even Keith had looked half as good as Lotor did when he was fully dressed, never mind when Lotor was almost naked. It had been hard enough to just sleep next to him, when all he had on was a pair of pants, but to see him with only a teeny tiny towel over his pelvic area? Allura was having serious ravage me thoughts!

“Find anything?” Lotor called.

“Er ah…just a sec!” She cried back. Get serious Allura! Now is not the time to be contemplating asking to see what is UNDER that towel! You have WORK to do! She began opening and closing doors, scanning the shelves for contents. She finally found some mascara in the medicine cabinet, along with various jars of eyeshadow and blush.

“I think this will do the trick.” Allura walked out of the bedroom, seeing Lotor had put the maid on his bed. And noticed rather what he hadn’t done. He had not put on clothes, still lounging about in only a towel. She had to drag her eyes away from him in order to remember how to walk. It took some effort, but she managed to studiously avoid looking at him, as she knelt on the bed. “It’s not enough to do a completely accurate job…”

“They won’t notice.” Lotor said confidently.

“I hope you’re right…” Allura said, twisting off the top of the mascara container.

“Haven’t you noticed? I’m always right!” joked Lotor.

“How modest of you…” Allura murmured, as she continued to dab the black liquid into the woman’s hair. She felt the mattress shift as Lotor stood up, heading towards his armoire. She felt immense relief that he was finally going to get dressed!

“Save some of that.” advised Lotor. “You’ll need it.”

“For what?”

“For your disguise.” explained Lotor.

“Oh yes…that…” She said. “I’ve been thinking Lotor…”

“Always a dangerous thing.” He said teasingly.

“Won’t they notice that the maid never left?” asked Allura. “Shouldn’t I leave dressed as her?”

“Already got that covered.” Lotor replied. “You’ll leave when the slavers come to pick up our unwilling accomplice. The guards are never that awake in the morning to pay much attention to details. With people coming in and out of here for wedding preparations and last minute congratulations, I’m sure no one will think to wonder why they saw a maid enter, but not leave.”

“Oh…just that simple huh?”

“Just that simple.” He agreed, suddenly pressing in from behind, his arms coming down over her with a shirt.

Allura jumped, having not heard him sneak up on her.

“What do you think? Your color?” He was holding the shirt against her chest, critically eyeing it. “Suppose it doesn’t really matter what you look like.”

“This will be just fine.” Allura said, taking hold of the shirt. She turned to look at him, and eyes widened. He still hadn’t gotten dressed! “Um…don’t you think you should put something on…before you catch a cold?”

Lotor shrugged. “I’ll have to take it off eventually, so why waste the effort?”

“You could just put on a robe…” She said blushing.

“And let you miss out on the glorious sight that is ME?”

“LOTOR!” She cried warningly.

“All right, all right…” He laughed. “Just giving you a taste of how I felt last night.” He went back to the armoire, pulling out more clothes. “Bathroom’s all yours. I’m sure you’ll want your privacy.”

“Yes…” She agreed, taking the additional clothes from him. Feeling as though her skin would be set ablaze any second now, she rushed back into the bathroom, slamming the door shut. She quickly peeled off his shirt, and got into the shower. A cold blast of water hit her, causing her to shriek wildly, as she attempted to adjust the temperature. She did so, scrubbing her skin with soap, shampooing her hair. The water pooled at her feet turned dark, as the hair dye ran out, returning her locks to their lustrous golden color. Stepping out, she dried herself off, then dressed in his clothes. Still too baggy. She searched the medicine cabinet for some pins to fix the sleeves, to adjust the hem of the pants. She found them, and did a semi adequate job of doctoring up the clothes. She then turned her attention to her hair, fixing it into it’s familiar style, a bun. We’re gonna have to do something about it. It’s still to noticeable.

She stepped away from the sink, and unlocked the door. “Lotor, do you have a hat or something I could use for my hair?” He still hadn’t gotten dressed, but at least that towel was gone, replaced by a robe. A very short robe. She swallowed nervously, thinking how easy it would be for him to flash her, should he bend over.

“Yes, I think I saw a hat in there.” He jerked a thumb at the armoire. “But come here a sec.”

“Why?” She asked warily.

“Because I have something for you.”

“A present?” She approached the bed.

“Not this time…” He took hold of her, and she shrieked as he started to pull on her pant’s waistband, exposing her legs. “Here you go!” He said cheerfully, stuffing a pillow against her skin. “And one more, for good measure.” He added another, then let the pants snap back into place. Tucking her shirt over it, he released her, staring at her. “Allura, even overweight, you are turn on.”

“Flatterer…” Her heart was still beating over that latest trick he had just pulled. He just smiled, mascara in his hands. He ran the stick over her lips, drawing a small mustache on her skin.
“It’s no good.” He frowned.

“What’s not good?”

“You’re still too pretty, even as a man.”

“Well, I think I could handle it if another woman tried to hit on me.” Allura replied.

“Ah, but there are men who prefer men over women you know…”


“But…you won’t be walking around here as either man or woman for much longer.” said Lotor. “So I guess you’ll be okay.”

“Even my luck can’t be that bad, as to suffer yet another pick up line on the way from here to the hanger area.” joked Allura.

Lotor smiled, loving her for her modesty. He felt she was beautiful enough to have to endure a different fool attempt to court her every five minutes. “Let’s go find you a hat.”

There was a knock coming from outside the chambers. “Your lordship?” called a voice. “May we come in? We’re here to collect the girl?”

“Hurry!” hissed Lotor, and Allura ran to the armoire, frantically digging for a hat. “Just one moment!” Lotor cursed as the doors were opened, the guards letting them in without his permission. How he wished he was still on Doom, where the fools would know not to act without his leave.

“Wait!” cried Allura, jamming a hat over her head.

“What?” Lotor paused before the unopened bedroom doors.

“Just one more kiss!” Allura cried, and ran towards him, pressing against him. Embracing, they kissed, leaning against the door. Outside, the slavers were knocking, asking for him to let them in. They can wait till the Sun freezes over for all I care! thought Lotor.

But regrettably, they had to part. Then they just stood there, staring into each other’s eyes, before Allura broke the mood with a giggle. “Good thing this is not smudge proof mascara.” She said tenderly, and licked her fingertips. She rubbed her wet fingers over his mouth, wiping away the traces of her mascara mustache.

“Lotor! Lotor! Are you all right in there?!”

“I’m coming!” Lotor hissed angrily. He wished time could be frozen, so he and Allura need never leave this room. “Better touch that mustache up with some more mascara.” He advised her.

“Should I hide or something?” Allura asked. “They’ll wonder where I came from.” She suddenly smirked at him. “Or think you’re into men.”

“I don’t care what THEY think. The only opinion I’m interested in is yours.” Lotor replied. “But…stand over to the corner…try not to attract to much attention. And then…just walk out with them, and then separate when feasible.”

“All right…” agreed Allura, walking towards the leftmost corner of the room. “And Lotor…some words for you to keep in your heart…I…I love you…”
He shut his eyes then, just savoring the way they had sounded. It had had, after all been the first time the princess had ever said she loved him. “And I you, Allura…” He said huskily. “I grow to love you more each day.”

“Better let them in now.” Allura said sadly.

“Right…” He turned and opened the door.

“About time.” sniffed Salteris, barging past Lotor. “It’s rude of you to keep emissaries of Lord Mika waiting.”

“How dare you speak to me in such a manner.” retorted Lotor, not paying any attention to the other men who had entered the room. “I have executed people for lesser things.”

“Fortunately, you are in no position to be making threats.” said Salteris. He reached the bed, and touched the sleeping woman. He was surprised when she did not awaken. “You must have really tired her out last night Prince Lotor.” He grinned obscenely. “I have heard stories about your prowess and stamina…”
“What went on in this room is none of your business.” Lotor said stiffly, not liking the way Salteris’ hands linger on the woman’s exposed flesh. How glad he was it was not Allura the slaver was pawing. “Just take her and be gone.”

“I’ll take your surly attitude as wedding day jitters.” Salteris gestured for his men to approach the bed. “Rudeness does not befit a ruler. You would do well to remember that Prince Lotor.”

“The day I start taking advice from a toady like you, is the day I give up my crown.” retorted Lotor, watching as one of the men handcuffed the maid’s hands. “I am sure Lord Mika doesn’t pay you to speak to your betters. In fact…” He sneered cruelly at Salteris. “I’m sure he would be most interested to hear how loose your lips are. I hear slaver lords are most creative when it comes to punishing their employees.”

“For..forgive me Prince Lotor.” Salteris said, paling. One of his lackeys gathered the unconscious woman into his arms. “I forgot my place…spoke out of turn…”
“Just leave. Get out of my sight!” Lotor ordered.

“As you wish, your lordship.” Salteris hurried out the room, his men close behind. None of them paid the slightest bit of attention, as Allura followed them, pausing only long enough to send one heart stricken glance at Lotor. The grief in his eyes mirrored her own, increasing exponentially once the doors closed behind her. Farewell my Love.

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