Rules 30

“Hmmm…” Allura murmured softly, pressing in closer to the figure that lay next to her. For what seemed like the first time in ages, she had finally had a peaceful night of sleep, both her mind and soul were at ease. Her body was well rested too, although a little sore…but it was the pleasant kind of soreness one got after a night spent on love making.
Allura smiled, looking lovingly at the slumbering Lotor, unable to feel any guilt over what they had done out of wedlock. She had given herself to the man she loved, the man she would marry, and contrary to what her Nanny had told her, they hadn’t been struck down by lightening or afflicted with some other horrible fate for not waiting until they were wed. She giggled softly, wondering how she could have ever been so naive as to believe the older woman’s stories. Lotor has opened my eyes to a lot of things.
Her beloved seemed deep asleep, the corners of his mouth turned up in a half smile. Allura reached up, carefully fingering his lips, marveling at the pleasures his mouth had given her, his lips having deposited sweet kisses all over her body, his tongue working her into ecstasy before he had ever even entered her. She was amazed at how much she now knew about love making, compared to how little she had once known about the mysteries of sex. “You make a fine educator my love…” She whispered, her hand dropping to his chest. She massaged the pectoral muscles in lazy half circles, the palm of her hand making his nipples spring up. Lotor twitched in his sleep, but did not open his eyes. That didn’t stop Allura. Her hand worked it’s way down, feeling up the muscles of his abdomen, lingering over the welts from that awful woman’s whip. Allura shifted about, sitting up, and bent forward, placing butterfly kisses on his skin, brushing her lips over those wounds–wounds he had earned by refusing to give up on her.

Lotor let out a deep breath of air, and the tone that he uttered her name was half husky with want, having an almost pleading edge to it. “Allura…” He opened his eyes, and a wide smile spread across his face.

“Morning.” Allura said, smiling back at him. She crawled on top of him, and placed a kiss on his lips that in his opinion ended all too soon. “Did I wake you?” She laid flat on top of him, resting her face on his chest, blinking her eyes up at him, trying to appear innocent.

“Yes you little minx, you did.” He replied, one hand reaching up to entwine itself in her hair. “And you’re not even sorry, are you?” She just laughed in reply, and his other arm came up to trap her against him–not that Allura was planning on moving any time soon! “I should have known by the amount of spunk you’ve always displayed, you would prove insatiable in bed!”

“Why dear sir, I would almost think you sound displeased.” Allura playfully fluttered her eyelashes at him.

“Are you kidding? Not in the least.” Lotor couldn’t stop smiling. In fact, he thought it safe to say he might never frown again!

“Good, because otherwise I might have to punish you…” She once again kissed him, and he gently gripped the back of her neck, keeping her from ending it too quickly this time. Allura trembled, wondering why something that could provide such immense pleasure could leave one so breathless.

When at last, they came up for air, they were both breathing heavily. It was then that the silence of space was broken with a most unexpected voice. “Princess, are you okay?!”

“KEITH?!” shrieked Allura, and in her fright, she fell off Lotor and onto the hard metal floor. Lotor meanwhile, tried to jump up, and ended up hitting his head on the ceiling and falling back onto the cot. “Flyboy…” Lotor growled under his breath, one hand rubbing the top of his head.

“Owie…” Allura muttered, slowly sitting up.

“Allura!” Lotor cried at the same instant Keith frantically shouted her name. “Are you okay?” They both said in unison.

“Is someone in there with you?” Keith said, suspicious of why his voice suddenly had an echo. “Why can’t I get a visual on the monitors…” Faintly came the sound of fingers taping buttons. “Maybe I can over ride the control panel of Blue Lion.”

“NO, don’t!” shrieked Allura, trying to grab the sheet off the cot. It refused to budge, since one very large Drule was sitting on it. She glanced around desperately for something to cover her nakedness.

“Allura, what is going on?” asked Keith. “I know something is up, I can tell by your voice…”

“Uh…no…nothing’s the matter…” She grabbed a shirt that from the size of it, had to belong to Lotor. “In fact everything is just peachy…” She jerked the shirt over head viciously, stabbing her arms through the sleeves as though this piece of clothing was the source of all her problems. Don’t say a word! She mouthed at Lotor, as the former prince of Doom lay on the cot, torn between cursing aloud his frustrations, or breaking into a fit of laughter.

“Then why haven’t we heard from you in weeks?” demanded Keith.

“Uh…” Allura hastily buttoned her shirt, and made a mad dash towards the front of the lion. “Blue Lion has been acting faulty…it’s systems went down…” She gripped the hand rest, vaulting over it, to land roughly in the command chair. “I just about fixed everything BUT the monitors…”

“Odd…the readings I’m getting says everything is working fine…including the monitors…” Keith pointed out.

“Uh…maybe Black Lion is experiencing some technical difficulties as well…” Allura frowned, trying to remember the state Arus had been in when she left it. “Maybe your lion hasn’t been fixed as well as you thought…”

“Hmm…maybe…” Keith muttered. “That still doesn’t explain why you never arrived on Planet Pollux.”

“Doesn’t it?” Allura turned on her outside monitors, camera’s whirling about to focus on Black Lion. The blue and white planet of Arus a short distance away. Damn it! She thought. I didn’t think we would get here that soon! “Uh…I told you…Blue Lion had a malfunction…”

“You could have radioed for help. Instead you chose to maintain radio silence and what? Drift about in space while there were enemies about…” Keith made a tsking sound. “Putting yourself and the welfare of your people in jeopardy. I’m very disappointed in your lack of judgment princess…”

“Damn it Keith, lay off!” Allura snarled, pounding her fist against the control panel. “Shit happens, deal with it!”

There was a moment of silence, and then Keith said rather primly, “I don’t know where you picked up that sort of language, but Nanny won’t like it.”

“You let ME worry about what Nanny won’t and won’t like.” retorted Allura, too angry to think upon just how terrifying a prospect that was! “You’re not paid to clean up my language, and you’re certainly not paid to give me the third degree!”

“But…but…” Keith was clearly flabbergasted.

“Now CAPTAIN…” She said icily. “I am going to resume as you put it, maintaining radio silence.”

“But Allura, you can’t just…” Keith protested.

“A little thing called the crown of Arus says I can!” Allura shot back. “And just so we are clear, Captain. You will not speak until spoken to, is that clear?!”

“Yes princess…” Keith said sullenly.

“Good…we will return to the castle, and there I may or may not explain my recent actions.”

“But we need to form Voltron right away!” Keith said.

“What did I just tell you?” Allura asked sharply.

“Speak until spoken too…” muttered Keith.

“That’s a good boy.” She stood up. “Besides…We may not need Voltron to save the day this time.” And then she ended the communication, leaving Keith to mull over her words. As for Allura, she stood next to the command chair, almost shaking in her boots, awed that she had not only been able to talk to Keith like that, but that she had enjoyed it.

“Spoken like a true Queen…” She found strong arms encircling her waist, a face burying itself in the crook of her neck. Lotor had silently snuck up behind her. “Hmm…you know…” His lips brushed against her ear lobe, Allura had to strain to hear his words. “Almost be worth it to see the look on his face if we were to turn the monitors on right now…”

“I don’t think Keith would be able to handle that particular sight…” Allura told him. “And we might still need him to fight off Doom’s forces…unless…piloting a lion is another one of your many skills…”

“No…not yet anyway…but I’m a real fast learner.” Lotor replied.

Allura smiled. “Let leave the lion piloting to the real experts then…” She freed herself from his embrace. “We’ve got to get dressed, and prepare to face my friends…”

“Oh joy…” Lotor said sarcastically. He had a feeling it would be more apt to say, “face the firing squad!”


Blue Lion and Black Lion’s paws touched down on the cobblestones of the palace court yard, having easily evaded enemy ship’s by employing their cloaking devices. Keith didn’t even bother to shut down Black Lion, already climbing out the top, eager for round two of the discussion.
“Well…this is it…” Allura said, staring worriedly at the castle. “Better get this over with…” She relaxed her iron tight grip on her seat’s armrest, the color slowly returning to her knuckles, but not to her face. She stood up, hands smoothing down her uniform, wishing she had had the time to wash her top. Nanny is gonna freak when she sees the blood stain.
“Lotor?” She couldn’t tell for sure, but his face looked like the blue had turned several shades lighter from anxiety.

“I’m…as ready as I’ll ever be…” Lotor said, also checking over his clothing, trying to get the wrinkles out. His golden eyes were wide with apprehension.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this nervous before!” Allura exclaimed, walking towards him.

“That’s because I think this is the first time I’ve ever felt like this in my whole life!” Lotor said. “It’s not that I want their approval, I don’t give a rat’s ass what they think about me…but when I think what they might do to keep us apart…”

“We won’t let them…” Allura said, giving his arm a squeeze. “I’m sure as soon as they get to know you…”

“I don’t think Keith and I could ever be friends.” Lotor said darkly.

“Just…we just have to give them some time…” Allura said softly. “And right now it’s time to face the music…” She popped the hatch of Blue Lion, one foot on the ladder’s rung. “Come out on my signal…” He nodded, and grabbed her by the waist, kissing her hard and firmly on the mouth. “For luck…” He told her, as she held onto the ladder for support.

By now the other three lions had also landed, and Nanny and Coran were just rushing out of the castle, when Allura poked her head up, out of the hatch. “My baby!” shrieked Nanny tearfully, torn between embracing Allura, and chastising her.

“Um…hi Nanny…Keith…everyone…” Allura said, jumping down to the ground. “I mis…” She was cut off, as Nanny wrapped her in a big bear hug, the strong arms cutting off her oxygen.

“Princess! Where have you been?” Coran said, a stern expression on his face. Keith like an eager lap dog, hurried to the Royal Advisor’s side, imitating his expression to the letter.

“Do you know how worried I was about you?” Nanny asked, still squeezing the life out of Allura. “Oh, let me get a look at you…” She pulled back, holding Allura at arm’s length. “Hmm…you look like you’ve been eating well enough…hair is a bit messy…and what’s this…” She poked at the reddish brown stain on the shoulder of her uniform. “Is that blood? OH! It is!” Nanny hugged Allura again. “Oh the poor child is bleeding!”

“Makes you wish the woman was the type who fainted at the sight of blood, right Allura?” Lance smiled at the princess.

“Hi Lance.” Allura managed a genuine smile for the Red Lion’s pilot. “I missed you…I…missed all of you…”

Nanny made a face at Lance, before turning back to fawn over Allura. “Oh my goodness, I knew flying that lion was dangerous! First you disappeared for weeks, and now I find you hurt! It must have been during Doom’s attack! Come child, I’ll get you into bed, and run you a hot bath…”
A hot bath sounded lovely to Allura right now, but she couldn’t avoid what she had to do. “No Nanny, not just yet…”

“That’s right Nanny.” agreed Coran. “Allura has a lot of explaining to do…”

“And apologizing!” added Keith, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Well…” Allura shot a glare at Keith before continuing. “First I think I ought to introduce you to my–our guest…”

“Guest? What guest?” asked Coran.

“I thought there was someone else in the lion!” exclaimed Keith.

“Who is this person?!” demanded Nanny.

“Well…” Allura suddenly found her fingernails fascinating. “He’s someone who…”

“A he?!” Nanny cried. “You were with a man unchaperoned?!”

“Well yes I…we…that is…” Allura stuttered nervously, while Keith began tapping his toes in impatience. Allura spread her fingers wide, staring down at the ground, as she breathed in and out. She counted from one to ten in her mind, before she spoke again. “This person is someone who may be the key to ending at least some of the fighting…and…someone who will be a big part of my life…”

“And when do we get to meet this someone?” demanded Keith.

“Right now.” A confident voice said, one they all knew very well.


“It’s Prince Lotor?!”

“What’s he doing here?!”

“Drule Scum bag!” hissed Keith, while Nanny staggered back, a horrified expression on her face. “He’s that awful prince who always chases after my baby!”

“That’s right Nanny.” Lance had a big grin on his face. “And it seems they were all alone in the lion together…”

The implication was more than the woman could handle. Nanny let out a blood curling scream, that had everyone scrambling to cover their ears. She seemed to sway on her feet, and Hunk reached over to steady her. “That’s enough Lance.” He told the blue clad pilot.

“Spoil my fun…” muttered Lance.

Lotor leaped down, to land next to Allura. She turned to him, and whispered, “You didn’t wait until my signal!”

“I couldn’t stand to let you face them all alone for one-second longer.” He replied, his fingers brushing the back of her hand, seemingly by accident. Allura had to bite down on her lip to keep from smiling.

“Prince Lotor…” Coran blinked, the hairs on the back of his neck rising slightly in fear. He had never expected to be in the presence of this imposing young man. “To what do we owe the honor…the…” He couldn’t bring himself to continue.

“Lotor!” Keith sprang forward, hands fumbling as he tried to draw his pistol. “By my authority as a Galaxy Garrison Officer…” His nervousness made him drop the pistol. “I am placing you under arrest…”

“No, you’re not!” Allura said, and kicked the laser pistol away before Keith could take hold of it. “Lotor is under MY protection, and has sought sanctuary on Arus!” Her eyes blazed an electric blue as she made this announcement. “Within the bylaws of both Arus, and the charter established by Galaxy Garrison, any and all political refuges will be made welcome, and given amnesty for their past crimes.”

“But, but…He’s Lotor!” cried Keith. “He’s the enemy!”

“Not anymore he’s not!” Allura said firmly.

“It’s got to be a trick…”

“I assure you captain, it’s no trick.” Lotor said calmly. “I have turned my back on Doom, my father…I have renounced the crown, and am willing to do whatever it takes to make amends…”

“You can start by taking a long walk off a short pier!” shouted Keith.

“Keith! That’s enough!” snapped Coran. “I must say this is…overwhelming…it is a lot to process right now…”

“We weren’t expecting you to understand right away.” Allura said. “And right now, an issue of trust is not our most pressing matter…please…let us go inside…we will explain everything later, but first…Pidge…” She looked at the silent pilot of Green Lion.

“Yes princess?”

“I think you’re expertise is going to be integral to helping us get rid of our unwanted guests.”


Admiral Erigorn, current commander of the fleet of Doom ships could not believe his eyes. According to readings, the Garrison fleet was withdrawing from Arus’ air space, as were the minuscule amount of ships Arus had, all leaving in the middle of a battle. “Someone tell me what is going on!!” He barked out his order. “Do they have some sort of super weapon we don’t know about?”
“Admiral, sir!” A private saluted. “We have an incoming message from…from Demos!”

“What’s so unusual about that?” Erigorn asked, bored. “We hear from those blowhards everyday. And it’s usually the same advice. Retreat and we won’t blow up all your ships.”

“No, it’s not from General Barquax.” explained the soldier. “It’s from the planet Demos.”

“Wait…then that can only mean…” Erigorn leaped to his feet. “Put it on the screen immediately!” Technicians hurried to process his request, and the image of the war torn planet of Arus was replaced with that of Prince Lotor still clad in his wedding finery.

“Ah…good evening Erigorn!” Lotor said, jovially. “I trust you are doing well.”

“Oh Prince Lotor…” Erigorn hastily saluted him. “It is wonderful to see you after so long.”

“Yes it is, isn’t.” agreed Lotor smugly. “Since I am about to leave on my honeymoon, I won’t bore you with too much talk. The Arus campaign…it’s over…”

“Over sire…but…”

“We’ve won.” Lotor said.

“What…won?” Erigorn frowned. “Why wasn’t I informed of this?!” He glared at his men, as though it was somehow their fault.

“Yes…Doom and Demos are now allies, and with our combined might, which Arus has witnessed first hand, we have forced our enemies to surrender.” Lotor explained.

“Arus surrendered…” Erigorn repeated shocked. “At long last this planet is ours?!”

“Yes…It will be the new crown jewel in the Doom-Demos Empire.” A servant walked past the camera, and Lotor snatched a glass of brandy off his tray. “Any minute now, the castle shall unfurl it’s white flags…you hear that men?” Now the prince was speaking to all the men abroad the ship. “You’re going home!”

Amidst all the excited cheering, Erigorn had protests. “But…but sire…what about Arus…if we leave it unguarded, they might reclaim it…”

“Already taken care of Erigorn…” Lotor said smoothly. “Both you and the Demosian general are to send down a small cordon of men to oversee things at the castle…That will suffice until I can personally pick out men for permanent positions on Arus.” He took a long swig of brandy, savoring the taste. “Any other objections Admiral?”

“Uh no…sire..” Erigorn shook his head.

“Good.” Lotor laughed. “I am most eager to return to my bride.” The transmission cut off, as the prince took another sip of brandy. Minutes later, a similar transmission was made to the General of the Demosian fleets. Unbeknownst to them, the appointed ground parties were immediately taken captive upon entering the castle, forced at gun point to issue transmissions that all was going according to the plan on the surface. The men were then introduced to their temporarily new quarters, the not often used dungeons of the Castle of Lions. It took a better part of the day for both fleets to leave Arus’ stratosphere, the few stragglers, and robeast easily taken care of by Voltron. The three planet war on Arus was at last at an end, finishing just as suddenly as it began.


“Lotor…” Allura’s hand was poised to knock, surprised when the door fell open before her. She tentatively stepped into the darkly lit guest bedroom that had been appointed to her love. “Are you asleep?” She closed the door behind her.
“I’m out here Allura…” His voice called from the direction of the terrace, the door slightly open. She smiled, and padded forward, her long night gown brushing against the top of the carpet. “I couldn’t sleep.” He said when she appeared on the other side of the glass doors.

“Me neither…” She said, the cool night air causing her to shiver slightly. “I keep thinking I will wake up and find out that this was all dream…that I never went to Demos…that I never found you…”

“Funny…I keep thinking I’ll wake up and find myself still on Doom…” They both fell silent, but it was a comfortable silence, only broken up occasionally by the burst of a fire works, as the rest of the planet celebrated their latest taste of victory.

“You’re cold…” He finally said.

“A little…” Allura said, rubbing her bare arms over and over again.

“Liar…” Lotor eased off the ledge he had been perched on. “You’re about to turn as blue as I am.” He took her by the hand, and led her back inside. “I suppose you better go back to your room…” He said wistfully.

“Only if you really want me to go…” Allura said, pressing her body against his.

“Don’t tease me Allura. I know how much propriety means to you Arusians.”

Still she clung to him. “We’re also very true to our hearts…” Allura leaned up on tip toe to kiss his neck.

“But Allura…people will talk if they find out you spent the night…” Lotor said in half hearted protest.

“Hmmm…let them…” She wrapped her arms around his neck, still standing on tip toe. “We have nothing to hide.” Her words were enough to get him to abandon his futile attempts to get her to return to her room. With a low throaty chuckle, he returned the hug, sweeping her up off her feet, so she could reach his lips without strain. Tomorrow there would surely be questions asked, problems both inside and outside the castle to deal with…Zarkon was still out there, stewing in his own hatred and malice…Doom would be back…but that was in the future…right now, in the present…there was just two…whose hearts beat as one, soul mates now forevermore joined.

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