Rules 31

Evolution of a fanfic


This pretentiously titled thing is my author’s note. When I first had the idea for R.O.E. (and for that matter It Takes Two) I hadn’t intended to be the one to write it. I thought it would make an interesting fic, and offer the idea up on the Lotor mailing list. There was some interest, but none of the writer’s ever actually used it. It was several months to a year later, when the idea that wouldn’t go away compelled me to start my first cannon Voltron fic.
At first I didn’t expect it to be so long…truthfully I didn’t think I’d get past the third chapter…but the ideas kept coming, and I kept track of them by writing notes…and here’s where the evolving took place. Originally I was going to have Lotor and Allura go their separate ways…a bitter sweet ending, where they are forced to return to their homes alone…I had even popped in the episode after the “Sleeping Princess” one to find out which robeast came next…I was planning on having a scene where at the end Lotor comes in to inspect the latest robeast Hagger is making…to make it seem that R.O.E. really did take place between those two episodes…

But after a while, I started to realize everyone would kill me if I separated Lotor and Allura for too long…- Corral did grow on me, and I’ve played with the thought of doing an alternate ending where she and Lotor do get married, and set off to find happily ever after with each other…

There were many ideas I had waiting to do since the start of the fanfic…in this, the episode WEP doesn’t want you to see…including Allura sneaking in as a slave girl…you don’t know how impatient I was to do the scene where Lotor and Allura are basking in the afterglow of their love, only to be rudely interrupted by Keith…originally it was going to be all four lions…but rght at the end, I remembered they would be busy dealing with Doom and Demos, and might have a trouble getting all four past the ships. I even played with having Blue Lion picked up by a Galaxy Garrison ship, and be brought to Arus this way, with poor Lotor having to stay hidden in the lion, so he wouldn’t be arrested. I tossed that idea aside for convenience sake.

Dangling plot threads, also known as the reason why I have to work on a sequel…Back when I was going to have Lotor return to Doom, it seemed no problem to make a mention at the end that he was working on tracking down the slave girls, as per his promise to Allura…since I now know I will (eventually) do a sequel, I can save that for the next book. (See? I didn’t forget. ;-p) The major reason for a sequel is all in fact Blue Lion’s fault…

See…the lion moved about a lot…originally the wedding was going to take place in the castle…but then I wanted Allura and Lotor to go running into the woods for safety, Lotor hesitating for the forest reminded him of the one in his dreams…so the wedding was moved to a church and I was going to have Allura park in the middle of the woods, and whap a guard over the head, taking his place…it wasn’t until I wrote 25, that I realized how absurd that was…if the woods were so big that it would take them awhile to traverse, and was also a fair distance from where the wedding was to be held, how would she get there in time, and why would the guards in charge of making sure the Cathedral was safe be all the way by the woods? So more modifying was needed…I thought to have her land on the roof, but I was already keen on the idea of having Lotor and Allura ride off on horseback…So the forest idea was out, she just parked in cloaking mode, and had to walk part of the way to the cathedral.

I was still thinking a little bit about having them each return alone to their respective planets…because then I thought I would do in the sequel, Lotor finally discovers his father killed his mother…those dreams were repressed memories…and that would have him leave Doom for good…but…it didn’t go that way…he turned his back on Doom without ever learning about the true fate of his mother. That will change in the sequel…but first I need to come up with more of a plot for it…0o

A nod of thanks to Dana, Meina, Dawn, KK60, Lady Eternal cosmos Illus, Sailor Europa,Ladyrissa, President Evil, Rougechere, Desanera, bat, roswellwbfan, and the members of Denubian Tales. Thanks for reading and reviewing everyone!

And much appreciation to Tamy who let me drive her nuts when I was having writer’s block!

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