Contest 01

Like all stories it begins with once upon a time, in a land far, far away. And like all good fairy tales there is a beautiful princess involved, and a very handsome prince. Of course it takes place somewhere magical, and has dastardly villains setting out to thwart True Love.
Only…this times the villains aren’t so much as evil, but misunderstood. They are also not human, being an immortal, lesser breed of Demons, who settle more for causing trouble rather than painful deaths, and spewing forth destruction with every step they take.

They were also…rather young as Demons go, being only about two hundred fifty years old. In other words…they were teenagers! And like all teenagers, they got bored very easily. Even worse, this precocious pair were brother and sister–extremely competitive twin siblings. They were always looking to best one another in some sort of contest, wagering nothing but their pride. So far, for the last one hundred years they were in a dead heat tie, never one pulling ahead of the other by more than a few wins. It was getting frustrating, not to mention the fact they were running out of things to bet on!

It had began to look like the great games of the infamous Demon Twins, Pugim and Sakkira had finally come to an end. But then something happened…It was a day like any other in their home realm, purple sun set high in the blood red sky, black clouds looming near, intent on unleashing a rainbow color storm of pixie dust. The younger brother was crouched by a yellow lake, intently gazing into it’s reflective surface.

“Pugim!” shouted Sakkira as she teleported in next to her brother. Smirking slightly, she watched as he windmilled his arms, desperate to keep from pitching head first into the golden waters.

“Don’t sneak up on me!” Pugim hissed, leaning back on his heels. He glared at his sister, she who was older by a mere five minutes, a feminine mirror of his own rugged good looks. If you considered blazing bright red skin, two tiny gold horns, and shortly cropped black hair good looking!

“What are you up to Puggy?” Sakkira asked, using the pet name her brother absolutely hated. Unlike his hair, hers was long, a shimmering beetle black river of hair that trailed down all the way to the soles of her feet. And unlike those unfortunate beings not graced with magic, she kept her hair from touching the dirty ground, by constantly floating a few inches into the air.

“Don’t call me that!” Pugim snapped, turning to gaze back into the river. He concentrated, and an image appeared. It had several ladies–beautiful by human standards standing on a stage, clad only in tiny little bikinis. They were crying, pretending to be happy for the one getting a tiny crown placed on her head. Sakkira, like all demons, was mesmerized by this newest human discovery. “What are they doing?”

“It’s called a beauty contest.” Pugim explained, not tearing his eyes away from the screen. “The humans fight to be named the most aesthetically pleasing of all.”

“A beauty contest eh…” Sakkira said musingly. “Sounds interesting!”

“It is!” Pugim grinned, always liking seeing pretty humans scantily clad.

“No Pugim, it sounds REAL interesting.” Sakkira said, leaning in closer.

“How interesting?” He asked, turning, and his horns rubbed against her collar.

“As in betting interesting.” She said smiling, fingers caressing his face.

“Are you proposing a beauty contest sister dear?”

“Most definitely brother dear.”

“Then I accept.” Pugim got to his feet, taking hold of her hand. “What are the terms?”

“Easy enough.” Sakkira said, sweeping back her hair, which also doubled as cloak to cover her nudity. “Whichever one of us is the more beautiful is the winner.” The demoness was sure she would win. After all, weren’t the other demons always telling her how pretty she was?

“Hold on Sakkira!” protested Pugim. “That’s not fair!”

“You’re only objecting cause you know it’s an easy win for me.” She said snobbishly.

“HA! You forget, we’re twins. We’re equally beautiful.” He told her.

“But I am just slightly more attractive.” Sakkira insisted.

“Only to that near sighted fool who calls himself our grandpa!” Pugim retorted. “I am the more attractive one, and thereby I should be the winner!”

Sakkira pursed her lips, displeased with how this conversation was going. “I think…for once we will have to involve others in our game of chance. Surely the other Demons will make fit judges.”

“No.” Pugim said, for once putting his foot down. “This will not be a fair contest. Everyone knows you cannot truly say a demon is beautiful, because a demon can change his or her form. Naturally most demons make sure to take on appearances that are pleasing to the eye, some even forget what their original form looks like. Have you forgotten sister dear?” He suddenly turned orange, with white hair, and yellow polka dotes covering his skin. His sister immediately mirrored him, the color scheme making her appear almost ugly.

“You know I hate when you do that.” She snapped, returning to her preferred color scheme of red and black. Three seconds later, and Pugim was back to normal as well. “Since we’re twins I HAVE to look just like you.” She crossed her arms over her ample bosom. “It doesn’t mean I have to like it.” Pugim just smirked at her, causing Sakkira’s scowl to deepen. “Enough about that! How do you suggest we go about holding our beauty contest?”

“Your idea of involving others has it’s merits. Why not involve the humans in the game…” suggested Pugim.

“What?! Mortals?” Sakkira was appalled. “They would never make good judges of demonic beauty!”

“Sister dearest, you didn’t let me finish.” A grin crossed his face as Pugim explained. Sakkira listened reluctantly at first, but then she also began smiling.

The two demons gave themselves twelve hours to find the most beautiful mortal they could. Then they would meet back with their entrants, and the contest would begin in earnest. Pugim teleported into one of the lower plains of existence, the one most mortals seemed to live on.

The young demon had no idea where to look, but that was what magic was for! Chanting the incantation for a locator spell, several shining white orbs began circling his head, each trying to capture his attention. He chose one at random, and began to follow it. It brought him to a small cluster of dark planets, one of which was land of the Amazons. Unbeknownst to Pugim, it was a part of the galaxy that still remained uncharted. It was home to a warrior queen, one rumored to have some Drule Blood running through her veins.

Intangible like a ghost, Pugim slipped through the castle walls, passing by women of all descriptions and species, some pretty, some ugly. But they were not the ones who the orb called out to. No…the one it was searching for, was a bored looking woman, with very pale blue skin, sitting on a throne. Her legs were crossed, her very short skirt showing off a generous amount of thigh. Pugim drew closer, trailing a finger across her leg, smirking as the queen shivered, sensing his presence, but not knowing what it was that set her flesh to goose pimples.

He perched on the arm rest of her throne, examining her face. She was very pretty, high cheekbones, thin lips colored with a dark purple lipstick, gold eyes slitted like a demon’s–or perhaps a cat. She had elfin shaped ears, gold hoops dangling from them, and shocking pink hair pulled back into a braid. Yes. thought Pugim. Very beautiful. But she misses a certain quality…she will not do.

And with one last look at her legs. Pugim teleported away, intent on searching out a new candidate. This time he was brought to a fertile green planet, several galaxies away. The orb zeroed in to a castle, and the demon passed through the rooms, keeping an eye out for mischief. A maid putting too much bleach in and ruining a dress…a pepper falling into a cake mixture, forcing the cook to start all over…someone stepping on a dog’s tail, and getting bit on the butt–all was his work.
The chortling demon was in a very good mood when he finally stumbled upon the next candidate. It was a beautiful red head, dressed in a two piece outfit of black silk, her smooth stomach revealed in the midriff baring top. She had full, pouty lips, and eyes that were orange, with a little bit of black in the iris. A crown with a cobra in the center sat upon her head, revealing she was obviously of royal descent. However, she too was not suitable, sitting in her bedroom window, eyes filled with extreme sorrow. A sad beauty would not do for Pugim’s purpose, and he was off again.

This time he landed on a planet that was blue and white. Unsurprisingly, the orb led him to a castle. It seems lovely flowers flourish in castle settings. He flew about, upturning trays, and flipping up skirts, allowing guards to catch sight of pretty handmaiden’s panties. He found his latest contestant in the heart of the castle, dressed in a drab blue gown, with puffy sleeves. She had long blonde hair, with a small braid going over the center of her head like a headband, the rest trailing down her back. Her eyes were a deep blue, sparkling with mirth, as she sipped at a beverage.

Pugim frowned. This woman was beautiful, but she still lacked something! About to leave, he was startled when the last of his orbs activated itself, flying over to a just opening door. Another blonde entered, her hair more golden than the other’s dirty blonde, done up in an ornate bun, a small tiara over her forehead. Pugim took note of her attire, an odd pink jumpsuit that clung to her figure, showing off her curves. But it was when she threw back her head and laughed over something the other blonde said, that the demon saw just how attractive she really was. The blonde put her whole heart and soul into expressing herself, her light blue eyes sparkling, her lips spreading in a smile, flashing shiny white teeth. Pugim found himself just smiling because she was happy, and he realized this was the one!
Chanting another spell, a mist over took the castle, seeping through windows and under door cracks. All who inhaled it, immediately sank into a deep sleep, including the two blondes. It was then Pugim claimed his prize, gathering the lovely human into his arms. I’d like to see Sakkira top this! He thought triumphantly, teleporting back into his home dimension.

Sakkira was off in the mortal realm as well, but she wasn’t spending near as much magic as Pugim had in her search. For the lovely demoness already knew who her unbeatable contestant would be. He had caught her eyes a few years ago, back when an absolutely grotesque looking witch had summoned her to do her bidding. She had been caught in a pentagram, and forced to oblige. However the witch hadn’t done her research thoroughly, not bothering to learn exactly what sort of demon Sakkira was.

In other words, the witch got shafted. For Sakkira could not do true evil, and everything she was ordered to do, backfired in comical ways. If the witch asked for a monster that could inspire great emotion in it’s opponents, Sakkira ended up making a fluffy pink poodle–albeit a giant poodle. And it did make the Voltron Force feel something–laughter. Or when the witch had asked for a king–his name might have been Zarkon–to feel the way the witch–Hagger–had felt about him, that wish had also been granted. Only Zarkon did feel the love Hagger felt…for himself! The king suddenly became in love with his reflection, bringing narcissism into a whole new realm of self loving!

All attempts had similar disastrous results, and finally the witch had been forced to release her. In fact she had been eager, hurling vile epitaphs at the demoness. Sakkira was only to glad to get out there, not wanting to put up with any more verbal abuse. But the one ray of deep purple sunshine had been the few glimpses of a handsome man. His name was Lotor, she was sure of it! With azure blue skin, long white hair, and gleaming gold cat’s eyes. Sakkira thought that was as close to perfection as a mortal could become. Lotor would surely win the contest!

And so she zipped over to Doom, never realizing how differently time passed in the two realms. The demoness was lucky, only a short amount of time had passed, the prince was still young, and possibly even more gorgeous! She squealed with glee, hands clasped together, as she floated behind him, eyes glued to his back. hmmm She grinned, reaching out to goose his rear. Now that is one tight package!

Lotor yelped, feeling fingers on his left cheek, squeezing. He turned, a scowl on his face. “Who dares?!” He demanded, seeing no one in the room. “Show yourself!” Peals of laughter was his answer, and slowly a pretty, red skinned, NAKED female appeared before him. “A ghost?!” Lotor cried, wondering if he should go for his sword. Could lazon even pierce a spook’s insubstantial skin?

“Close but no cigar, my handsome one!” Sakkira grinned, her hair snapping forward to wind about both wrists, immobilizing him.

“What do you want?!” Lotor demanded, eyes narrowed in a glare.

“Just a few minutes of your time…” Eyes glittering, hypnotic, the hair pulled him closer, and she wrapped her arms around his neck, her legs going about his waist.

“You’re awfully forward…” He managed to mutter before she had shoved her mouth onto his. He tried to struggle, but already he was going limp, slipping into unconscious. She giggled, holding him up with her hair.

Having caught her man, Sakkira teleported both of them to the meeting place, arriving a few hours before her brother did. “You were always a slow poke.” She said accusingly, Lotor’s head in her lap. “Perhaps I should have bet on who would finish first.”

“You would have won that bet sister dear, but I am confident I will win the beauty contest.” Pugim said, approaching with a blonde in his arms. Stroking Lotor’s hair, the demoness cocked her head to one side, critically staring at the small female. She grudgingly admitted to herself that the little human was indeed lovely. But She thought slyly. Not enough to beat MY human!

Pugim was looking at Lotor, admiring his muscles, liking the color combination of his hair and skin. Sakkira did pick a fine specimen of beauty. Of course… He hastily added. I will not tell her that.

“So now what? Do you admit defeat?” demanded Sakkira.

“What? Of course not! MY human is better!” snapped Pugim.

“No MINE is!” insisted Sakkira. “UUUUH! This is useless!” She shook her head, hair flying about like a black storm cloud. “You will never admit I am the victor!”

“Because victory is rightfully mine.” retorted Pugim. “Something you will also refuse to acknowledge.”

“So now what do we do?” cried Sakkira plaintively. “We can’t end a contest with a tie!”

“We won’t have too.” grinned Pugim, and he stepped closer to explain. Quickly Sakkira’s frown’s were replaced with smiles, and she giggled. “Oh Pugim! That is positively naughty!”

“I know!” smirked Pugim.

Dreaming, that’s what he was doing. Frolicking with Allura in his bed room, tumbling about the huge bed, bed sheets tangling about their naked forms. Reaching the pinnacle of bliss over and over, when suddenly…she changed! No longer the blue eyed, blonde haired temptress, but a black haired, red devil girl, cackling at him, her mouth open wide with a leer. “NO!!”

With a gasp, Lotor suddenly sat up, completely wide awake. He blinked, finding himself surrounded in darkness. “That’s strange…” He murmured. “With my refined eyesight, I should be able to see. Unless…there is a total absence of light.”

As if in answer to his words, a spotlight shone on him, causing him to cringe, placing his hands over his face. “Too bright!” He cried, his sensitive eyes needing time to adjust to the sudden change. In reply the light dimmed down a few kilowatts. Blinking rapidly, he cautiously lowered his hands, glancing about, seeing he was not in his room. “So it wasn’t a dream…” he murmured, a frown on his face. “Damn it!” He cried, loud enough to wake the dead. “Have I been kidnapped again?!”
Cursing his good looks that made him irresistible to women, he got out of bed, and suddenly noticed the absence of his clothing. It wasn’t too big a deal, since he liked to sleep naked anyway. However, except for the bed, there seemed to be a lack of furniture. Which meant, and this was the disturbing part. He had no clothes to cover himself! Clearly he was captive of a very kinky, perverted princess!

Muttering under his breath over how if she had just asked, he might have been happy to date her–provided she was nice looking and didn’t try to force him into marriage–he began pacing the floor in front of the bed. The light stayed with him, constantly tracking his movements. “I suppose I better face the music…” Lotor said, sighing in resignation. Not many people had to hold an audience with strangers completely naked, but if anyone could make the attempt while remaining dignified, it would be Lotor!

He walked, still peering about the room, hoping to discover the lost dresser. This room is bigger than I thought. He said, clearly surprised as he continued to walk on without finding the far end of the wall. Suddenly he bumped into something, stubbing his toes. Cursing painfully, he hopped about on one foot, glaring at nothing. “Damn light! Why didn’t you warn me that was there?!” It flickered as though threatening to go out. “I’m sorry!” He said quickly, and the light strengthened, this time shining down on what he had walked into.

Lotor’s breath caught in his throat, and he nearly choked from lack of air. For on the object–which was another bed–lay a young woman. And not just any woman. But his dream girl, Princess Allura. A very NAKED Allura!

He just stood there gaping for a few moments, not being able to work his jaw close. Luckily for him there were no flies to buzz into that tempting mouth. Finally, finally he managed to regain his senses, and do a slow run of his eyes over her body. It was perfect, just as he always imagined! Well…okay…one breast–the right one–was slightly larger than the other, making her bosom lopsided, but other than that, she was like a statue given life!

“Beautiful, just beautiful!” Lotor murmured, not being able to decide where to rest his eyes. Her almost perfect breasts, the golden tuft of hair between her legs, or her beautiful face. Her face is what she would have insisted he look at. But how often did he get the chance to see her naked. Except for his fantasies–NEVER!
Even more tempting…when would he ever get another chance like this? To touch her, caress her bare body. He certainly hoped the answer would not prove to be never again! He went to kneel, and became aware of just how aroused he had become. Good Lord it felt like he had a solid gold bar between his legs! It would definitely be a while before he would be able to walk normally!

Somehow managing to crouch down without his erection causing grievous injury, he knelt by her, still staring. Then almost reverent like, he reached out to caress her face. He was trying to get up the nerve to touch elsewhere, scared he would lose control, and not be able to stop. Just as he finally cupped her breasts in his large hands, a sudden lethargy fell over his body. “Oh no…” He murmured, eyelids drooping. “Life can’t be that cruel…” But it was. He was out like a light, before he had even hit the floor.

With a moan, Allura rolled over onto her side, shivering slightly. Who left the window open? She wondered, a frown on her face. I will have to have Nanny give a strict reprimand to whichever maid did it. Odd…she didn’t smell breakfast waiting for her. Nor did she feel the sun’s rays shining onto her face.

Never one to get up out of bed immediately, Allura made the supreme sacrifice of sitting up. She frowned, seeing it was pitch dark. Curious and curiouser. She thought. What could have possibly made her wake up in the middle of the night. All was silent, no alarm ringing of another wearisome attack from Doom.
And she hadn’t been having a nightmare, so that couldn’t explain why she was up at this time–whatever hour of the night it may be. “Maybe I need a late night snack…” Allura thought, swinging her legs out of bed. It was just then that the spotlight shined on her, and she screamed in horror. No wonder she was so cold! She was NAKED!!

“EEEEEEEEEE!” she screamed again, reaching for a blanket, a pillow, anything! But there was nothing on the bed, besides the mattress. “EEEEEEEEEEE!” She screamed again, realizing this wasn’t her room, wasn’t even her castle. She was alone, who knows how far away from home, and without a stitch of clothing on!
“Someone will pay when the guys rescue me!” vowed Allura, and then blushed. What was she saying?! How could she let them rescue her, when she was in this disarrayed state? They would have to see her naked! This was a hundred, no a thousand times worse than the time she lost her bikini top, or the time she ran out clad only in a pink towel. How would she get over this mortification? She gasped, realizing something else. How would she face her captor? “I’m going to die of shame!” She wailed, plopping face down on the bed, giving the mattress a good soak with her tears.

Allura had a good long cry before she was able to lift her head. Pink faced, and sniffling, the princess got up to explore her surroundings, too upset to notice how the light followed her around. In fact, her eyes were just beginning to blur over with more tears, when she suddenly tripped over something. She fell forward, sprawling on top of something–a person! And something hard was poking her in the thigh…

She pushed herself up, just in time for the light to shine down on her and the stranger. Her pretty little mouth fell open in a perfect shaped o, as she stared at the man beneath her. She knew that angelic face, and it wasn’t a saint slipped down from Heaven she straddled. For underneath that peaceful, and yes she could admit it, if only to herself, breathtakingly handsome face, was the devil himself. “LOTOR! You pervert!” She shouted, and then yelped, hoping he would not wake up. “Ooooooooh!” She repeated more softly. “I should have known! You better give me back my clothes, or else!”

She suddenly became aware of the fact her skin was not pressed against his clothed chest, but his bare skin. “Oh no…” She murmured, wide eyed. “Please don’t be naked…please, please don’t be naked…” She peeked down, and saw indeed, the unobstructed view of his pecs. “EEEEEE!” She cried, pulling away from him as though her skin was on fire. “Then what was that on my leg…” She had a pretty good idea, but did she dare take a peek? Well what would you do, if presented with the rare sight of a naked Prince of Doom? Damn right, Allura took a look at him! And not just a quick little glance, but a nice long one that went on for several minutes!

Her eyes fastened on his very prominent erection, the first time she had ever seen any male in such a state. Are they all big like that? She wondered, half fearfully, but also fascinated. It’s blue like him…and his natural hair color is white! Romelle owes me twenty pieces of silver! I knew no one would dye their hair that color! She somehow managed to look away from his very exciting bottom, to glance at his face. And now was her chance to look at it all she wanted, without him catching her!


She cried to herself. Stop admiring the scenery Allura, you have to find a way out of here! And Lotor will be no help. She glared at him. Especially once he wakes up! He’ll be all over you Oddly enough, she found that idea rather appealing, and she did a full body blush, ashamed to find herself wanting to be ravished by her enemy.

Trying to regain hold of her prim and proper mental image of how a princess should behave, the first impulse the in control Allura had, was to slam her dainty foot into Lotor’s stomach. It might not solve anything, but it would help her work off the anger she felt over Lotor putting her into this situation. But then rationality kicked in. If Lotor was behind this, they certainly wouldn’t be sleeping in separate beds! At least, not so long as they were in the same room. Especially if they were naked, and in the same room!

“Hmph…so I guess you’re innocent this time…” She grudgingly admitted. “But I still won’t trust you…not until we both get some clothes on!” Instead of replying, Lotor murmured incoherently and rolled onto his side. Allura winced, wondering how he could do that without injuring himself. Then her eyes fell on his now revealed blue buttocks. Cute and just as soft as a baby’s bottom she discovered, upon being brave enough to caress it with her palm. Suddenly she felt unnaturally tired, as though she hadn’t slept in days. No! She wildly protested. Musn’t go to sleep… And then she collapsed onto the floor.

“Well?” demanded Pujim, appearing besides the unconscious pair. “Do you agree? My human is more beautiful.”

“How did you come up with that outcome?” demanded Sakkira, hands on her hips. “She was clearly affected by my human!”

“But your male was obviously more aroused by my female.” Pujim smirked. “His body can attest to that.”

“Hmph!” Sakira crossed her arms, turning her back to Pujim. “Fine. He did feel more for her, than she did for him. Though she cleary felt something that went beyond mere fascination!”

“The spark was there, true.” nodded Pujim. “She clearly does have feelings of love for him.”

“What know you of love?” scoffed Sakkira.

“Clearly more than you, sister dear.” retorted Pujim. “In fact…I am willing to make another bet.”

“What kind?” asked Sakkira, arching an eyebrow.

He grinned. “I think we can still have great sport with these two. How about we bet on whether they marry or not?”

“Hmm…interesting…” She frowned. “Very well…since you suggested, I take it you are determined to see them married?” Pujim nodded. “Then I will bet they never get together, and spend their lives miserable and alone!”

“It’s a deal!” Pujim said, holding out his hand to his sister. She took it, shaking firmly. “And brother…” She looked at him suspiciously. “No interference from either of us?”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” Pujim smiled, crossing his fingers behind his back.

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  1. I love it, twin demons making bets about Lotor and Allura. If only they knew, just who had them naked in bed. Lotor would convert the whole empire to worship them. Allura would be confounded, and mad as all heck. Still getting to wake up naked next to the Prince of Doom. Certainly has its perks. She even won a bet of her own. Go Allura.

    1. OMG, love that part about Lotor making them all worship the demons for this! I wish I had thought of it. It’s one of my very first Voltron fics (Which probably shows!) from back in like 2002. I almost feel embarrassed cause I think the 2002 fics weren’t that good….but man loved the idea you said about having him get the empire to worship the twins! XD

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