Contest 02

When Allura woke up, she was immensely relieved to see she was no longer in that strange place. No, she was home, snug as a bug in a rug, her blankets tucked up to her chins. Thank goodness! She thought, a small smile on her face. It was just a dream! And what a dream it had been!What had possessed her to dream about Lotor, naked, his naughty bits uncensored. Hell, what was her mind doing, thrusting her into a situation where she was also naked, and trapped in a room with a very aroused Prince of Doom?!
I must be reading too many of those adult fanfictions Romelle keeps sending me. Allura grinned, thinking of the fit Nanny would throw if she knew her cousin was corrupting her via the Internet. “Wait…” Allura murmured, mouth pursed into a thin line. “Romelle…that’s right!” She gasped, sitting up, the blanket falling down around her waist. “I’m supposed to be on Pollux visiting her!”

Her flesh goose-pimpled in protest over losing a warm blanket, and she nervously glanced down. A scream issued from Allura’s mouth as she saw she was STILL naked. “Oh no! It WASN’T a dream!”

Just then, her Nanny walked in, and upon seeing Allura, exposed from the chest up, began shrieking her head off. Which caused Allura to start screaming even louder in panic. “Oh my baby, just look at you!” cried a horrified Nanny. The chubby woman was one of the prudish, who believed the only time a person should be naked is when they were in a bathtub.

“What’s going on?!” A male voice shouted, footsteps hurrying towards Allura’s room.

Allura scream again, and dove under the covers, just avoiding having Keith and Lance see her breasts. “Is it Lotor?” demanded a striped pajama clad Keith, wildly waving his blaster around. “He won’t get the princess this time, since she’s on shore leave!”

“Um…think again mien capitan…” Lance said, staring at the human shaped lump under the covers.

“LOTOR!!” shouted Keith, and charged the bed.

“NOOOOOO!” screamed Nanny, and charged after the young captain, tackling him to the floor right before the bed. She couldn’t let these two men see her baby naked!

“Nanny, what are you doing?!” protested Keith, struggling to get free from under the woman’s bulk. “I have to get Lotor!”

“It’s not Lotor!” She snarled, red faced. “It’s the princess!”

“What?” Keith looked confused.

“I knew it.” Lance said, wondering what the big fuss was about. “You’re back early Allura.”

“Allura?! Why didn’t you tell us you were back from Pollux!” demanded Keith.

“Uh…it was a sudden, unexpected return.” Allura said, still staying under her blankets. VERY unexpected!

Our mischievous pair of demons had also returned the Prince to his bed, though alas his morning didn’t start off near as exciting as Allura’s had!

Lotor was slow to wake, a happy, love sick grin on his face. For he had, had the MOST wonderful dream! Sure he had seen Allura naked a thousand times before in his mind, but this time it felt REAL! He could swear he had felt the heat her body generated, felt the curve of her breasts fit perfectly in his hands.
He turned onto his side, burying his face in his pillow, extremely reluctant to get up. Until he had Allura by his side, he would be content to spend his days in dreamland. At least there he had her love, even if it was all pretend.

A slave girl entered his room, clearly surprised to see him there. “My Lord, you’re back!”

Annoyed, he cocked open his eyes, glaring at her for speaking, for interrupting his sleep. “What are you talking about? How can I be back if I haven’t gone anywhere!”

“But your highness…” The slave frowned. “I was sure your bed was empty last night.”

“You were mistaken.” He replied, and slid out of bed. The slave blushed, but did not turn away, used to her young Lord parading about his room in the nude. Marching towards his bathroom, Lotor couldn’t help but think wistfully, If only last night really had happened. Of course… His familiar smirk was on his face. If it had been real, I would have seen to ensuring the situation progressed far beyond mere looking!

The prince stepped into a shower, blasting himself with cold water. Even after standing there for a few minutes, water that was almost like ice, wasn’t enough to completely cool down his furious passion. Muttering about how unfair it was that Allura tormented him so even while asleep, he began to lather himself up, unaware he was being watched. And this time it wasn’t by a slave girl!

The demon Pujim sat on the toilet–lid down of course–head propped up on one chin as he studied the Prince of Doom. It was clearly with this young man, that the first moves would have to be made with. From the mixed signals the demon got off of the princess, it was clear the girl was too confused, too shy to ever make her feelings known. It would take plenty of encouragement on her suitor’s part to get her to open up. Allura was a bit frigid when it came to romance, but Pugim was sure Lotor could work past that. With the demon’s help of course!

So now what the little trickster considered the most pressing problem was coming up with a solution to get these two lovebirds together, face to face. They were separated by great distance, and unlike a demon, couldn’t teleport back and forth. Clearly, Pujim did not know much about the world outside of the demon plain. For if he did, he would realize setting up another meeting between Lotor and Allura would not be a problem. It would be establishing an open line of communication that would be the tough nut to crack, since this troubled pair seemed to repeat the same scenarios over and over again. Mainly Lotor chased her around the room, and Allura screamed protests she only half heartedly agreed with it.

Lotor’s hand reached out of the shower, blindly groping about for a towel. Pujim helpfully put one in reach, eager for the prince to get on with his day. Emerging from the shower, dripping wet, and rubbing a towel through his hair, Lotor paused before the mirror, flexing his muscles. Humans are sooooooo strange. thought Pujim. Towel hooked around his neck, Lotor walked out of the bathroom, the slave already having laid his clothes out for the day.

Lotor groaned at the sight of his all too familiar uniform, wishing he could wear something else. But no, he had to meet with his men, and go over plans for the next attack on Arus. He perked up at the thought of seeing Allura again, the dream still heavy on his mind. Pujim stared, wondering what had Lotor so worked up. I wish I could read his mind! It would prove an education, because some of Lotor’s thoughts about the Princess of Arus could set even a demon to blushing!

Sakkira was floating about the demon realm, wondering where her brother had gone off to. She was still sore over losing the beauty contest, not being able to comprehend how Lotor could have lost. However, she looked forward to the outcome the marriage contest. She was sure Lotor and Allura would never marry, thus ensuring her an easy victory. But her mind couldn’t be put completely to ease…not until she located her brother.


He couldn’t be interfering, could he?

Sakkira frowned. Not after he promised! But…she knew that’s exactly what she would do in his position. Especially with the time limit they had set, ticking away. The young demon twins may be immortal, but they were also impatient. They had short attention spans, and even the all too brief lives of mortals was too long a time for them to wait upon.
I better get down there, and make sure he doesn’t break his word to me. Not to mention run interference for the princess.

Sakkira smirked.

The rest of the day was pretty boring, by human AND demon standards. Pujim might have enjoyed himself more if he had realized just how much trouble this thing called war could make for those involved. As it was, it was just a bunch of meaningless chatter, everyone frowning, and shouting at each other. Arguing over where little figurines should stand on a picture that covered an entire table. Everyone left disappointed, and Lotor slumped into a chair, propping his feet up on the table, not caring if he scuffed the map.

“Oh Allura…” Lotor murmured, the name immediately catching Pujim’s attention. “Things would be so much simpler if we didn’t have to fight each other.”

“What nonsense are you talking about now, Lotor?!” A gruff, angry voice demanded, a tall shadowy figure appearing in the doorway.

“Father!” Lotor gasped, immediately pulling his feet off the table. “What are you doing here?”

“Call it a surprise inspection.” The King of Doom replied, striding forward. “I’m here to see what inane plot for Arus you’ve come up with this time.” He reached the table, a frown on his lips, as he stared at the maps. Little wooden statues of the lions and Doom’s ship covered the field of Arus, the Castle of Lions between the two.
“As you can see father, this plan cannot fail.” Lotor hurried towards Zarkon’s side, eager for approval.

“That’s what you say about every plan.” Zarkon grumbled. “And yet, I don’t see any slaves from Arus toiling in the pits.” His eyes fell on the toy Blue Lion, which had been cordoned off, away from the other lions AND the robeast. “And here is the reason why.” His hand swooped down, catching the lion in his clawed grip. “The princess.”

“Yes, the princess…” Lotor repeated softly. “If we could capture her…”

“That’s always been your mistake son.” interrupted Zarkon. “We shouldn’t waste time and effort in trying to catch that recalcitrant cow. Not when a few accurately aimed missiles can easily accomplish our goal, and with a hell lot less muss and fuss. Of course…” He slyly looked at Lotor. “You’re too much of a chicken to hurt a woman.”

“She’s not just any woman!” cried Lotor. “She’s the one I lo–…” He managed to catch himself just in time from saying the words he knew his father would punish him for.

“You what?” demanded Zarkon, eyes narrowing. “The one you love?”

“Ah…of course not father…” Lotor lied smoothly. “You taught me there is no such emotion. That love is merely a trap for the weak-minded. I am just…looking forward to breaking her in…stripping her of all her inhibitions…”

“Hmph. That prissy pure hearted princess won’t put on that good a show.” Zarkon smirked. “I say, blow her out of the sky, and save everyone a lot of grief.”

Blow her out of the sky?!

A horrified Pugim thought, glaring at the evil King. The young demon was quick to catch on that this was not the proper way to court a woman. No wonder Lotor is getting nowhere with the princess, if he’s taking advice from you!

“Well Lotor…” Zarkon asked, still staring intently at his son, not failing to notice the stubborn set of the prince’s jaw.

“I will…” Lotor swallowed nervously. “Think about it father.”


wailed Pugim, wanting to slap the prince.

“Heh. See that you do.” Zarkon slammed the figurine down onto the table, right dab smack before the robeast. With a pat on Lotor’s back, the King walked away from the table. “And Lotor…” Zarkon said, pausing in the doorway.

“Yes?” asked the prince.

“Try not to disappoint me this time.” Zarkon erupted into a fit of laughter, his cackles echoing long after he was gone from the conference room.

“Bastard!” muttered Lotor, taking hold of Blue Lion. He once again set it back to it’s previous place on the map, the area out of the line of fire. “As if I would ever hurt Allura, just because YOU wanted me too.”

Well that is a relief.

thought Pugim, perching on the table. Lotor, you were beginning to worry me. And I NEVER worry! His gold eyes tracked the prince, as Lotor began pacing back and forth, muttering plans under his breath.

“Maybe if we set off energy disrupters bombs all around the castle, they won’t even be able to activate the lions…NO!” scoffed Lotor. “Already tried that once with a robeast…Keith came out, and knocked out it’s antennae, giving back the castle it’s power…How about we…”

What you should do, is skip all this fighting, and go straight to the loving.

Pugim said, moving Lotor’s one man fighter jet next to Allura’s lion. That’s what women REALLY like.

“Maybe if I tell her I have Romelle hostage…then she’d agree to meet with me…” mused Lotor. “Course, I’d have to make a detour to get hold of the annoying blonde…”

No! No, no, no!

cried Pugim. Trying to make her jealous by spending time with another woman is too time consuming. Think of something simpler.

“Or how about a tentacle robeast.” Lotor said. “All those arms, they could easily wrap about all the other lions…Immobilize them all…slowly rip them apart–all but Allura of course.”

Okay, well it’s obvious you’ve worked long and hard to portray that tried and true message to Allura. That guys only pick on the girls they really like. But enough of these plans, where all you do is engage in battle with her protectors. How about a nice courtship eh? Leave the warships at home, show up with some flowers, and go on a date.

“That’s it!” Lotor cried, and Pugim smiled, even though he knew Lotor couldn’t have possibly heard him. “I’ll kidnap that overbearing Nanny of hers. Personally, I would think Allura would be glad to be rid of her strict watch dog, but hey.” He shrugged. “If it gets her to meet with me, so we can discuss our future…”

Pugim sighed, watching as Lotor hunched over a sheaf of papers, pen moving at a frenetic pace, as he began plotting out just how the forces of Doom would get their hands on the woman merely known as Nanny. This is beginning to look like a hopeless situation. The demon frowned. I definitely gotta get my hands dirty if I want to win that bet. Do something that could definitely be construed as cheating…

Normally, on this plain of existence, humans couldn’t actually see demons, let alone talk to them. It took a lot of magic and rituals to force one to materialize, and even more blood and tears to get one to obey you. However, there was the matter of what the demons could do. Stray thoughts you mistook for your conscience speaking, the impulses to do something you know you shouldn’t…sometimes it was the whispers of demons getting through. For the most part, they didn’t like to expend their energy, not caring all that much if you heard them or not.

But…if by chance you got a demon on your good side–or bad, as the case may warrant–they were sometimes willing to break the rules. Use up some of that precious energy they hoarded–for mischief and revenge. Luckily for Prince Lotor, the demon Pugim was actually going to do something beneficial for both of them…a body possession. And since Lotor was a man with an exceptionally strong will, the demon had to wait until his mind was at it’s most unguarded. When he was sleeping…


thought Pugim, more than a tad impatiently. I thought he was never gonna go to bed! Once the prince had finished with the plans, he had taken to cavorting about in his harem. There had been plenty of sex and booze, before the young prince had stumbled into his bedroom. At least the booze should make my job easier. He thought, hovering above the sleeping prince.

Scrunching up his face in distaste, the demon took a deep breath, mentally preparing himself for the plunge. He lay down flat on his back, on top of Lotor. Frozen for an instant, and then he sank through the prince’s body, becoming one with Lotor’s. I hate doing this. Pugim thought, forcing Lotor’s body to sit up. Mortals are so limited in capabilities.

If anyone was watching, they would have seen the prince get up, tilting from side to side as he paced his bedroom floor. In other words, they would have assumed he was drunk–again–and not been concerned in the slightest. Got to get you dressed…mortals tend to overreact to nudity. Lotor was marched over to his closest, and the demon began rifling through his clothes. His battle uniform. NO! His red court toga. NO! Too much like Zarkon! His swim trunks. Technically clothing but…No! And finally…a light gray, freshly pressed suit. Yes!

A Pujim controlled Lotor was quickly dressed in the suit, the demon taking time out to preen in front of a mirror. He slicked back Lotor’s hair, tying it back with a ribbon, and slapped on some aftershave. What else… The demon pulled open the dresser drawers, finding the keys to Lotor’s ship, and a box of chocolates. With the items in his hands, the duo exited the bedroom, passing through the harem, all the girls having long since gone to bed. Pujim stopped only long enough to have Lotor pick up a vase of flowers from a table in the harem.

They managed to get to the hanger without incident. Only one guard had dared to stop the prince, and demand to know where he was going. Pujim had snarled at him to mind his own damn business, taking a menacingly step forward, and the guard had backed down. When compared to his life, what did it matter what the young prince was up to?

As for Lotor, at one point he had started to stir, blinking sleepily, as he found himself inside his fighter jet. “Wha…”

“Go back to sleep Lotor…” Pujim advised. “You’re merely…dreaming…”

“Oh…” Lotor breathed a sigh of relief. “I thought I was sleepwalking…” He was sinking into slumber before he had even finished his sentence. With a shake of his head, Pujim began activating the ship, turning on the engines, and reading power lay outs. By the time the prince would really wake up, they should already be on Arus…

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