The Cost Of Regret Revamped

For good or for bad, it’s evolved past the mere fix up stage. I don’t yet know just how drastic a difference the overall fic will be, but as it stands now, during the rewriting of chapter three, Lotor is revealing feels that should have at the very least, been later in the fic. I’m still trying to keep the overall vibe of the original intact, but who knows how much more this story will change as I go over each chapter.

As for the story itself, it’s been ten years since Lotor took the crown of Doom for himself, and approached Allura with his heart in his hand. Only to end up brutally and publicly rejected, his heart left in shambles. In the decade that has passed, Arus has declined further and further, until Allura and her world are left with no other choice than to seek the aid of the man she had so devastated.

Lotor had always known this day would come, the day when Allura would have to come crawling back to him. He agrees to help save Arus but at a huge personal cost to Allura. Neither his wife, nor his slave, she’ll be his to do with as he pleases, his lust and his hurt near insatiable in this regard. Not all of Doom however, is happy to see Allura back In their King’s life…


Revamp Project Started in 2018….

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