Costly 02

I am no longer capable of holding back. I don’t even try, the act almost cathartic after how long I have kept a tightly checked rein on such bitter emotions. I give in completely to the gut wrenching sobs that make my entire body shudder, the relief there paling in comparison to the true terror that I feel. I can’t even be happy, can’t even lay claim to feeling relieved now that Arus’ future has been secured, it’s people about to be saved. That that world and it’s citizens would finally be given the chance to thrive, Arus rebuilt and made to prosper under the Empire’s rule.

The tears are bitter at that, my frustration and helplessness, the dying of my hopes and dreams, all channeled into the realization that I hadn’t been enough. That I had never been enough, my failure and inability to be what Arus has needed, leading me now to this last, final, desperate act. To the Empire, to it’s cold and callous heart, and it’s even more volatile ruler.


He’s not changed much in the years since I last saw him. He is still so frightening, so cruel, still so intent on my subjugation and suffering. There hadn’t been any chance, any real hope of it being otherwise, and yet I still feel suckered punched by his demands. By the stipulations that he has put in place, my crown and my kingdom stripped from me, and with it soon the last of my dignity. My cheeks burn, and with it, the tears come even harder, the thought that I’m finally gong to be his, nearly breaking me down completely.

I fall to my knees in a weeping fit of despair. It’s both the anticipation and the fear of the unknown, and a lifetime of sorrow, all my pain and regrets of what should have been versus what it is now. It’s been a rough life, and an even tougher ten years, Arus knowing no end to it’s suffering. Never a particular well off planet, it’s decline has continued, to the point my world has sunk so low as to be considered worthless. It’s been one financial burden after the other, a once lush world barely able to sustain itself, let alone the bottomless debt that has fallen onto the shoulders of it’s people.

A farm world at best, Arus has had to devote all of it’s resource towards staving off the many owed. My people are left to starve as a result, money hungry and desperate for the food and the medicine that we have had to sell off. It’s changed us, changed the way that we think and act, Arus a planet whose people have turned against one another. We’re a sad, desperate people, fighting wars that tear us all further apart, so many of Arus ready to steal, murder, and otherwise hurt, willing to turn on a friend, to even sell out family, if it would make any ounce of a momentary difference.

I can’t bear what Arus has become. It’s a burden I can no longer shoulder alone, a wound I can no longer stand aside and let fester. I do what I must to help, have tried for the better part of a year to reach out, demeaning and debasing myself for a mercy that is not there. To save Arus I would do anything, anything, even sell myself to the highest of bidders.

That I have done exactly that gives me no true solace. Maybe it never will, so long as I can’t reconcile myself to the fact that Arus, that I, have had no other choice. My world and I hold little value for anyone not of that planet. We’re nothing more than easy pickings, bullied and so downtrodden for the vultures that gather.

There has been no shortage of those, the galaxy itself having change substantially over the course of the past ten years. It had to, under the control of the Empire, Doom having transformed itself into this near unstoppable force under Lotor’s rule. Under his command, planet after planet has fallen, defeated and consumed, to be part of the ever growing mass of military might. With so many worlds captured and converted, with so much power behind it, the ships and the people needed to fight it’s wars, the Empire has crushed and stamped out all resistance. Even the once diligent and stalwart Alliance has crumbled, it and Galaxy Garrison disbanded, no one left to try and right the wrongs of a Universe gone mad.

The Denubian Galaxy has irrevocable changed, entire worlds clamoring for a chance to become part of the mighty Doom Empire. It’s no longer a fate more horrible than death, no longer something to be feared, so many people eager to be embraced within the folds of Lotor’s kingdom. They want just the chance of it’s wealth, just a chance at it’s promised protection, the planets under his control thriving. Prospering beyond belief to the point that so many worlds turn a blind eye to the less then favorable side of things. For a chance at it’s money, protection, and the lasting peace Doom promises, so many actively accept the fact that slavery and abuse of all kind still exist.

It sickens me that attitude, that greedy self serving nature of so many. They want peace, but more than that they don’t want to die, or live out their life in the kind of poverty that Arus has continuously known. My world and it’s suffering stands as testament to just what happens to a world that has tried to resist the Empire, Arus an example whose footsteps no one wants to follow in. Not when we’re barely surviving, having struggled for so long, sustained only through the Empire’s generosity.

It’s not a generosity borne through any kindness and compassion. It’s been built on the back of my people, on the selling off of Arus’ soul. We’ve had to use Voltron itself to buy what little aid we could get, and now even that much is not enough. Doom is through with being generous, the Empire pulling back all of it’s aid without so much as an explanation offered. I’ve spent months trying to get answers, going through channels both proper and not in an attempt to contact and petition the Empire’s King. Until at last, in my final moment of desperation, I have made the journey to Doom.

Foolishly, I have allowed the tiniest fragment of hope to blossom within my heart. It had sprouted to life inside me, and had only grown stronger when I had not been turned away. I had felt Arus’ salvation was finally at hand, no matter what price I might have to pay for it, yet I still had been unprepared for the reality of the demands Lotor has made of me. It hurts, this reality where all this ruthless disinterest has now led me—US to, so little changing. It’s still the same song and dance, his bed the motivating force that pulls us both in different directions.

Lotor doesn’t care. He’s too selfish and cruel, using Arus to get what the man has always wanted. As a slave, or as his wife, it’s never much mattered to him. It’s never much mattered to me either, either fate something to be avoided, and yet here I now am. Not a slave, but not his wife, I’m little more than an expensive whore he has bought for one night. That Arus will be saved, can’t stop the shame and bitterness from filling me, or keep that angry longing for the past at bay.

He’s not the Lotor I had once known. He’s not the man who had once loved me, no longer so quick and eager to do anything that I might have asked in an effort to win my approval. He’s something so different, so cold, shaped and molded by the refusals. By the complete rejection I had handed him, the breaking of his heart so thorough that it had destroyed any semblance of affection Lotor had ever felt. Any semblance of genuine and positive feeling. He HAD loved me, a love that I hadn’t believed in, a love that I hadn’t wanted or understood. I still in part don’t, but the fact remains that he had proved it. Not in words, and not in flamboyant actions, but in how he had left me and my planet.


Without any further attempts, without so much as a word, Lotor had given up on us both. On the conquering of my planet, and on the idea of forcing me to be his bride.

At first it had been a relief, to be free of the burden of his attention, the madness of Lotor’s desire. Without it, and without the constant threat of Doom, Arus had looked ready to start on it’s much needed recovery. Back then none of us had realized just how impossible an endeavor it would be, the strain it would have on our people, on our resources, even on our day to day lives. The war with Doom had simply done too much damage, over twenty one years worth, and we hadn’t a real clue as to what we were all in for. Certainly I hadn’t. Too angry and self righteous, secure in the knowledge that I would rather die than become Lotor’s. I hadn’t been able to see the big picture, hadn’t been able to realize it wasn’t just my future that I was throwing away.

Arus has suffered for my unrelenting stubbornness. For my pride and self preservation. For all my struggles, and for all my refusals, I’ve nothing real to show for it. No victory to savor, the inevitable nothing more than delayed by ten long years. I shudder with that, not knowing exactly what to expect, save that of a reckoning. One borne of a lust that has gone unsatisfied for over a decade now. It’s an end result I had never dared dream of, Arus and it’s situation such that I had never thought I would be driven to return to the man I had so devastated.

There’s a lot I haven’t been able to anticipate, and that includes the handing over of Voltron. My father’s legacy gone, bartered away in a feeble attempt to recoup the monumental financial losses that Arus has continued to suffer. The war recovery efforts ate into money the planet simply no longer had, so much time, effort, and resources spent towards the helping of other worlds. We had spread ourselves thin, rushing to play savior to all, with no one to rescue us in turn. It didn’t stop the other planets from begging, from crying out for Voltron, and the temporary reprieve it would gain them.

Powerful though the robot was, it could not be everywhere at once. A fact the growing Doom Empire was able to take advantage of. New strategies were put in place at the behest of the newly crowned Lotor, his people no longer devoting so much of their time and resources to Arus and fighting it’s champion. Gone was the single minded focus on the planet, the Drule threat expanding to take on half a dozen worlds at any given time. For every world Voltron managed to save, at least five fell to the Empire’s advance.

With each planet captured, Doom only continued to grow. With it went all of Arus’ chances, each world caught, one less we could turn to for aid. The galaxy changed by leaps and bounds, it soon became a free for all, alliances falling apart, relations turning sour, neighboring worlds turning against one another. It was no longer the Drules alone that were the aggressor, the galaxy awash with the violent mob mentality of the desperate striving to survive. More and more turned to Doom, more and more saw the Empire as the only viable option.

Arus itself was made to swallow it’s pride. To beg and barter for the Empire’s benevolence. It wouldn’t come easily or cheaply, but then my people have been in so desperate a place, needing the financial support that Doom could offer us. We’ve given up so many of our freedoms, and we have given up Voltron. Both acts have only gotten us only so much, the money and the protection of Lotor’s kingdom lasting for only a short time. We hadn’t known we were only making ourselves more vulnerable, not understanding that we had not bought a permanent place into the monstrous entity that was the Doom Empire. It had been only a temporary relief that Arus had gained, and the vultures had been gathering, enemies both old and new awaiting the day that the King would withdraw his support from our world. Time simply hadn’t been on our side, it had never been, the hurt dealt us when Doom left that second time worse than anything Zarkon had ever tried to do to Arus. My kingdom was again left in shambles, but now the poverty and ruin had become even worse. The people already made so desperate, had then turned against one another, turned against me, civil war erupting all over the planet. Arus has been dying ever since, losing it’s very soul piece by piece by the day, it’s citizens tearing each other apart in a massacre that has no end. It’s left me with no real choice, no other option save to come to Doom.

The Empire and it’s King, my one and only hope, Lotor’s feelings have also been a very real fear. There’s a part of me that had known, that had suspected he would want to pay me back for the heart break I had dealt him. I thought I had been prepared for it, both the rejection and the chance that he might turn me away weighted down by the worry of what I would do if he did NOT.

My people and my planet stand on the verge of salvation. It all hinges on what I do next, if I can take the final step over the cliff side that will see me fall lower than I have ever before been. I wonder if I am strong enough, if I have the courage needed to face what is to come. It’s a doubt that nips at my heels, follows me all the way through the castle to the King’s private quarters. That doubt brings with it a fear that nearly crushes me in place, every unwilling step forward bringing me closer to being in his bed. It tests my resolve much the way that Lotor himself tests out my desperation, the entire castle holding it’s breath to see whether or not I will run away.

To that end I have no real escort. No soldiers to keep me from changing my mind. I’ll either be revealed as desperate but honest, or as a coward who once again leaves Arus to pay the price for my refusal. Do I put my pride before my planet? Do I dare avoid Lotor simply to keep my humiliation at bay? I war with myself the entire way there, but my feet keep taking the steps forward. It’s my feelings for Arus that moves them, that moves me, my love such that I cannot abandon that world or it’s people. That love doesn’t make what I have to do any easier, my strength itself sapping piece by piece until I am visibly shaking.

There are eyes on me. I catch sight of the cold amusement gleaming in their feline depths. Their whispers follow after me in my wake, the Drules milling about the castle laughing, openly relishing my pain. I pretend that I can’t hear what they are saying, act as though I am unaffected by their stares and what we all know I go to do. It’s my head that is held high, my tears that are kept at bay, my fingernails digging into my palms in a way meant to distract. It doesn’t stop the trembling, can’t quite keep in place my mask of indifference. Worst of all, it cannot stop the feeling I have of suffocating, every exaggerated breath a harsh rasp to my ears.

My chest is heavier yet with my dread, with my panic, by the time I reach the final leg of my excruciating journey. Those beetle black doors loom ominous, the gold emblazoned knobs polished to a perfection so that I can catch my distorted reflection in them. I look a fright, so wide eyed and trembling, that shaking hand of mine hesitating, so that my knock can barely be heard over the breathing that I am struggling to get under control.

It still gets a reaction, the door easing open at that slight touch from me. My shuffle forward is ever so timid, stepping into the empty foyer of a receiving chamber. Lotor is nowhere to be found, and I don’t know if I should be relieved or not. Is it better to delay the inevitable, or just get it over with? I simply don’t know, and I find myself repeating the reminder that I don’t have to go through with this, when the door slides shut behind me. I immediately whip around, but there is no lock that has been engaged, the message clear. I can still leave, still turn my back on everything, on Arus. The lack of lock almost invites me to be selfish, and THAT gets my jaw to stubbornly set. My chin lifts higher, and I step more firmly into the room and still there is no Lotor. But signs of the King’s presence are everywhere, from the colors chosen to decorate the room, to the lazon mounted on the walls, to the bar in the corner. It’s an array of colorful glass it holds, all manner of bottles holding the most expensive drink that the Denubian Galaxy has to offer. He certainly has the money for it, a small smattering of wealth on display, a feast laid out, gold and jewels spilling out of an overstuffed chest in one corner. I can’t help turning a covetous eye towards that money, thinking how many of Arus’ problems could be solved with even this much.

I’m so busy thinking of Arus, of it’s problems, because it’s all that I have left. It’s that or go screaming mad, and then I am choking on a half formed giggle, realizing I don’t even know what protocol to follow. Am I to pour myself a drink? Strip myself of all my clothing? Take the steps needed to ready myself for his possession? What will give HIM the most satisfaction? I don’t know, my trembling increasing, my anxiety mounting the longer that the King does not show himself.

He makes me WAIT. It’s purely sadistic in purpose, a game designed toward the heightening of my agitation. I twist my fingers together, and grit my teeth, waiting and waiting, until I can no longer hold still. I then take to pacing the length of the room, my idle gaze drifting over the vibrant works of art painted on the walls. It’s a world that I am looking at, though at first I think I cannot hope to place it. That moonlight expanse, the glow across the waters, the dark green of the forest at night, it’s all wildly familiar, though I can’t yet place my finger as to why. Maybe I never will, my thoughts scattering as the door to the bedroom finally opens with a whoosh of air. I actually jump in place, whipping around towards the source of that sound, and meet his cold gaze. For all that he is about to receive, Lotor is still so distant and pragmatic, so otherworldly dispassionate.

It’s so wildly different from the lust of ten years ago. There is not an ounce of excitement betrayed to me, no softening of his expression, no gloating gleam in his eyes. There’s only that rigid control, and a complete lack of apology, Lotor offering no excuse for his delay. There’s also not a whole lot of clothing to be found, the Drule clad only in a loosely belted robe. With every step forward, that artful arrange of silk slips open more, revealing plenty of his body in the process. What I see, cuts an impressive, imposing figure, the Drule a chiseled perfection in a cold, cruel form.

He’s terrifyingly beautiful. He’s both a work of art to be visually admired, and feared, and I can’t stop myself from taking a step back. He doesn’t even hesitate, doesn’t show any reaction to my shaking, or how my body stiffens at his dawning approach. I brace myself for impact, expecting a grab, a kiss, something, and come away with nothing. Not a touch of any kind, Lotor giving me the latest jolting shock of my life when he completely bypasses me for the bar.

The only break in the silence is that of the liquor being poured. That golden amber doesn’t come close to matching the golden brilliance of that gaze fixed firmly on me. It’s unsettling the manner in which he stares at me, his eyes lacking heat of any kind. There’s no friendly warmth, or that of the old burning desire. It’s as though I am some misplaced oddity that he doesn’t care enough to remove yet. It’s like I don’t even matter, as though I am of so little interest to him, Lotor like a cruel cat with a wounded mouse, holding absolutely no emotion for the prey that he toys with.

I cant bear it, can’t bear this dismissive lack of feelings, but more than that, I can no longer abide the silence between us. For good or for bad, and with every stammering word, I’ll break it. “I…I wanted to thank you again, your Majesty.”

An eyebrow lifts at that, Lotor lowering himself onto a comfortable looking chair. More of his robe pulls open at that, and I can’t stop staring at what he is flaunting my way.

I wanted to thank you for agreeing to help Arus. It means a lot to me…perhaps more than you can realize.”

There’s a longer pause after that, Lotor taking a measured swallow of his drink. I’m not sure what to do, what else to say, my mind drawing blanks in response to all of that blue skin on display.

I think we are both aware of how much you value Arus, Allura.”

There’s a twist to that truth, an undercurrent of some kind of resentment, the first real feeling he is betraying, that makes me flinch in response. I can feel the censure in his words, the anger and disgust, Lotor mad over the stupid, foolish choices that I have made, The decisions that had helped lead the planet to it’s downfall. It’s not any care and concern for the people, Lotor not giving a damn about anything but how I had hurt him. It’s that rejection again, Lotor furious that for all of my feeling and endeavors towards and for Arus, I hadn’t been able to take the ultimate step towards self sacrifice. It doesn’t matter that I can barely do so now, when the me of ten years ago had both been unable and unwilling to reconcile to such a thought.

That girl would be horrified to see the woman I now am. To know just how low I have been brought. The Allura of ten years ago would never have imagined it would come to this, never dare think of such consequences erupting from Lotor’s rejection. Most of all, she would have never considered how different things could have been. THAT Allura would have never abandoned her pride, and yet things would have been SO different if she had. If I had agreed to be Lotor’s sooner, if I had accepted him the day that he had all but begged for my hand, so much suffering could have been avoided for my people. For them, and for myself and instead I am left with nothing but the bitter fact that it was by my own hands that my downfall had been engineered.

“I have always lived for Arus.” I state. “I have always dedicated myself to the planet and it’s people.”

“Somehow I think you will continue to dedicate yourself to the people, even stripped of your title.” It’s a seemingly idle comment, but it is as though he has slapped me with such cruelty. I actually reel in place for a second, so suckered punch am I by his words.

“Yes, of course.” It’s a dull tone of voice that I speak with. “There is nothing I want more than Arus to prosper, for my people to be happy.” I let my uncertainty seep out. “You will see to that, won’t you?”

“The ink has barely had time to dry on the paperwork, and already you doubt me.” He gives the faintest hint of a smile that doesn’t reach his eyes. “You wound me, Allura.”

“I didn’t mean to, your Majesty.” I quickly apologize. “I just…just needed to be reassured. To be told all I have done hasn’t been a vain sacrifice.”

“There are no reassurances in life. You of all people should know that by now.” He finishes his drink, setting the glass down. “Now…you know why you are here?” Cautiously I nod, seeing that self satisfied smirk slowly appear. “Then there’s no need to waste either one of our breaths with any further attempts at talk.” A lift of his eyebrow. “Or do you think to delay what will happen?”

“That was not my intention!” I protest, but my stomach is twisting into knots. “I just….” I silence myself. How can I even think of putting into words what I truly feel. How can I bear the humiliation of it, of trying to make him understand how I wanted this to seem more than what he was making of it. That I wanted the cold sterile feel of this transaction gone, that I wanted this to be something other than just business to him. I didn’t want to be made to feel so thoroughly like the whore he had in truth bought, I wanted the illusion of feelings, of mattering to him. I wanted the lie, wanted the pretense of once again being special to him.

Those muddled feelings leave me struggling, that shuttered silence between us stretching out. He’s not asking me to finish my line of thought out loud, and for that I am grateful. Less gratifying is when Lotor gestures me closer with a crook of his fingers. I freeze up in response, a mouse caught by his claws, the panic making my mouth instantly dry. And yet I obey. I take a step forward, and then another, watching as Lotor leans back in his seat to appraise my hesitant pace towards him. I don’t want to do this, but I also know I don’t have a real choice in the matter. Arus MUST be saved, and to do that I will do just about anything that would ensure Lotor aid and protect my people.

My nerves take another hit, when he abruptly stops me just short of him. It’s just another step towards prolonging my torture, the man cruelly drawing out the anticipation between us. It’s as though he intends to take all the time in the world, as though Lotor is not aware of just how much I want this to be over with. I just want him to touch me, to get on with it. I want him to do something before I start screaming my head off in panic, before I shame myself so completely with a breaking down.

Take off your clothes.” It’s what I wanted, this waiting game at an end and yet something inside me still flinches at the thought of undressing myself. It somehow feels a million times more humiliating than if Lotor had just laid his hands on me, so ill at ease am I with the idea of stripping for him. Of submitting so totally to him, my eyes closing shut in resignation.

When I open my eyes, there is just that cold amusement in that gold gaze of his. Lotor is far too patient, and far too smug, and Arus is all out of options. I swallow and then use trembling fingers to fumble with the fastenings on the back of my dress.

The Drule gives me no discernible reaction. He just watches as my clothing loosens, and my face slowly turns redder with my mounting humiliation. That feeling only grows worse by the minute, and I am going under, drowning in my own fear and misery as my dress begins to slip down my body. It lays bare my all too plain underwear, the buttery yellow bra and matching panty set, that has no frills or seductive charm. The sharp quirk of his eyebrow at the sight, makes me think I shouldn’t have even bothered with them, but I am not that shameless. For every bit of skin he wants bared, he will have to ASK.

He looks at my body clad only in those undergarments, and his gaze grows heavy. There is a heat there, an interest he can no longer feign indifference to. My skin practically burns in response, that humiliated color spreading, as Lotor gives a curt gesture that indicates my bra is to come off. My panties follow soon after, Lotor not about to allow me any more attempts at modesty.

It’s an insolent gaze that inspects me, that turns a critical eye in search of the imperfections of my body. It’s a struggle not to cower, to not try and curl within myself, and use my arms to hide from him. Instead I somehow endure, Lotor looking and looking, and he still has not had his fill.

You’re still as beautiful as ever, Allura.” Lotor finally praises me. “Time may not have been kind to your planet, but it has been to you.” He can’t stop looking at me. He can’t stop staring. Not even to call me out for my behavior. “Don’t you know enough to thank a King when he praises you?”

“Th…thank you.” I stammer, fighting to keep my hands from clenching into fists. He still notices the tremble in my arms, and the way that my fingers tried to curl. THAT makes him grin, Lotor’s eyes darkening with a feral intent.

“I want you on your knees.” He tells me, smug with the certainty that I will not deny him this. He’s right, my body slowly lowering, bringing my knees to thump against the carpeted floor. It leave me only a few inches from him, and yet it is a mile that I must crawl. My body reacts on instinct, moving long before that gaze fixes on me in cold demand.

My lips quiver, my eyes made wide with that nervous look. I can barely breathe, situated as I now am between his spread legs. I can see that substantial bulge of flesh, can smell it’s musk and that of his desire. It is frightening, that part of him that I’ve gone to great lengths to avoid.

“You know what to do.” From the impatient tone of his voice, it is clear Lotor is not going to let me ease myself into it. I brace myself and my nerves, and reach with shaking fingers towards him. There’s the rustle of silk, the fabric easing back as I reveal the King’s full glory. It is impressive to the point of obscenity, the size such I wonder how any human’s body can hope to handle it. Certainly I wonder about MINE, the lovers I’ve had in my past nowhere near as equipped as this Drule.

It’s so startling and distracting a thought, the sight of him leaving me to openly stare. His eyes are on me, Lotor drinking in every second of my shell shocked reaction. Such is my trepidation, that a shudder goes through me, my eyes once again closing. It doesn’t vanquish my demons, doesn’t stop the reality of just what is to happen. Lotor is still there, still waiting when I brace myself to take another look. His cock seems to twitch for my attention, and I swallow back my protests. I cannot control the shaking in my hand, fingers trembling so badly as I reach for him.

My first impression is that he is like steel, all firm and unyielding to the touch. Then comes the awareness of his warmth, that desire that burns through his veins. It is there that the lust is most apparent, Lotor unable to lie to me with THIS part of his body. This hard, quivering focal point of a need that has had years to build up, the Drule close to bursting, and throbbing to the touch.

My lips part on a sigh, an o of an appreciation that I can’t quite stifle. I may not like the man, may not want the acts that are to follow, but there is no denying the work of art that is his body. I curl fingers that are no less steady around him, lock them in place around that shaft of his. It is a firm fist that I make, giving a slow pump of his flesh. Lotor lets out a hiss, the first true sign of his composure breaking as I lock eyes with him. Those feline eyes are like golden storm clouds, slit in the middle with that turbulent black. I am the one to feel smug now, this one moment devoted to my power over him.

With that life and vitality throbbing against my palm, I feel the first real stirring of hope since entering into his lair. He’s so close, so ripe and ready, and all it will take is just a little more stimulation. I can easily end this, and not have to go any further. I can satisfy us both with my hands, Arus saved and my dignity still mostly intact.

With the next pump of my fist, I hear the dig of his claws into the arm rest of the chair. He’s staring at me, brimming with an open hostility, and a seething desire. My fingers squeeze tighter around him, and I don’t even know just when I have started to gloat, tugging and working over his flesh for all that I am worth. I’m so confidant in the moment, so certain he is about to erupt, when he does EXACTLY that. He surges up out of his seat, Lotor’s sudden and violent action ending with me on my back. It is then that I realize just how much fire I had been playing with, his weight pinning me down. I am so thoroughly trapped beneath him, aware of the press of our flesh together, and the feverish heat of his skin. It burns a brand into me, and it is a wild eyed lust that I look up at, Lotor’s grin positively feral.

The man doesn’t say a word, he doesn’t have to. That look on his face is all I need to understand, Lotor shifting so that that rigid flesh cushions itself between my breasts. Try as I might to deny him, it is still an arresting sight, to see that blue blur against my own pale skin.

Congratulations are in order, Allura.” Lotor doesn’t miss a beat in his movements, humping himself harder against my chest. I don’t know where to look, what to watch more of, and only his voice’s mocking tone gets through to me.

Congratulations?” A furrowed brow accompanies my frown. “For?”

Why for Arus of course. You’ve taken the first step needed to guarantee it’s future.” He laughs then, the sound all harsh and strained with the excited rasp of his breath. There’s a smugness oozing out of him, Lotor giving a cruel smirk, as every frantic shift of his hips, brought him closer and closer to that penultimate moment. I’m so distracted by his motions that I almost don’t catch what he is saying, almost miss completely the meaning of his words.

This was just the FIRST step needed. The first in how many more!? I did not know, and it was then I realized my foolishness in brokering a bargain where ANYTHING had indeed been promised.

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