Regret 05

The taste of Allura is potent on my tongue, salty desire that is somehow sweetly satisfying. It makes me thirst for more, an uncontrollable desire to possess Allura down to every fiber of her being. It is not a desire I even attempt to fight, using my tongue in many wicked ways. Bringing her screaming, crying into orgasm again and again. She hates me for it, and hates herself for being so responsive to me. It only makes me want to tease her more, to be so cruel as to bring her to her peak a fourth time.

It’s only fair. Fantasies and regret have tormented me for a decade, and all were focused on the woman beneath me. On the having of her. Once I had wanted her love, to share these moments as the culminate of our mutual affection. Now there is no such feeling, anger and resentment filling us both. It drives me to hurt her, to use her in any way I can. Even bringing her to climax is a victory, a sweet savoring I relish. And all because I know Allura hadn’t wanted to enjoy anything I did to her in this bed.

My eyes gleam but she is in no position to see the feelings darkening them. She is flat on her back, tears trailing down her cheeks as she gazes up at the ceiling. She almost seems unaware of what is going on, too lost to the feel of my tongue’s merciless strokes. She’s screamed several times, but no one will come to investigate Allura’s anguish. No one will even think to care that she might be suffering at my hands.

I’m suffering too, my cock so swollen it hurts. It pulsates and twitches, throbbing violently as though it could get off from the sounds of Allura’s cries alone. I’ve dribbled steadily on the bed sheets, precome emerging easily from me. I am tempted to make Allura take me in her mouth again, but the lesson I want to instill in her is not over with. I want to possess her in ways she hadn’t expected. Own her so thoroughly she is ruined for other men. Nothing and no one will make her feel the way I have, lust and loathing mingling to make some new emotion that sickens her.

I will get her addicted to me. I will make Allura crave me, crave the things I can do to her. The things I can make her feel. No one else will satisfy in my place, even as she hates and despises me. It’s those thoughts that keep me from shifting, keep me from soothing my hard cock inside her wetness. I crave to thrust into her, but there is it’s own satisfaction in having Allura spread out before me like a banquet.

Her chest is heaving with every breath, her beautiful breasts seeming to quiver. Perspiration has beaded on her skin, Allura looking exhausted from my attentions. Weak human that she is, I have tired her out yet I have boundless energy. Nor am I limited by care, ready to work her to the point she collapses in a faint. I will have my satisfaction, a million climaxes stolen between us before I am done with her.

My tongue hasn’t stopped while I think these thoughts. She’s moaning, practically whimpering. I’d make her scream my name before I’m through with her, my tongue licking her luxuriously as my fingers probed inside her. A familiar tightening of her insides, and then she is squealing. Thrashing about as best she can considering I hold her down.

She can’t quite calm down, body too sensitive. But she gets enough coherent thought to gently touch my hair. To smooth fingers against my scalp, the touch so tender it is out of place for the animosity we both feel. I raise up to look at her, Allura exhaling sharply. “Your highness….please…” Allura looks feverish and frantic, as though she cannot take much more of this. But she will, my fingers continuing to move inside her. “Please wait…”

I don’t ask her if she likes it. I know she both does and doesn’t, the pleasure proving too much for her. She continues to shake, closing her eyes for one moment as another frantic moan is torn out of her. I feel as though I could keep doing this all night, even though my cock is an ache that protests it’s own lack of satisfaction. It’s so gratifying to tease her, to make her mad with desire.

“Don’t!” She cries out panicked, when I dip my tongue inside her. “Please….don’t tease me anymore!” Desperation colors her words, but her eyes as angry as they are, are also colored with heavy arousal. It was a wild inflammatory effect, especially with Allura spread out before me, her breasts quivering with each unsteady breath. I want to fall on her, to touch and lick and bite everywhere. But there is danger in what I am doing. I could easily become just as addicted as I am trying to make her. That will not do. She will be the slave, in thrall to my whims rather than I to her.

Once I would have treated her as my equal. As more than my equal, gladly being her slave. I would have leapt to her commands, strove to any length to keep her from ever experiencing sadness. Now I want to make her cry, to drive her mad and ruin her. Break her the way she broke my heart. I won’t even pick up the pieces when I am done, leaving her broken on the floor.

But we’re a long way from that moment, and even I realize one night will not be enough to destroy her the way she had destroyed me. Sometimes I think I have never recovered from the hurt she had dealt me, the crushing disappointment. Allura made me realize love doesn’t trump all, that it can be meaningless. I had loved her, and wanted her to love me back, but she had been set on denying me. On thinking me a monster. I wasn’t then, but I am now, having years to harbor resentment and rage. And it’s all coming out now to batter her body.

And yet a part of me realizes I want her in a way that I have never wanted another woman in all my adult years. It could be fatal, this want. It would be all too easy for her to turn it against me, if she would only realize just how strongly I desire her. I have had hundreds of women in an attempt to heal from Allura, and yet for all my experience, this single woman still controls me by my cock.

I have to get Allura out of my system. I have to use her as many times as it takes, both to save myself and to damn her. Every moment is trying to sweep out of my control, to go from the safe harbor of easy lust. I had always known Allura would be extraordinary, and this time with her is doing nothing to disavow me of that notion. It makes me growl, the sound infuriating. Allura gasps, and somehow manages to pull away from me. She puts herself at the headboard of the bed, frightened and staring at me as though I have become a rabid animal. Maybe I have, the urge to pounce and mark her strong in me.

I won’t give her a reassuring smile, won’t do anything to calm her. Instead I do pounce, grabbing at her. Falling on her flesh with an abandoned hunger, doing tender bites on her breasts that don’t break the skin. She squirms and cries out, Allura’s voice panicked. She panics even more when I flip her onto her stomach, pinning her down with a hand on her back.

Her ass wiggles as she struggles to get free. Such an enticing sight. I want to bite her on one plump cheek, and vaguely I am aware of her shouting. My voice is harsh as I speak to her, telling her to lift her hips, to raise her ass up while she keeps her face down. For one brief moment it looks like Allura will refuse me, and then her head slumps against the mattress. She has acknowledge defeat, unable to fight against my strength. That beautiful ass raises up, and I order her to spread her legs wider.

Her thigh are damp with her juice, so much coming out of her it drips onto the bed sheets. I rub my cock over her soaked sex, getting it wet with that moisture. My own breath hisses out of me in ragged pants, this is going to feel even better than the last time. I angle my hips, and let the fat head of my cock start to enter inside her. I am trying to go slow, but the sense of coming home fills me. She feels right, like Allura was made for my cock alone.

That thought makes me growl, anger and sadness combining. The sadness is unexpected and unwelcome, a realization that Allura should have been mine years ago. We should have loved each other, she should have been my soul mate, as perfect a half to my heart as she is a fit for my cock.

Sensations fill me, blazing fire burning me as I thrust hard in her. In one angry stroke, I have filled her completely tearing out a pained protest from Allura. Her fingers are clutching at the bed sheets, fisting them so hard her knuckles bleed out their color. I am going to hurt her again, use her so cruelly and without mercy because of my anger. My should have been.

Both my hands go to her ass, gripping her on either side. Digging my claws into that skin, and leaving welts there. I am angry at the sense of belonging her body instills in me, and I don’t pause to savor the sensation. Instead I start thrusting, pounding angrily away inside her. The slap of wet flesh sliding over wet flesh is heard, along with Allura’s whimpers and yes, even a moan or two. She’s too aroused, too fresh off her multiple climaxes to not feel some pleasure from my cock stirring her up.

Allura was taut, trembling, drawing me in. If I could, I’d go deeper, but there was nowhere left to go. I was touching the very center of her soul, forging a connection between us that both would forever remember. A shift of her body, a change of the angle has her squeezing me harder. She is so damn sensitive in the moment, her body was already constricting in another climax. But I wasn’t finished with her, not ready to come so fast. I couldn’t, wouldn’t be satisfied with a climax just seconds after entering her.

My balls were in agony, almost taking the choice from me. They wanted me to release my seed, wanted me to bring an end to this unexpected torment. My body was eager to stain her insides white, to mark here just as thoroughly there as I had on the outside of her body.

Allura whimpered again, her nails digging so hard the expensive fabric of my bed sheets tore beneath them. She was hot like a furnace, and so blessedly wet it nearly drove me mad. That choked out whimper combined distress and pleasure, my own cock throbbing in response. Dribbling inside her with every frantic stroke. I kept hauling on her ass, forcing her to move to meet my furious thrusts. Allura would be lucky if she could walk by the time I was through with her, my voice growling out in guttural snarls.

Allura was crying again, whispering something that broke on a half sob. “Please…oh please….”

“Please what?” I demanded, not slowing my harsh use of her. In that moment I truly didn’t know what she was asking me. Did she want me to stop, or was she begging for another climax?

“Please forgive me…” Came her sad sob, and I froze. Lights flashed before my eyes, my body unable to stop the orgasm from ripping out of me. My seed flooded inside her womb, Allura sobbing, repeating her earlier entreaty. I didn’t even feel the relief associated with such a violent coming, too shocked by what she had asked of me.

I wondered how she could ask that of me. Just as I wondered if she was sincere in that, or was it some new desperate ploy of hers. I even wondered if I was capable of forgiveness at this point, staring down at her back. She continued to shake around me, her whole body trembling. Her passage continued to milk my cock of it’s seed, and that tore a groan from me.

I didn’t know what to do, what to say. It was shocking and laughable, after all the fantasies I had had about making Allura pay for my broken heart. A part of me wasn’t ready to stop taking payment from her, and if there was any part of me that felt hope at her words, they were too sliver small to be noticed. I hardened my heart once more, pulling out of her with a suddenness that had her crying out in protest.

“You have no right to ask me that.” I told Allura, turning my back to her. Glaring across the room at nothing in particular. Her next words didn’t help with my anger, a soft sob escaping her, as she lay there unmoving.

“I know.”

Such sad words. Such defeat in her tone. Allura knew there was little chance of fixing things between us, of us going back to that time of ten years ago. She didn’t love me now, and she hadn’t back then. And I refused to become a love sick fool for her once more. It left us in this sick cycle of abuse and revenge, and even I had little knowledge of where exactly it would end.

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