The Enemy of My Enemy

While out on an isolated training exercise, Allura intercepts a distress signal. Her investigation leads her to an injured Prince Lotor, and the enemy that pursues him. An enemy that both human and Drule alike fear. The Keraclon.
Fic started in 2010

3 thoughts on “The Enemy of My Enemy

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    1. Thanks! it’s definitly up there as one I want to work on with the goal of someday finishing. Some of the others that I really want to finish: Cost of Regret, Diplomatic relations, Duty;s end, Songbird’s Lament, For Better of For worse…and a million ideas I never even got to start…like the third Lusting Effects..

      There’s others, but these are the ones I remember as being my faves and having the strongest urge to work on….Like two years ago i even took the time to reread Cost and Diplomatic, but still couldn’t get the inspiration to write the next chapter for either one. I have notes, so I know what I want to do with the fics ultimately…but i can;’t seem to get inspiration or motivation to write..

      1. Ah, I completely understand the inspiration block. Especially when you’ve written within a specific fandom for a long time. Had my own run-ins there. =)

        I’m still exploring your writing so have a long way to go in reading many of these. I greatly look forward to them.

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