Enemy 16

Lotor hadn’t let her retrieve his crutch, the prince insisting she herself personally help him to their bed. Allura had felt put upon, grudgingly supporting Lotor much like she had done when they had been trying to escape the Keraclon. But it was different this time, Lotor stronger, and nothing was chasing them except her own fear of what would happen when they reached the bed.

With Allura’s help, Lotor lowered himself onto the mattress, making a satisfied sound. She quickly stepped back, making sure to keep out of his reach. He seemed too busy settling himself against the many pillows placed against the bed’s headboard, but eventually he spoke. “Help me get my boots off.”

It was the last thing she was expecting, and relief nearly flooded her. Allura nodded, wordless as she moved towards his feet. Those boots of his were one of the only things that had been salvaged from his uniform, the leather strong and sturdy. Zippers were on the side, Allura easing them down, then tugging the boots off his feet. She showed extra care to his one foot, Allura not wanting to irritate his twisted ankle.

Setting the boots on the floor, Allura purposefully made sure to remain at the foot of the bed. She needed that space, need the comfort it’s illusion gave her. It calmed something within her, even as she knew Lotor could shatter her peace with just one word, one look.

Instead of saying anything, he patted the spot to the left of him, Lotor’s smile pleasant enough. Quickly, she shook her head, denying him this small thing. His smile faltered, Lotor looking exasperated. “Allura, we can’t do this with you on the other side of the bed!”

“Don’t you think I know that?!” She demanded, her tone matching his.

“Well, truthfully I’m not sure what you know of the act we’re about to do.” Allura didn’t know what to make of Lotor’s admittance, that he thought her that naive a virgin.

“I know enough.” She finally said, and Lotor arched a brow at her. She immediately flushed, Allura hurrying to explain. “I’ve read books on the matter. And I’ve heard some of the maids talking…”

“Have you now?” Lotor wondered, and Allura nodded, still blushing. “Well, Allura, I’m sure you think you know everything, but I bet you’re not prepared for the reality of a lover….especially one that is a Drule.”

He was right about at least one thing, Allura having never, ever dreamed her husband would be a Drule. Even one that was half breed, Allura well aware of the difference in size Lotor had in comparison to a human male. He towered over her in all matters, Allura’s face about even with his chest. His reach was much longer than hers, and when he had held her hand, his had dwarfed hers.

Lotor grinned at her silence, which only earned him an angry look from her. Allura actually crossed her arms over her chest, presenting a stubborn front to Lotor. He shifted on the bed, his movements careful and slow. But it was enough to get her to flee, Allura leaping off the bed’s edge, and moving to stand across the room. With his crutch still by the door, he’d have a difficult time of catching her, Allura having no pity for his twisted ankle.

A sigh and a frown followed her actions, Lotor’s arm extended towards the spot she had vacated. “How do you expect me to make love to you, if you won’t even hold still long enough for me to touch you?!”

She let her mouth set in a stubborn line, Allura refusing to admit her nerves had gotten the better of her. She had had a fight or flight reaction, Allura choosing to run rather than lash out with violence.

“Allura…” He sighed, then tried again. “Allura, I can understand you’re scared…”

“I am not scared!” She interrupted him, though they both knew that was a lie. The fear was there, layers of it coming out to override much of her anger. But not all of it, Allura torn between screaming and crying.

“There would be no shame in admitting to your fear. Not in this.” Lotor told her, and his kind tone was nearly her undoing. She didn’t want that, didn’t think she could bear it if she broke down, anymore than she could stomach his false kindness.

“I faced the Keraclon.” She announced, trying to draw strength from her words. “I faced the nightmares they had shown me, and I survived intact. You think a little, insignificant thing like bedding you could possibly compare to that? That it would break me somehow?!”

He did not bristle at her insult, at least not outwardly, Lotor staring at her for one long, considering moment. She wouldn’t fidget under his gaze, instead staring her own challenge at him. “Then come here.” He finally said, and held out his good hand to her. “Prove to me how unafraid you really are.”

Not breaking the gaze they shared, she reluctantly moved, loathe to do this, but goaded into showing him her bravery. It took an immense act of will power to walk those steps to the bed, to not tremble under his gaze as she reached out with her own hand, fingers grazing his a moment before he grabbed her. It was an unbreakable grip he had on her hand, Allura knowing enough to not try and fight it.

Nor did she fight when he pulled her down onto the bed, her other arm coming forward to stop herself from completely falling against him. Allura ended up hovering just a scant two inches above him, their faces close enough that their breaths mingled. Lotor didn’t smile at her nearness, expression too serious for that. It was an intense look he wore, concentration focused entirely on her, and that made her shiver back in awareness.

“If I let go of your hand…will you flee?” Yes, no, maybe. They all came to mind as potential answers, and it must have shown in Allura’s eyes that hesitation, for he sighed then, heavy breath washing over her. “Then I won’t. Not for now. But….you’ll have to work with me then.”

“Work with you?” She echoed with a frown.

He nodded. “Kiss me Allura. Kiss me and don’t hold back.”

“There’s nothing to hold back.” She retorted. “I don’t have any feelings for you except anger. I certainly don’t have any passion to give you.”

“You’re wrong on that.” Lotor insisted. “It’s there, lingering just under the surface. You always been a passionate woman, about so many things. Why should this be any different?”

“Because I don’t love you!” Allura all but shouted in his face. His eyes narrowed for a second, Lotor annoyed. But when his expression cleared, he was calm, speaking with some of the passion he claimed she too was capable of.

“I have enough love for both of us. That will be enough…for now.” He decided.

“You’re a damn fool.” Allura told him, leaning her face the rest of the way into his.

“Never about this.” Came Lotor’s answer, his head lifting off the pillow to meet her before she could change her mind and back off him. She didn’t gasp at their lips’ contact, or even at the jolt of static electricity the kiss rose in them. Nor did she try to jerk back, Allura holding herself still for Lotor’s lips. None of that so called passion he felt in her rose, Allura not moving her mouth in time to Lotor’s urgent ministrations.

She was cold, and unfeeling except for negative emotions, and even the warmth of Lotor’s mouth couldn’t break the ice shield she was building up around her. Allura shivered anew, well aware that wherever he touch her, from his lips, to the fingers locked around her wrist, heat rose off him in waves. The cold she felt should have made her want more of that warmth, but instead Allura shied away from him, a helpless sound escaping her.

Lotor merely kissed her harder, at one point nibbling on her bottom lip, giving it a playful tug. He was doing everything he could to encourage a response from her, and she wondered how long it would be before he grew frustrated by her lack of response.

When his tongue prodded the seam of her closed lips, Allura dutifully parted them. It never seemed easier to kiss him, to endure the alien sensation of his tongue moving over hers, a wet velvet caress that served to make her only want to sob. Even more so that he was an expert at it, strokes sure and confidant, never faltering even at her lack of participation.

He still managed to steal her breath away, Lotor keeping the kiss going for longer than she thought possible. And while he allowed her the chance for air, Lotor hardly was content to stop kissing her. His lips kissed away from the right corner of her mouth, going up high on her cheek and towards her ear. Every press of his lips was like the moist flutter of wings, and she oddly liked that sensation.

His kisses ended up behind her ear, Lotor using his tongue to trace the curve of it. And then he was speaking, a silky whisper she only heard for his lips were right next to her ear. “Did you know that a Drule’s ear is highly sensitive?”


“It has to do with the length, the extra space that allows for more nerves.” His breath tickled over her skin, Allura shivering again. “It feels amazing when one uses their tongue on a Drule’s ear.” His tongue flick out, Allura doing her best not to gasp and jerk back. “And when one sucks on the tip of it…why Allura, you could drive a Drule wild if you did that right.”

“Why do I get the feeling it’s not your ear you want me to suck.” She managed to say, tone dry and her face flushing red over it. She felt even more embarrassed when Lotor let out a throaty chuckle, the prince purring out an answer.

“Well, there’s that too.”

She was furious then, not with him, but with herself, Allura feeling there was no need to give him any additional ideas. Not that she didn’t think he could come up with such a thing on his own, but Allura didn’t want to draw his thoughts away from kisses right now.

Lotor continued to laugh, and now he left her ear alone to kiss down the side of her face. His lips traced over the line of her jaw, each press soft but insistent. And then he was kissing just under, the skin there feeling especially sensitive. She must have made some betraying sound or gesture, because Lotor lingered there, Allura fighting not to bite down on her lip in response to the kisses.

It seemed the flesh of her neck was a stretch of overly sensitive flesh, each kiss there tingling. At times Lotor would lick instead of kissing her, and the wetness he left behind made her shiver when he blew on that patch of skin. “You’re pulse is racing Allura.” Came his sudden comment. “It’s like a frantic bird trying to escape it’s cage.”

She didn’t know what to say to that, so Allura kept quiet. It was then that Lotor decided to taste her pulse, tongue laving attention on that spot an instant before he fastened his lips in place. Allura was surprised at how good that spot felt, and as he began to suck insistently at her skin, seeming in time to the beat of her own pulse, she let out a whimpery sounding moan.

Lotor actually purred, a deep rumble of pleasure that made him sound like a cat. The sound relaxed her somewhat, Allura letting her eyes fall close as she started to lean against him. It was a mistake, the more she unwound, the more she forgot herself, Allura falling against Lotor’s broken arm. Abruptly the suction of her neck ended, Lotor hissing in pain.

Startled, her eyes flew open, Allura hurriedly rolling off him. “I…I’m sorry!” She exclaimed, red faced and embarrassed. Lotor had let go of her wrist so that he could cradle his broken arm in it’s sling. The sight made her feel awful, Allura almost pitying him then.

“It’s okay.” Lotor insisted when he had stopped hissing. “This is just gonna take some getting used to.”

“This is not gonna work…” Allura decided. “You’re injuries are such that we shouldn’t even be attempting this.”

“I am not going to let a broken arm stop me from making love to my wife!” Lotor snapped, looking frustrated when she added the following.

“Don’t forget a twisted ankle. Lotor…you can barely stand without that crutch. How do you expect to…” The blush grew hotter on her face, Allura stuttering. “To you know..?.”

“I don’t have to stand anymore than you do.” Lotor retorted, then tried for a smirk. “We’ll just have to be careful.”

“Careful….” She fixed him with a doubting look, Lotor gesturing for her to come back to the bed. She did so, albeit it reluctantly, Lotor lifting a hand to her face.

“Yes, Careful…” His hand smoothed back along her cheek, fingers going into her hair. “Careful and creative at times.”

Oh boy, she didn’t even want to know what he meant by that last one, Allura just staring at him. Lotor laughed at the look she had on her face, his fingers having stroked over to the pins that trapped her hair into a bun. He began pulling the pins out, on by one, letting them fall to the bed as he worked to unravel her hair.

“Much better.” Lotor said when he was done, her hair a shimmering cape down her back. “I so prefer your hair down to that prudish bun you almost always wear.”

“It’s not prudish!” Allura protested. “It’s practical.”

“Practical is boring.” Lotor decided, his fingers still playing with her hair. He stroke down as far as it reached, the ends caressing over her bottom. She almost jumped when he goosed her rear, Allura squeaking out a protest.

“Lotor!” He laughed and did it again, Allura frowning at him. “Stop that!”

“Come, let’s figure out how to get you out of your dress.” That made her lose all her heated color, Allura paling. Lotor surely noticed, though he didn’t say anything about her change in color. Instead he concentrated on finding the fastenings on the back of her dress, Lotor’s fingers fumbling as he tried to work the claps open with one hand. “I think you’ll have to strip for me…”

“Strip?!” She gave him a dismayed look, Lotor nodding.

“I’m afraid my actions are limited with this broken arm of mine.”

“That broken arm never stopped you before…” She muttered, and got off the bed. Lotor smirked, and settled more comfortably against the pillows, his golden gaze
centered on her as she chewed on her lip uncertainly.

“Any time you’re ready Allura.” He told her, and she flashed him an angry look.

“If we wait for that, then this will never happen.” With an angry sigh, she reached behind her, finding the clasps and struggling to open them as quickly as she could. It was more difficult then expected, the claps a fancy design that had been done up by one of the maids. But somehow she managed, the dress loosening around her torso.

When Allura moved to hurriedly peel off the long sleeves, Lotor called out, the look in his eyes stopping her. “Let me…” She didn’t necessarily want him to touch her, Allura warily retuning to the bed. Limited to one arm, it made her undressing slower, Lotor sliding off one sleeve than the other, the short slip she wore underneath the dress revealed. “More pink?” He asked amused.

“Don’t you start!” She retorted, tone vicious in the moment.

“Hmmm…” Working together, they got the dress off her legs, leaving it balled into a heap on the floor. Her slip was much shorter than the dress, barely reaching to cover her thighs. Lotor placed his hand on the inside of one, fingers stroking the skin there. It made her flesh break out into goose bumps, Allura shivering. Lotor shifted up right, moving to kiss the back of her shoulder.

His teeth caught at the thin straps of her slip, Lotor tugging it downwards, then doing the same to the other one. It left the slip sagging, her breasts starting to be revealed. His hand left her thigh to grab the front of her slip, Lotor hauling it downwards so that it pooled around her hips. She shivered and did not fight the urge to cover herself, Allura blushing again.

“Allura…” Lotor’s hand was on her shoulder, trying to turn her to face him. “Let me see.”

She shook her head no, blonde hair falling forward to help obscure her breasts. Lotor was insistent though, his hand demanding as he tried to forcibly make her turn around.

With a sullen look on her face, she did so, and Lotor used his good hand to brush back all her hair. “Lower your arms…” Lotor commanded, Allura hating that she trembled in response to that order. She closed her eyes as her arms went down, so missed the look in Lotor’s eyes. But there was no mistaking the hiss of pleasure he let out at seeing her breasts.

Nor could she ignore the way his one hand cupped her right breasts, seeming to test the weight of it. “Perfect.” Lotor sighed, sounding far too happy in the moment.

“I’m not perfect!” She countered, eyes still closed to block out the smug satisfaction she was sure he had to be wearing.

“To me, you are.” Lotor’s breath was on her skin, she quickly snapped open her eyes in time to see him placing kisses over the top of her cleavage. His hand continue to hold her one breast, and now it began to do gentle squeezes, fingers flexing and kneading. It was odd, and yet perversely felt good, though Allura couldn’t completely relax so long as she was half undressed around Lotor.

“Tell me Allura, have you ever touched yourself?” The unexpected question had her blinking owlishly at him, a moment before his words registered.

“Of course not!” She snapped, and he smiled.

“What, never?”

“No, never!” She insisted, and his smile widened.

“Then I’m about to usher you into a whole new world of sensations.”

She didn’t like that grin, and really didn’t like it when he kissed over her nipples, the tips seeming flat and unresponsive. She ended up hissing in surprise when he licked her there, a tingle emanating from where his tongue wetly stroked across her flesh. Occasionally he would purse his lips around her nipple, doing a gentle suck that added more of that tickling sensation.

She immediately tried to jerk back, finding his hand was on the small of her back now, holding her in place as best he could. Jolts of something hot and warm whipped through her, a line of it seeming to extend from her breast to her groin. Allura made a sound, and Lotor smiled knowingly at her, but did not speak, choosing instead to continue licking his tongue over the tip of her.

Damn him, but her nipples were reacting to that insistent attention, the flesh stiffening, giving him more to tease. His tongue seemed to curl around one, Lotor brushing his lips over it again and again before popping it fully into his mouth.

“AH!” Allura’s hands immediately flew up, clamping over her mouth too late to stifle that cry. Lotor stared up at her face as he sucked on her breasts, and if it was possible Allura would have died of mortification.

Stony glare aimed down at him, Allura could only kneel there and watch as Lotor continued that torturous assault on her sensitized flesh. He worked over her nipple continuously, popping it in and out of his mouth, letting the air hit the wetness on her skin. Then he would suck it back in, tongue rubbing over it, Lotor grazing his fang’s tips gently over that bit of flesh. His lips pulled on it, and when he decided the nipple was properly loved, he switched to her other one, showing the same care and attention
to it.

Her breasts were aching, Allura finding her nipples too stiff, the discomfort only appeased by the warmth of Lotor’s mouth. And soon even that wasn’t enough, Allura finding she was feeling hot and needy all over, especially down between her thighs.

It made her fidget, Allura uncomfortable with the tickling sensation that was so insistent in her sex. Lotor shifted slightly, trying to tug the slip off her the rest of the way. His progress was impeded with only one arm, Lotor giving up to reach under the hem of the slip. His fingers brushed over her panties, and again she gasped, shying away. It didn’t stop Lotor, his growl muffled against her breast, he tore the panties from her body, Allura almost screaming in surprise.

But when he tried to touch between her legs again, she stopped him, Allura shoving him away from her. “Don’t….just don’t…”

“Allura?” He looked confused, but surely he didn’t think she had melted completely for him just from some attention on her breasts.

“Please no more. Just get this over with.” She begged, and a stubborn light appeared in his eyes. “Lotor…” She tried a different tactic, and perhaps it was cruel to play on his love like this. His so called love, she quickly reminded herself. “If you love me, even just a little, you’ll stop this. Stop trying to…”

“Stop trying to make you feel good?” He seemed stunned at the idea, and she nodded again.

“Just get it over with!” Allura exclaimed, and put a hand on the crotch of his pants. What she felt there startled her, the bulge prominent, the snug pants straining and seeming close to bursting. Just how big was he, and could she really fit him inside her body?!


“Lotor, please!” Allura was urgent, gearing up her nerves to squeeze him through the pant’s fabric. He actually moaned in response, but still tried to form protests. She kept on squeezing him, to the point his cock twitched against her hand. That seemed to decide it, Lotor chasing her hands away to ease down the zipper on his fly.

Allura couldn’t help staring, seeing the large length of flesh that surged up and out of his pants. Nor could she stop from trembling, not sure how her body would be able to handle something like that. Suddenly rushing him didn’t seem like such a good idea, Allura licking her lips nervously. Lotor didn’t miss that action, he moaned in response to her tongue’s movement.

“Allura…” A husky whisper of her name, his hand already around her wrist, tugging her to him. She had time to blink, and then he was kissing her, hard and possessively. “Straddle my lap.” Came his orders, his hand rubbing down her bare back and over the bunched up slip. “Position yourself over my cock…”

She wasn’t sure of the position, her trembles increasing. Wouldn’t this take him in deeper? But she had already put this in motion, Lotor looking as needy and demanding as ever.

Somehow Allura found herself kneeling over his lap, hovering just over the head of his cock. She chewed on her lip uncertainly, looking anywhere but at Lotor as he bucked up to brush his cock insistently against her. He seemed to deem her wet enough at that touch, Lotor moaning something in Drule as he continued to tease over her. The feel of his cock touching her there, made her want to bolt, Allura somehow managing to hold still for him.

But still wasn’t what Lotor wanted, he was commanding her to move, Allura hesitating. She blinked back tears, knowing that once she lowered herself down, the act would be final. There would be no going back.

She stared at Lotor, his eyes golden pools of lust, and knew this was the face of the price she was paying. The price to keep the galaxy safe. As far as faces went, it wasn’t ugly, but the personality behind that handsome veneer is what she objected to.


“It’s nothing.” Allura said, trying to tell herself this act meant nothing. Nothing at all to her. With a put upon sigh, she started to lower herself, feeling the tip of Lotor started to push past her folds, to squeeze into the entrance of her body. The head of his cock was fat and thick, and already spreading her untried area open. It felt like more than she could handle, muscles starting to protest with pain.

“Lotor, I don’t think…” Suddenly his hand had landed on her hip, Lotor hauling her down without mercy. She screamed, feeling the sharp pain of her lost virginity. It wasn’t like ripping off a bandage, the pain tp sudden and toosoon, Lotor too deep inside her. He looked satisfied by what he had done, unrepentant in the moment as he moaned about how she felt.

“So tight…..even for a virgin…” He cooed, her cheeks flaming. She slapped him then, angry at the ease in which he could inflict this pain on her, Allura hissing out an insult. “Bastard!”

“Such shocking language for a princess.” Lotor retorted, and still gripping her hip, did an upwards thrust. Allura gasped, and bit down on her lip, drawing blood in the process.

She actually started to fall forward, hands lashing out to grab his shoulders and keep her from hitting his broken arm. “Don’t move!” Allura said, tasting blood on her
tongue. “Not yet!”

“But it feels too good to stop!” countered Lotor, shifting forward to catch at her bleeding lip. He sucked on the wound, and it was then that she remembered that Drules were fond of blood. “Move with me Allura.” Lotor commanded, kissing her harshly.

“I don’t know how.” Never mind she didn’t think she could, not when she was so sore.

“It’s easy!” Lotor’s cock seemed to twitch and throb within her, the Drule burying his face between her breasts so that his words came out muffled. “Just bounce a little..”

“Bounce…” Again he was thrusting, and she realized he couldn’t effectively move her with just one hand. That was a small blessing, even as Allura tried to block out the discomfort she was feeling. Some of it fled when he began to shower attention on her breasts, Allura’s fingers tightening on his shoulders. More cries escaped her, and after an eternity of hesitation she began to move her hips, bouncing like he had told her too.

Those first bounces made the pain flare even more, but after a while it faded, or perhaps she grew numb to the feeling. Lotor began sucking on her nipple, but it wasn’t enough, Allura miserable as they moved together. What’s worse, he seemed to have an incredible amount of stamina, the sex going on and on to the point she thought it would never end.

She wanted it over with, she wanted him done with her, and gone from her body. She bounced harder, hoping to trigger a release from him, Allura hearing the pleased gasps and moans Lotor was letting out.

“That’s good…you catch on quickly.” Lotor muttered, licking up the moisture that had started to bead on her body. He licked up to the front of her throat, and then fasted his mouth on that spot, working to suck the skin into a bruise. Her neck, as she had discovered, was a weak point for her, her body tightening involuntary. That tightening was what triggered Lotor’s release, a spurt of hot come shooting deep inside her.

He clung to her with one arm, mouth on her throat, muffling his moan. More come erupted out of him, to the point it overflowed out of her. The instant Lotor lifted his mouth from her throat, she pushed at him, trying to get off. She felt dirty and defiled, her body relieved to be slipping free of him.

“Allura?” Lotor seemed to come down from his sexual high, and now he almost looked worried.

“It’s nothing, I’m fine!” She insisted, and rolled over onto her side. She had grabbed hold of the blanket, and now she pulled it over her, not wanting him to touch her more than necessary. “I’m just tired.” She added, and after that would speak no more, no matter how many questions and concerns he tossed her way.

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