Enemy 17

It took her a while to actually fall asleep, and when she did, her dreams were troubled. She was always running in them, trying to dodge something that was hidden in the dark shadows of her mind. She could never catch so much as a glimpse of what chased her, but she felt the oppressive weight of it’s eyes on her. She nearly jumped out of her skin when she opened her eyes, finding prince Lotor’s concerned gaze on her.

Still caught in her dream’s grasp, she gasped, her hands reaching for the blanket which she discovered had been pulled off of her. The slip was still tangled around her waist, but it did little to chase away the chill she felt. Lotor staring at her, sharp, predatory eyes not missing a thing, did not help matters. But when she tried to sit up, his hand held her down, his gaze sweeping over the length of her body before returning to her face.

“It’s nothing, I’m fine.” Allura said when she saw him open his mouth to speak.

“You don’t look fine.” Lotor retorted, and traced his fingers over some of the goose bumps on her right arm. She shivered at his touch, but said nothing in response. “Allura, you were having some kind of nightmare…I could hear you moaning in your sleep.”

“I told you it’s nothing.” Allura insisted. “I’ve just had too much on my mind…too much stress.” She didn’t say it, but Allura had the feeling he knew she was implying that much of the stress originated from him. She wondered if that was to be her lot in life, continually bombarded with the stress of having Lotor for a husband. She knew he brought plenty of troubles and worries with him, Allura having only sampled a small tasting of them.

“You’ll get frown lines if you keep worrying.” Lotor said, and now he moved his hand, using his fingers to trace just to the side of her right eye. “And you’re far too young for that.” She couldn’t tell if he was purposefully trying to lighten the mood, but Allura didn’t so much as crack a smile in response. “What can I do…” Lotor asked, fingers stroking back into her hair now. “To make you less stressed.”

“You could start by not touching me.” Allura said and that made him frown.

“That’s not going to happen.” Lotor told her. “Not now, not ever. Allura…” He chided when she sighed. “I am your husband now. And there are certain things I expect from you.”

“Yes, I know…” She was sad then, Allura fighting the memories of last night. A few slipped in, anyway, Allura remembering how it had hurt when he had thrust inside her so ruthless and uncaring. A glance away from him to her body, showed the dried remains of her maiden’s blood on her thighs, just another reminder that she was virgin no more.

She hadn’t tried to hide her sadness, and Lotor was too perceptive not to recognize the emotion in her voice. “Allura, it won’t always be like last night….”

“It won’t…?” She asked this with all her doubts showing, Lotor smiling at her, the expression tender.

“It won’t. A virgin’s first time is supposed to hurt…and I could have, should have been gentler in that moment.”

“You were just being you.” Allura pointed out, and he looked chagrined.

“I was being a man…letting my urges drive my actions…I should have had more control…” A trace of her cheek now, thumb extending towards her lips. “I will have more control.” She didn’t believe him, didn’t think him capable of being anything other than the lustful man he had been last night. “Please Allura…” He bent over her, the curtain of his white hair falling over her. “Let me prove to you how much better things can be between us…”

“What, now?” She asked, even as he lowered the rest of the way to kiss her. She was still unfeeling in this regard, lips dull and unresponsive to his kiss. Not that it seemed to deter Lotor, the prince working overtime to nibble warmth into her. She didn’t try to push him away, holding herself still for this, as Allura parted her lips with a sigh. His tongue didn’t immediately surged forward, Lotor instead worrying at the bottom of her lip.

“Allura…kiss me…” Lotor said, and he sounding like he was begging her in the moment. “Kiss me with feeling, even if you have to fake it. I just want…”

“Just want what?” She breathed into his mouth, and Allura could have sworn he shivered in that moment.

“Just kiss me.” He said, seeming unwilling or unable to finish his earlier wish. He touched his lips back to hers, and this time his tongue swept inside, Lotor trying to coax some activity from her. She still didn’t feel like kissing him, but allowed her tongue to rise, attempting to mimic his actions. He seemed to grow excited by that, and somehow he slowly urged her tongue to enter his mouth.

It was a new sensation awaiting for her there, Lotor pursing his lips, and doing a gentle suck on the tip of her tongue. It tickled, sensation teasing along the length of it, making Allura want to giggle. That sound escaped her, Lotor releasing her so that he could raise up and smile at her. She flushed then, embarrassed, and decided to distract herself by playing her fingers in his hair.

That only made Lotor smile more, especially when she swept back his hair, tucking as much of it as she could over his pointed ears. A dark look gleamed in his eyes, Allura remembering then what he had said about a Drule’s ears being sensitive. Immediately she tried to pull her hand away, but he caught her by the wrist, holding her in place.

“Allura…Aren’t you the least bit…curious about the differences between us?” She quickly shook her head no, but he didn’t look as if he believed her. “The man from the woman, the human from the Drule?” He was encouraging her hand back to his ear, trying to get her to touch it. She didn’t know the full harm of it, but something told her if she kept playing with his ear, he’d pounce on her, broken arm be damned.

“Are…are your ears really that sensitive?” She finally asked. “Or is that just a line you tell to all the humans girls you bed?”

He didn’t take offense, his familiar smirk appearing. “Why don’t you suck on one and see?” She really turned red then, Lotor’s all too masculine laugh filling the room. “Ah Allura, you turn such cute shades of red and pink. I love how quick you are to blush.”

“I hate it.” She admitted. “It makes me too easy to read…at least when I feel embarrassed or humiliated.”

“It’s charming.” Lotor assured her. “I hope you never learn to control that action.” He lowered her hand from his ear, but did not drop it, bringing it inside to his mouth. He then did a long lick down the center of her palm, lips ending up fastened on the pulse point in her wrist. She feared that pulse of hers was started to speed up, just as her cheeks flooded with even more warmth.

He watched her as he sucked, and it wasn’t until he was done, and her skin was a bright red over her pulse, that Allura realized he had been marking her. She suddenly wondered how many marks she had on her neck, Allura remembering how often he had placed his lips on that skin. Her hands flew to touch her throat, and Lotor smirked, pleased with himself.

“You’ve a nice ring of kiss marks around your neck.” He brushed a kiss over the tip of her nose, teasing and playful. “Everyone who sees them will know you have a man.”

“I think our wedding rings would have taken care of that!” She spat out, annoyed with him.

“Drules don’t put a lot of stock on the meaning behind jewelry.” Lotor retorted, still grinning. “We prefer more direct messages.”

“Sounds to me like a dog marking his territory.” She grumbled, and moved to get out of bed. Or at least she tried to, Lotor once again pulling her to him. She began to struggle against him, noting he still had his shirt on, though at some point during the night he had shucked his pants. It was rather alarming, Allura feeling his naked lower half pressed against her bottom. And by the feel of things, he was definitely interested in going into phase two of their wedding night.

She almost panicked then, especially when he forced her to straddle over his hips. Her struggles increased, making it difficult for him to hold onto her one handed. She began to protest, almost babbling now, barely aware that Lotor was trying to say something to her. “Lotor no…it…it hurt too much…I’m too sore, I’m not ready…I don’t…don’t want to have sex with you again!”

She found him carefully hugging her to him, his arm around her, his hand rubbing her back. He was making soothing sounds, trying to calm her. “My poor princess…” Lotor was saying. “I really was a beast to you.”

“I expected no less.” She whispered, and didn’t look up to see his frown.

“You deserve better…you should get better.” A quick pet of her hair, and then Lotor was easing her back and off his lap. “Allura….do you remember when I said my arm is cause for us to be careful?”

She nodded. “How could I forget?”

“Then you’ll also remember I said it would cause us to be creative.” Continued Lotor, and she turned wary at his smile. “Don’t look so suspicious, you’ll LIKE this.” Allura gave him her best doubting look, but he was already settling himself on the pillows. “Please, I want you to stand up on the bed.”


“Please, just humor me.” Lotor told her, and she sighed.

“Fine…but at the first hint of…weirdness, I stop.”

“Trust me, I doubt you’ll want to stop from this.” He gestured her to stand over him, her legs spread. She shied at that first suggestion, not liking that all he needed to do was look up to see a far too intimate view of her groin. Especially when he told her to position herself over his face, Allura not sure how or what got her to agree to that. “Now, I want you to grip the head board.” Lotor told her, licking his lips. She shuddered at that, having gazed down worriedly at his face in time to see his tongue’s movement. “And whatever you do, don’t let go.”

He waited for her to grab hold of the top edge of the head board, and then his hand on her hip was urging her to lower herself onto his face. Allura didn’t exactly sit her full weight on him, she just hovered uncertainly. She knew what he was going to do, she had read enough about it in her books, though nothing had ever told her about a position like this!

Nor did it prepare her for the sensation of the first touch of tongue to her most private place, Allura breaking off the uncertain chewing of her lip to gasp. She didn’t know if Lotor could hear her, with her thighs pressing against his ears. He certainly didn’t laugh like she expected him too, the Drule keeping silent save for a groan she imagined was pleased.

She whimpered then, feeling his tongue moving, undulating between the lips of her sex. Such an insidious movement, wiggling side to side as he determinedly licked a line from front to back, and front again. Her legs began to tremble, though she was far from tired of standing, Allura feeling the pleasure spiking through her like a hammer hitting a nail.

And with the pleasure came her moisture, more than she had just hours earlier. There was no doubt her body liked this kind of attention, Lotor’s tongue unleashing a flood within her, letting it drip down her thighs and into his waiting mouth.

He guzzled greedily, but never stopped with his licking, being sure to lave attention over every inch. No spot was left untouched, not even that tiny pearl of flesh near the front of her sex, Allura letting out an unlady like squeal when he wiggled his tongue over it. The pleasure that shot through her left her staggered, Allura gripping the headboard so tight, her knuckles bled of their color.

Another wiggle of his tongue, Lotor just as affectionate with her clit as he had been when kissing her lips. And then he fastened his lips around that sensitive flesh, doing the gentlest of pulls that had her wiggling her hips in response. She almost tried to sit down on his face when he began to suck, and only the grip she had on the headboard kept her from falling completely on him.

“Ah, Lotor! Oh Gods! Your mouth!” Everything she thought she knew was being blown away by a little bit of suction, Allura finding she really liked this kind of attention. Her legs quivered, the trembles going all the way down to her curling toes. Lotor let go of her clit, then did one last lick, Allura shuddering and gasping in response. She felt disappointed, knowing her body had grown increasingly hot and needy. It was like being on the verge of something, a magnificent something that was waiting to burst inside her.

She processed all this in a handful of seconds, realizing Lotor had resuming licking along her slit. His hand left her hip, but she wasn’t sure where it was, too focused on his tongue, trying to will it to move back to her clit. It teased over that spot, but it was a fleeting lick, lasting only half a second if at all. She whined them, crying out her frustration. “Lotor, stop teasing me!”

This time she was positive he heard her, the answering laugh sending more shivers through her. His tongue washed over her clit, then was replaced with his fingers, an answer to where his hand had gone. He pinched her gently there, then used his thumb to rub friction over her clitoris, Allura doing a low keening as her body climbed higher up a precipice.

His tongue was probing at the still sore entrance to her body, and her muscles tightened in reaction. His tongue was nowhere near the length and thickness of his erect cock though, plunging smoothly inside her, to wiggle and rub against her passage’s walls. She shook even harder, the dual stimulation proving too much for Allura, a scream tearing out of her.

And then she climaxed, and it was like that first plunge into a lake from a high cliff, the feelings sudden and infusing her whole body. But instead of the cold water of the lake, it was warmth that went through her, liquefying her bones, and making her purr in pleasure.

Allura began to sag, feeling Lotor do one last lick of her flesh. “Let go of the bed board.” Came his husky command, and Allura could barely work her fingers enough to comply. His hand was on her hip again, and he was guiding her down his body. She was dazed and disorientated, and breathing heavy from what had just happened. And yet she noticed the oddest of things, seeing Lotor’s lips and chin glistening with what had to be the juice of her release.

Lotor looked very satisfied, his eyes dancing with triumph. She felt to euphoric to get angry over his victory, Allura trying to remember why she hadn’t wanted him to touch her there last night.

She ended up poised over his very prominent erection, and suddenly her relaxed state vanished. She panicked, and he saw it, Lotor struggling with her, as she fought not to give in to her tears. Dimly Allura was aware of him speaking, of Lotor saying it wouldn’t hurt this time. She didn’t believe him, every muscle of her body tightening up in fear.


“No, Lotor no!” She was saying over and over again, struggling to get away from him. Why did he have to ruin what he had just given her, by asking this of her on the heels of her climax?!

“The Keraclon! I’ll tell you about the Keraclon!” He suddenly said, and that reached through Allura’s frantic thoughts. She stilled, staring at him, remembering the purpose behind all this.

“The Keraclon…” She whispered, even as he pulled her the rest of the way onto his prick. “Kyaa!” Allura hadn’t been expecting that, the sudden penetration making her cry out. But except for the residual soreness of last night, it didn’t hurt anywhere near what she had expected. It didn’t mean she was satisfied with what he did, even as he was sliding into her deeper, his passage made easier by how wet she was.

“Yes….I’ll tell you everything now.” It was a distraction technique, but one she welcomed, Allura’s fingers tightening on his shoulders as he thrust into her. She bit her lip to hold in her cries, an urgent feeling overtaking her as she waited for him to continue. “You remember back on that planet? When we killed that first Keraclon?”

“Ye..yes…” She shuddered, and it wasn’t entirely born of distaste. Her flesh was still sensitive from his tongue and fingers, and every bit of friction he was generating with his dick made her shiver anew. “I forgot to switch my blaster to kill…”

“It was a common mistake, one anyone could have done.” Lotor told her, and she let out a strangled laugh.

“You said similar back then…”

“The truth of it never changes, no matter how many times…..ah….it is repeated.” He said with a broken moan. “So good…” He closed his eyes for a second, seeming to savor the feeling of her body around him. “Allura, do you remember what happened next? When you went to look over it’s dead body?”

“I…I touched it.” She said, a breathy gasp escaping her. “You didn’t want me to, but you couldn’t stop me in your state.”

“And what happened when you touched it?” prodded Lotor, hand encouraging her to bounce with his thrusts. She found she did not mind to move with him, and her breasts jiggled about as she bounced.

“It was wet…” Allura said. “Some kind of liquid staining my gloves.”

“Did you never wonder what that liquid was? What purpose it could serve?” Lotor asked, then nuzzled his lips against her throat. That made it harder for her to think, Allura letting her head fall back, unconsciously offering up her throat to his lips.

“Um…” What was the question? She almost couldn’t remember, trying to recall that odd bit of curiosity she might have had amidst all the fear generated on the planet. “A little, but there wasn’t time to really devote to pursuing that kind of thought…” He didn’t answer for a length of time, Allura’s heart beating faster as he sucked at the skin of her throat. “Lotor?” She shifted her hand to his hair, actually petting him. “Why is that important?”

A quick kiss was given against her lips, Allura getting the taste of her climax in the process. “It’s a natural function of their bodies.” Lotor explained. “It’s a protective agent, known to serve only one function.”

“And that function is what?”

“Have you never wondered why the Keraclon are not affected by their own telepathy?” Her eyes widened then, a realization coming to her, as she breathed out a no. “Yes, Allura, that liquid that their body produces, it works as a shielding. It somehow blocks out the telepathy, so that they can function and not give in to the fear transmitted by their people.”

“And that liquid…if we could get a hold of it…?”

“No…we can’t. It’s impossible without a live subject. The body stops producing the liquid shortly after the Keraclon dies. But!” he smirked then, the pride of his race in his eyes. “My father’s best people, worked for months on a way to combat if not defeat the Keraclon. Allura, they learned about that liquid, and they tried to produce a similar substance.”

“And they found it, didn’t they?!” Allura demanded with a gasp that had more to do with the way Lotor was moving, than the excitement she felt at his words. “That’s…oooooh…that’s why they were killed!”

“Yes.” Lotor said, and leaned forward to rest his forehead against hers. She stared into his eyes, expression troubled and seeing herself reflected in those golden orbs. “But it’s not what you think…it’s not a substance to smear onto your body…”

“It’s not?”

“No. It’s something that needs to be injected into the bloodstream.” Lotor sighed then, sound low and dreamy. “It’s a vaccine Allura. My people developed a vaccine that flood the body with antibodies against the Keraclon’s telepathy. It lasts up to a year. Of course…” He added when she just sat there stunned. “You still have to be able to fight them the normal way…and that outpost wasn’t as well equipped to deal with a threat as large as a Keraclon armada.”

“So what’s in the vaccine?!” Allura demanded, excited and eager for further details. “What do we need to make it?!”

“Don’t know.”

“You don’t know?!” She all but screamed at him, and tried to jerk her body off him. He held on to her, shouting her name.

“Allura, Allura, calm down!”

“All this was for nothing then!” She shrieked, pounding her fists against his chest as he continued to have sex with her. “I should have never trusted you, you snake! You’ve taken everything from me!”

“Allura, listen to me!” He looked like he wanted to shake her then, his eyes narrowed onto her face. “I may not know how to make the vaccine, but I carry it with me! In the safest container possible, my body the host.”

“Your body?!” He nodded, and she paused. “You mean, all this time you’ve had the vaccine inside you…?” Another nod, Allura staring numbly at him. She recalled a memory, the instant when he stood facing a Keraclon. He had been injured, and yet that hadn’t stopped him from waiting for the Keraclon to approach. In fact, she could remember thinking he looked more angry than scared, and now she cursed herself for a fool.

“You were never scared of them!” She accused, slapping her hand against his shoulder. “Not the first time, not even when the second one approached you. That’s why you were able to kill so efficiently. You never saw your worst fear!”

“I’m sorry I had to deceive you…”.

“You’re not sorry at all! You tricked and used me!” She snapped, then gasped. “That substance on my gloves…they took a sample of them at that Alliance hospital. Maybe…”

“It doesn’t matter what they might have discovered by studying it.” Lotor interrupted. “The Keraclon killed them before they could make any progress in that regard.”

“And it’s all your fault!” The anger was back, stronger than ever, Allura cursing Lotor for all he had done. He looked ready to object, but she shook her head, and fought him, gong so far as to press against his broken arm to distract him with pain. He hissed, and his grip on her loosened, Allura hauling herself up and off his dick.

“Allura!” He blinked, and his eyes were angry, his cock seeming to throb in protest of losing her warmth. “What are you…?”

“Finish yourself off!” Allura announced, and eased herself off the bed. She was shaky on her feet, but the anger propelled her forward. “I’m going to shower, and then….then we are going to Doctor Gorma.” She marched across the room, ignoring his protesting shouts, and jerked open the bathroom door. “And Lotor? You better hope I don’t have him drain every last drop of your blood!”

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