Slave 001

He could remember his surprise when he turned on the lights to his bedroom, it had been a startled feeling that quickly manifested into pleasure. Lotor knew his lips were curling upwards, a predatory smile as he eyed the figure laying on his bed.

It was a woman, practically still a girl, her hands tied over her head, thick black cord winding harshly around her wrists, connecting them to the massive headboard of his bed. She wore very little, nearly naked except for the skimpy top, and a bit of silk between her legs. That silk traveled down to her ankles, a shimmery glaze of pale blue, that was slit open high on her legs, and hung low on her hips.

Her eyes were hidden from him, black silk tied around her forehead, leaving her to flounder about in darkness. It left him to wonder if she was awake or not, she was lying so still, chest moving so slightly as she breathed.

Keeping his eyes on the bound beauty before him, Lotor made his way to the bed, eyes traveling over her as he noted the silver bangles she wore on her left foot, the bejeweled toe rings, and diamond encrusted collar on her neck. Expensive baubles surely worth more than a hundred slaves combined adorned this girl, even the pearls in her ears would be worth a king’s ransom.

He tore his eyes away from the jewels, letting them roam over her smooth skin, finding she was a beauty with a peaches and cream complexion that was free of a slaver’s mark. She had to be a new acquisition to have escaped the branding, no wonder she was tied down, they didn’t trust her not to run, not to flee and sell the jewels they had covered her with.

He must have made a sound, his chuckles escaping him for suddenly she was moving, a slight jerk on her arms as she shifted restless. She didn’t say a word, though her breathing intensified, nervous pants as she surely wondered at the fate that was awaiting her. Lotor just watched her, liking the way her body squirmed, seeing her top shift and reveal a hint of nipple to his leering eyes.

“My father always gives me the best presents.” Lotor murmured, seeing her writhe even harder at the sound of his voice. He smirked though she could not see his expression, sitting down next to her on the bed. The mattress made a sound as he added his weight to it, the girl becoming frantic, trying to move away from him, but her bonds held her in place.

Again he was laughing, hands reaching to skim gloved finger tips over her firm belly. That got her to jerk harder on the restraints, the girl holding her breath as his fingers move upwards. He skimmed them over the flimsy top, fingers brushing over the exposed nipple, giving her a little pinch that had her pouty lips parting in a gasp.

She started to tremble, a fine shivering that had her flesh goose pimpling in response to his touch. He bent over her, his hair falling forward to brush against her face, as Lotor whispered into her lips. “I can smell your fear.”

There was no reaction from her, no start of surprise, no angry retort, leaving Lotor just a little disappointed. But not for long, the prince pushing disappointment down, as he sought to claim her lips with his own. She tried to pull back, Lotor’s mouth pinning her against the mattress. A sound escaped her, voice holding a high protest as she squirmed, hands trying to move to push him away.

Excited laughter from Lotor, the man pulling back with satisfaction in his eyes. His fingers touched her plump lips, thumb caressing the bottom in a brief caress before she actually tried to bite him. “Ah ah ah…” Lotor chided her, making a tsking sound. “Be nice.”

She responded to the tone of his voice, a torrent of angry words tumbling out of her. Alas they were unfamiliar, the girl speaking in some alien language he had never before heard. It left him intrigued, Lotor wondering what she was telling him that enabled so passionate a response.

She continued to talk to him in that mad tone of voice, words clear and concise, just short of shouting as he sank his hands into that glorious mane of her hair. She was a blonde like so many of his slaves, but her curls seemed to take on a hue that could only be called golden, making him feel like he held pure sunshine in his hands. She tried to jerk away from him, not liking him touching her.

Just to aggravate her, he continued to run his fingers through her hair, listening to her lilting tones with a smile on his face. He found she was pleasing to listen too, her voice melodious and soft, leaving Lotor to wonder what she would sound like in the throes of passion. It made him want to experiment, to find out firsthand, Lotor removing his fingers from her hair, pausing only long enough to peal off his gloves.

They made a light slapping sound on the floor of the room, the girl cocking her head as she tried to identify what he had removed. He smirked, reaching to touch her shoulders, finding how warm her skin was, how soft it felt to his hands. His fingers nudged teasingly under the straps of her top, playing with them, listening to her speak, her tone commanding. To hear her ordering him was a surprise, Lotor wondering just where this slave had come from to be so bold.

She seemed to relax somewhat when he left the straps where they were, Lotor dropping his hands to her waist, stroking the sides of it in a soothing motion. It left her squirming, trying to evade his hands, Lotor laughing once more at her obvious discomfort of his touches. Her unbound legs kicked out, flailing aimlessly to try and knock him away from her.

Lotor deftly avoided the blows, choosing to climb on top of her, hold her legs down with his weight as he straddled her hips. She bucked against him, back arching up off the bed as she tried to get free of him. He merely laughed, and ducked his head in close to her neck, kissing her right above the heavy collar. Angry babble from her, the tremors in her body increasing as she tried to jerk away from his lips.

His hand reached to entwine in her hair, holding her in place as he continue to lick and tease her neck. She tasted as sweet as she smelled, exotic and fresh, Lotor dragging his tongue upwards, washing over her skin. As his tongue lavished attention on her flesh, his hands started a gentle exploration of her body, cupping hold of her breasts, squeezing and kneading them. His massage left her top rumpled, her breasts popping free of the flimsy material, the thin triangles that had attempted to hide her nipples from sight pushed to the sides, forming the perfect frame for her bosom.

He ran his palms over the front of her breasts, Lotor caressing circles into her skin, trying to get them to bud. The girl beneath him let out a moan, Lotor looking up in surprise as she gasped. A blush was on her cheeks, the girl surely embarrassed by her reactions. He continued to manipulate her nipples into two stiff points, listening to her sigh, feeling her quiver in response to his fingers.

More moans from the slave, Lotor smirking, pulling back to watch her face. He realized he wanted to see her eyes, see the play of emotion in them, the anger, the desire, perhaps even confusion as she tried to fight her response to him. His hands reached for the blindfold, jerking the silk upwards in a sudden movement that left her blinking owlishly from the change from darkness to light.

Eyelids fluttered rapidly, the girl’s eyes attempting to adjust to the light. Lotor watched, catching a glimpse of blue, the color reminded him of the ocean. Her eyes ceased their blinking, the girl glaring back at him with an intensity that had Lotor taken aback. No fear in her eyes, no lust to cloud them over, just pride and anger, the girl looking regal as she leveled her stare at him.

Lotor was unused to such looks being lobbed his way, people normally cowered in fear at the sight of him. Not this beauty, proud and angry, opening those luscious lips of hers to talk to him, voice angry but commanding. It left him amused, shaking with mirth as his fingers touched her face, brushing back her hair. She jerked back, wincing as her head struck the board of the bed. Lotor made a soothing sound, murmuring softly to her as he went to place a pillow between her and the board.

She looked at him, a hint of confusion in her eyes at this kind gesture, but at his smile she began moving again, giving cruel jerks on her wrists. “Easy…” Lotor said, grabbing her arms, trying to still her movements. “Easy. You’ll only do your self harm.”

A snapped out word was her response, the girl glaring at him as he held her arms down. He moved his hands, sliding along her slender arms, reaching the cord. It was bound tight, biting into her skin, she was sure to have red welts from all the struggling she had done. His fingers moved, working to set her hands free. He had to tear open the cord, the knots were so tight, and as he predicted, her wrists were a red ruin, the imprints of the cord leaving ugly welts on her otherwise flawless skin.

He gently caught hold of her hands, bringing them to his face, placing kisses in her palms. She continued to talk at him, nonsense babble falling on deaf ears as he kissed his way down to her injured wrists. She tried to pull back, one hand slipping his grasp as she reared forward to slap him. Lotor easily subdued her before her hand could make contact with his face, pushing her back against the pillow as he smirked.

“That is no way to thank me.” Lotor told her, and she flashed him a haughty look. A hmph sound came from her lips, the girl doing her best to ignore him. He wouldn’t let her, gathering her wrists into one large hand, the other skirting down the front of her body. That made her gasp and look at him, her eyes widening slightly as his fingers sought to slip in under the waist band of the silk on her hips.

Her struggles renewed, the girl putting her whole body into the attempt to escape him. Lotor grinned, fingers nudging in under the silk, discovering his prize wore no panties under her flimsy skirt. Her voice took on a panicked edge, the girl trying to jerk her hands away from his iron grip. To calm her, he removed his hand, the girl seeming no less traumatized by stopping of his touch.

Cautiously, he released his hold on her wrists, the girl lying limply beneath him for the moment. Lotor climbed off her, reaching towards the night stand next to the bed when she moved. Not even bothering to adjust her top, she tried to spring forward, intent on fleeing the bed. Laughing, Lotor slipped an arm around her waist, drawing her against his side. She hissed at him, angry words as she began beating her fists against his chest. Lotor ignored these ineffectual thumps, free hand rummaging through the drawer.

He found what he was seeking, bringing a bottle of ointment forward. The girl was shoved to lie back on the bed, Lotor sitting on her as he calmly applied the ointment to his fingers. He heard her make a surprised sound when he touched her wrists, the ointment cool and soothing on her damaged flesh. Smiling at her, a gentle look in his eyes, he began massaging the cream into her skin, hoping to reverse the damages she had done.

He spoke to her as he tended to her injury, voice calm and pleasant, a direct contrast to her tone. “There now….that will take care of the mess you made.” Lotor said, fingers gentle as they rubbed. He set the ointment aside, pausing to wipe his fingers clean on the bed sheets. She watched his every move, eyes cautious, surprised when Lotor pointed to himself. “Lotor.” He then tapped a finger on her chest, issuing a question. “Your name? What is it?”

She frowned, not understanding him, so he did it again. “Lotor.” He smacked a hand against his chest, hoping she would get the idea he was trying to convey to her. “Lotor.” He touched her chest now. “And you?”

She hesitated, for so long he feared she wasn’t going to answer him. But at last she sighed, and offered up one word. “Allura.”

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