Slave 002


“Allura.” Lotor repeated, a pleased smile on his face. He liked the sound of her name, liked how it rolled off his tongue. It was pleasing to the ears, as pleasing as it’s mistress was to his eyes. “You are very beautiful Allura.” He told her, his hand touching her cheek, fingers stroking her skin.

She made a sound, just a chirp as she reacted to her name. She had no way of knowing he was complimenting her, her eyes were uneasy as he continued to brush his fingertips against her skin. “Soft…” Lotor continued, fingers moving towards her lips. He brought his other hand to bear against her breast, Allura gasping, shifting about fitfully. “Pliant…”

At his touch words flew from her lips, troubled questions he had no hope of deciphering as the girl lifted her hand, reaching to wrap her fingers around his wrist. “Ah ah ah…” He warned her, and she stilled, not attempting to pry his hand away from her breast. “That’s a good girl…” He purred to her, his hand gentle as it attempted to cover her right breast, fingers pressing down in a slight squeezing pressure.

“Ah!” She reacted so marvelously to his touches, a blush on her cheeks as she glared at him. She sounded absolutely furious when she spoke, tiny hisses and growls escaping her, that alien tongue of her chiding him for his presumptuous touch. It just made him laugh, an honest to goodness chuckle escaping him as he threw back his head, his amusement clear.

She made an infuriated sound, trying to sit up, pushing against his hand. He easily held her down, keeping her lying flat beneath him, a grin on his face. His fingers touched her mouth, and immediately she tried to bite him, blue eyes flashing with challenge. He realized stealing kisses from her would be next to impossible, Lotor not looking forward to having his blood spilled in the attempt.

But it didn’t mean he couldn’t kiss her elsewhere, the prince smirking as he bent over her, bringing his mouth to plant firmly on her throat. He put teeth and tongue into the kiss, lips working over her flesh enthusiastically. Her alien words were in his ears, the girl was squirming, shouting, his lips going down lower as she moved. They brushed against the cold metal of her collar, silver and diamonds a weighty mark of ownership upon her.

He skimmed over the collar, landing his lips below it, both his hands now on her chest, taking greedy handfuls of her breasts. Allura all but squealed as he peppered her skin with kisses, Lotor sometimes choosing to linger in one spot, mouth working to darken her pale flesh into a bruise. She was moving her arms, hands coming to bear against his forehead, one landing on his chest, the girl straining to push him away.

He was forced to let go of her breasts, to grab hold of her wrists, the girl struggling, thrashing about in a panic. “Allura!” Lotor shouted, trying to get her attention. “Allura…” Her name on his lips got the girl to look at him, she narrowed her eyes in an angry stare, words bubbling forth in a heated exclamation. He could guess what she was trying to tell him, still assuming she had some say in what was happening.

He knew she didn’t, knew he must work on crushing any resistance left in her. He shook her, saying her name, a short commanding bark that had her staring at him wide eyed. He smiled then, reaching for the cord, and she shook her head no, struggling feebly to free herself of his iron grip.

“Are you going to behave Allura?!” Lotor demanded, holding the cord before her face. She was shaking, her head constantly moving as she squirmed about. He shook her, getting her attention, seeing the girl eye the cord. Cautiously, he let go of her wrists, his hand returning to her breast. At the first sign of resistance, he shook the cord before her face, trying to convey the meaning. Behave or be tied, it would be her choice.

“Well, Allura?” Lotor asked her, staring into her blue eyes as he captured a nipple between thumb and forefinger. She seemed to sigh with her whole body, going limp against the bed as she nodded her head, reluctance in her eyes. Lotor smirked, victorious, setting side the cord but keeping it in reach just in case.

His hands now free to do as he liked, he returned them to her body, one hand running down her belly, caressing her stomach. He could feel her shivering, Allura muttering under her breath as he touched her. He resumed kissing her, feeling her shift restless beneath him as his mouth found the silk soft skin of her plump breasts, lips peppering her skin with his kisses.

In between angry murmurs, she sighed, her back arching slightly as she felt his lips capture a nipple. His teeth bit down on that hardened bit of flesh, gently pulling on it, a tug meant to arouse her. Out the corner of his eyes he could see her arms moving, Allura hesitating to touch him, surely remembering the threat of the cord. He purred in approval when she settled back down, arms limp by her sides.

Reluctant moans escaped her as he dined on her flesh, hands manipulating her breasts, squeezing and kneading, causing the girl to increase her squirming. The way she was sounding, the squeals and the little gasps was having a reaction on Lotor, his cock twitching with interest. She was simply a delight to the senses, sound, sight, and taste. Touch tantalizing, arousing him as his lips released her nipple, only to follow up with an attack by his tongue. He flicked it across that bit of flesh, left and right even as he settled more firmly on top of her, pressing his covered cock against her thighs.

She said something then, surely recognizing what that was that was pressing and grinding against her. One last flick against her nipple, and then he was rolling off her. Allura immediately sprang up, intent on fleeing the bed. She moved fast, but he was quicker, grabbing her mid leap, pulling her easily onto his lap.

Those luscious lips of hers blossomed into a pout, Lotor sighing with regret as he brushed a thumb quickly over her bottom lip. He’d like nothing more than to see her lips wrapped around his cock, feel the warmness of mouth as she sucked sweetly on his throbbing length. But the thought of her teeth was enough to hold him back, Allura already snapping at his hand in retaliation for the brief touch on her lips.

One last wistful look at her mouth, Lotor dropped a hand between their bodies. She was squirming about, his other hand fighting to keep her seated on his lap. It caused her to brush up against his cock, sending delightful shivers through Lotor as he tried to free himself from his pants. She went still at the sight of his cock, eyes widening, looking like two blue ovals as she stared at him.

His hands on her hips, forcing her to face him, the girl grabbing onto his arms, face distressed as she shouted. She no longer sounding so commanding, giving in to panic as she tried to push free of his lap. Lotor merely laughed, leaning in to nip playfully at her shoulder, little thought or care to her discomfort at the situation at hand. She’d learn, find out from his hands that she existed for his pleasure alone, the prince smirking against her skin as he forced her legs to spread over his lap.

His hand dropped to the silk between her legs, shoving it out of his way. He allowed a brief caress between her legs, watching her face, seeing her gasp and squirm, trying to avoid his fingers. She wasn’t as ready as he liked, but Lotor was so impatient for her he couldn’t wait any longer. His hands were repositioning her, pushing her onto the head of his cock, finding her fingers were curling into fists on his shirt.

He pulled her down, stabbing into her in one smooth movement. They both startled, his eyes wide as he stared at the girl who was whimpering. He hadn’t expected her to be a virgin, finding she had let tears escape down her cheeks at the feel of the loss of her innocence. “Allura…” Sniffling she looked at him, Lotor leaning in do a slow lick of her cheek, tasting her tears.

She said something back to him, words sounding accusing. He didn’t apologize, though he showed some care towards her comfort by holding back, waiting for her to adjust to the feel of him inside her. When her whimpers began to lessen in intensity, that was when Lotor moved her, hands lifting her up, letting his cock start to slide free of her silken depths.

“Allura!” He moaned in pleasure, thrusting upwards as he eased her back down, enjoying the fit of her body around him. Allura wasn’t exactly unenthusiastic as time went on, starting to move her hips, her body trembling as she held on to him. Again and again he bounced her on his lap, listening to her pant and squeal, her voice practically singing as she talked to him.

He buried his lips against the front of her throat, nipping just above the collar. His voice hummed against her throat, Lotor vocalizing his pleasure as he plunged in and out of her. He wasn’t even trying to hold back, when the girl came, her body tightening up even further, he reacted, letting his seed erupt from him, filling her up. She made a cry, a protest at the feel of his release, Lotor chuckling.

“It’s okay…” He whispered in her ear, reaching up to pet the back of her hair. He knew slaves were given a shot to render them sterile a month at a time. Neither Lotor nor his father wanted the prince to be siring any bastard heirs to the throne. No matter how pretty or beguiling the slave was, she was meant to be nothing more than an outlet for pleasure.

With a blissful sigh, he pulled her off him, laying the girl on top of the sheets. He may have had her, but her spirit was not broken, Allura not defeated nor deterred as she attempted to climb off the bed. It was almost second nature for him to catch her, bringing her kicking and squirming form back to the bed, where he gently lay her down. He climbed in next to her, pulling covers over their bodies, and snuggled close. It was still hours before morning, and Lotor knew he would be up soon, ready for another round with his feisty little slave.

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