Slave 004

Lotor gave a contented sigh as he rolled off of Allura, the little slave quick to sit up and grab at the blanket. She pulled it around her as though the material could somehow preserve her modesty, trying to hide her body from him. Amused, Lotor let her, standing up, arms raised high as he stretched, unmindful of his nudity. He noticed her averting her eyes, a blush on her cheeks as she looked away.

“Do you like what you see, little one?” He asked her, tone teasing. She made an angry retort, words snapping at him as she continued to avoid looking at him. It made him chuckle, Lotor grinning as he reached out with a hand towards her hair. He liked touching it, liked touching her, enjoying the silk like quality of her hair and the softness of her skin. Flesh he was intimately familiar with, having spent hours exploring every inch of her. He learned she had no callouses on her fingers, her hands had never known a hard day’s work.

It left him wondering what she had been before becoming a slave, an idle curiosity he shoved aside, figuring it didn’t matter in the long run. Whatever her life had been before coming to Doom, it was now over. And the sooner she accepted it, the better it would be for her.

Lotor was still fingering her hair, his touch almost absentminded as he glanced at the room’s clock. The morning was already half gone, he had spent far too much time dallying with Allura. He was fortunate his return to Doom had been one born on the heels of success, Lotor bringing new conquests to lay before his father, riches, slaves and planets all offered up for the glory of King Zarkon.

His father had been most pleased by his efforts, Zarkon declaring the day to be a holiday in the name of Prince Lotor. The throne room had erupted into cheers, the wine had flowed, food served as the nobles began an enthusiastic celebration. The mark of favor was upon Lotor, Zarkon bestowing wealth and titles on his name, even gifting him with the little slave that sat huddled on his bed. Lotor was positive his father would not begrudge him for his late morning’s start, not when he himself had left such a tempting diversion within reach.

“Come Allura.” Lotor said, her name causing her to glance quickly at him. His hand dropped from her hair, going to remove the blanket she kept around her. She squealed out a protest, fighting him for it, Lotor smirking as he unraveled her from it’s embrace. She was still disheveled, her top pushed aside, the silk of her skirt badly rumpled.

She seemed to crumple as the blanket was taken from her, her blue eyes sorrowful as she glared at him. He chuckled, snagging her by the wrist, pulling her unwilling form off the bed. She grabbed at his wrist with her free hand, trying to pull free of his grip. Lotor was almost tempted to let her go, to see where she would flee if given the chance. Perhaps when he was in the mood for a chase he’d let her run free, Lotor smirking at the thought of stalking his prey. A good game of hide and seek was always arousing to him, he’d have to notify the guards not to interfere, let Allura run and think she had a chance of getting away from him.

But for now he held onto her, leading her into the adjoining chamber. The door slammed shut behind him, only then did he let go of her, confidant she had nowhere to go in the bathroom, big as it may be.

He pushed her in front of him, herding her towards the tub, hand reaching to point at the faucet. She stared uncomprehending, and he sighed, Lotor placing her hands on the faucet. Eyes showed recognition, she turned the handle, and warm water flowed out, beginning to fill up the tub. Lotor stepped away from her only long enough to fetch oils and soap, various hair products in hand which he set down along the tiles that lined the tub’s side.

“Use these.” He told her, climbing into the tub. He sank into the warm water with a sigh, enjoying how it seemed to caress and soothe him. Allura was standing next to the tub, looking uncertain as what to do. “Allura!” He called out her name, tapping his finger against a bottle, the girl frowning as she reached out to take hold of it. She sniffed it cautiously, then went to dump some of it’s contents onto her hands.

When her lathered up hands touched his hair, Lotor smiled and made an approving sound, leaning back against the tub as he sighed. He enjoyed the play of her fingers, finding them rubbing the shampoo into his hair, the girl quick to lather up every inch of his strands, fingers massaging his scalp. He actually closed his eyes, only to have them snap open when she ungracefully dumped water over his head. Allura was fortunate she didn’t get shampoo in his eyes, the liquid dribbling down the sides of his face, dripping soap suds onto his body.

“Don’t do that again.” Lotor grumbled at her, shooting her with a sharp look that had her looking contrite. This time she was gentle as she brought water over his head, her one hand covering his eyes to protect them from any shampoo that may slip down towards them. Again she poured water on his hair, fingers working to run through his mane and make sure no shampoo remained.

Lotor relaxed once more, confidant she had a handle on things. It soon became apparent she was reluctant to move beyond his hair, fiddling with bottles, her hand nervously petting him. He reached for the soap, thrusting it and a washcloth into her hands, his words brisk. “Clean me.”

Allura stood there uncertainly, and he snapped louder. “Get to it!” A heavy sigh was her answer, the girl working to run the soap over the washcloth. Lotor was amused when her trembling hands touched his chest, soft and hesitant as she worked the soap across his skin. He didn’t think she had any reason to be nervous after what they had shared, and yet touching him like this had her on edge.

As she bent over him, wash cloth rubbing across his muscles, he reached up to touch her hair. She nearly jumped, the wash cloth falling into the water, sinking out of sight. He chuckled, petting her, watching the hesitation cross her face as she glanced downwards. “Well…?” Lotor arched an eyebrow. “Don’t just stand there Allura. Go get it.”

He had to pull her hand into the tub, forcing it beneath the surface of the water. She made a protesting sound, struggling to get free. He merely held onto her tighter, making her graze about his body to search out the cloth. Her fingers brushed against interested body parts, Lotor feeling a flicker of desire at her hesitant touch. She quickly moved her hand away, muttering something under her breath. Lotor tired to drag Allura’s hand back towards his groin, a mischievous look in his eyes as urged her to touch him some more.

Allura made a sound, it was clear as day that she was refusing, fingers going limp, refusing to touch him. Lotor sighed, but his disappointment didn’t last, the Drule pulling on her, dragging her into the tub. With a splash she came up squealing, blue eyes flashing with anger as he laughed at her. Her tone was indignant, she tried to squirm free of the tub, slipping all the while, his hands landing on her waist, holding her down between his spread legs.

Angry chirps and hisses from her, the girl settling down only reluctantly against his chest. Lotor’s lips twitched, he reached for the shampoo, pouring a generous amount in her hair. She blinked at him surprised, staring at his face as he massaged the shampoo into a fine lather.

“Well, Allura…” Lotor grinned, fingers deftly working to clean her. “You could use a bath yourself.”

He rinsed her hair out, taking care to avoid getting any in her eyes, the girl actually sighing a contented sound at the feel of his fingers working so expertly. Her bliss didn’t last, he was retrieving the wash clothe, bringing it to bear against her breasts. She gave him a withering look, her voice biting as he touched her. The wash cloth moved across her silken skin, his other hand reaching to cup her breast, a playful squeeze that had her raising her voice at him.

Lotor fixed her with an innocent look, rubbing the cloth towel over her nipples, having to grab hold of her waist as she started to flounder about, an attempt to lift up out of the tub. “Stay still.” Lotor ordered her, one hand holding onto her firmly, the other gliding the cloth down her belly. Lower went the wash cloth, Allura making a protesting chirp as his hand skimmed over her womanhood. He was all smile as he touched her, gently rubbing her, hearing her breath catch.

He chuckled when her hips started to move, the girl gyrating against his hand, a low crooning escaping her. She had a blush on her face, and she quickly looked away from him, but didn’t stop her movements. All pretenses at washing her was dropped, Lotor letting go of the cloth to touch her directly with his fingers. He heard her inhale, Allura letting out a low keening whine as his fingers stroked along her lips, parting them for better access to her.

Watching her face, he quickly inserted a finger inside her, feeling her buck her hips, driving herself against his hand. Water sloshed over the edges of the tub from her movements, she was wiggling furiously as he caressed her from the inside. He added a second finger to her, listening to her moan, feeling her clench tight around them, Allura pushing desperately against his hand, trying to drive them in deeper.

“Afraid not, little one.” Lotor laughed, and she barely noticed, to consumed with the feelings he was arousing in her. “Fingers will never be enough for you now…” She actually whined when he withdrew them, Lotor pausing to position her over his groin. She went down with little protest, chest heaving with small pants as his cock penetrated her. Allura actually grabbed onto him when he did so, her arms going across his shoulders, her moans purring directly into his ear.

She seemed to burn at his touch, quick to deny him, but quicker to react, Allura singing beautifully as he made her ride him. An eternity seemed to pass by, just the two of them connected, voices breathless with pleasure, Allura rocking in place, her movements guided by his hands. He felt the quivers in her, saw the way she arched her back, head falling backwards as she moaned. He wasn’t long after her, giving in to the pleasure even as she sank in the water, resting her cheek on his shoulder.

Lotor petted Allura’s hair, sighing to himself in contentment. But he didn’t dally long, quickly pulling her off him. “Allura come….finish cleaning me.” She looked at him not understanding, Lotor reaching for the cloth. Her face took on an expression of hurt, the girl angrily grabbing the towel from him. She made a move to fling the wet cloth at his face, Lotor catching her wrist, making a chiding noise.

Her expression sullen, Allura reluctantly began cleaning Lotor, doing a quick but thorough job at reaching all his body parts. Only then did he let her out of the tub, the girl quickly retreated, the bit of material on her completely soaked and see through. She glared at Lotor when he stared, finally remembering to adjust her top so that her nipples were covered once more.

Grumbles were emitted, Allura reluctantly helping Lotor dry off. He spared a towel for her, allowing her to wrap it around her body, noticing how she seemed to calm when she was able to cover herself. Together they left the bathroom, Lotor ushering her towards the bed. She went down with reluctance, eyeing him warily. But he merely left her alone, striding over to the table, having found breakfast had been laid out.

It was barely luke warm, but Lotor was too hungry to care. He uncovered plates, and began eating almost before he sat down. He drank sparingly, swallowing mouthfuls of sweet meats, dipping his finger into a whip cream covered desert. Only when he was almost done eating, did he remember the little slave, Lotor glancing at the bed, seeing her staring wide eyed at the food. A look of yearning was in her eyes, she was staring with open hunger at the plates.

“Allura?” Lotor gestured for her to come closer, and cautiously she did so, never taking her eyes off the food on the table. He gestured for her to sit down, and hesitantly she did so, Lotor swearing he could hear her stomach growl. He pushed a plate before her, a smile on his face as he bade her to eat. She cautiously reached for the pile of brown meats, using her fingers to lift up a piece.

At the first taste of the meat, all hesitation faded. The girl began gobbling down the good, her hunger ravenous. Lotor laughed and chuckled, wondering when was the last time she had a meal. She continued that rapid pace of eating, Lotor beginning to grow concerned. “Allura, slow down or you’ll make yourself ill!” She didn’t heed the warning in his tone, and he sighed, finding the language barrier troublesome at times.

He pulled the plate away from her, Allura making a sad whine, turning begging eyes towards him. Lotor sighed, and reached for her, pulling her onto his lap. She went stiffly into the embrace of his arms, not trusting what he had planned. But he merely broke off a piece of bread, holding the tiny amount before her lips. She hesitated, but at his nod parted her lips, allowing him to place the morsel in her mouth.

Lotor waited until she had swallowed before offering another piece to her. Allura took it gladly, learning slowly not to rush in her eating. The food wasn’t going anywhere, and for the moment, neither was she.

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