Slave 005

Allura was a contradiction of feelings as the soldiers dragged her down the hallway, taking her further and further away from the man, the alien she had spent the night with. She had found herself protesting when the soldiers arrived, running to hide behind the alien who had taken her innocence away. She had loathed herself for the way she trembled with fear, huddling close against his back as she nervously peered at the leering soldiers.

The alien, Lotor, had laughed, catching her in his arms. He gently brought her out from behind him, pausing to whisper something in her ear. She had no idea what he had told her, but his voice had been gentle and soothing, his touch on her arm tender. She had been surprised when he pulled back, pausing only long enough to graze her forehead with his kiss. Allura had stared bemused into his eyes, and before she knew it the soldiers had taken hold of her arms. They had been rough, cruel, Lotor baking out an angry sound that had them act more gentle with her.

That had only lasted until they were out of sight of the alien, voices mocking her, hands roughly handling her to the point of bruising as they dragged her away. She found herself crying out, calling for Lotor to come save her. And thus was she left with not understanding her own feelings. She knew she should hate Lotor, after all he had just spent the night raping her. But aside from that, his touch had been gentle, his words soothing, and above all he had shown kindness to her in allowing her to eat with him.

It was more kindness than Allura had been given since being taken from her home. She almost wept to think she might never again known the gentle touch of another person, the soft spoken tones, little gestures that meant so much in the long run. These creatures who had hold of her now, were as ugly in spirit as in looks, mouths twisted into cruel grins as they dragged her, Allura stumbling forward with every step.

She didn’t know what horrible fate they had planned for her now, didn’t know where they were taking her. Allura didn’t even want to imagine what could happen next, her mind was all to ready to supply horrible images to her.

Shaking, but not daring to close her eyes, Allura was eventually brought before a door. She feared what lay behind the metal, imagining some new torture for her body, fearing it would be another man, this one not as kind as the alien known as Lotor. She’d rather they kill her than subjugate her to this again and again, Allura shrieking out a no, struggling fiercely as they opened the door.

The reality of what lay behind it was completely different from her fears. She saw a large room that seemed to go on for miles, with cushions and sofas laid out in intervals. The floor was a soft, thick carpet, her bare feet sank in it’s fibers ankle deep. Allura knew her eyes were large, staring around her in utter confusion, relief not yet coloring her emotions.

There were women here, in fact almost everyone she looked at was female. Most were dressed like she was, which was to say they were practically naked except for silks and satins that covered the important bits. Another odd thing was the majority of them looked human, and most had blonde hair, ranging from the softest butter yellow, to a blonde so light the girl nearly rivaled Lotor’s own white mane.

She must have been staring too long, the soldiers gave a grunt, and one placed his hands on her back, shoving her down to her knees. The carpeting cushioned her fall so she did not damage her hands and knees, Allura whipping her head around to glare at the aliens. But they barely paid her no mind, heading back through the door, which closed with an ominous click.

For a while Allura merely knelt on the floor, watching the women who aside from a few glances paid her little mind. They were everywhere, some gathered in clusters talking, and this surprised Allura, to hear them laugh. She wondered how anyone could be happy in such a horrid place, quickly surmising that the women were prisoners like she was.

Other women sat apart from the gossiping groups, laying on cushion covered divans, or sleeping on the floor. There was a buffet laid out, and a few women were there, helping themselves to the fine food offered to them. If not for the food Lotor had given her, Allura would have immediately gravitated towards the buffet, her hunger had been immense after two days of starvation.

Other details were making themselves known, Allura noticing the mirrored ceiling, and the harpsichord in one corner of the room. There seemed to be little in the way of entertainment aside from talking to the other captives, and Allura sighed wondering how long she would be in this room.

Slowly Allura got up off the floor, dusting her knees off as she straightened. She didn’t know what to do with herself, finding her mouth was tongue tied, the girl feeling shy to approach the strangers, wondering if anyone could even speak her language.

She began pacing, walking about the room. the mirror recording her every step. Allura eyed one of the divans, wondering if anyone would object to her staking a claim on one. She had had little rest the night before, the alien Lotor kept waking her up, intent on pursuing his carnal pleasures with her. It made her blush just thinking about what they had done, the girl begrudgingly admitted it had felt good.

Deeper into the room she strode, and suddenly she heard voices call out.


Amazed, the girl turned, trying to track the sound of her name. It had been females who called out to her, voices bearing the accent of her homeland, Arus! The voices called again, and now she turned in the right direction, seeing a handful of girls waving at her as they moved towards her. They were beautiful, a brunette and a redhead, along with two blondes who smiled and broke into tears as they looked at Allura.

“Princess Allura, it is you!” The redhead cried, tears dribbling down her face as she and the other three dropped down to their knees before her.

“You know me?” Allura asked, looking over the girls. The outfits were the same, but they lacked the jewelry, and their collars were plain leather strips, complete opposites to the jeweled monstrosity she wore around her own neck.

“We are from Arus!” The brunette said, the others nodding their heads. “We were captured in the latest raid. Oh thank the heavens you are still alive!”

“We feared you were dead.” One of the blondes said, and now that she looked closer at them, she realized they were twins. “Rumors have made their way through the kingdoms of Arus, telling us the evil king of planet Doom has killed his highness, King Alfor. And when you, yourself vanished from sight….”

“It’s no rumor…” Allura said, willing the tears not to come as she gestured the four girls to stand before her. “That demonic king did slay my father….I witnessed it with my own two eyes!”

“Oh princess!” Their faces twisted into sympathy, they surrounded her cooing, someone petting her hair as they tried to offer comfort to her.

“What will we do?” One asked.

“Who will come for us?” Another wanted to know.

“Without the rulers of Arus to pay ransoms for our safe returns, I fear no one will save us.” Said the other twin, her expression one of grave seriousness. That made the other three gasp, their tears renewing as they turned sad eyes to their princess.

Allura could only nod her head wearily, having no comfort to give the sobbing trio. She exchanged glances with the serious one, sensing a pragmatic soul within her. “We have been brought here to be slaves.” Allura said, and the sobbing ceased into gasps, the girls reeling in horror.

“I figured as much.” The more serious blonde said. “Many of our people have been taken from Arus to work in the mine pits. We ourselves escaped such fates because of our beauty…” She said this plainly, no attempt at boasting about her good looks.

“But why?” Her twin asked. “What need do they have for beautiful women.” The brunette stared at her, her expression hard to read. It was either disgust at her naivety, or pity for what the girl was about to learn.

“Why do you think?” The more practical blonde asked. “We’ve been brought here to be part of the prince’s harem.”

“Prince?” Allura and the twin echoed together.

“He is the son of King Alfor’s murderer.” Explained the redhead. “He is as evil and vile as Zarkon, perhaps even worse. His lust for women knows no bound, he easily tires of one girl, and so has never married, choosing instead to surround himself with a harem.”

“A harem we have become part of.” Lamented the brunette. “Oh wicked, wicked fate to force us and our princess into the hands of Crown Prince Lotor.”

“Lotor?!” Allura reeled back, shock in her voice. “He is the prince?!” At their nod, she nearly collapsed, their hands holding her up, lending her support. She tried to reconcile herself to the fact she had slept with the son of her father’s killer. Tried to imagine that gentle if forceful man being the same brand of disgusting evil as the demon king Zarkon.

“Princess?” One of the blondes was speaking, touching her shoulder. “What is the matter?”

“It’s….it’s nothing.” Allura lied. “I just felt the enormity of what you have been telling us.”

“Yes, it’s a hard news to digest.” Nodded the blonde.

“We cannot accept this.” The redhead said. “We simply must escape.”

“But how?” The brunette asked, her voice dropping to a furtive whisper. “There are guards everywhere…and not to point out the obvious, but we stick out when dressed in so little.”

That gave them all pause, the five of them standing there, brows furrowed as they tried to think of what to do. Allura sighed, and brought up another matter. “Even if we escape, there’s still the matter of getting off the planet. Does anyone here know how to pilot a ship?” At their depressed looks, she bit her lip, holding back a moan. “It is hopeless.”

“Don’t think that princess.” The redhead said. “You’ll be letting these monsters win if you give up hope.” Allura kept quiet, thinking they already had. She shivered, bringing her arms to cross over her chest, hands rubbing at her skin.

“What if we…” began one of the twins, just as the door to the room opened. Her voice was drowned out by the murmur of the captured girls, the harem turning their heads to peer at the newcomer’s arrival. It was one of the aliens, a large, round bellied Drule, with blotchy dark green skin, and glowing eyes. No hair was on this one, only ridges that formed out the center of his skull, sloping down to the back and disappearing under his shirt.

He wore an apron that had once been white, but now was dirtied with age and blotches of blood on it. The blood troubled Allura, as did the harem’s reaction, the women looking nervous as they stared at him. He was such an immense presence, that Allura didn’t even notice at first the smaller Drules trailing after him, soldiers who were grinning, their eyes searching through the women.

“What’s going on?” whispered Allura, feeling her mouth go dry with fear.

“I don’t know.” Someone answered her, and she felt the women press against her body, huddling together for comfort.

The soldiers began pushing aside women, at times they would pause, searching the girl’s body for something. The sound of fabric could be heard tearing into pieces, followed by shrieks. If the soldiers found what they were looking for, the girl would be left alone. If not, she would be taken away, her shrieks echoing long after she disappeared from the room.

Allura trembled, and tried to be strong, watching as they approached her group. “What are you doing?! Leave us alone!” She ordered angrily, hearing the snickers from the soldiers. They dove into her group, grabbing at her, hands sliding all over her body as they searched for something. Allura prayed they would find it, but one by one the girls from Arus were dragged from the room, and soon she was too, Allura casting a terrified look over her shoulder at the women who remained in the room. Some faces were sympathetic to her plight, others were haughty, sneers and smirks on their faces, the women getting enjoyment from her fear.

Once again she was brought out into the hallway, and here she could hear the screams, shrieks of pain that left her skin crawling, Allura fought the soldiers, desperate to run back into the room, but they easily carried her, at one point lifting her bodily off the floor. She was brought, kicking and squirming to another room, seeing the apron clad Drule go in ahead of her.

There were other Drules, all wearing the bloodied aprons, looking like demented butchers. She shuddered at the comparison, remembering something her father had told her. That the aliens liked to drink the blood of her people. She prayed he was wrong, noticing out the corner of her eyes women sitting slumped on the floor, wailing and screaming, their bodies wracked with tremors.

Smells assaulted her noise, grimy, dirty ones along with the awful stench of burning flesh. Allura’s struggles redoubled, Allura shrieking as she tried to get free. Out the corner of her eye she could see a great fire, burning brightly, pokers being left inside the forge.

“No!” Allura screamed, finding her struggles had only boosted her to the front of the line. She was brought over to a leather chair that reminded her of an examiners, restraints quickly being put into place across her arms and her waist. She kicked up her legs, desperately trying to smash her foot into one of her tormentor’s faces. They merely laughed and caught hold of her ankle, forcing her leg down as they tied straps across her knees and feet.

She screamed and she wailed, bucking her body upwards against the straps. They gave no slack, holding her down effectively, and vaguely she could hear the girls from planet Arus crying out her name. “Princess Allura!” They openly wept, leaving her to wonder what they knew that she didn’t.

One of the demonic butchers approached her, expression calculating as he looked over her body. His hands smoothed along her skin, searching for something, frowning as he shook his head no. Another Drule approached, carefully handling a metal poker, it’s prongs heated up to a fiery glow of orange. The Drule touching her turned, taking the poker from his assistant.

He said something to her, she could hear the question at the end of it. But she had no way of knowing what he asked, Allura shouted, finding her eyes were welling with tears as she begged him to let her go. No compassion from him, merely a snorted out word, a soldier grabbing her right leg, making sure to keep her foot absolutely still. Allura screamed louder, seeing the burning hot poker being brought ever closer to her foot, the skull emblem on it’s end, grinning it’s malevolent grin at her.

Mercifully, before the red hot poker could be placed on her skin, she fainted, Allura drifting away into darkness, tears glistening on her cheeks.

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