Slave 007


With a sigh, Allura settled back against the cushions spread out on the divan, making herself comfortable as she looked around the harem. There wasn’t much to see if your interest lay beyond scantily clad young women, the large room crowded with bodies, but empty of entertainment. It was really nothing more than a fancy prison, the girl reasoned, thinking that for all it’s soft comforts, it’s cushions and couches, the plush carpeting at her feet, it was nothing more than a holding cell for beautiful women.

There was little to do here, the imprisoned females spent much of their time talking or napping. Indeed Allura felt she had spent more time sleeping here than she had ever spent back on Arus. The atmosphere of the harem just seemed to encourage lethargy, women stifling yawns, struggling to keep their eyes awake.

If they weren’t napping, they were talking, though Allura couldn’t imagine what the topics of conversation were about. It wasn’t as though they had anything to discuss, except for their longing to return home. And yet these ladies could chatter on for hours on an end, laughing and giggling, casting glances at other groups that were catty at best.

She didn’t understand the looks, didn’t understand the inherent jealousy that seemed to be fostering between the women. Allura felt they should be working together, working to find a way to get free of their situation. Instead they formed cliques, separating themselves from each other.

Allura was grateful she had companions among these cold feeling women, though she felt shamed to admit it. She didn’t want anyone to be enslaved just so she could feel better about herself, and yet she drew comfort from having the four women from Arus with her. They stuck close to her side, forming a little group that defended against the bigger ones. Sometimes they cried, Allura and Sasperella comforting the other three, trying to lend them strength of heart.

It was strange being among so many people, yet being unable to speak to them beyond basic hand gestures. Many of the women here had little interest in helping Allura and her companions learn to adapt, the women forced to stumble along and make errors. She noticed that some of them seemed to speak the language of the prince, and it fascinated her, the girl wanting nothing more than to learn it for herself. Maybe then she could make her needs be known, order him to do the honorable thing and return her back to her home where she belonged.

She thought of the prince now, conjuring an image of azure skin and long white hair, seeing his alien eyes that glowed golden in the darkness. He came often to the harem, sometimes twice a day, his arrival always heralding much excitement among the women. Allura wasn’t impressed, thinking Lotor was a bully, and overindulge prince with far too many play things.

Still he was kind to her, taking the time to check on her personally. He’d speak to her, though she had no way of knowing what he said, the other captives were not willing to interpret his words. She could still picture him kneeling before her, his strong hands on her ankle, fingers unwinding the gauze as he checked on her foot. Thanks to his care and consideration, Allura found her injury was healing over nicely, the infection chased away by the medicines he had ordered used on her. Allura still felt bitter over the mark being branded onto her foot, hated seeing the symbol of slave upon her skin.

As of now there was no pain when she placed her foot on the ground, Allura able to walk without wincing. But she kept that fact hidden, playing up the injury, using it as an excuse not to join in the other girls when they danced for Lotor. Allura had no intention of shaking her hips for him anytime soon, determined not to allow herself to be demeaned any further.

Another thing that bothered Allura about her imprisonment was the lack of windows to the outside world. She wanted to see the sky, wanted to feel the wind in her hair, taste nature on her tongue. Here the air was stale, recycled over and over, humid to the point she was almost glad she wore so little! She had no way of knowing the time, hours seemed to blur together, Allura sleeping whenever and wherever she wanted.

She tried to think back to those busy days back on Arus, the fittings and the meetings, her studies, classes meant to educate her mind and prepare her for the day the crown of rulership would fall to her. Here there was nothing, and Allura found herself sorry she had ever wished for more free time to herself.

The doors opened, soldiers stepping into the harem. The women all looked, but their interest soon faded as they saw it wasn’t the prince who had put in an appearance. Guards came and went all the time, they were so much back drop noise to the harem. As long as they weren’t pulling girls from the room to have them branded or beaten, the women could ignore them to their heart’s content. For no one but the prince himself was allowed to take liberties with the slaves of the harem. It was a blessed relief, to know that she wasn’t subjected to the whims of every single man in the castle.

No, that privilege belong to one, and only one, and he was loathe to share with his men. Allura figured if she was lucky, she’d only have to suffer Lotor’s attention a few times a year, not–she was quick to add, that she intended to remain on this planet for much longer. Someone was bound to come rescue her, and if they didn’t, she would just have to save herself.

The guards were still lurking about the room, searching for something. Their lingering presence was making the women nervous, their voices had dropped down to a hushed murmur as they watched the men. The two soldiers began working their way towards the back of the room, walking towards where Allura was. She saw them glance at her bandage foot, one letting out that guttural sounding language of theirs, pointing at her.

Alarmed she started to sit up, fearing what they planned for her. They shouted in her face, grabbing her by the wrists, pulling her off the divan. She heard her name being called, she turned and saw Sasperella and her twin sister watching with concern. But they dared not approach the guards, fearing what would happen should they try to interfere.

“I will be fine.” Allura said, trying to sound brave for their sakes. She was anything but, walking forward as the guards attempted to drag her. They had no patience for her limp, twisting her arm cruelly as they hurried her out of the room. Allura was soon walking normally, forced to keep up with them. They dragged her through the halls that were silent this time, no terrified screams echoing between the walls.

“Where are you taking me?!” Allura demanded, and they merely grunted at her, quickening their step. They soon had her before a door, one pulling it open. She heard them speak, recognizing Lotor’s name as she was forced to her knees. She quickly whipped her head up to glare at the guards, but they were retreating without a second glance.

“Allura!” Her name spoken, she turned, seeing Lotor sitting on the bed. Her eyes widened as she noticed he was not alone, two blonde beauties at the foot of the bed, clad in the flimsy costumes of the harem. Lotor himself was naked, wearing nothing but a smile as he leaned up on his elbows. His cock was erect, pointing up as the two captives from the harem tended to his length.

Their tongues licked the sides of his dick, small pink things against one large blue thing. Lotor would occasionally moan, one of the slaves daring to grasp hold of his erection, holding it steady as she lapped delicately at the head. The other had a hold of his balls, her fingers kneading and rolling the sac of skin, her tongue working diligently at the under side.

She didn’t understand what they were doing, but knew it was something sexual. A blush immediately colored her cheeks, Allura letting out a gasp, and turning away from the sight. Sound filtered into her ears, almost obscene slurping that had her flinching from the sound, Lotor’s moans ecstatic, the man practically purring out her name.

“Allura…” Other words followed, she could tell it was a command. She risked looking to see Lotor’s eyes staring at her, freezing her in place on the floor. Again that wicked smile, his hand reaching towards her in invitation. Allura shook her had no, and he called to her, crooking his fingers in a come here motion.

Almost against her will, she found herself standing, staring at him. She started to take a step towards him, then another, Lotor smiling, his expression one of pure triumph. She passed by his desk, a pitcher of water was out, half full. She reacted on instinct, grabbing the pitcher, rushing towards Lotor.

With a smile that matched his own, and just a hint of vindictiveness in her eyes, she poured the ice cold water straight on his crotch, dousing the two harem girls in the process. Their outraged shrieks echoed in her ears, Allura holding onto the pitcher defensively as she boldly met a startled Lotor’s eyes. He was stunned for a second, and than he tossed back his head, erupting into laughter.

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