Slave 009

It was a time of relative peace, his days lazy, unburdened by any sense of real duty. It was a true rarity, this time on Doom, Lotor finding he was free to do what he wanted as he waited for his father to decide their next course of action. There was many planets still free of the Doom Empire, many people to subjugate, kingdoms to topple. It was all a matter of deciding who to focus their energies on, King Zarkon giving careful consideration on where to send Lotor next.


Lotor enjoyed the lull from fighting, spending his days alternating between his daily regime of intense physical exercise, and pursuing his pleasure. He even found time to entertain nobles, enjoying the way they scampered and sucked up to him, desperate for his favor.

He often held court in his harem, surrounded by his beautiful jewels, knowing he was the envy of all men, and even a few women. Take today for example, he sat on a make shift throne, a pretty redhead on his lap. She was dressed in sparkling green sequins, the tiny bits of material glued to her skin to give the illusion of modesty. Lotor was already looking forward to later pealing the sequins off her body, his mouth opening to take hold of one of the unpeeled grapes she offered him.

Across from him, seated on divans that were pulled close to his throne, were several nobles. Self important lords and ladies, all clamoring for Lotor’s attention. They’d be disappointed to know they did not have it, Lotor tuning them out as they argued loudly before him.

Lotor did the occasionally nod of his head, feigning interest as his eyes wandered lazily about the room. He liked looking at women, especially HIS women, landing his gaze on individual beauties. Some giggled and looked away, playing coy to his amusement. Others would smile and bat their eyelashes at him, inhaling deeply to better accentuate their bosoms.

He kept this up, until suddenly he was caught in a sea of blue, clear eyes that locked onto his an instant before they narrowed. He wasn’t surprised to see it was the slave Allura who was glaring at him, the girl folding her arms across her chest, stare angry and accusing. She had been like this for days, ever since he had chased her down and taken her in a most enthusiastic way.

Lotor found his lips curling upwards, a smirk on his face as he remembered that pleasurable evening. If he was to hazard a guess, he’d estimate it to be one of the best lays of his life, Lotor shifting, feeling heated just thinking about it. He found himself often thinking about it, about HER and the way she had made him feel. And that was problematic at best, Lotor fighting a frown.

He wasn’t used to thinking about his past bedroom experiences, wasn’t used to reminiscing fondly about love making. He was more interested in cultivating new experiences, living in the present not reliving the past. And yet because of Allura, he was doing just that, the girl close in his mind and thoughts. He didn’t like that, didn’t like this power she was starting to have over him.

Letting a woman, even a slave, have power over him was a dangerous thing, Lotor refusing to be brought down by a mere slip of a girl. He’d find a way to master these feelings, find a way to master her, get under her skin so that she was the one desperate and needy instead of him.

Even as he told himself this, he was held by her gaze, unable to look away from Allura’s eyes. He knew he was blatantly staring at her, the other harem girls noticing, frowns on their faces. Their playful mood was quickly turning sour, not liking the way their prince seemed to favor one girl over all the others. Even Allura herself became aware of the angry looks directed her way, with a muted humph, she was turning, presenting Lotor with her back.

It was a clear sign of dismissal, leaving Lotor to feel a smidgen of annoyance. His pretty little slave was always like that, always with the delusions of holding a power her position did not afford to her. Even worse he let her, unable to bring a punishing hand against her.

He absentmindedly took a grape from the slave on his lap, eyes still studying Allura’s back. She held herself rigidly stiff, posture proud as she ignored him. Lotor wondered if she could feel his gaze on her, sure the weight of his eyes bore heavy on her back. He imagined it to be a contest of wills, who would turn first, Allura to acknowledge him, or Lotor to give up in defeat.

It was not to be, Lotor slowly becoming aware of silence, the visiting nobles having fallen silent. Someone coughed, a transparent clearing of the throat as they tried to pretend they did not notice his attention lie elsewhere. Lotor did a slow blinking of his eyes, composing himself as looked at his visitors. They stared back, expressions blank, hiding what they thought of his distraction.

Not one to admit he had no idea what topic they had been discussing, Lotor picked a face out of the crowd. The Duke of Galbrodia, ruler of a small kingdom that was located on the other side of planet Doom. The Duke was a nervous man, clearly on edge, his position of power a precarious one at best. He had several cousins who wanted to seize his throne, not to mention neighboring kingdoms who wanted to take over Galbrodia. Lotor knew the Duke was living on borrowed time, sure that if the cousins didn’t do him in, a neighbor would.

Indeed such concerns were what brought the duke to see Lotor, the man all but begging for the prince’s protection. The Duke had brought gifts, slaves and treasure meant to beguile the prince into giving him what he wanted. Lotor had yet to address his concerns, but now he fixed the duke with all his attention, speaking loudly. “Ah Grand Duke….it is unusually rare to see you among castle Doom’s courts at this time of the year.”

The Duke gave a nervous nod of his head, Lotor and the other nobles all aware of the pressing need that had brought Galbrodia to the castle. “You honor us with your presence.” Continued Lotor, swallowing down another grape. That was hardly the case, Lotor’s words chosen in a careful manner meant to convey hidden meanings. To hear Lotor speak so favorably towards the Duke’s visit meant he was considering his petition for aid.

“Oh no Prince Lotor!” Breathed out the Duke, hands clasped together. “It is I who am honored to be in your presence.”

“As are we all.” The snooty Lady Meralabeth interjected, hardly pleased by the attention Galbrodia was getting. Lotor barely paid her any mind, overturning the pros and cons of giving the Duke his protection. His kingdom was a no name dump on the fog enshrouded side of Doom, hardly worth Zarkon’s time and attention, which is why the Duke had come to Prince Lotor. Where Zarkon could afford to be choosy about who he favored, Lotor strove to gain every political and military ally possible, slowly amassing power that would one day rival King Zarkon’s. The Duke of Galbrodia may come from a backwater dump, but when the time came for a royal coup, his aid could prove valuable indeed.

And yet Lotor played coy, not ready to give a commitment to the man just yet. “How is your wife, the Duchess Narwal? Is she still in good health?”

The Duke wiped at his brow with a handkerchief, eyes looking worried by this turn of the conversation. “She is as well as can be expected, given the recent poison attempt.”

“Ah.” Lotor said, fingers waving the grapes away from his mouth. “Terrible thing that. She is with child, is she not?”

“Was with child, I’m afraid.” The Duke sighed, expression sorrowful. He really needed to learn to school his expression to not give away his emotions. “The poison proved too much for the child.”

“What a shame.” Lotor tsked, shaking his head. “Of course I extend my deepest regrets to the Duchess. And to you for your lost. It won’t happen again.”

“Sire?” Hope was in the Duke’s eyes, and the other nobles exchanged looks realizing this was Lotor confirming he would protect the Duke and his family from Galbrodia’s enemies.

“You will of course stay a few more days at court, won’t you?” Lotor needed time to put the word out that the family of Galbrodia was under his protection, his mind already wondering who would be barred from him as an ally due to this sudden alliance.

“Yes, Prince Lotor, if that is what is wished of me.” The Duke said, bowing his head.

“It is.” Lotor gave a push, toppling the startled red head from his lap. She landed on the carpet with a muffled squeak, green eyes staring up at Lotor in surprise. He ignored her, rising to stand, the nobles mimicking his movement. “I thank you all for your time.” Lotor said, his dismissal of them clear. He could see by their faces they were perturbed, Lady Meralabeth most of all. Only the Duke of Galbrodia seemed happy, offering a low bow to Lotor.

“Ah Captain Cossack… show our guests to their chambers.” Lotor said, directing his attention to the nearby guards. The leader of them was tall, with hair that was a very light shade of gray, looking like dirtied snow. He nodded, and with a gesture from him, the guards were moving, ready to lead the nobles out of the harem.

Lotor barely paid any mind to the goings of his guests. He was already looking about his harem, finding his mood had changed. He was no longer content to spend his night with the red head. No, once again he found himself favoring someone of a fairer coloring, ready to lose himself in ocean blue eyes and golden curls. He purposely chose someone other than Allura, hoping that tonight would be the time needed to forget about his growing infatuation with the little slave.

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