Slave 010

She was a voluptuous beauty, body a healthy weight, cheeks plump from the rich foods his harem fed on. Everything about her was soft, pleasant to the touch, the woman moaning, offering a shaky smile to Prince Lotor. He didn’t return it, no affection in his eyes as he drove himself between her legs, rutting about in a mindless frenzy. The lack of expression didn’t seem to bother her, the woman doing her best to enjoy what Lotor was doing to her.

Indeed she moved her body, hips pushing back against his thrusts, trying to heighten both their pleasures. She kept giving him purposeful squeezes with her vaginal muscles, Lotor offering a hiss of pleasure at the feel of her contractions around his length. Her attention was focused on him, doing everything possible to increase his pleasure, sitting up against the bed board, body bouncing hard against the wood.

Her hands were on the back of his ass, fingernails careful not to scratch into his skin as she held on. Milescent was an experienced slave when it came to pleasure, having been in Prince Lotor’s care for years. She knew all the tricks, knew how to turn him on, and what’s more, knew just what to do to please him. And she was going all out, sensing his mood to be a foul one.

Lotor was growling, restless as he moved, long past the point of gentleness with his thrusts. He slammed into her, and even then she did nothing more than moan, not revealing if he hurt her with his rough actions. And still it wasn’t enough, this pace lacking something, this woman missing something vital. Disappointment was settling itself deep in the pit of his stomach, Lotor seeking to end this encounter as quick as possible.

He gave a few more thrusts, not caring if Milescent came or not, a grunt escaping him as he released his seed inside her. She cried out, wiggling vigorously in place, her hands leaving him to cop a feel of her large breasts. Red manicured nails pinched her nipples, the woman writhing as she quivered and moaned. Lotor’s keen eye and experienced body could tell she was faking it, an exaggerated orgasm meant to enlarge his ego.

Milescent was still fondling her breasts when he pulled out of her, Lotor in as bad a mood as he had been before initiating sex with the slave. He had come, and he still felt restless, dissatisfaction at the core of his ill mood. Milescent wasn’t the first to fail him this night, she was but one of many, the sex falling short of his expectations. He knew who to blame for that, the culprit close at hand.

“Allura…” Lotor growled under his breath, the slave’s name causing Milescent to go still. She stopped her pretenses, her moan dying down as she gaped at him in shock. Lotor ignored her, climbing off the bed, his movements agitated. He wondered what it was about the little slave that affected him so, wondered why he couldn’t get her out of his mind, why he kept thinking back to that night.

It was as though she had cast a spell on him, her body holding some magic that called to his. Lotor didn’t like that, didn’t like how everything was wrong with this situation. Allura was supposed to be desperate for him, not he for her! She was the one who was supposed to have fallen, to become like all the other harem slaves, just another body to warm his bed.

“This is ridiculous.” Lotor muttered, pausing to retrieve his robe from off the floor. He didn’t bother with putting on anything beneath the silk, tying the robe tight around his waist. “I am the demon prince of Doom. I don’t let anyone control me, let alone a woman!”

“Your highness?” Milescent’s voice, the woman sounding worried. He cast a glance at her, the look on his face having her shiver, silencing her voice.

“Clean yourself and return to the harem.” Lotor ordered, turning away from her. She was barely a blip on his radar, Lotor done with her for the night. But he wasn’t ready to go to sleep, far too agitated in body and mind. With a hand raised to his head, smoothing back his hair from his eyes, Lotor strode over to the doors to his quarters. He pushed them open, the force of his actions causing them to slam into the walls with a bang.

It startled the guards stationed outside his room, the men turning to offer hasty bows to Prince Lotor. A curt nod from him, Lotor opening his mouth to speak. “Did you take care of the earlier matter?”

“Yes, your highness.” One answered. “The room has been prepared….as has the….guest.”

“Excellent.” Lotor said, and without further acknowledgment from him, he was stalking past the guards. He tried not to run, not wanting to seem too eager, and yet impatience had his feet moving swiftly, Lotor padding barefoot across the cold linoleum of the castle.

It didn’t take him long to reach his destination, more guards standing before the door. “Go now.” Lotor dismissed them with a wave of his hand, the men exchanging looks before bowing and fleeing. It seemed no one wanted to argue with a visibly annoyed prince Lotor.

The door was unlocked, Lotor pulling it open to reveal a room that was illuminated by candlelight only. Hundreds of tiny flames decorated the walls, wax candles littering table tops and book shelves. His eyes quickly grew accustomed to the dim lighting, Lotor stepping inside, taking a quick look at his surroundings. The room itself was minimalist in decorations, very little furniture to be found. Aside from the tables, there was a work bench, various tools laid out across it’s polished top.

A large mirror was placed against the back wall, floor length in size. It was plain in appearance, but it’s surface shined, ready to reflect the room’s goings on. It would be the room’s focal point if not for the beauty placed in front of it. Lotor did not quite smile as he looked at her, noting Allura was straining against the restraints on her wrists. The gray manacles had chains attached to them, the coils looping upwards to the ceiling, where they were melded to the spot. It left her arms pulled up over her head, Allura forced up on tip toe.

Similar manacles were on her ankles, anchoring her feet to the floor. It forced her legs apart, leaving her spread wide as she stood there, nervously awaiting her fate. She had turned her head when the door opened, trying to catch sight of her host. Lotor stayed in the shadows for the moment, just enjoying the look of apprehension on her face.

“Someone there?” She asked in halting Drule. Her vocabulary had been expanding bit by bit, Allura picking up the language from the other slaves. She was still limited in her choice of words, but she was usually able to get her point across.

“Just me.” Lotor answered, kicking the door closed behind him. She flinched at the sound of the shutting door, her face not losing it’s worried appearance.


“That’s Prince Lotor to you.” He said, moving slowly across the floor. It was all cold tile, easy to clean and even easier to get messy. Lotor glanced at some of the instruments on the workbench, knowing if he was so inclined he could make a slave bleed, a cat o nine tails being the least offensive of the tools at his disposal. He paused at the table long enough to pocket an item, hearing Allura’s chains rattle as she tried to turn to follow his movements.

“You know Allura….” Lotor began, crossing the last few steps to her side. “I’ve really been very lenient with you.” He placed a hand on her back, feeling the straps that held her skimpy top in place, Allura trying to jerk away from his touch. “Perhaps too lenient.”

Her brow was furrowed, Allura concentrating on his voice. Her eyes showed that she didn’t understand him, Lotor biting back an impatient sigh. He moved, keeping his hand on her body, fingers traveling across her side and to the front of her belly. She was dressed in purple this time, with blue accents on the flimsy skirt. It was simply far too much clothing on her, Lotor reaching into his pocket.

Allura’s eyes widened in alarm, seeing the silver dagger he withdrew. She started to say something, words coming out foreign and panicked. “Shhh…” Lotor purred, pressing a finger to her lips. She went silent at the sound, just watching him nervously.

“As I was saying…” He brought the knife to her skin, pressing the pointed end against the material covering her right breast. “I’ve been lenient…..too…dare I say it, too NICE with you. I’ve let you get away with things, little acts of rebellion that any other slave would have been punished for.” He lightly ran the knife’s blade across her nipple, careful not to exert any pressure on her skin.

“Don’t move!” Lotor ordered, his voice coming out a loud whisper when Allura attempted to flinch back from the knife. That much she understood, holding still for him. The knife moved to the thin band of material that held the brassiere closed across her breasts, Lotor tucking the blade underneath it so it lay trapped between satin and her skin. He looked at her face, and a wicked smile crossed his lips an instant before her jerked the knife forward.

Allura gave a frightened gasp, her breasts bouncing free of the bra, the material falling to the sides of her chest. “That ends now. Do you understand?” Lotor asked, drawing the knife down her belly. It reached the waistband of her skirt, and he trailed it to the left, finding the flimsy ties that secured the skirt on her hips. “There will be no more talking back, no more running, no more dumping cold water on my crotch.”

A slash of the knife had the skirt falling to hang awkwardly up by the ties on her right hip. “You will cease these foolish acts of rebellion and become like all the rest…” Lotor quickly cut the remaining ties, her skirt falling in two pieces to the floor. It left her naked before him, her body trembling, a shiver racking her from head to toe. The room itself was air conditioned, kept at a cool sixty degrees to offer a constant chill. It had an effect on Allura, leaving her nipples hard from the cold.

“Maybe then I’ll be able to get you out of my mind.” He muttered this last bit softly, more to himself than her.

“Lotor….down?” She gave a meaningful jerk on her wrists, illustrating her desire to be unchained.

“Saying my name like that…” Lotor reached to grasp hold of her chin with his fingers, holding her gaze level with his. “Implies a level of intimacy we do not have.” She tried to jerk back, Lotor tightening his grip as he all but growled out all the next. “You’re not special Allura. You don’t get to be friendly with me.”

She frowned at him, uneasy, picking up on his strange mood, and the worrisome tone of his voice. “You see this here?” Lotor asked, tapping the knife against the heavy collar on her neck. It made noise, a hollow metal sound that echoed softly around them. “This is proof of ownership…..of MY ownership. You’re not my friend, not my lover, you’re my slave….and I? I am your master.”

“No.” That surprised him, her clear and confidant rebuttal of his words. It also made him narrow his eyes, Lotor all but hissing in her face.

“Yes. That’s all you are…..that’s all you’ll ever be to me!” He had no way of knowing if Allura understood him, Lotor biting back a growl. He pocketed the knife, but none of the tension left Allura’s eyes. “I want to hear you say it.” He leaned in close, warm breath on her face. “I want to hear you call me your master.”

He felt the tremble in her jaw, Allura trying to shake her head no. His hold wouldn’t allow her that luxury, Allura forced to remain still as he stared determinedly in her eyes. “Say it Allura. Master….Lotor’s your master.”


He sighed, letting go of her chin. “You disappoint me Allura. This could have been ended with just one word, but you had to make things difficult for yourself.” His hands were untying his robe, revealing his bare body. He saw her lower her eyes, taking in the full sight of his nudity before jerking her eyes back up to his face. He wasn’t surprise that she didn’t resign herself to her fate, her eyes narrowed into a defiant glare.

“Go ahead.” Lotor said approvingly. “Hate me all you want. I’ll bend you to my every whim, one way or another.” He moved, walking around her, all the while keeping a hand on her mid section. He stopped when he was behind her, sparing a glance at the work table. Pills and a few vials of colorful liquids were laid out, Lotor knowing that each one had the powerful to dull a human’s mind, make them weak and susceptible to the slightest of stimulus.

He picked up a vial of rose red potion, fingers careful as he uncorked it. “Come Allura…it’s time for you medicine…” Lotor chuckled, reaching around to her front, the vial being lifted to her lips. She made a sound, jerking her head back as Lotor pressed the glass to her lips. “Drink up…your master commands you.”

Her lips were tightly sealed, Allura turning her head left then right, trying to avoid the glass. His other hand grabbed her chin, tilting her head back. He pushed the vial against her lips, a drop of it smearing across her mouth. She made a squealing sound of protest, Lotor taking the opportunity to force the vial’s end into her mouth. The contents spilled free, leaving Allura to cough and sputter as it slipped down her throat.

He emptied the vial, and stepped back. Allura was gagging, trying to cough up the drug, Lotor watching her with half lidded eyes as he set the empty container down on the work bench. “It shouldn’t take long now….that’s a fast acting drug…”

“Wh….what it?” demanded Allura, turning her face to glare at him.

“Let’s call it an aphrodisiac.” Lotor smirked, seeing her lips silently repeat the foreign word. “I’m sure in no time you’ll be begging for the chance to call me master.” He touched her sides, fingers pressed lightly over her ribs, doing a slight tickling motion that set her off squirming. Her chains rattled, but she stayed in place, unable to escape his hands.

“Relax…” Lotor whispered in her ear, pressing up against her back. “It will be easier if you don’t fight it, don’t fight me.” His teeth bit down on the lobe of her ear, Lotor gently tugging on it. She shook her head, trying to throw him off with the only part she could move.

“No.” Lotor said, and lightly slapped his hand on her rump, hearing her let out an outraged squeak. “Shall we try that again?” This time he licked behind her ear, hand quickly spanking her one more time when she jerked away from his tongue.

“Lotor stop!” Allura protested, rattling her chains vigorously.

“Then don’t move.” Lotor ordered with a light laugh. He didn’t even correct her for using his name, too busy mouthing at the curve of her ear, almost disappointed when she held herself still this time. His hands moved back to her body, arms sliding around her waist in a loose hug. He rubbed the side of his face against hers, feeling some of her hair brush against his cheek.

She smelled good, Lotor inhaling deeply of her lilac and lavender scent. He kissed her cheek, lips moving to brush across the line of her jaw, Lotor keeping himself pressed against her back. He could feel the quiver of her body, Allura fighting against the urge to pull away from him. He glanced at the mirror, her reflection showing she had her eyes tightly closed, lips forming a frown. That was all right, she needn’t look right now, Lotor licking a path down to the side of her neck.

His lips parted, his fangs grazing against her skin. Just a nibble, not even enough to break the skin, but her pulse jumped, racing faster and faster. He kissed against her pulse point, lips just above the collar she wore. He had the sudden need to mark her with his mouth, Lotor sucking on her skin, exerting enough force to bruise her flesh.

“Ah.” It was quiet, only his close proximity to her caught the sound, A half moan escaping Allura. It seemed the drug was starting to take effect, Lotor sliding his hands upwards to cup her breasts. Just a squeeze, but it rendered her breathless.

“Works like a charm.” Lotor said, satisfied. He let go of her breasts, seeing her eyes snap open, confusion in them. He practically purred as he spoke, telling her, “I bet you’re feeling a little warm right now.” A smile then, Lotor taking a step back from her. His hands touched her back, palms smoothing up across her skin. “Let’s see if we can’t make you hotter…”

He scooped up her hair, lifting it up to place it over the front of her shoulders. That left her back all but bare to his eyes, Lotor sliding his finger down her spine, feeling out the bumps along it’s length. He stopped just above her rump, once again leaning in close so as to press his lips to her skin. He grazed his mouth just under the collar, tongue flicking out to drag across her skin. Allura let out a gasp, Lotor’s hands moving across her back, fingers rubbing circles into her skin.

His hands slid around to her front again, skirting just under her breasts. He took hold of her hair, using the ends of them to brush golden curls across her nipples. It made her laugh, an honest to goodness giggle, Lotor enchanted by the sound. Mischievously, he brought the captured hair to her face, brushing the ends against her nose. She giggled some more, Lotor smiling as he buried his mouth against the crook of her shoulder.

He bit down on her skin there, leaving the imprint of his teeth on her delicate flesh. A sound from her, not quite a protest against the harshness of his bite. He quickly licked across that mark, intent to soothe away the sting of his teeth. His hands let go of her hair, Lotor gripping her waist, kissing down past her shoulder blades. His hands moved lower as he kissed his way down her back, sliding down her belly, creeping ever lower.

She made a disappointed whine when his hands skipped over her womanhood, choosing instead to touch her thighs. He glided them down to her knees, his mouth pressed against the small of her back. She trembled and moaned as he kissed onto her ass, bringing his hands to the back of her legs, doing a slow, sensual slide up towards her rear. He cupped her cheeks, squeezing her rump playfully.

Allura made a sound in response, Lotor quick to drop to his knees. His hands massaged her skin, Lotor placing kisses on the inside of her thigh. She sighed, her body relaxing as his mouth worked it’s way along her silk skin, Lotor moving higher and higher, scenting her arousal. The combination of drug and his touches had already gotten her wet, Lotor smirking as he brought his mouth to her center.

Just a kiss from him had Allura moaning, Lotor getting the first taste of her on his tongue. She tasted exquisite, her garbled sound music to his ears, leaving him half hard with excitement. This was usually the point he’d stop and insist on his pleasure, but right now he had a goal to accomplish.

He used his fingers to part her lips, exposing the pinkness of her slit to his eyes, and more importantly to his tongue. He began licking her, dragging his tongue slowly across her slit, hearing her let out a cry of surprise. She wasn’t used to being kissed down there, unsure of how to act, moaning out soft protests even as she moved, starting to wriggle against his mouth.

He chuckled and gripped her legs, forcing her to be still, Lotor continuing to lick and tease her, finding she was growing wetter yet. Liquid heat seemed to flow from her core, Lotor lapping it up, eager for more. A few more torturously slow licks, and then he was probing at the entrance to her body. Just the tip of his tongue in experiment, testing her readiness.

Tight and wet, Lotor thrusting his tongue in further, stroking along her sides. He wiggled it from left to right, hearing Allura squeal, starting to shake. A few more thrusts of his tongue, Lotor hearing her grow more vocal by the minute, and then he simply…stopped.

She cried out in protest, moving her hips restlessly. Lotor was careful as he withdrew his tongue, moisture from Allura wetting his lips and chin. He did a quick kiss up her back, feeling her go still when he whispered silkily in her ear. “Still not ready to call me master?”

Her reflection showed her stony expression, face flushed from her arousal, eyes clouded over and angry. “Hmm? I’ll let you climax if you do.”

“N….no…” She shook her head, then whispered, her face ashamed. “More? Please?”

“More? Then tell me what I want to hear.” Lotor said, seeing her lower her eyes.


Lotor’s eyes flashed, annoyed that her will was holding fast even with the drug in her system. “Perhaps you need a little more…” His hands touched her breasts, none too gentle as he squeezed. “Stimulation?”

“Kyaa!” Exclaimed Allura, Lotor pressing against her. His erection was against her ass, Lotor grinding against her as he fondled her chest. He captured hold of her nipples, pinching and tugging on them, Allura trying to bend forward to get away from him. He licked at her neck, closing his eyes as he enjoyed the feel of grinding up against her.

“Lotor is my master.” Lotor said, carefully pronouncing each word in Drule. “That’s all I want to hear…” One hand dropped between her legs, fingers sliding along the slickness of her center, getting an excited squeal from Allura. He stroked along to the front of womanhood, fingertips seeking out that hidden nub of flesh. Upon finding it, he gave a gentle pinch, fingers rubbing it furiously.

Allura’s toes curled, she cried out, growing more excited by the minute. Again he built her up, bringing her closer and closer to climax only to stop just short of her orgasm. She gasped, and moaned pitifully, but other than that was silent, refusing to say what he wanted to hear.

“I can keep this up all night Allura!” Lotor growled, his hands reaching for her hips. He pressed his cock between her legs, not at all surprised when she bucked back against him. “One way or another, you will tell me what I want to hear!” With those words, he thrust into her, finding his entry was eased by the amount of liquid her body had produced. Allura immediately tightened around him, moaning loudly even as she shook her head no.

He began pulling at her hips, driving hard into her, hearing the slap of his flesh against hers. She was letting out little eeps and moans, writhing as best she could, her fingers curling and uncurling as she grasped aimlessly at the air.

It felt good to be inside her, warm and wet, body constricting tight around him. He could lose himself in the feel of her, quickly forget what he was trying to accomplish, finding the satisfaction that had been missing from his previous encounters this night. He stared at her reflection as he pounded into her body, watching the sweat bead on her skin. He ducked his head towards her right shoulder, tongue lapping up a drop of moisture off her skin.

She still wasn’t speaking to him, just letting her voice sound out her pleasure. Lotor narrowed his eyes, concentrating on something other than the friction their bodies were generating. “Allura…” He called out her name, ready to try a different tatic. “Your master! Tell me who your master is, Allura!”

Her head shook vigorously, lips starting to part when he felt it. Whatever she had been about to say died then in a wild shriek, the girl’s body convulsing, Allura climaxing all around him. He groaned in defeat, even as his body reacted to the way she was clamping down on his cock. With a low sounding moan he came, filling her up with his come.

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