Slave 011

The night had been long, perhaps the longest in Lotor’s recent memories, the prince spending hours with Allura. He had been determined to break her, almost desperate to get her to yield to him, Lotor wanting nothing more than to hear the little slave call him master. She stubbornly refused to do just that, taking all he gave her, and somehow hanging on to her sanity as he tormented her body with pleasure.

He used all at his disposal, mouth, fingers, tongue. His body a hard tool for pleasure, his actions designed to bring her to the edge of climax again and again. Lotor didn’t limit himself to just his body, he involved toys in his mission. A large selection of vibrators and phallic devices, feather ticklers, lotions that heated the skin when breathed on. He coated her sensitive spots with creams that made her tingle and cry out, Lotor gluing egg shaped vibes to her nipples with adhesive.

Even when he himself needed a break, he continued the sexual assault on Allura’s body and mind, leaving her hanging, the buzz of vibrators filling the air, Lotor inserting one inside her body. He went to sleep surrounded by her pleasure whimpers, and awoke some time later to see her hanging limp, thighs drenched from her numerous releases.

He had been cocky, sure of his victory over her as he stepped in front of her. She seemed too weak to look at him, Lotor taking hold of her chin, lifting her head upwards. Her eyes had been glassy, Allura only half aware of her surroundings as he spoke to her. “Now tell me what I want to hear.”

He remembered how he watched her tongue come out, sliding to lick across dry lips. She made a sound, Lotor relishing the moment, waiting for her to form the words. He ended up disappointed, a no coming from her lips.

Displeasure filled him just remembering that disappointment, Lotor shifting on the couch. The two slaves on either side of him didn’t pick up on his mood, attributing his movement to their hands stroking him. They rubbed across his chest, one making soft cooing sounds in his ear, giggling his name. A third approached, wine goblet in hand. Lotor reached out, snagging not the cup, but her wrist, hearing her let out a questioning sound.

“Come here.” Lotor said gruffly, pulling her onto his lap. The wine was spilled, a red mess on the carpet but he didn’t care, turning his attention to the woman on his lap. At his rough, insistent touches she began smiling, leaning in to nibble on the front of his throat. The other two slaves pouted, and moved to get up and leave, Lotor barking a sharp command. “Stay.”

Surprised but willing, they remained seated, resuming running their hands all over him. He let his head fall back, offering up the line of his throat to the blonde on his lap, his fingers seeking out the clasp to her bra. She was soon expose to the room, the slave surprised but hardly complaining when he put a hand on her right breast. She became more ardent as he squeezed her, kissing all over his neck but careful not to try and mark him with anything other than her lipstick.

This wasn’t like him, Lotor hardly one to engage in such amorous behavior in front of the whole harem. A quick glance showed the other slaves all busying themselves with dancing, trying not to let the envy show on their faces. He knew they all wanted to be the ones on the couch with him, Lotor inadvertently fostering jealousy with his actions.

He was too tired to care, his weary eyes landing on Allura. The girl was laying on a divan, curled up on her side. Her chest rose and fells steadily, the troublesome slave asleep for his show. His eyes narrowed, he wanted her awake and alert, wanted her to see him with these women, wanted her to become just as jealous as the rest of the slaves. Maybe then she would understand that she meant nothing to him.

He was just about to send someone to wake Allura, when the doors to the room were flung open. They banged as they hit the walls, the sound causing the slaves to freeze and look up in surprise. Lotor turned, a scowl on his face, ready to ask who dares when palace guards garbed in red armor with gold accents marched into the room. The small procession of guards took up positions throughout the harem, stone faced and eyeing the women and Lotor’s own guards.

Lotor barely had time to conceal his surprise, King Zarkon strolling into the harem, only one step behind the last of his private guards. “Father!” Lotor exclaimed, chasing the slave off his lap so he could rise and give a bow of acknowledgment to the king.

“Lotor.” Zarkon was looking around the harem, almost as though he was searching for something. “If I could have but a moment of your time?”

“Of course father.” Lotor said, and clapped his hands together. A chair was brought forward, cushioned and soft, King Zarkon striding forward to seat himself. A nervous slave approached with wine, Zarkon dismissive as he ignored the offered drink. The other slaves were staring, and even Lotor found it hard to keep the surprise and curiosity off his face. It was simply that unexpected an occurrence to see King Zarkon in the harem. In fact, Lotor could count the number of visits on one hand, the old man simply have little to no interest in Lotor’s women.

“Sit, sit!” ordered Zarkon, gesturing for Lotor to return to the couch. As Lotor seated himself, the music picked up, softer in volume so the two men could converse without yelling. The slaves began dancing though neither man was watching them, Lotor too busy trying to figure out why his father had come here.

“You look like you’ve been enjoying yourself these past few days.” Commented Zarkon, leaning back in his seat.

“Er yes. Yes, I have father. Although…” Lotor was quick to add. “It cannot compare to the thrill of battle, the satisfaction new conquests give me.”

Zarkon nodded his head. “Yes, new victories always give me the greatest of pleasure.” A half smile then, almost too faint to be real. “And I find myself severely lacking in that regard.”

“Father?” So this was it, Lotor thought. Zarkon was ready to send him off, ready for a new kingdom to be added to their empire.

“Our forces in the Polluxian region are a bunch of bumbling idiots.” Grumbled Zarkon. “Can you believe they are actually having difficulties in capturing that planet?” Lotor had a vague recollection of planet Pollux, recalling they had an overabundance of the lazon. In an area that was poor in the metal, Pollux flourished, charging outrageous prices for the precious item. Pollux would be a valuable asset to the Doom Empire, their military having many uses for the lazon.

“Do they not have a planetary shield?” Lotor asked, remembering one other key point that made it difficult for any other planet to invade Pollux. “One that is powered by lazon?”

“A waste of the metal, if you ask me.” Zarkon groused. “I think it preposterous that our men in that region haven’t found a way to disable that shield. It’s been months already, and we are no closer to seizing control of their mines!”

Lotor had a sinking feeling Pollux would be his next destination, the prince wondering if even he would be able to pull off a victory this time. “I am sure they are doing all they can to find a weakness to exploit.”

“They should work faster.” Now a smile from Zarkon, fangs flashing in a show of cruel humor. “Fortunately for all involved, I have found a way around this.”


Zarkon nodded his head, leaning forward. He gestured for Lotor to do the same, the two men huddled close together. Lotor could see the lines on Zarkon’s face, his appearance looking older at this near a distance. “I have been in communication with Prince Avok of Planet Pollux.” A smile then, Zarkon looking satisfied. “Or..I should say KING Avok as his father has recently passed on.”

Lotor said nothing, wondering what it mattered who was king on Pollux. “Tis a fortunate thing the young king is foolish and headstrong, thinking with his heart rather than what is best for his people.”

“His heart?” echoed Lotor with a frown.

“Yes.” Zarkon nodded. “He’s in love you see.” Zarkon and Lotor both snorted, the prince thinking love a foolish trait to have, especially when one was in the position of power like Avok was.

“And how does that help us?” Lotor asked, seeing Zarkon’s grin widened.

“Well….there’s a certain little slave of yours that Avok has his eye on.” Lotor’s brow furrowed, wondering who Zarkon could possibly mean. “It seems he is willing to do a trade for her. Ready to hand over seventy percent of the lazon mines’ output.” Now a disgusted look from the king. “And all for a mere woman!”

Lotor’s lip curled up in a sneer, the prince nodding. “It seems we would be getting the better half of that deal.”

“Indeed. Though I won’t settle for just seventy percent of the mines. I want it all, the lazon….and the planet.” Zarkon’s eyes glittered with cold glee, the man leaning back in his seat now. “You will go to Pollux for the exchange.” It was not a request, but an order Zarkon gave him. “Be sure to extend my deepest respects to the young king as you hand over the princess of Arus to her fiancee.”

“Ah…princess?” Lotor had no idea who Zarkon was talking about, wondering which one of his slaves he would lose.

“Oh bollocks.” Zarkon drummed his fingers on the arm rest of his chair, frowning as he tried to think of the proper name. “What was the little chit’s true name. These human monikers all sound the same to me.”

Lotor waited patiently, seeing Zarkon’s lips move as he murmured names to himself. “Alicia….Alana…ah! Allura! I believe that was her name!”

Lotor blinked, surprised at the way his stomach dropped at the mention of Allura’s name. “Allura?”

“Problem?” Zarkon’s voice was sharp, the man noticing Lotor’s discomfort.

“Oh no.” Lotor was quick to deny, shaking his head. He fought with himself, resisting the urge to seek out Allura’s sleeping form. He was troubled that it bothered him, the thought of giving her up to another. He found himself wishing the princess of Arus had been someone else, some slave he would be glad to get rid of.

“Good.” Zarkon rose to stand, Lotor hurrying to do the same. “You’ll leave for Pollux tomorrow morning. The ships are being stocked and fueled for the long travel.”

“Of course father.” Lotor said, moving to follow Zarkon as the man strode towards the harem’s doors. The palace guards moved, the red and gold armored men hurrying past the royal pair, intent on checking the hall for any would be assailants to the king. Zarkon was relaxed, appearing unconcerned where his security was tense and worried.

“I will begin making my own preparations as well.” Added the prince, already thinking of which military commanders he would like to bring with him to Pollux. Zarkon nodded, striding a few steps ahead of Lotor out of the room. Lotor paused on the threshold of the harem, fighting with every ounce of strength not to turn and look at Allura. He failed miserably, turning in time to catch her awake, and stretching her arms up over her head. She noticed his attention, and jerked back, turning away from him. Lotor’s eyes narrowed, and he told himself he would most definitely not miss the little slave.

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