Slave 115

Allura was humming a sweet song, voice a soft croon as she stood next to one of the cribs, her daughter Alessandra looking up at her. In her arms, Allura held Adora, the child snuggled against her breast, eyes half closed as the infant fought to stay awake. Adora made little burbles of protest, Allura long used to the sounds her daughter made just before falling asleep.

She smiled to hear them, wiggling her fingers at Alessandra, the girl waving a tiny hand in their direction. She let Alessandra latch onto her finger, the girl inspecting it closely. She must have thought it was something to eat, for she suddenly put her mouth on the tip, trying to suck on it. A disgruntled noise followed, Alessandra wiggling away from Allura’s hand, practically pouting.

Allura knew Alessandra couldn’t be hungry, she had just finished feeding both twins several minutes ago. And yet the girl continued to look for things to put her mouth on, leaving Allura to wonder if Drule children, even quarter breeds like her daughters, teethed earlier than human babies. Just the thought of tiny little fangs sinking into her breast as her daughters nursed, had Allura wincing, her voice faltering in her song.

Adora made a sound, coming off as annoyed that the song had been interrupted. Allura quickly resumed before her daughter could kick up a fuss, watching as Alessandra wiggled around in the crib. She was getting better at moving, not yet able to crawl. It would be a while before either of her daughters could actually crawl about, the twins just under three months old now.

Allura marveled at how fast they had grown, gaining in both weight and inches. They had not lost the blue of their eyes, and the yellow fuzz on their heads had turned into locks of hair that were tightly curled against their scalp. To Allura her babies were even more beautiful than the day they had been born, the girl feeling lucky to have known them all this time.

Her whole life seemed to be whittled down to spending every waking moment with the twins, Allura keeping them close by. She often avoided the nursery, choosing to have them share Cossack’s crib which was positioned near her bed. Many a sleepless night was spent, Allura alert to each and every sound her babies made. Often when one woke up hungry, the other was quick to follow, barely having the time to wail before Allura was there to soothe their appetites.

She talked often with her daughters, knowing they couldn’t possibly understand her. But they seemed to like hearing her voice, often speaking in a certain tone was enough to ease their restless states. She read to them, and sang, and looked forward to the day when they’d be old enough to play more complex games than peek a boo. To some, it would be boring, to spend all this time with infants, but to Allura it was fascinating.

She learned things about her daughters, learning that Lotor had indeed been right, Adora proving to be the more vocal of the two. Alessandra was almost too quiet, often taking the time to just look around, Allura wondering if she was thinking deep thoughts.

So intense was her study of the twins, she could tell them apart by their little quirks and habits. Lotor still had difficulty, often getting the two confused to his chagrin. For his sake, and for the others who might visit the twins, the girls wore id bracelets. Allura had thought a simple bracelet would be enough, but Lotor had spoiled them on an extravagant gold number, their names carved into the metal.

Except for Haggar, the twins did not have many visitors, Lotor guarding them carefully. Their one public appearance had been in the throne room, with temple priestesses who worshipped one of the many Drule Gods, arriving to hold a naming ceremony for the twins. Allura had been present for that ceremony, dressed in a lovely, loose fitting gown. It had been a time when she still tired easily, and so the doctors had only allowed her to attend the ceremony on the condition she do so in a wheelchair.

The nobles of the court had gathered for the ceremony, each one seemingly eager to see the new princesses of Doom. She remembered the long line of nobles, each one coming forward to bow before the tiny princesses, Lotor holding them up with a proud but stern gaze on his face. Gifts had been presented, each one more extravagant than the last, the nobles making it a competition to see who could spend the most on the princesses.

There had been other activities, but Allura had missed out on them, spending time in her bedroom with her babies. Lotor had partaken in a parade, pictures of the twins being held up on banners and flags. There had even been a statue erected of the princesses, a tiny facsimile that rode on the center float. News coverage had been heavy in the first week of the twin’s birth, reports on what they looked like, how much they weighed, and how their health was, being aired. It was no idle boast to say every citizen on Doom knew about the princesses, eating up every report eagerly.

Allura often wondered if it was wise, letting so much information be broadcast about their daughters. Lotor assured her that it was a common practice, the birth of a royal a big event on Doom, one that was welcomed and eagerly celebrated. Indeed the nobles took it as a sign to party hard, holding many swanky affairs in their own homes. Invitations piled up from the court, each one begging Lotor to attend, insisting their party was the one not to be missed.

Except for one or two parties of his most closest allies, Lotor stayed at home, preferring to spend his free time with Allura and the twins. She knew that even now, he was probably hurriedly signing the last of the paperwork, or calling court to an end, the King eager to return to their daughters’ side. He was truly a devoted father, Lotor having fallen in love with his daughters from the moment he had first held Adora and Alessandra in his arms. Allura knew he loved looking at them, holding them, the man peppering them with kisses, and tempering his strength to be gentle around them.

She liked watching Lotor with the twins, feeling she was seeing a new side to him, one he’d never show to anyone but his family. He smiled and laughed often, body relaxed of the tension that normally surrounded him. She laughed too, finding it was hard not to be affected by his joy, and the happiness that came with being with her family.

He wasn’t just attentive to the twins, he came just short of smothering her as he lavished attention on Allura. He brought her gifts, small tokens of his appreciation, saying they were rewards for being a good mother, and the good job she had done in birthing the babies. Her favorite gift was a simple gold locket, with a heart shaped center that opened to show pictures of the twins at three weeks old. She wore it everywhere, often touching it when she was lost in deep thought.

Material things weren’t the only way Lotor showered her with attention, he often tried to hug and kiss her, complimenting her on her looks. It always made her blush, Allura feeling better about her body due to the praise Lotor heaped on it. She hadn’t gotten her figure back, not completely, a few stray pounds from her pregnancy refusing to leave. She was at best, pleasantly plump around the middle, and with a little more exercise she’d lose the extra pounds soon.

With Lotor pressing forward with his affection and admiration, it was only natural Allura did a lot of thinking about their relationship. They had never officially talked about her choice, not since that awkward moment in the recovery room when she had asked what happened now. Lotor seemed content to ignore the problem, as though it would go away completely if they never addressed it.

But Allura wasn’t content to leave it alone, knowing they had one final obstacle to get over. An obstacle that seemed almost insurmountable, her mouth turning dry at the thought of it. But Allura knew she had to try, THEY had to try, if there was any chance of a future together.

An excited coo broke into her thoughts, Allura spying Alessandra looking through the bars of her crib. She turned, and saw Lotor walking into the room, the King resplendent in black over coat, and dark green shirt. He looked as handsome as ever, with his crown modified to resemble more circlet than head covering crown.

“Hi there.” He grinned at her, but spoke softly, having noted the sleeping Adora in Allura’s arms. “Hello my sweet one.” He cooed at Alessandra, the girl smiling at her father. She was the one that seemed to favor Lotor more, always reacting in an excited manner to the sight of him.

“Lotor, is your work all done for the day?” Allura asked as Lotor bent to kiss her cheek. He nodded, and picked up Alessandra, the girl letting out a happy sound as she settled against him.

“Yes. I managed to finish the day’s paperwork…though the Gods know there will be more by the time tomorrow comes.” Lotor said, his words grumpy though his tone was not. “I really wonder where some of it comes from….”

“At least only the most important documents get to you..” Allura replied, trying to cheer him up. She knew he delegated the lesser concerns to his aides, the two men working overtime to make sure no trifling matters ended up on Lotor’s desk.

“Thank the Gods for small favors!” Lotor said, and then lifted Alessandra up so he could kiss her forehead. She made a sound, a little giggle at the kiss, her hands coming forward to touch her father’s cheeks. “Have they been fed yet?”

He looked so hopeful, Allura knowing one of his favorite activities was to watch her breast feed the twins. “Er yes.” She answered, noting how he seemed to sag with disappointment. “We just finished up not too long ago.”

“Oh.” He seemed to shake it off, once again cradling his daughter against his chest. “Ah, than I suspect they’ll be wanting a nap now.”

“Yes.” Allura agreed, and moved over to Adora’s crib, setting her down on the soft cushion. She paused long enough to brush fingers over her curls, then turned to look at Lotor and the alert Alessandra. “Though our other daughter seems to be wide awake for once.”

“Ah, well no harm in that.” Lotor smiled, and Allura fought not to fidget in place. “It’s strange to see you using the nursery.”

“Strange?” Allura echoed, seeing Lotor nodding.

“You usually prefer to keep them close by.” Lotor returned Alessandra to her crib, the girl pouting slightly.

“It does give me a peace of mind to have them near.” Allura admitted. “But…” This time she touched her hands together, fingers playing against one another. “I thought…it might be nice…if you and I had some alone time.”

“Alone time?” Lotor repeated, looking blank. She nodded, sure her cheeks were burning. “You mean….you want to spend time with me, without the twins around?” At her whispered yes, Lotor looked pleased, the King stepping forward to take her hands in his. “Oh Allura, you don’t know how happy I am to hear that!”

She had an idea, but knew to say so would make her sound conceited. Instead she focused on his touch, noting how warm his hands felt against hers. If her blush was anything to go by, her skin was just as warm if not hotter!

“Where would you like to go?” Lotor was asking, already turning to lead her towards the room’s exit. “To the garden perhaps?”

“No…I was…I was thinking…” She knew she was stuttering, Allura nervous at what she had planned. “Perhaps we could just stay in my chambers.” He looked pleasantly surprised, Lotor nodding.

“All right Allura. I’d like that.”

“Good.” She said as they stepped out into the hallway. The guards were there, and not just the king’s, but an added three who stood on constant watch for the princesses’ safety. All were on alert, awaiting the king’s command, though Lotor waved, the gesture dismissive, letting them know to remain standing. They watched as Lotor and Allura entered the apartment, surely wondering why they had left the twins behind.

The door to the apartment closed, the awkward silence continuing between them. It had been so long since they had had a chance to talk about something other then the twin’s actions, and their care. Even Lotor looked unsure of what to say, perhaps still wondering why she wanted to meet with him alone. He kept looking at her, Allura fighting not to break out into a nervous sweat as she led him over to the couch.

“Have you eaten dinner yet?” Lotor asked, not yet sitting down. She shook her head no, and he made a move to step towards the room’s intercom system. “Then I’ll order us up a light meal.”

“No..!” It sounded a little panicked, even to her ears, Allura grabbing at his arm.

“Allura?” Lotor looked startled but allowed her to push him down to the couch. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing.” Allura said, then shook her head. “I’m just…not hungry tonight.” It was true too, her stomach was full of nervous flutters, twisting into knots that spoke of the tension she felt. “I wanted to….to talk…”

“All right Allura.” Came his response. “Dinner can wait.” He fixed her with an expectant look now, asking, “What do you want to talk about?”

“Um…” Her mind wasn’t exactly blank, but she didn’t know how to broach the subject. “I’ve just been thinking…”


“About us.” She clarified, seeing how his expression became guarded. She knew what he thought, Lotor assuming she was ready to make her decision. “These past few weeks with our daughters have been wonderful.”

“They have been.” Lotor agreed. “I never knew such joy could exist…the pleasure that being with my family provides.” She knew it was a pleasure she could ruin, Allura fidgeting next to him on the couch. “It’s been wonderful…and it’s all thanks to you Allura.”

“To me?” She blinked, surprised.

“Yes.” Lotor reached for her hand, giving her a squeeze. “You gave life to my children. Your nurture and care for them. You’re the perfect mother…”

“I…I’m not!” protested Allura, Lotor holding up his hand for silence.

“To me you are.” He lifted up her hand, pressing kisses into her palm. “You’re everything I could have hoped for in a mother for my children. Kind, caring, sweet….beautiful…”

“The last has nothing to do with being a good mother and you know it!” Allura said, blushing furiously.

“All right, that last one is for me.” Lotor chuckled, brushing his thumb over her palm. She was conscious of him doing that, Allura making no attempt to pull back her hand.

“I…I’ve seen a new side to you.” She shakily got out, gazing up at him with rapidly blinking eyes. “You’ve been very sweet, very devoted to our daughters. I like that. I like this side of you.”

“I’m glad.” Lotor smiled, and she weakly mirrored his expression.

“It’s more than just our daughters.” Each word was a hard fought battle, Allura forcing them to come out without hesitation. “It’s the way you’ve been around me. You’ve been…you’ve been very kind. Thoughtful. Patient.” He said nothing, just cocked his head to the side, watching her. Her cheeks grew more heated under his unwavering gaze, Allura fighting to maintain eye contact with him.

“It’s more than anyone can ask for…” She continued. “It’s more than I can ask for….” She turned her hand, grasping gentle hold of his.


“I…” She shifted closer to him, her hesitation making her pause her words. “I know we can’t change the past…that we can only go forward. Well…Lotor…? I want to go forward…..with you.”

“Allura….are you saying what I think you’re saying?” He was no longer guarded, the stunned King staring wide eyed at her. She blushed harder and nodded, and the next thing she knew, Lotor was crushing her to him, her body on his lap. She squealed, unable to breathe in his embrace, aware that Lotor was rubbing his face in her unbound hair.

“I…” He finally pulled back enough to let her speak, Lotor’s eyes bright with happy emotion. “I know I made you wait a long time….”

“It doesn’t matter.” He interrupted her. “You are worth the wait.” He was touching her face, fingers smoothing back her unruly curls. He seemed unable to stop smiling, Lotor staring at her with an intensity that bordered on smoldering.

“That may be…” A crimson faced Allura said. “But still….a man of your passions…a man of your needs…”

“Can learn to be patient.” Finished Lotor, fingers still stroking through the sides of her hair.

“True.” Agreed Allura. “But it hasn’t been easy for you. I want you to know…I understand…I..” She trailed off, trying to nerve herself to speak the words they both needed to hear.

“You’re ready to take that final step with me?” Lotor asked, his words a subtle nudge. “You’ll accept the heart, and the vows that come with it?”

“Vows?” She blinked uncertainly, Lotor smirking at her.

“I mean to make an honest woman of you Allura.” His hands cupped either side of her face, Lotor bringing her in close to kiss at her lips. “You’ll be my wife, my love, my everything.”

She couldn’t think of marrying him at the moment, Allura moving her lips against his. “I..want….no need something from you.”

“Anything.” Lotor immediately said, positively glowing with happiness.

“It’s…it’s a hard thing for me to ask for.” Allura confessed, risking a touch of his chest. “But it’s something we both have to do….”

“What is it?” He placed his hands on her shoulders, Allura glancing downwards. “You can tell me…”

“I…” Another shaky breath, Allura practically blurting out her request. “I want you to make love to me.” She didn’t look at him, not right away, growing concerned at the silence that descended between them. Lotor kept his hands on her shoulders, and Allura was sure she felt a fine tremor shake through them. “Lotor?” She risked a look up at his face, seeing his lips had parted.

“Are….are you sure?” He asked, his hesitation surprising Allura. She had been sure he would be all over her the instant she voiced her request.

“Yes…” She fought to keep the uncertainty out of her voice, the fears and partial panic. “I need this.” She placed a hand on his knee, caressing it upwards. “WE need this.” Lotor gazed at her a moment longer, and she grew even more flustered. “Please…” Her voice was low, Allura not quite whispering. “Don’t make me beg.”

“I’m not!” He quickly protested, than softened his tone. “I’m not. It’s just….are you sure you’re ready for this?”

“I am.” Though inwardly Allura felt she’d never be ready.

“I mean….phsyically.” Lotor made a gesture with his hand, taking in her body.

“Lotor, it’s been almost three months since I gave birth. My incision has long since healed.” Allura told him. “I’m capable of….of a lot of things now.” He still looked uncertain, the feeling passing to her. “Don’t you want too?”

“Of course I do!” Lotor said, his voice a passionate exclamation.

“Then prove it!” She knew she was goading him, giving him the encouragement he needed. He smiled at her, a devastatingly wicked smirk, one that made her knees go weak to see it.

“All right Allura…” Lotor said, hands cupping her face once more. She closed her eyes at his approach, trying not to tremble as he drew near. Just before he kissed her, he whispered, “You’re shaking Allura.”

“No…I’m not…” Her words had her lips moving against his, Lotor’s mouth soft and pleasant to the touch.

“Liar.” He softly scolded, and then was kissing her harder, hands holding her in place so she could not pull back. Even with the deepening intensity of his kiss, Lotor still held some gentleness to his actions, the prince pausing to mouth at her bottom lip. He followed up that nibble with a flick of his tongue, Allura shyly parting her lips in a gasp.

Lotor then sealed his mouth over hers so completely, Allura doing a tentatively push back against his lips. Lotor leaned into her, seeming to like the pressure, feasting hungrily at her lips. His hands left her face, one sliding backwards to fist her hair, the other dropping downwards. It did a light caress down the side of her body, coming to a rest on her hip.

She couldn’t help herself, she whimpered as he kissed her harder, Allura feeling Lotor dig his fingers into her hip. It was more than just a holding of her, he was pushing her down, forcing her further down on his lap. She wasn’t quite straddling him, and he wasn’t yet hard, but she knew with a roll of her hips she could change position, and do the grind that would get his cock to react.

Allura wasn’t prepared to deal with his cock just yet, the girl keeping still as best she could. In her distraction at his finger’s insistent nudge, Lotor had slipped his tongue past her parted lips. He did an artful glide around her mouth, seeming to want to memorize it’s contours before he sought out her tongue. She didn’t try to curl away from him, though she wasn’t bold enough to move her tongue against his. Not yet at any rate.

“Put your arms around me.” Lotor ordered, once he had pulled apart to allow her some room to breathe. She blinked confused, but complied, locking her arms in place around him. “Good girl.” Lotor said, and pressed a chaste kiss against her moist lips.

Without warning he stood, a hand supporting her bottom, Allura letting out a startled sound. Lotor chuckled under his breath, nuzzling his face against her hair as he walked towards the bedroom door. She could guess at his intent, the king wanting a more comfortable setting for their love making. She tried to tell herself that she wanted it too, fighting not to shake harder in nervousness.

The door slammed shut, making her jump in his arms, Lotor having used his foot to kick it close. “Easy.” He soothed her, carrying her towards the bed.

“I’m fine.” She hastily said, though Allura knew he could sense how hard she was shaking. She thought she’d vibrate right off the bed, when he set her down on the edge, Allura so nervous she almost forgot to let go of Lotor. He continued to smile at her, working the buttons of his over coat open. Somehow he managed without tearing off any of the buttons, Lotor tossing the coat onto the floor.

And then he was kissing her again, seemingly unable to stay separated long enough to undress. Instead he gripped her wrists, bringing her limp hands to his chest. ‘Help me undress.” Lotor whispered huskily, turning his attention to the line of her jaw, kisses being pressed into her skin. Allura gave one nod of her head, trying to breath easier while Lotor kissed all along the side of her face. Her hands shook so badly it made her fingers clumsy, Allura having difficulty with the buttons.

“Blast it all….” Lotor muttered, his lips near her ear. But he didn’t sound mad, just impatient, the king chasing away her hands. She couldn’t help the shocked gasp that escaped her, Allura almost jumping back when Lotor tore open the front of his shirt. Buttons flew everywhere, the silk ruined though the sleeves were still intact.

“Lotor….your shirt…” Allura whispered, tone meek.

“I can always get another.” Lotor said, voice husky. He licked at her ear, Allura remembering how he had told her a Drule’s ear was sensitive. Even without the added nerves of a Drule, it felt kinda nice to feel his tongue licking at the inside of her ear. “But right now I want your hands on my skin.”

She swallowed nervously, but reached out to him, sliding her hands into the rips in his shirt. Lotor seemed to sigh into her ear, pressing against her hands, his fevered skin seeming to burn her palms. “Yes.” Lotor hissed, pleased. His lips captured the lobe of her ear, Lotor doing a little pull on it. “More.” He suddenly laughed, the sound almost frightening Allura. “I’m starved for your touch….greedy for it….need it…need you.”

As if to prove how ravenous he was, he was suddenly kissing her on the mouth again, swallowing up any words she might have voiced. His tongue danced against hers, Allura doing the tiniest caresses with her fingertips. It was so slight as to do a disservice to him, but Lotor seemed to go wild, moaning into the kiss. His own hands touched her back, quickly working open the fastenings so that her dress loosened around her.

She wasn’t sure she was ready to be undressed, but she couldn’t raise a protest with his mouth firmly in place over hers. Her fingers rubbed over his nipples, two stiff little points of dark blue on his skin. He seemed to like that, making approving sounds, even as he kissed down to the front of her throat. His hands caught at her hair, easing her head back to offer up the line of her throat to him. Lotor covered it in kisses, than began mouthing at the hollow point. She knew from the fierce suction he exerted that she would bare the bruise of his mouth, a mark for everyone to see.

She rubbed over his nipples again, then let her hands drop down his waist, feeling the muscled lines of his abdomen. She traced downwards, doing tentative touches with just the pads of her fingertips, Allura unsure of what else to do. She heard a sound, and realized it was her, a half moan in response to Lotor’s mouth on her throat. At last he pulled back, rubbing a thumb across the mark on her skin, a look of possession in his eyes.

“I want you to mark me too.” Lotor decided, hand still holding onto her hair. She fixed wide eyes at him, not sure this was a good idea but Lotor was already pushing Allura against his chest. Her lips ended up just above where his heart lie, Lotor holding her in place, fingers petting her encouragingly. “That’s it..” He crooned softly when her lips hesitantly kissed him there. “Just like I did you…AH!”

A pleasured gasp from him, Allura sucking uncertainly at his skin. Her hands were on his waist, though it was more to hold her steady than him. Lotor seemed to really like her marking him, moaning as he kept her firmly in place. She finally grew tired of sucking, and licked across the mark, Lotor purring.

“That’s good. I want your tongue all over me….”

“Okay…” Allura agreed, finding she wasn’t quite as nervous so long as it was her doing the touching. It was when Lotor tried to touch her that her panic flared, the girl trembling at each of his kisses.

She licked at his chest, pink tongue a startling contrast against his blue skin. She did slow steady licks, listening to the pleased sounds of Lotor, hearing him gasp in approval. She cautiously went lower, licking a line to his belly, Lotor closing his eyes to enjoy the feel. She hesitated, and starting to kiss up again, and suddenly Lotor grabbed her wrists.

“Gods Allura, what you do to me!” As if to prove a point, he brought her hands to the front of his pants, making her cup the prominent bulge that lie beneath the silk. The thin silk material could barely contain his erection, fabric seeming to strain as it grew tighter across his manhood. Allura felt her eyes widen, finding Lotor felt bigger than she remembered.

The bulge seemed to throb in her hands, and even with the silk barrier in place she could feel the heat of his cock. Lotor moaned, and did a grinding motion, half thrusting against her hands. Allura didn’t know what to do, not sure she wanted to encourage this kind of behavior.

Another thrust, and then his eyes were snapping open, the gold hazy with desire. Lotor reached her dress, jerking it down hard enough that her breasts bounced free. They were still larger than normal, swollen with the milk she had produced to feed the twins. Lotor licked his lips, studying her breasts, and then he was reaching out, cupping them eagerly.

“Careful!” Allura cried out, forcing herself not to shy away. “I’m still very sensitive!”

“I’ll be careful.” Lotor promised. “I’ll be careful and ever so gentle.” He brushed his thumbs over her nipples, a back and forth motion that caused the slightest of tingles, her body reacting. He kept right on holding her breasts, weighing them in his hands as his thumbs played with her stiffening nipples. Allura let go of Lotor’s bulge, but the king didn’t seem to notice or care, too enamored with her breasts and the pleasure they held for him.

He bent to kiss her, hands starting a gentle squeeze that still had Allura wincing. “Too much!” She protested, even as Lotor started to push her back down on the bed. He followed her body’s downward decline, Lotor’s mouth buried in the crook of her shoulder. She could hear him purring, Lotor licking and biting at her shoulder, his hands busy seeing to her breasts.

Allura stared up at the ceiling, trying to endure his attentions, feeling the tingles increase as her nipples hardened further. She tried to keep her mind from wandering, knowing it wanted to go back down the path of their previous sexual encounters.

“Mine.” Lotor growled into her skin, Allura starting at the sound. “All mine.” And then his mouth was on hers again, Lotor stealing her breath away, leaving her dizzy and dazed. He was getting more aggressive with his kisses, his gentleness vanishing as he grew more excited, fingers squeezing her breasts so hard she was surprised her milk didn’t squirt out.

“You’re hurting me!” Allura protested, and Lotor mumbled an apology against her lips. His hands lessened their fierce hold, Lotor groping as gentle as one of his strength could manage. He was back on her neck, kissing at her pulse point, Allura knowing her heart was beating pretty fast.

“Don’t be nervous.” Lotor said, trying to soothe her. She said nothing to that, merely stared up at the ceiling, trying to distance herself from what was happening. She felt his hands gripping her dress, tugging it the rest of the way down her body. That left her clad just in a simple pair of panties, and her slippers, Allura’s skin rippling with nervous goose bumps.

“Do…don’t look.” Allura said, wishing she could clutch a sheet over her body.

“Allura, you’re beautiful.” Lotor told her, and now he kissed at her incision’s scar, tongue tracing the length of it. That soon put him against the waist band of her panties, Allura stiffening up, fearful of what would come next. “Don’t be frightened.” Lotor whispered, having noticed the tension in her body.

“I…I can’t help it.” Allura said, then gasped when Lotor pressed two fingers between her legs. He rubbed gently, trying to dampen the material over her sex, Allura starting to squirm. Her stomach continued it’s nervous activity, Allura starting to think this was a bad idea. But she bit her lip and endured, Lotor licking at her right breast as his fingers continued to rub her down below.

He actually scrapped his teeth across her nipple, Allura crying out, then quickly covering her mouth with her hand. Lotor chuckled at that, repeating the maneuver. She closed her eyes, trying to control her breathing, wanting to find her inner peace. That peace was shattered when Lotor suddenly gave a jerk on her panties, his actions violent as he ripped the silk garment from her body.

Her eyes snapped open at the tearing sound, and her vision ran red, Allura’s mouth going dry. Lotor did not notice, his mouth fastening around her nipple, began a slow sensual suck on that engorged flesh. His hands were shoving at her legs, Allura trying to keep them closed, leaving Lotor with no choice but to force them to spread. She inhaled sharply at that maneuver, Allura encountering unpleasant flashbacks as she remembered all the times he had forced her legs to spread.

“N…no…” She whimpered, feeling Lotor cup her sex. A finger stroked along the folds of her flesh, working to spread what little moisture had accumulated since Lotor had started his foreplay. Up and down his finger moved, working to encourage more of her juice to come out. “No.” Allura repeated, voice a little louder. He stopped touching her there, and for an instant she sagged in relief. That was before she heard the sound of a zipper being jerked down, her eyes widening as she felt Lotor shift against her.

His cock was against her sex, Lotor rubbing the head on her damp folds. He had released her breast to kiss at her shoulder again, almost biting her as he prepared to penetrate her. She could hear him moaning, muffled words being hissed against her skin. “Don’t.” Allura said, attempting to push him away. His hand was suddenly between her legs, finger finding her clit, Lotor stroking it with a determined touch.

“NO!” Allura shrieked, not wanting him to arouse her into accepting this. She pushed harder, and then began crying, hands beating at his shoulders, forcing Lotor to look up, giving her a good look at his lust filled eyes.

“Allura?” His voice sounded confused, Allura continued to beat at him. “What’s wrong?”

“Stop!” Allura cried, and he moved, just enough to allow her to slide out from under him. He made no move to grab her, just sitting up on his knees, erect cock pointing upwards as he stared at her. She didn’t trust him enough to turn her back on him, Allura huddling over her knees, shaking violently. She didn’t look directly at him, but out the corner of her eye she saw his hand move to touch her shoulder, Allura shrieking as she flinched away from his touch. “Don’t!”

“Did I do something wrong?” He sounded like a little boy lost, trying to understand.

The next thing Allura knew she was crying, fat tears streaking down her cheeks as she buried her face on top of her arms. “I’m sorry!” She cried, then repeated the phrase again two more times. “I’m so sorry…”

“Shh…” Lotor murmured, wrapping arms around her in an awkward hug. “It’s okay. Whatever it is…we’ll get through this.”

“It’s not!” Allura sniffled, voice on the edge of hysteria. “Lotor, I’m sorry…” She tried to jerk free of his arms, hands once again pushing at his chest. “I can’t be with you….not now…not ever! I..I…” She took a shaky gulp of air, fighting back the hysterical scream that wanted to come out. “I have to leave you!”

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