Slave 116

The first time Allura voiced a hesitant protest, it barely registered in Lotor’s mind, the king too lost to his own lusts and wants. Her feeble no came from a distance, Lotor’s fingers busy playing between her legs. He had been concerned about lubrication, Allura not quite as damp as he would have liked. It concerned him, Lotor knowing he was large, and that it had been a long time since Allura had taken him into her body, the king wanting to do everything to make sure this felt as good for her as it would him.

So he caressed along the folds of her flesh, finding the dew drops of moisture and spreading them around. The act of stroking her seemed to increase the juices her body produced, Lotor not yet getting a chance to probe inside her entrance. That was because Allura cried out louder, a firm no issuing out of her lips that had Lotor hesitating. His indecision did not last long, Lotor bringing his hands away from her body to ease down the zipper on his trousers.

He practically moaned with relief when the cool air blew across his hardened flesh, Lotor shifting to bring the engorged head of his cock to Allura’s damp sex. He could remember mumbling something, some flatter filled phrase into her shoulder, Lotor grinding against her in preparation for what would happen next. But then Allura threw him off his game plan, a protest issuing out of her as she began pushing at his shoulders.

He could remember frowning, Lotor deciding she needed a little more encouragement. It was with great reluctance that he pulled back, a lessen in restraint that his cock hardly appreciated. Instead he placed his hand between her legs, fingers trying to stroke acceptance into her, Lotor moving towards her clit. It all went horribly wrong at that point, Allura just short of screaming as she began beating at his shoulders.

The sound of her sobbing voice had him looking up, the king finally seeing her beyond the need for sex. He knew he had sounded confused, asking what was wrong, and making no move to stop the distressed Allura from sliding out from beneath him. They were now sitting on the bed, Lotor kneeling a few inches away from the sobbing Allura, the girl’s arms curled around her knees.

He could hear her muttering something, voice muffled as she hid her face from him. It sounded like she was saying she was sorry, Lotor inching close enough to wrap his arms around Allura. He could feel how violently she shook, the girl repeating her phrase again and again without looking up at him.

“Shhhh….” Lotor soothed, trying to ignore his body’s own needs as he sought to comfort her. “It’s okay. Whatever it is….we’ll get through this.”

“It’s not!” An instant rebuttal from Allura, the girl’s voice holding a hysterical edge to it. “Lotor, I’m sorry…” She was trying to scramble free of his arms, pushing at his chest. Lotor refused to be moved, staying pressed up against her. “I can’t be with you!” The words were coming out fast, too quick for him to get a response in. “Not now…not ever. I…I…” She seemed to sway, almost close to fainting. “I have to leave you!”

He purposefully misunderstood what she was saying, running a hand down the back of her hair. “All right….” He whispered, mind refusing to contemplate the awfulness of her words. “If you feel you have to go for tonight….then I won’t keep you here. We can always try again tomorrow.” It was an out he offered her, Lotor mentally urging Allura to take it, to not break his heart.

But she stiffened against him, a loud sob hiccuping on her next breath. “No…I don’t just mean for tonight…or tomorrow…”

“Allura…!” His voice was sharp with warning, but she didn’t heed it, blurting out words with little tact or care.

“I have to leave you….leave Doom. Now…forever….!” For an instant he was tempted to tighten his arms around her, Lotor letting out a protesting no. “Yes!” She shrieked insistently. “I have to! This is never going to work! I can’t be with you!”

“Why?” His voice sounded hoarse to him, as though Lotor had been screaming. “Why can’t you?”

“It’s too many bad memories.” Allura tearfully said. “I thought I was over them but…but then you…you hands everywhere, your suffocating kisses…..the tearing of my panties…”

He almost flinched, Lotor realizing too late it had been a mistake to rip off her undergarments. “It’s okay…” Lotor quickly told her. “We just need to distance ourselves for a few days. Take it slower…” Though he didn’t know how much slower he could manage, especially with the way his cock felt right now. He was so swollen with need, his balls hanging heavy with seed. He was surprised he could think straight to try and soothe Allura, not with his cock throbbing and wanting to be buried inside her.

He tried an attempt at humor, risking a smile against her hair. “Next time I promise I won’t rip anything off of you.”

“It won’t do any good.” She moaned, covering her face with her hands. She was shaking badly, Allura sniffling as she talked. “There will be some other reason. Some other trigger to the flashbacks.”

“Then we’ll work through them all.” Lotor said determinedly, fighting her when she tried to pull out of his hold. “We’ll keep trying until all the triggers are eliminated.” She was squirming against him, a fact that didn’t help lessen his interest in wanting to claim her.


“Yes!” Lotor shouted over her scream, hands grappling with hers as she tried to bring her fists against his body. “Allura don’t! Don’t make this mistake. Don’t give up on us…on me. On your family!”

“I’m sorry!” They were both moving rather violently, each one desperate for their goal, though Lotor’s strength was overwhelming Allura. Yet she seemed adamant in refusing to give in, somehow not tiring out in her attempts to escape him. “I’m just not that self sacrificing!”

Something in that sentence clicked in his mind, Lotor abruptly letting go of her. She fell over, ending up on her back, staring startled at him. Her beautiful blue eyes were still filled with tears, her lower lip trembling as he stared at her. “So that’s it then?” She just blinked, Lotor fighting the urge to growl. “You’re just giving up…?” At her nod, he pushed off the bed, standing tall and straight before it.

He could feel the anger seeping into his expression, his whole body starting to tense. She stared back at him, surely noticing his burgeoning fury, Allura trying to inch back towards the bed’s headboard. Lotor let out a shaky breath, the exhalation taking with it the last of his calm. “I…” The word came out terse, Lotor speaking in a halting manner as he tried to control his angry growling. “I have done a lot of things for you.”

“I know.” She said meekly. “And I’m grateful….”

“I don’t want your gratitude!” His snapped out snarl cutting of her reply. He saw her flinch, jumping back from the force of his anger. That movement of hers only served to agitate Lotor further, the king glaring at her. “Not after all I’ve done! The battles I fought, the war I waged!” He couldn’t keep still, beginning to pace back and forth before the bed, hands gesturing wildly. “I’ve killed for you! I’ve risk my life for you! Hell, I’ve risked my SANITY for you!”

Allura wisely did not say anything, her tears now silent as they ran down her face. “I’ve nearly lost my kingdom! My own people turn against me! I’ve faced scorn and ridicule from those who did not approve of our relationship. I’ve been the talk of the gossip hounds for months, my every action scrutinized under a microscope. I’ve made changes to myself and those around me, trying to adapt my lifestyle to something you could accept!”

“Sorry…” She whispered it so quietly, he thought he imagined Allura’s response. “I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry?” He scoffed. “Sorry doesn’t begin to pay for what I’ve been through! These months have been sheer torture for me!”

“And you think they haven’t been for me?” Allura asked, Lotor wanting to scream at her daring.

“No. No, I don’t.” He snidely retorted. “Because you clearly don’t want me even a quarter as much as I want you. I’ve denied myself things, pleasurable pursuits, trying to make myself worthy for you. And now you tell me it’s all for nothing? That I can’t ever be good enough for you to sleep with?!”

“It’s not a matter of being good enough…” Allura began hesitantly. “It’s the hurts of the past I can’t get over.”

“Because you stubbornly hang onto something I cannot change!” screamed Lotor, jerking his hand through his hair in a way that left it sticking up wild. “I’ve told you countless times how sorry I am. I even meant it when I apologized! I wish I had never raped you, that I had waited, that I had developed a normal relationship with you! We can’t change the past, we can only work to make amends and stride towards the future. Why can’t you accept that?”

“Do you think it’s that easy?” Allura demanded, the first hint of anger in her voice. The anger had him clenching his fists, Lotor growling low in his throat. “Do you even understand the kind of trauma you have done to me? I’m sorry if your victim isn’t healing as fast as you’d like!”

“According to you, you’ll never heal!” raged Lotor. She went silent at that, Lotor continuing to pace, his eyes glaring at her all the while. “I try to make you feel good….both in and out of bed. I try to be considerate of your needs, try to give you everything you could want…”

“It’s not enough…”

“Then you want too much from me!” snapped Lotor, and he suddenly lunged onto the bed. She tried to scramble away, but he was too fast for her, hands grabbing her by the arms and flinging Allura beneath him. He knew he was scaring her, and right now he couldn’t muster up the energy to care. “You’re greedy Allura! And you’re selfish!”

“Selfish?” She stared at him like he was crazy, Lotor nodding grimly. “Is it selfish to want a healthy relationship? To want to feel love and desire for the man you are with?”

“Are you saying you don’t feel those things for me?” He demanded, his words sharp with warning.

“I don’t!” Allura hissed back. “I can only feel fear!”

“Only feel fear eh?” He was suddenly pinning her hands over her head, hand squeezing her wrists together. He shifted off her enough to get his other hand between her legs, almost rough as he shoved two fingers inside her. Eyes widening on a gasp, Allura cried out, trying to twist away. But he felt what he searched for, finding her body was wet and ready for him.

“You’re such a liar Allura!” Lotor said, almost grim as he began thrusting his fingers in and out of her. She made sounds of distress, starting to squirm about, as he continued to snarl at her. “You respond to me! I make your body feel things, wonderful things, sensations that you crave!”

“N…no!” Allura cried out, jerking on her wrists. His grip held, Lotor staring down at her mercilessly. “It’s just my body reacting….it doesn’t mean anything…” He gave a good twist of his fingers, hearing her yelp. The sound reached him through his anger, the king almost guilty as he pulled his fingers out. But he was still so mad at her, holding up his juice covered fingers before her face.

Allura turned red at the sight of them, the girl breathing as heavily as Lotor. “It doesn’t mean anything.” She said, and he let out a disgusted snort, letting go of her as he pulled away.

“So I’m beginning to learn.” Lotor muttered. She said nothing to that, just shaking as she eyed him, cautious of his every movement. He too mirrored her silence, easing off the bed, and walking over to retrieve his pants. His erection had wilted somewhat, although not completely, making it difficult to get his trousers closed. It made him appreciate the robes his father had worn, knowing those loose fitting clothes would have concealed his erection without placing tight restraint over it.


“What?” His voice a harsh demand, he looked up from his struggle with the zipper, eyes pinning her in place on the bed.

“When can I leave?”

“It’s just that easy for you?” Lotor snarled. “To leave me and our babies behind?!”

“NO!” Allura let out a sharp protest. “It’s killing me inside. I don’t want to have to leave!”

“Then don’t!”

“I can’t stay!” She said plaintively, his eyes narrowing to hear it.

“I could take the choice from you.” Lotor retorted. “I don’t have to let you go. I don’t have to do anything I promised you. I could keep you here, force you to be with me, force you to be a mother to our children!”

“Then you would really prove you are not the changed man you claim to be.” Came Allura’s quiet reply.

“What does it matter if I changed if you don’t even want to FIGHT for us!” Lotor bellowed, his rage and misery being conveyed in that sound. He knew he was going out of his mind with grief, a grief that would only magnify once she left Doom. He wanted to grab fistfuls of his hair, pull them out as he ranted and raved. But even as the rage of anger continued to burn in him, he was fighting not to sag, to give up, as completely as she had apparently done so.

“I’m sorry…” Again that hated phrase, Lotor suddenly punching the footboard of the bed. It cracked under his strength, Lotor hiding a wince at the numbness of his knuckles.

“I’m afraid Allura, sorry is no longer good enough.” His tone was snide, his eyes cold. He turned from her, snatching his over coat off the floor. He was already to the door when he got it on, Lotor hastily buttoning up the fastenings when he heard Allura sniffle. He didn’t pause, didn’t turn to try and comfort her, feeling she had made her bed, and now had to lie in it.

“I’ll make the preparations for you to leave Doom as soon as possible.” Lotor coldly informed her, jerking open the bedroom door. “Don’t worry Allura, you needn’t stay around me for any longer than you can tolerate.”

It felt good to slam the door shut behind him, blocking out whatever sob filled retort Allura might have managed. He stalked towards the outer chamber’s exit, slamming that door as well, the act so violent and loud it had his guards reacting in surprise. He shot them a glare, daring them to say something.. Wisely none took him up on the challenge, Lotor turning to march down the hall.

He didn’t even wait for his guards to catch up with him, Lotor stalking towards the harem. The two guards that stood by the harem’s entrance looked shocked to see him there, doing hasty bows that Lotor ignored. Nor did he wait for them to open the doors for him, the king thrusting them open so that they banged against the walls. The low murmur of the slave girl’s died down, each woman turning to gape in shock at King Lotor.

He stood there for a second, just staring at them, unable to keep the scowl of his face. He could tell they were wondering why he was there, after all it been months since he had made use of the women here in the harem.

Head held high, back straight, he stalked into the heart of the harem, looking for someone in particular. He found her clad in pale blue strips of silk, Romelle kneeling on a cushion. She looked at him with surprise on her face, jaw dropping when he pointed at her. “You! Come here!” She didn’t move, causing Lotor to growl and grab her arm, dragging her none too gently off the cushion.

She squawked indignantly, Lotor ignoring her protests as he turned and dragged her out of the room. None of the other harem girls tried to stop him, though a whispered conversation was beginning. He didn’t care what they thought, Lotor stomping towards the doors, Romelle stumbling behind him, unable to keep up with the quick strides he was taking.

By the time he got out into the hall, his guardsmen had caught up with him, the soldiers milling about uncertainly. They too did not know what to make of Lotor visiting the harem, or what to think of the girl he had with him. The captain of his guards looked like he wanted to say something, surely ready to protest the way Lotor had stalked off without his men accompanying the King.

But at Lotor’s murderous glare, the captain stayed quiet, his men following Lotor a few feet down the corridor to an empty room. The king shoved Romelle inside, not caring what purpose the room was for. He only wanted the privacy to use it, to use Romelle, Lotor slamming the door shut behind him.

“Your highness, what is going on?” Romelle had improved in Drule since last he saw her, the former princess of Pollux shivering before him. She could sense his anger, and it made her nervous, and rightly so.

“Be quiet!” Lotor snapped, and was on her in an instant, pinning her to the wall. She actually tried to struggle, confused by his actions. He snarled at her, in no mood for another reticent female. She instantly stilled, sensing he was a danger to her in this mood of his. “That’s right.” Lotor said, gruff approval in his tone. “You learn fast. It’s a pity….” He trailed off, not wanting to voice Allura’s name.

Instead he reached for the silk that hung down the front of her body, nails snagging hold of it, ripping it off in one smooth jerk. Romelle gasped, Lotor pressing a knee between her legs, forcing them to spread. He kept one hand on her waist, the other reaching for the front of his trouser, jerking down the zipper. His throbbing erection surged free of the material, ready and wanting the heat of a female body.

She seemed to panic a little at the sight of his ready state, Lotor making no move to calm her. Instead he shoved his fingers between her legs, actions rough and angry as he began stroking her. He was determined to get her wet as fast as possible, having little interest in foreplay aside from the bare minimum needed to ease his entrance into her body.

“King Lotor!” Romelle cried out, voice distressed. “Please…!” She was wise enough not to say a direct no to him, wriggling about as though trying to evade his fingers. He kept right at her, stroking a few more times, than pinching her clit. She squeaked at that, Lotor rougher than he should be. He didn’t apologize, just continued rubbing and pinching her clit, impatient for her body to produce it’s moisture.

Try as Romelle might to resist him, her body could not, a thin trickle of desire starting from his continued abuse of her clit. He decided that was more than enough, and nudged her legs farther apart. She was making protests, the words falling on deaf ears as Lotor positioned his cock against her. Her words died on a strangle gasp, Lotor thrusting inside her, hard enough it had to hurt her.

He let out a brief grunt, feeling less than pleased at her body’s narrow fit. So long had he gone without this relief, that it almost hurt when he put his cock in. He rolled his hips, trying to adjust to the feel, noting a woman’s body held a joy to it that his hand could never completely replicate. His own hands gripped Romelle’s waist, Lotor starting to thrust rapidly in her.

It was a vicious taking, rough and fast, and all about his pleasure. He didn’t care if Romelle was enjoying herself, didn’t care if he failed to bring her to a climax. He just needed to fuck something, and what better choice than Allura’s cousin, the women sharing enough of a resemblance that in this darkened room he could almost pretend she was Allura.

Romelle had regained her voice, making angry protests, shouting at him to stop. He growled, a wordless sound of annoyance, and slapped a hand over her mouth, muffling her voice. He didn’t want to hear her, didn’t want her voice which was deeper than Allura’s ruining his fantasy. Romelle failed about, his hand covering both her mouth and nose, nearly suffocating her in the process.

He adjusted his hand’s hold, letting her nose free so that she could breathe, Lotor continuing his thrusting. Romelle’s body, having long since gone without any use, needed time to adjust to his large size, each thrust of his cock stretching her wider as he pushed himself deeper inside her. He was soon bumping against the entrance to her womb, hitting it hard enough that Romelle made distressed sounds.

Lotor ignored that, continuing to pump his hips, watching her breasts bounce about, barely contained by her bra. He heard himself speaking in between thrusts, Lotor realizing he was crying out Allura’s name, practically weeping in the process. That vocal weakness disturbed him, Lotor digging his nail into Romelle’s left hip, doing another powerful slam into her body. She’d be lucky to be able to walk when he was through with her, Lotor glaring at her.

He had a moment’s indecision when he felt his release drawing near, Lotor wondering if he should spill his seed inside her, or pull out. He finally jerked out of her, allowing Romelle to sag to the floor, where she lie in a crumpled heap. But he wasn’t through, his climax upon him. His seed spurted out of his cock, his come flying, landing on Romelle.

He groaned as he dirtied her, feeling immense satisfaction at watching his come splatter on her chest and stomach. Romelle made a noise, and he realized she was trying not to cry, Lotor turning his back on her. “Love…” He spat, voice disgusted with the world. “Is more trouble than it’s worth.”

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