Slave 012

She had her hair pulled over her shoulder, letting it trail down the front of her chest. A coral comb was in her hand, Allura working it’s pale pink teeth through the tangles in her mane. She worked at it slowly, taking care to unravel each knot, counting out the comb’s stroke in her mind. Occasionally she glanced up from her task, catching one or two of the other harem girls staring at her. When they noticed Allura’s eyes on them, they quickly turned away, leaving the princess puzzled.

It was quiet in the harem, voices hushed as they whispered in each other’s ears. Allura thought it unusual, knowing the women imprisoned here didn’t often bother to lower their voices when they conversed. Allura found this new found quiet to be unsettling, Allura wishing for the idle chatter of the women to once again be the backdrop noise to her goings on.

Once again she spared a look at one of the groups, the women clustered over near the buffet table. One girl nudged the other in the ribs, Allura receiving a pointed glare before they turned their backs on her.

Allura frowned, brow furrowed as she considered the group, wondering what was the meaning behind the looks. She wasn’t the only one to notice, Sasperella and her twin sister were also looking, the two blondes mirroring Allura’s expression.

“Do not worry your highness.” Sasperella said, offering a warm smile to Allura. “I am sure it is nothing more than a bit of catty behavior on their part.”

“That’s right.” Nodded Sumetra, quick to agree with her sister. “You have done nothing to earn such animosity. You have always behaved in a dignified and courteous manner towards the other women.”

“I’ve tried to get along with everyone given our circumstances…” Allura began, comb hesitating in her hair. “But….I fear they may find a reason to dislike me anyway.”

“Whatever do you mean?” asked Sumetra, eyes puzzled.

“The prince.” Allura’s tone was soft, knowing her body seemed to tremble every time she spoke or thought of Lotor. Her body still recalled the sexual torments he had put her through, the never ending pleasure she had been submitted to as she was left hanging for hours, devices inserted inside her, their vibrations driving her mad with need.

“What about the prince?” Sumetra was still confused, always one to be slow on the uptake. But her twin nodded in understanding, eyes looking worried as she glanced at the women who had glared at Allura.

“He pays too much attention to our princess.” Sasperella said, and now Sumetra frowned.

“Well, that’s the way it should be. Allura is no common slave, she is our princess, beautiful, kind and loving. He would be a fool not to recognize in her these wonderful traits.”

“Thank you Sumetra.” Allura smiled though it did not chase the worry out of her eyes. “But I don’t want to be special to him, and I definitely do not want his attention.”

“You have it, just the same.” Sumetra said. “I still don’t understand why this would be such a problem.”

“The other women may grow to be jealous of our princess.” Sasperella explained. “It is not….good to have these sort of feelings grow in a surrounding such as this. Jealousy can be a terrible thing, make a sane person be driven into doing horrible things.”


“I think all this attention is wasted on Lotor.” Allura said, giving a vigorous comb of her hair. “It only serves to inflate his ego.”

“At least it keeps him happy…” Sumetra said. “I mean….who knows how worse things could be for us if he was angry all the time.” The three paused, and though the twins had not yet had their chance in Lotor’s bed, they all shuddered, keenly aware that Lotor could almost be called kind to his slaves.

“There they go again.” Murmured Allura, having noticed the group by the table glaring in her direction, mouths moving as they whispered among themselves.

“I think I’ll go over there.” Sasperella said, Allura quick to shake her head no. “Do not worry, I won’t confront them. I shall merely get some food, and see if I can’t overhear anything.”

“I’ll go with you.” Sumetra volunteered. “I too am curious as to what they could be saying about our princess.”

“All right you two, but be careful.” Allura cautioned, seeing the twins nod. She didn’t watch them walk away, intent on her hair once more. She kept her eyes lowered, not wanting to face anymore nasty looks, anxious for the sisters to return to her side. Allura felt all alone without them near, but more than that, she felt exposed, a shiver going down her spine as the minutes ticked away.

A shadow fell over her, an angry voice coming from behind her. “That’s my comb!” Allura blinked and turned, seeing an older slave standing with her hands on her hips, her voluptuous frame barely contained by the gray webbing she wore on her body.

“You are mistaken.” Allura said, tossing her hair back behind her. “This is mine.”

“It’s Milescent’s!” Another slave said, a trio of blondes standing behind the voluptuous one. Allura shook her head, the one identified as Milescent stepping closer to her divan.

“Here’s how it works…” She began, Allura frowning as she tried to understand everything the slave was saying. She was still so rusty in the language of the Drules, only picking up on every third word spoken. “I’ve been here longer than you. As such I have seniority. So when I say something is mine, you hand it over!”

Allura stared at her blankly, hearing the angry tone of Milescent’s voice. After a moment’s consideration, she sighed and handed the comb over to the woman. Milescent look momentarily surprised, fingers snatching the comb away from Allura. Apparently she had expected greater resistance, left to flounder about when Allura did not react as predicted.

Allura turned to face forward, anxious for the twins to return. She gave a start of surprise, seeing that several groups of women had moved closer to where she was seated, their bodies obscuring the view to the buffet table. It left her feeling unsettled though she tried to hide it, feeling Milescent and her companions staring into her back.

“That’s my seat.” The voluptuous harem girl said, and Allura felt the sudden sensations of hands on her back, shoving her hard. Allura fell to the floor with a gasp, whipping her head to look back at the smirking slave.

“Don’t you give me that look!” Milescent snapped, growing angrier.

“What look?” Allura asked, her confusion apparent in her eyes.

“Like you’re better than me.” Milescent said, moving to come around to the front of the divan. She towered over Allura, sneering down at her. “You’re not. You’re not a princess here, you’re just another slave. As such you don’t get any special treatment.”

Allura fought to keep her annoyance from showing, making a move to stand up. Milescent watched her, and the instant Allura straightened, her hands were moving, shoving her back down to the floor.

“I didn’t give you permission to stand!” Milescent snapped, Allura losing her struggle to keep from glaring at the slave.

“Leave me alone.” Allura said clearly in Drule, moving to stand once more. Again the slave shoved at her, Allura stumbling but managing to keep her balance. “Stop it!”

“Make me!” Milescent taunted, advancing on Allura.

“….Lotor won’t like this!” She exclaimed, realizing too late it was the wrong thing to say. The gathered women all gasped, mean expressions appearing on their faces as they stared at Allura. Milescent herself growled, revealing her teeth as she snarled out a response.

“You think he will care?!” Her eyes widened, Milescent giving a toss of her head. “You do, don’t you!” A shaky finger was pointed at Allura in accusation. “Listen to her! Speaking the master’s name as though she was his equal! As though she was something more than a pleasure slave to him!”

The other women were talking, angry murmurs as they repeated Milescent’s words. “What do you do that’s so different from the rest of us?!” Milescent demanded. “How did you worm your way into his affections?!”

Allura rarely lost her temper, but now she found herself snapping, angry words coming out. “I don’t grovel and beg, I don’t cave in to his every whim like a mindless toy.”

Gasps accompanied her words, Milescent’s eyes narrowing. “How dare you!” Her hand was already raised, bronze bracelets catching the light an instant before it flew forward. A resounding slap was heard, Allura feeling the sting in her cheek from the contact of the woman’s hand. Staring, she raised her hand to her throbbing cheek, gaping at Milescent. “How dare you try to take him from us! It won’t last you know…he’ll tire of you soon enough….and if not…” A positively evil look crossed her face, Milescent raising her hand again. “There are ways to fix that.”

“Stop!” Allura cried out, putting up her hands to block the oncoming blow. The slap landed on her arms, Milescent then curling fingers around her wrist. She jerked on Allura’s left arm, the princess stumbling forward. “Help!” She cried out, and made a fist with her right hand. She pounding it against the side of Milescent’s head, the woman shocked into letting go.

“You dare strike me?!” She demanded, more stunned from surprise than any pain Allura had managed to inflict with her blow. Allura was staring wide eyed, shaking her head no again and again. A wordless snarl of rage from Milescent, and suddenly the woman crashed into Allura, knocking them both to the ground. The carpet cushioned some of the impact, but Allura was still dazed from the fall. It didn’t help that the larger woman was grasping her by the shoulders, slamming her repeatedly against the floor.

“Little bitch!” Milescent swore, vicious as she banged Allura’s head against the floor. “Trollop! Arusian slut!”

“Allura! Hang on!” Familiar voices shouted, women coming to her aid. Sasperalla and her twin tried to push through the crowd, and the other two women from Arus had also appeared, moving closer. Fighting began to break out among the women, the four Arusians woefully outnumbered as they did battle.

Allura was feeling disoriented, seeing stars in the corner of her vision. But she was moved by the valiant efforts of her comrades, her fingers curling into claws as she scratched at Milescent’s bare arms. She broke the skin, tiny trails of blood dripping down the woman’s arms, Milescent screeching in pain. It distracted her for a moment, Allura kicking her knee up, bringing it to slam into the woman’ stomach.

Wind temporarily knocked out of her, Milescent stopped her assault, Allura trying to push her off her. But the woman outweighed her by several pounds, body heavy and unwilling to move. Allura settled for slapping her hand across Milescent’s face, the large sapphire on her gold ring tearing a cut into her cheek.

“My face!” screeched Milescent, rearing back, hands scrambling at her cheeks. “This bitch cut my face!”

Allura went to sit up, but other women approached, grabbing her arms. Milescent was still screaming, over exaggerating the pain in her cheek, eyes narrowed in hate. “Make her pay Milly!” Someone shouted, and others took up the cheer.

“Make her pay! Make her pay!”

Allura cried out, struggling against the hold on her arms, kicking her legs about ineffectually. Another woman grabbed her ankles, trying to hold her down as Milescent climbed on top of Allura’s body. She all but leered down at Allura, straddling her waist as her hands reached for her chin. “Lotor won’t like you anymore if you’re not so pretty…”

A knife was handed to Milescent, taken from the buffet table. Allura stared, seeing Milescent start to lower it to her face, rubbing the flat of the blade against Allura’s skin. “Now…where should I make the first cut? Here….or maybe here…” Cruel laughter all around her, Milescent sighing dramatically. “Decisions, decisions. Oh well, let’s see what happens when I close my eyes….”

Allura couldn’t help but whimper in fear, struggling desperately to get free. An all out brawl was around her, slaves fighting not just the Arusians, but against enemies they had acquired throughout their stay in the harem. Pandemonium was raining, and the guards were nowhere to be found.

The knife turned, sharpened edge being brought to her nose, Allura crying out a desperate no. Time seemed to freeze, slowing down as the knife moved, Allura going still in fear. The sounds of the fighting lessened in intensity, Allura was fighting not to faint, seeing nothing but the knife, sound almost muted when Milescent suddenly crumpled on top of her. The knife clattered harmlessly to the side of her head, Milescent moaning.

Allura made a sound, a choked out sob, wondering at the reprieve. She dared not risk moving her head, but she heard a voice, angrier than she had ever heard it before. “Let her go.” Prince Lotor commanded, and the hands fell away from her arms and legs.

Out the corner of her eyes, she noticed the prince was surrounded by guards, their blasters withdrawn. The weapons smoked, lasers stunning the women, and clearing a path through the harem. Wisely, and a bit sheepish, the remaining women ceased their actions, and soon they were dropping down in bows, plastering themselves as low as possible to the floor, voices raising in anxious entreaties.

“Forgive us Prince Lotor!”

“Your highness, a million apologies!”

“Master, we are innocent! It was all the fault of Milescent and her cronies.”

“Enough!” Lotor barked, a glower on his face. His eyes were full of menace, and one woman fainted when he looked at her with that angry expression of his. Allura was sniffling, feeling tears brimming in her eyes. She had never thought she’d be relieved to see the prince, and now she looked at him as her savior.

“Cossack….gather up Milescent and her accomplices.” Lotor ordered, the women going pale from his words. “See to it that they have a lengthy stay in the dungeons, along with some special care from our resident torture expert.”

“Yes, your highness.” Cossak had a nasty smile on his face, gesturing for some of the guards to gather Milescent up off the floor. She was still moaning, only half awake as hands lifted her up off Allura.

Beetle black boots appeared in Allura’s line of sight, and then they moved, their owner kneeling down by her side. “Allura…” Lotor said her name softly, his hands touching her face. His fingers touched the red imprint of Milescent’s hand, and at his gentle touch, a tear slipped down her cheek.

“Lotor…” She sniffled, turning her face to look at him. He was dressed similar to the guards, a fine pressed military uniform in place of his usual extravagance. A silver polished helmet was on his head, Allura catching sight of her reflection on the metal. She was too upset, trying to focus on the details of his outfit, rather than what had just happened.

“Shhh…..there there…” He crooned softly, offering his arms to her. His hands helped her up, Allura finding he was scooping her up into his embrace. He cuddled her close to his chest, moving to stand. She wrapped an arm across his chest, hiding her face against the soft material of his uniform, letting her tears flow faster now. Lotor began speaking, his words coming out too fast for her to have a hope of understanding.

The guard known as Cossack answered him, barking out orders to the rest of the guards. Allura was blind to all this, feeling Lotor move. He stalked forward, carrying her effortlessly, and she lifted her head for one brief instant. He exited the harem, Allura sighing, and burying her face against his chest once more. For once she didn’t care if he was taking her to his bedroom, the girl eager to escape the horrid place the harem had become to her.

She listened to his heartbeat, it’s sound strong and steady, soothing her somewhat. His footsteps echoed across the floor, Lotor moving with a purpose through the halls. It was taking longer than normal to reach his bedroom, and Allura frowned, puzzled as to the reason why. She lifted her head, and saw they were in another part of the castle, Allura not familiar with these corridors at all.

“Lotor where?” She asked, looking up at him in confusion. He said something, speaking slower for her benefit, but she still did not understand. She settled for gazing around her, seeing various servants hurrying up, people moving out of their way.

Guards offered a quick bow to Lotor, opening up huge double doors. A staircase was revealed, Lotor striding down them, two steps at a time. Allura was wide eyed, seeing he had taken her outside the castle, the girl shivering from the cold air that always blew across Doom’s surface. In the distant she could see ships, many of them, with soldiers lining up to board their ramps.

It was with some excitement that she realized he was taking her to one of the largest of the space crafts out on the lawn of Castle Doom. She turned her head, peering up at him with hopeful eyes. “Allura go home?”

He hesitated, not meeting her eyes as he continued his hurried pace towards the ships. Finally he sighed, giving a slight bow of his head as he nodded a yes to her question. Allura gasped in delight, her eyes lighting up, the tears coming faster. She barely noticed Lotor tightening his arms around her possessively, she was too consumed with the thought that she was finally going home!

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  1. I couldn’t wait for the next installment. So what happens next? Is Avok really in love with Allura? Is Lotor really going to just give her up? I mean, come on! This isn’t fair! Don’t just leave me hanging! I need to know what happens!

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