Slave 128

Allura was like a doll in his arms, fragile to the touch, her limp arms and legs dangling downwards. She didn’t even moan, her voice no longer capable of sound, the girl in a deep sleep so different from her earlier restlessness. It worried Lotor to see her like this, the King frowning as he carried her through the corridors of his ship. Servants paced a few feet ahead of him, hurrying to open doors for their King and his parcel, Lotor never breaking his stride.

 The doctor had been waiting when they arrived at the ship, the man anxious for reasons that had nothing to do with Allura’s condition and everything to do with the potential to displease his king. The man had set about on sight to tending to Allura, drawing her blood, and giving her shots to combat the dehydration her body was currently suffering through.

Her pulse had been slow, far too slow for the doctor’s liking, and she burned with fever, her eyes bright with it. Her temperature needed to be brought down, the doctor administering a medicine that would take time for it to take effect. Time Lotor would give her, the King hurrying to his cabin, inwardly seething at the condition he had found Allura in.

It seemed Habbanash’s mercenaries hadn’t cared to keep her healthy, tossing her down in the darkness, leaving her to slowly deteriorate. Lotor had been appalled by the conditions he found Allura living in, her treatment less than humane. It was almost worse than anything done to the slaves of the Doom Empire, at least their hands had been free so that they could feed themselves, meager though the meals were.

They had treated her like an animal, like less than an animal, no care shown to her comfort. It was no wonder she had fallen ill, locked away in that drafty basement for over a week. Her strength had withered away from not eating, and if the girls from Arus were to be believed, Allura hadn’t had much of an appetite following her departure from Doom. Her captivity had only exacerbated the situation, Allura weakening further until illness set in.

The doors to his bedroom was open, Lotor giving a curt dismissal of the servants. They closed the doors behind him, Lotor striding across the carpeted floor of his cabin, towards an overstuffed chair in the corner. He set Allura down in it’s embrace, his arms missing the feel of her laid across them. He didn’t want to separate from her, not even for a minute, but he forced himself to do so, hurrying into the cabin’s bathroom.

The lights flooded the room, Lotor catching sight of his face in the mirror. The sight he reflected was a dirty one, plaster dust coating his skin, making his coloring seem off. He looked like some weird ghoul, his eyes wild and haunted by what he had seen this day. Forget about the violence, the killings, the true horror had been seeing Allura laying on the concrete floor, too weak to even acknowledge his arrival.

With a shake of his head, he stepped towards the bathtub, Lotor already shrugging out of his coat. He tossed it to the side, not caring where it landed, his hands already working the controls for the bathtub. Cold water activated, setting out to fill up the tub, Lotor shivering at the feel of it. The doctor had advised Allura be soaked into cold water, all in an attempt to bring down her fever.

He left the water running, the tub’s sensors would stop the flow long before it filled to the brim. He hurried back into the bedroom, spying Allura where he had left her. She had not moved, not even to make herself comfortable, the girl dozing in that coma like sleep. It made him panic to see her like this, Lotor picking Allura up, gently cradling her against his chest.

A few quick steps had them both back in the bathroom, Lotor setting Allura down on the bench as he quickly stripped her of her soiled dress. Panties and bra were discarded as well, Lotor unable to help but notice her slim figure. She had lost the last pounds of her pregnancy weight and then some, looking a bit too thin for his liking. He tsked and knew they would have to work on getting her to eat, but first things first, the fever had to be combated.

Scooping her up, he crossed the distance to the tub, and gently deposited her into it’s wet embrace. She seemed to shiver and gasp, the coldness of the water getting through to her on some level. Her skin broke out into goose bumps, Lotor feeling chilled just looking at her. It was worse when he dipped his hand in the water, Lotor bringing up a handful of the cold liquid to splash on her face.

Except for that gasp, Allura didn’t make a sound, Lotor’s hands supporting her up right. He tried to let her go to reach for a towel, and she immediately began to sink downwards, Lotor catching her before her head went underwater. Keeping a tentative grip on her, he stretched out his arm, fingers reaching as far as they would go. He just barely managed to snag the hand towel, Lotor running it under the tap before dabbing at her face.

Most of the grime was being washed from her body, floating free of her skin. His hands dipped lower, Lotor scrubbing at a few stubborn specks of dirt that clung to her skin, the King disturbed to see how pale she truly was. He almost shook with his upset, Lotor trying not to growl as he tended to Allura, cleaning her as best he could with the cold water.

He even dribbled water into her hair, Lotor still having a hard time getting use to the sight of Allura without her luxurious mane of spun gold. Now it went just past her chin, the ends ragged and uneven, no style or flair to it’s shape. He promised to get a beautician for her, voice almost begging as he urged Allura to fight against her illness. He told her she could keep her hair short if she liked, or grow it back out. Either way she was beautiful, hair be damned.

Lotor was almost surprised by the way his voice croaked with emotion, the King taking a shaky breath. He continued to run the hand towel over her body, trying to keep his touch innocent as his passed the wet cloth over her breasts. He forced himself not to linger there, even as his eyes were drawn to her chest, Lotor unable to help noting how the cold waters had turned her nipples stiff.

With a muted curse, he set out to cleaning her in a business like manner, hands trembling as he tried to ignore her charms. He mentally berated himself for reacting to a sick woman, Lotor vowing he would behave and not do anything untoward to Allura. It didn’t mean it wasn’t difficult, Lotor battling with his lusts, knowing it had been too long since he had seen her like this.

He rubbed her waist, and skirted over the lower regions of her body, Lotor hastily moving to clean her thighs. One arm around her for support, Lotor shifted her, gliding the towel down her long legs, the sleeves of his shirt getting drenched in the process.

Once done with her feet, he tossed the towel aside, and reached for a new one, wetting it’s clean surface just as thoroughly as the previous one. He set about to brushing it against her mouth, Allura reacting, lips pursing together to try and suck out the moisture. Lotor tilted her head back, Allura parting her lips in need. He squeezed out the water into her waiting mouth, the girl coherent enough not to choke on the drops.

He stroked his fingers against her warm skin, Lotor frowning to find it didn’t feel any cooler. Even once an hour had passed, and Allura’s skin started to wrinkle from being soaked so long, she still burned, Lotor growling with frustration.

Gathering her up, her arms loosely crossed behind his neck, Lotor picked Allura up out of the tub. She dripped all over the place, Lotor wrapping towels around her, working to dry her. He then carried her naked to his bed, pulling the top sheet back to slide her in amongst the silk. She sighed when her head hit the pillow, Allura not quite cuddling against it.

He stared at her a moment longer, tucking the sheets over her nakedness before hurrying back into the bathroom. Lotor quickly undressed, and took a quick shower, needing to get the blood and dust off of his body. He let the water pelt him, Lotor seeing the water at the bottom of the tile turn a reddish brown color. He fought his impulses to scream, his fist coming forward to slam into the shower door. It earned him numb knuckles and splintered glass, Lotor hissing in pain.

Once his shower was finished, he put on a dark blue robe, tying it secure around his waist. He gathered things out of his medicine closet, an antiseptic cream, gauze and bandages. He carried them out to the bedroom, hurrying to Allura’s side. She lay in the position he left her, not reacting when he lifted up her wrist to rub the cream into the abrasive cuts in her skin.

The gauze was wrapped around both wrists, bandages being used to fasten them close. He drew back the sheets, and showed the same care to her ankles, seeing the cuts where the restraints had dug in. They looked red with infection, an added problem Allura’s body didn’t need. The doctor was filling a prescription for pills to combat the infections, but Allura was in no shape to take them.

She wasn’t in shape to do much of anything, Lotor staring down at her, wiping the cream’s remains off on his robe’s side. He reached out to touch her, hand landing in an innocent place, fingers grasping her shoulder. He could still feel the faint chill of the water, out done by the fever’s heat. Already Allura was starting to perspire, beads of new moisture coating her skin.

Swearing, Lotor dashed away from the bed, and towards the bar, reaching for the ice bucket. He wrapped cubes of ice into a cloth napkin, making a cold compress to lay on Allura’s brow. It wouldn’t stay in place for she began moving, all but thrashing about, her actions violent as she cried out. Her words were in Arusian, Lotor unable to make out half of what she was saying.

She almost rolled off the bed, Lotor catching her haphazardly and pushing her back towards the center. She continued her writhing motions, legs tangling in the sheets, pillows being knocked aside. Left with nothing to do but watch helplessly, Lotor came to a decision, getting a knee up on the bed. He crawled over to her, and then lay down besides the thrashing Allura.

His strong arms wrapped around her, Lotor pulling Allura against his chest. She fought him, moaning out a panicked no, legs kicking about. He hooked a leg over hers, and forced her to be still, her body planted firmly against his. He couldn’t say that he did not react to having a naked Allura in his arms, blood surging to his cock. It was worse when she wiggled, butt grinding into his crotch.

It was a lesson in restraint, an education Lotor was sorely in need of when it came to the fairer sex. Somehow he managed to behave, telling himself it was enough to simply hold her. He wondered what Allura would make of the fact that his raging hard on was pressed against her, only the easily dismantled barrier of his robe protecting her virtue. He wondered if the way she trembled hinted that on some level she was conscious and aware of their positions. The thought sobered him, Lotor not liking thinking she was afraid.

“Rest.” He murmured, ducking his head low to graze his lips against the curve of her ear. “Rest and get stronger Allura. There’s too many people counting on you to get better.”

No response from her, but then Lotor hadn’t expected one, He sighed and nuzzled his face against her short hair, noticing that for once she seemed scentless. The lilac and lavender scent was gone, Lotor wondering what would be needed to get it back.

Eventually her struggles stopped completely, Allura letting out a sigh as she fell into a deeper sleep. Lotor hoped she was at least comfortable, the King keeping her pinned against him. He knew that soon he would have to take her back into the bathroom, the doctor having prescribed ice water baths at regular intervals until the fever broke.

They were taking a wait and see attitude for the moment, hoping keeping her cold and comfortable would defeat the fever. The doctor would keep on administering shots of medicine, but it was mainly a waiting game now. A wait to see if Allura would survive, if her temperature would not spike any higher. Her body could only take so much heat before it would start to fry, Lotor grimacing at the thought.

He couldn’t even cheer himself up with thoughts of making the surviving members of Habbanash’s plot pay, Lotor too worried about Allura. He wondered if he’d have the patience to treat the man like Allura had been treated, or if he’d kill him quickly in a fit of temper. Either way was tempting, Lotor looking forward to seeing his corpse.

“Ngh…” Allura was starting to move again, her writhing movements against his body stealing his breath away.

“Easy now…” Lotor urged her, trying to hold her still. Even with his strength he couldn’t stop her completely, her bare bottom rubbing up against him. It was probably a mistake that he remained in the bed with her, but it was the only way to keep her somewhat still!

“Where…?” She was moaning, unable to form the question completely.

“You’re somewhere safe. No one will hurt you here.” Lotor told her, voice confidant. “Not under my watch.”


“What’s that?” Lotor asked, cocking his head to the side.

“Want to go home….” She was clear in her desire, making distressed sounds. “Need…..home…”

“Shh…” Lotor soothed her, rubbing a hand down her stomach. “You’ll be home soon enough. This I promise.” His words seemed to calm her down, Allura passing out once more. He had only a brief sting of pained conscience, Lotor knowing he had failed to clarify just whose home he was taking her to. He tried to tell himself he was doing it for her own good, Lotor knowing that his enemies would never leave her alone, not so long as she continued to live separate from him. The reasoning didn’t make things easier, Lotor trying to ignore the voice that whispered in his mind, telling him it simply was because he wasn’t strong enough to let Allura leave him a second time.

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