Slave 131

It was a crisp, cold day, the hint of frost being carried on the breeze, leaving Lotor chilled even under the extra layer of clothing he had worn in preparation for Arus’ winter fall climate. He managed to keep from shivering, Lotor pulling his coat close, as he traveled down a well worn path in the castle gardens. It had been painstakingly restored, flowers that had once been razed to the ground, now blooming once more, although many were currently wilting, their colors faded.

He knew they would soon die, only to be reborn when the spring came and the thaw melted. The gardens would be awash in colors, their perfumes released into the air, a subtle reminder of the scent of the girl he had once loved. Lotor supposed that was why he avoided Arus during the hotter seasons, the King being too overcome with memories without the need for outside stimuli.

It was an excuse, and he knew it, but Lotor found it difficult to make this journey more than a few times a year. It had always been that way, right up to the moment Allura had been buried, Arus becoming nothing more than a painful reminder of what he had lost. In the beginning he had reasoned his limited visits to his busy schedule, a king’s duty finding ways of keeping him constantly buried in work. That was the ultimate in lies, Lotor knowing that the galaxy waited on his whims, and if he wanted to visit Allura’s grave, then work be damned.

But instead he always found excuses, putting it off until his heart was too heavy, Lotor suffering from an overwhelming urge to see her. He always had much to tell her, speaking on Arus and it’s restoration, and his conquest of the Denubian Galaxy. But mainly he talked about their daughters, telling her all the things she had missed out on seeing.

And there was plenty, the two princesses now young adults, girls nearing the age Allura had been when she had died. They were not yet women, had not even experienced half the things their mother had, and Lotor worked to ensure they never did. Not that they knew the details surrounding their conception and their mother’s death, Lotor keeping a tightlipped wrap on such information.

The nobles had been silenced, the many servants and slaves ordered not to speak about Allura. It made it easier for Lotor to choose what information to feed his daughters, keeping them satisfied with just enough tidbits that they didn’t starve for knowledge. It still wasn’t enough, he could see the curiosity in their eyes, burning in those blue depths that painfully reminded him of their mother’s eyes.

Her eyes had truly been the window to her soul, always quick to show what she was feeling. And she had felt too much, far more than Lotor had ever been aware of. He sighed as he walked, noticing someone had been by to replace the chipped cobblestones of the path. The gardens were forbidden from almost all, only Doom royalty and the servants that maintained it’s beauty allowed on the property. And yet the garden never suffered from disarray, the servants quick on the uptake in keeping it’s pristine state.

Another sigh, Lotor still thinking about Allura and her feelings. He felt he had been too blind in the days of the past to notice the extent of her anguish, Lotor wishing he could change time, do something different than he had. Perhaps if he had been more sympathetic, quicker to attend to her needs, she would have never been driven to do what she had.

“Allura.” He whispered, listening to the heels of his boots echo his footsteps. He wished he hadn’t been so hard with her, Lotor damning himself for forcing the wedding on her. Perhaps if he had been patient, something could have been worked out between the two of them, something that would have pleased them both. Instead they each had ended up with nothing, Allura only a body to be buried in the ground.

He did have their daughters, and they provided rare moments of joy in his dismal life. Joy that became colored with pain the older they got, the girls resembling their mother more and more. They had her smile, and he imagined Adora’s laugh to be what Allura’s would have been, if the girl had allowed herself to get caught up in joyous emotion.

They didn’t have her mannerisms, the girls acting more like their father in thought and action. He tried to temper the bad influence he knew he was on them, Lotor trying to expose them to views other than his own, views Allura would have given them. He was afraid he didn’t quite succeed in getting them to form opinions that differed from his own, but at least the princesses weren’t completely blood thirsty.

Nor were they heartless, Lotor having given them as much love as had remained in his heart, tempering any cruel tendencies with the utmost of affection. It was something he had sorely been lacking in his life, right up from the moment of his birth to falling in love with Allura. Even once his heart had been given to her, he had been unkind at the best of times, hurting her again and again with thoughtless words and actions.

It was no surprise she hadn’t left him a letter, some final farewell he could cling to after her death. Instead her last words had been addressed to their daughters, Lotor carefully going over them, looking for some hidden message to it all. But Allura had been kind, even then, her words speaking only of the love for her daughters and how sorry she was that she would not be there to see them grow.

It hurt him that she hadn’t thought of him in her final moments, but he survived the pain. He thought that her actions spoke louder than any words she could have addressed to him, Allura clear in her message of not wanting to be with him.

It was years before he gave her letter to her daughters, years before he could think of an excuse behind her death. He finally settled on a half truth, telling them the only thing he could. An enemy, one of both their parents, had slain their mother. It was a harsh bit of reality, Lotor reasoning his lust had indeed been a powerful foe, one that was strong enough to drive Allura to suicide.

He wished he could say he had exorcised that demon from his life, but he hadn’t. Not completely. He still lusted after women, was still driven by his powerful urges for sex. For the most part he controlled himself, setting himself up with a mistress he visited a few times a month. His harem was no more, Lotor sending the girls far, far away, leaving his aides to find them masters that were known for their kindness. It was all he could do for them, their worlds destroyed or enslaved, leaving them with little in choices should they return there.

The grave stone was in sight, Lotor quickening his steps towards it. He had deviated from the norm, neither burying Allura on Doom, nor had he allowed her to join her family in the royal crypt of Arus. The crypt had been too defiled, the bodies looted for the wealth that had been buried with them. Instead Lotor had reached a compromise, brining her back to her world for one last visit as he had promised.

He had found a servant, one who remembered the gardens, the woman timid and fearful as she pointed out the spot that had been Allura’s. He remembered how fondly she had spoken on the gardens, pride in her voice as she told him about the patch of land she had use for her own garden. It was in that section he chose to honor her body, a large tombstone erected in the heart of it, with flowers blooming all around it.

The servants kept careful maintenance of her grave, pulling out weeds, and preventing vines from clinging to the marker. They hadn’t been able to prevent weather from wearing down the stone, the edges dull, leaving Lotor to wonder if he should have the stone replaced. But he never did, taking an odd sense of comfort from knowing this was the same tombstone he had gripped as he screamed and cried, raving like a lunatic over the injustices surrounding Allura’s death.

Sometimes Lotor imagined he could see the groves where his fingers had so tightly gripped the tombstone, the King kneeling now to lay down a bouquet of fresh cut flowers. He kept his head bowed for a moment, concentrating instead on the grass at his feet, noting the green had already started to brown.

“It’s been a while Allura.” Lotor said at last, pleased his voice wasn’t shaky. In the early days he had been barely able to speak to her without breaking down, the King grateful that he ordered his guards to remain inside the rebuilt castle of lions. His pain was his alone, and no one need witness it but him. “I’m sorry I haven’t come by often enough. I’ll try to do better in the future….”

That was a lie, he knew he wouldn’t, knew he’d be unable to face her grave again until months had passed by. He reached out with his arm, pressing his hand to the cold stone. There was gold etching on the marble, writing that glinted when the sun shined down on it. It was simple words for a girl whose life Lotor felt had been extraordinary under the circumstances. It stated her name and the year of her birth, as well as the day of her death. A poem followed underneath those dates, one that spoke on how loved a mother was.

“Our daughters are nearly all grown up.” Lotor continued, fingers caressing the gold that formed Allura’s name. “It won’t be long before they look for husbands and start families of their own.” Indeed many a marriage offer had come to the castle, men eager for the princesses not only for their titles and the empire that came with them, but for their beauty. So far Lotor had rejected all such proposals, keeping them secret from his daughters.

“Adora is becoming quite the pilot.” Lotor said, thinking of the girl with her shoulder length hair that was always curled tightly around her face. “She loves flying black lion, although she’s never been to battle.” And she never would if Lotor had his way, the King wanting to keep the girl secloistered inside the castle.

“Ah what’s that? What of Alessandra?” He chuckled then, pretending he was holding a pleasant filled conversation with Allura. “She continues her studies with Haggar. She’ll be the first witch Queen Doom has ever had. I dare say not many will mess with her! Not with the powers she holds inside her fingertips.” It sometimes scared him how powerful in magic his daughter was, Alessandra refusing to limit herself to just healing arts.

Haggar had been right about her, the girl inheriting much from Allura, and holding an eye that was turned towards the future. She had sensed the moment her mother had died, Alessandra wailing out her grief in that chilling way. She had cried for days, being inconsolable, and though Adora had cried, she had been unable to understand the pain her sister felt. Adora simply lacked the proper magic, the girl seeking elsewhere for her interests.

“Haggar hasn’t changed much if at all.” Lotor said, thinking of the witch and her eccentric ways. “She still misses Coba though, and absolutely refuses to get a new cat.” It had been three years since the blue cat has passed, the witch mourning her beloved pet and companion. He allowed a half smile to cross his face, Lotor adding the following. “The twins are conspiring to get her a kitten. I’ve doubts on how well the witch will take to one, but I guess we’ll know what has happened by the time I visit you next.”

“The Doom Empire continues to flourish….as does Arus.” He continued to make conversation, words coming easier as long as he didn’t allow too many memories to surface. “Arus is a free world now, much like planet Quevra is. Drules and Arusians coexist peacefully now, and both languages are spoken here.” He knew she would like that, Allura having been concerned that the Arusian language would die. “I wish there was someone to teach our daughters the ancient language of the Arusians…” He trailed off, knowing the language had died with Allura.

“Romelle has recently married.” Lotor had kept tabs on the former princess of Pollux, watching but not interfering with her life. And what a life it had been, the woman having married three times in all once she got over her fears of sex. She even had three children, all sons, and he wondered if she’d try for a daughter with this newest husband. “Bets are being placed on whether this one will last.”

The former slave girls of Arus had all found gainful employment on Quevra, working to earn money and a chance at happiness. He hadn’t paid as close attention to their lives, knowing that eventually all had married and moved from the capital. “I’ve appointed a new commandeer of the guards.” Lotor said, trying to fill Allura in on everything that was going on in his life. “He’s a bit of a bumbler, but seems to have a good heart. He…he reminds me of Cossack.”

He had never gotten a friend quite like Cossack again, Lotor keeping himself distant from all but his daughters. He sometimes missed the lack of friendship, the commadrie he had shared with Cossack. But his high position as King kept him isolated and unable to trust those who would offer their hands in friendship. It was a lonely life being King of the Doom Empire, and Lotor sighed.

“I’m so alone…” He whispered those words, hands gripping the tomb stone for support. “And tired. Allura, when can I rest?” He didn’t ask when he could join her, Lotor holding no illusions that he would be reunited with Allura once he died. She was simply too far out of reach of him, gone to a better place, an eternity that wasn’t fit for the likes of him.

He shook his head, feeling the sadness weighing him down. “I’ve been thinking of stepping down from my throne.” He could imagine the shock that would have filled her eyes, Allura gasping out that he had worked too hard to gain it. “I know how shocking a notion that is. But I’ve had a good rule these last 18 years. It was more than I deserved. Our daughters are nearly of age, and I don’t see why they cannot take my throne from me.”

He pictured them now, twin princesses who would share rulership of the Doom Empire. Their husbands mere consorts, the Empire being ruled on the whims of two competent young women. Much had been done to prepare them, the girls spending their teenage years studying politics and court protocol. Even war had been broached upon, tactics being discussed over and over until the ideas were hammered into their young minds.

Lotor had no doubt they would do him proud, and they might even bring change to the Doom Empire. Change Allura would approve of, change that would appall the nobles. Such a thought should have made him smile, but Lotor couldn’t muster up the energy to do so. “I miss you.” He finally said, resting his forehead on the tomb stone. “I don’t think you can begin to fathom just how much I do….”

He had been right when he had said Allura would be his one true love, Lotor’s broken heart never moving for another woman. He supposed it was fitting, a penance for his actions, Lotor unable to love or be loved in return, not in the way he had craved Allura’s love and devotion. He felt he had finally learned what true love was like, and the lesson was a simple one, a lesson he had failed to grasp all those years ago.

True love meant sacrifice, and being unselfish, Lotor knowing he should have let Allura go that second time. Better to live apart then to have lived with the knowledge she was dead and completely out of his reach. But like with all lessons learned too late, the price paid was harsh, and one Lotor was sure he would have never understood had Allura lived.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered, pressing a kiss into her name on the tomb stone. “I wish I could make amends, wish I could do something more to show just how sorry I truly am. Allura, if you can, watch over our daughters for me. Help guide them to be the kind of rulers needed to help the Doom Empire prosper through both turbulent and peaceful times.”

He hesitated a moment, feeling as though something inside him clenched, the words not wanting to come out. “Allura…I’ll always love you.” With that he was rising, Lotor smoothing a hand down his coat, the fabric having wrinkled from his kneeling position. A silent tear made it’s way down one cheek, but it was the only evidence of his distress, Lotor managing to remain strong.

He walked with his head held high, traveling back along the path towards the castle. His guards would be waiting, though they would never show their impatience, knowing their time was limited to the King’s whim. They’d be glad to know they would be returning to Doom, Lotor unable to bear remaining on Arus for any longer than necessary.

“It’s time.” He said softly, brushing at his wet cheek with the back of his hand. Time for him to return to his lonely life, inside his castle on Doom. To be forever surrounded by people but feel alone, that was his punishment. He couldn’t, wouldn’t ask for things to be different, Lotor knowing he had earned all that he had wrought with his treatment of his beloved Allura.


The End….

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  1. Me no likey ;;___________________________;;

    Good job though. I cried a bit. How pathetic.

    Great story. Can’t say i’m fond of the ending…. This was the only one of your fanfics I really followed closely. (all in hopes of a happier ending)

    But I think it was necessary. So i compliment you on your superb work.

    And now I’m gonna go read one with a happy ending TT______TT

  2. Man I blubbered like a baby at the end of this story! It was written so well, the entire time I kept saying “Why doesn’t Haggar just make a potion to lessen the pain of Allura’s memories?!” I had hoped the sad ending would not entail Allura’s suicide, although I know I was in denial on that end.

    Now that I’ve wiped away my tears I’m going to read your stories with happy endings! Happy endings and smut!

    At least that way I can pretend this story was just a bittersweet dream which slowly became a nightmare.

  3. Well done. You stayed true and although it was not the happy ending that we wanted, it was genuine. Will you be making an alternate ending??

    1. Hello!

      Ah, no won’t be doing an alternate ending. I had considered it back when the story was nearing 115…but ultimately I realized for this one, I couldn’t believable write a happy ending…not one where they were together.

      I originally had planned for Allura to leave him, then come back. Not because she was in love with him, but for their daughters. She’d have to self sacrifce her own happiness for theirs…but I think I had blinders on, cause I realized there was no way she’d come back after all he had done…-_-

      To do an alternate ending would mean to do a major revamp of a lot of chapters….time that would be better spent (i think( on a different story. I’m trying not to write any more sad ending stories though.

  4. my hats off to you with standing ovation i have read many stories as i have been reading fanfiction of all kinds i originally started to read this story because my ex reccomended it to me and i got to say its one of the best damn stories i have read in 5 years people say you should right an alternate ending but i got to say that this story was written from your heart it should stay the way it is the dramatic and shocking ending should be left as is cause i think a happy ending would just not hold the same effect as the original please email me some time i would like to send you a file if possible as i have written a song that was inspired by this story

  5. The story is well written and I even shed tears in this ending. But there are observations I would like to make. First of all, I think the suicide of Allura is not justifiable or believable. My reasons are:
    1) She witnessed the murder of her father, the loss of her kingdom and princess status, the murder of her love, she was made a slave and raped, facing an uncertain future…how come she didn’t commit suicide then? Those were more justifiable reasons for killing herself, but instead she chose to live and endure it all demonstrating that she was a strong willed person.
    2)Even in the dreadest of situations, she was managed to have better status…being the favorite slave, gaining the love of the prince, eventually being freed from slavery and even experiencing pleasure being with Lotor. Why was she so ungrateful when she was witnessing that she having a better life in comparison with the other slaves?
    3) She saw the change in Lotor, he demonstrated over and over again that he loved her, he rescued her many times, he changed actitudes, made a war for her, cared for her daughters. He was always giving her what she wanted even if he didn’t want it. Whenever she was bitchy and whiny, I imagined myself slapping her silly! What the f*ck was wrong with her, couldn’t she count her blessings?
    4)She had too many reasons to live: her daughters,she wasn’t a slave anymore, she was going to be rich, she was about to marry a hot king with a great bod who simply adored her and was always saving her ass.
    5)If she would’ve been smart enough, she would’ve noticed that if she was to leave him again, she was eventually going to be killed by other kidnappers. Lotor had too many enemies…she should’ve known better that to put her life in jeopardy again after what she went through.
    6)Even if she didn’t want to have sex with him, it wasn’t an experience she hadn’t been through before; I remember that the latest sexual experiences they had were not bad at all, she was even enjoying herself. She could’ve gone over it eventually even if it mean to be in a loveless marriage.
    7)During all the story Allura demonstrated that she was a survivor, that even in the darkest circumstance, she chose to do things that would allow her to feel better (like learning magic). I can’t believe that she would choose to end her life, when she was just reunited with her daughters…and how could she hate Lotor when he was always protecting her, defending her and saving her life? Just for the sex? Come on…he didn’t hit her, or do kinky stuff to her….Sorry, I’m not buying it.
    8) People who choose to take such a harsh decision like suicide, are very depressive people who had tried to kill themselves many times during their lives…Allura doesn’t fit the profile as a potential suicidal person.

    Then again, the story is well written, I enjoyed it a lot. But I would’ve believed that a sad ending could’ve been achieved if she just wouldn’t survive the kidnapper’s ordeal. Because I don’t think that Allura had enough reasons to kill herself.

    1. If you read back to say chapter 13 or 14, during the Pollux take over, she wanted to die back then too. Trying to take Lotor’s sword, to either kill herself with it, or goad him into killing her, along with her refusal to eat (Death by slow starvation.) Lotor stopped her each time. She was under a lot of stress all the time, and her only hope, the only thing that kept her going was getting away from him.

      Being back on Doom, and told they were gonna continue a sexual relationship (He didn’t say they were gonna wait until she got over what ever hang ups she had about it.) was the final straw. She couldn’t bear to think on being raped again, even if he’s gentle MOST of the time. (Just look back on Pollux to see his most brutal. Most brutla to her at least.)

      Lotor did not change, his raping of Romelle proved it, as did his behavior when she told him she was leavign, and how he treated his court after she was gone.

      1. Are those chapters before she had her children? Being a mother changes everything. She was a good mother. The raping still is not enough to attempt against her life, the reasons to live were many: the love of her daughters, the prospect of watching them grow, with Lotor she was safe from those who wanted kill her and I have to admit, if chosen to be raped by a hot drule like Lotor, he could have me anytime, anyday of the week. I would love to be raped by him. But anyway, Allura didn’t give me the impression of a person who would like to die for a dumb reason, she was always defiant towards Lotor, she faced him, she faced that witch who tried to kill her, she was more a fighter than a quitter. Even during the stress times, there was always alternatives for her to avoid being raped. She just had to be docile. You know, I have had experience with suicide attempts, that’s why I’m still not convinced.

      2. I also questioned her motives for leaving her daughters. If she was so scared of her rapist, why would she leave her daughters behind with a rapist? Motherhood is such a powerful thing. The primal instinct of a mother would have been to protect her offspring at any cost, no matter trauma or damage done. That was not a logical move for someone who has gone through the hardship of rape. The logical move would’ve been for her to develop an overprotectiveness of her daughters.
        As a reader, I had these questions, not as a negative critic, but as a critical mind. I think your work is excellent, and when something is good it makes people develop opinions.

  6. Oh I forgot..a person with a profile for suicide attempts have tendencies of being selfish, I didn’t see this tendency on her. But well, this is just a story…isn’t it?

    1. Yes, it was before she was even pregnant that she tried to kill herself. Seems like such a long time ago…(I devoted just over a year to writing this story!)

      I think we’ll have to respectfully disagree on the subject of wheter or not Allura fit the suicidal profile. I feel it was a final act of desperation, a…(I suck at explaining…I feel I am better at writing it out in fic form so bear with me.) the straw that broke the camel’s back…She had held on for so long, and her only hope was that she’d be able to get away from him eventually. But then that was taken from her, and she couldn’t face the prospect of being with him and on Doom again.

      Originally, my ending I was going for was, she’d come back of her own free will. The chapter where he discovers her hair in the baby’s crib, would have been different. He’d walk into the nursery and there she would be. But she didn’t come back cause she loves him, but because of the children.

      But I think I was being naive thinking that way, cause by the time I finished 116 (The rape of Romelle.) I realized there was no way Allura would willingly come back, even for her children. Lotor had done too much at that point…*sighs*

      Either choice was selfish I think….it meant she left her babies either way without her. (SUicide or leaving apart from them.)

      It’s funny you don’t think (Not funny ha ha, funny ironic) she fit the profile….because when I was positng this on my live journal, one girl became adamant that Allura was gonna kill herself once she left Doom. She thought Allura had no reason to live without her daughters!

      I didn’t set out to write such a sad ending originally. THe fic started as stress relief…(I think you can tell by the first eight chapters since they were pretty aimless.) I was upset by something someone said, and the upset was making me not able to work on my other stories (LUsting Effects and The Price of Freedom.) so I started Harem Slave as a series of sexy drabbles. Never imagined it would become this giant fic! It even survived the computer crash where I lost my notes! I remembered the big events, but some of the smaller details I lost…sometimes I want to go back and rework the scenes, cause I think I messed up in having Allura enjoy the sex a little too much in the ealry chapters. ^^;;

  7. I really love that you put a sad ending; it makes the story different and not less good. I really, really enjoyed this story. And any story that makes me laugh, sigh or cry is just excellent. I even got the chills when the lions were being found. I just though that Allura was gonna die in the kidnapper’s ordeal and that Lotor would’ve not be able to save her that last time. That would’ve made him more vulnerable and I believe, more guilty of what happened. But well, you did a great job. I wish that I could write so well like you. Just don’t let that writer’s block and computer problem overwhelm you, take your sweet time and I know that more good things will be coming.

  8. Great work. I appreciate your hard work and dedication to bring us this really fine tale to life. I was glued to the story until Lotor freed Allura. I became so upset, I refused to read more. A few days later I became too curious, so I had to read the rest and I am glad I did.
    I feel that Allura backed out of her main promise to do ANYTHING that Lotor wanted to save her world. When he did, she stopped doing it. I am not a big fan of Allura in this story at all mainly because she is quite a tease asking Lotor for favors left and right and expecting that he should just to them for her. He really could have just thrown her back in the harem to get her butt kicked some more, but then that would be the end of the story, wouldn’t it? She’s unappreciative and too closed minded to see how she herself can make a difference in a place like Doom, which needed it so very desperately, especially with her children being left to be raised there. She is totally devoid of maternal instincts, but she cares enough to take her harem buddies with her when she leaves Lotor? I was angry at her for a while, but then I understand the story wouldn’t be as amazing of a journey. Haggar and Cossack were great characters and I repeat the sentiments of others in saying that it was truly a pleasure to see them so compassionate and friends to Allura.
    Lotor is at his best when he’s the meanest. When he tries to be good he always makes things worse because making the reform from bad to good will always face distrust. I feel that Lotor had things more under control before he got the novel idea to free Allura. It all came unravelling because she never worked for her freedom to appreciate it when there were so many people much less fortunate.
    Again wonderful job and I loved the ending!

    1. Hello! Thank you for the comments and feedback. It’s very much appreciated. Sorry I’m only getting to now to reply. I meant to sooner, but then it slipped my mind.

      I’m happy you gave the fic another try, even after Lotor made the upsetting move to free her. And you’re right, he is his best when he’s mean. 🙂

      You bring up good points, ones I could perhaps address if I ever get the nerve to try an alternative ending. Right now though I needed to take a step back from the fic and take a long break from the harem slave universe. I think it shows cause for a while here I;ve ben focusig on nice guy Lotor instead of my faved vilain/bad boy Lotor.

  9. Excellent story! Your characters very well thought out, with virtues and flaws (lots of flaws) and their motivations were believable. I found Allura the more irritating – too passive, too indecisive, too fragile – basically not a good match for Lotor in this universe. You tried to make Lotor a despicable guy, but somehow I just kept thinking Allura had it pretty good and she should just suck it up and make the best of it, especially for her kids. But that’s just me, I hate passive female characters. I’ll take a Princess Leia over a Princess Buttercup any day. But I don’t say that to malign your story. It is actually high praise that so many people read this through to the end (131 chapters – really?). And congratulations to you on choosing to write a sad story. I was wondering early in the story how these two were going to make it work. You stayed true to your characters and took the story to its logical ending, which is a great thing (and a hard thing) for a writer to do, especially when you know your readers are hoping for a happy ending. Great job. I can’t wait to read some of your other stories, but I’ll choose a shorter one this time. 

    1. Hello! Sorry for such a late (very late…^^;;) reply. Just found this buried in my email box. I’m glad you liked the story despite the ending and how Allura acted.

      I was actually nervous to write out the ending..I almost chickened out if not for friends encouraging me to stay true to the story I had envisioned.

      AH..most of my stories that are finished are close to being finished then to be on the long side. X_X I set out meaning to have a short story, and then wham! Stuff happens that when I try to write it out, it ends up longer than I thought.

      A wished best served cold is probably your best bet for a short, completed story. Don’t worry, most of the other stories I’ve completed have happy endings. I haven’t updated yet, but when I do Animal Attraction will be complete at 81 chapters, and the MUCH shorter Divine Misunderstandings gets only 39. There’s Lusting Effects which is…uh 12 chapters I think….but it’s the prequel or prologue to a much larger story I haven’t tried to write yet. Same with Price of Freedom (Though that has like 50 something chapters.), I need to sit down and write Freedom’s sequel.

      Harem Slave was a fun ride, even if I was very stressed out by the end of it. I devoted just little over a whole year to it. Someday I would like to sit back, and try to rewrite to improve certain things. By the time I was near the end, I was so tired of rereading the previous chapters to look for things I might have mentioned and forgot about. X_X

      Thanks again!

  10. I came across your website as I was a big fan of Voltron when I was little. I just finished reading Slave. I liked that you did not choose the easy, happy ending. Allura also died on her own terms. She was a hero at the end by saving her friends and staying true to herself and the values that she was raised with.

    1. Thanks. I was nervous to go through with the ending I saw for this. I even considered doing two versions…a split down the middle a couple of chapters back where I could potentially write some kind of happier ending. But some friends support and encouragement helped me to stay true to the ending I saw. I still dream about tinkering with harem slave…It’s like an insanely long first draft. But I kinda go crazy at the thought of what a huge undertaking it would be. The ending would remain the same, just some things I think I could fix or improve upon.

      Thanks again!

  11. I would not change it. Your friends were right by tellling you to stay true to your artistic form. This is what happens in real life. It was well written to the last detail. I wish I could write as well as you. It is nice to escape at the end of a tough day at work.

    I also liked the part where the lions were discovered one by one as one of the earlier readers commented. (Allura: very idealistic/not able to see Lotor’s attempts to change as he understands he loves her/not able to appreciate his rescues/resuscitation of her from near death/ and risking it all to be with her; Lotor reverting to his old self when he finally snaps: 2 polar opposites, the ending was inevitable).
    I read some of the shorter stories–are you going to develop Unchained Desires further–interesting as the roles are reversed, but Allura is more liberal in this universe. It would be interesting to see these two team up and fight their common enemies. I look forward to reading some of your other longer stories.

    1. Hello again!

      I do want to continue Unchained Desires, but I feel a little stuck on day to day dealings. Eventually Haggar and Cossack are supposed to learn where Lotor is, and Cossack will be sent to infiltrate Allura’s harem..(Only to end up in Nanny’s possession! XD) I keep trying to figure out things, cause I don’t want the first half of Desires to be nothing but sex scenes. But maybe it’s inevitable.

      Speaking of role reversals…it’s not quite as extreme as Desires, but For Better of For Worse has Lotor being forced into marriage with Allura. I have to update my site though….I’m up to chapter 19…but I think the site is only updated with like the first few chapters. Lotor even tries an escape attempt on his wedding day!

      Thank you again for your kind words. I am glad I stuck to that ending, though for the longest time I was haunted by it. Or maybe by reader reactions. It seemed to them as long as Lotor was happy and got Allura, it was a happy ending to them regardless of the fact Allura would have been miserable. ^^;;

      After Harem Slave I had to take a break from such a bad/evil Lotor. I wrote and completed Animal Attraction and Divine Misunderstandings where he’s a much nicer guy. Though I’m more partial to Animal Attraction myself. Divine was interesting in it felt like I could skip without a sex scene….and then some friends threw a fit when I said that. I kinda caved into pressure there and wrote one near the ending chapter.

  12. I think with Desires, you are starting to develop some interesting elements that can be explored: 1) Allura finding the ship that the Lazon came from and that the sword she bought belongs to Lotor and that he really is a prince. 2) Further developing the conflict between Pollux and Arus. 3) Lotor scheming to be “Allura’s favorite” so he can escape. The Cossack piece would be hysterical, especially since the Nanny in this story is not as annoying as the one in the cartoons.

    I read For Better or for Worse–good so far–I hope Allura gets to “one up” Lotor and teach him not to mess with her. I guess I am just not happy when bad boys get the better of us girls. I will keep a look out for the rest of this.

    I also read Porcelain–It ws great how you incorporated the little stuffed Robeast so Lotor could figure out who Allura was and how the pieces unraveled so she could see her parents. I kept wondering if she was going to get to see them again. It was cool how all of the pieces to this story unraveled.

    The Princess and the Pirate also looks like it wil be interesting–are you going to add more to this?? I am sure you are busy with other things (life, work, projects)

    In the meantime, as I get time, I will read some of the other pieces you mentioned.

    Have a good week.

    1. H Princess and the Pirate. I do want to continue it, but sadly it, along with some of my older stories suffers from the problem of lost notes. See back in like 2008 or 2009 I had a very bad computer crash. (Actually thought my computer was never going to work again! That’s how bad it was. *shudders*) I lost several fic chapters/one shots that were partly written and lost all my notes for my fics. I was so upset I didn’t try to write anything for a month. X_X

      I’ve been thinking about Princess and the Pirate though…scheming an idea of something to do in that setting. I need to sit down and reread the first three chapters, to see what inspiration I can get from what little set up I have…see if I can’t come up with a few ideas and forward the story to the idea I would like to do in that setting!

      Thanks regarding Porcelain and for Better or for worse. In the FBOFW, Lotor will have his work cut out for him to get her to forgive him. But first he has to stop being a douche about the situation HE caused! XD

      And thank you for the suggestions regarding the Chained desires story! The sad thing is the part the latter half of the story is more plotted out than the part I’m stuck on. But thanks for giving me some suggestions. It definitly gets the gears turning. Who knows! Maybe I’ll think of something!

      I’ve been slacking off on writing Voltron these last two/three weeks. Mainly for my other fandom love, Valkyrie Profile. But I’m trying to get back into a Voltron mood, to work one a story or two. Ones already in progress. The frustrating thing is I get too many ideas….to the point I wish I could split myself into several Michelle’s, so that they could all get worked on! You should see how my list of future ideas keeps expanding. But right now I’ve been focusing on the for better or for worse, and DUty’s End. (I recommend Duty’s End when I get more chapters up. I felt uncertain of that fic…but once I got to like chapter 17, I think it improves. )

      Thanks for writing, and you have a good week as well! 🙂

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