Slave 016

Papers lay scattered all over the floor, white sheets stained with ink blots, a small bottle of the dark liquid overturned, it’s content soaking into the carpet. His data pad had a crack across the monitor, damaged when he had so carelessly dropped it. His work was ruined, a setback that would cost him hours, maybe days of his free time. But right now he didn’t care.

Lotor knew that once the heat of the moment faded, once he came down from his pleasured high he would. Anger would set in, at himself and at the girl on his lap, Lotor blaming them both for his distraction. On some level he knew Allura had nothing to do with the unthinking way he had tossed aside his business, grabbing for her in desperation. She hadn’t wanted this, she NEVER wanted this, never wanted him, doing everything to keep from inflaming his passions.

But here they were, once again locked in an embrace of passionate emotions, Lotor leaning against the cushioned back of the chair, his hands on Allura’s back. She was straddling his lap, knees on either side of his thighs, her hands on his shoulders as she tried to lean away from him. It would just take Lotor moving his hands for her to topple backwards onto the floor, something he would not allow.

Instead he pulled her closer, causing her body to press against his chest, Allura staring at him, eyes wide with a hint of annoyance to their blue depths. She had cleaned up well, making a marvelous recovery in the last two days as Lotor forced her to eat at regular intervals. The maids had seen to her personal hygiene, going so far as to dress her in a simple white nightgown.

The nightgown had been a sign of his favor, a gift from Lotor to Allura. It’s low cut bodice clung tightly to her waist, pushing up her breasts so that they quivered with every breath, dangerously close to falling out. Short sleeves draped down to her elbows, and the ankle length skirt molded itself to her legs, turning translucent in the light of the room. A breath taking vision was Allura in her new garment, one Lotor hadn’t been able to resist.

He held her now, the pads of his finger tips caressing the soft cotton on her back, Lotor pressing down with his hands to keep her in place. Allura was squirming about, making fitful noises, her sounds merely increasing his desire for her. He leaned his face forward, lips landing on her cheek. He desperately wanted to kiss her, but Lotor was cautious of her teeth, still remembering the pain they had inflicted on him the last time he had attempted such an act.

Instead he settled for kissing all over her face, almost feverish as his mouth grazed across cheek and nose, lips planting against forehead and chin, before settling at last on her jaw line. He kissed along it, mouth tracing a slow pattern towards her neck, Allura giving him better access as she tried to lean away from his mouth. Her hands grabbed at his arms, fingers gripping the upper portions of his muscles as he set to work licking and nibbling on the side of her neck.

Her scent surrounded him, the sweet perfume of her hair heavy in his nostrils as he worked his mouth furiously against her pulse point. He sucked and nibbled on the skin trapped between his teeth, hearing her make a low croon, a concession of weakness on her part as he found the sensitive spot on her throat.

Even as he made love to her neck, he found himself desperately wishing she would return his attention, wanting to feel her pretty little mouth on his skin. Just imagining how it would feel to have Allura graze kisses along his collarbone sent a flash of white hot desire coursing through him, Lotor growing more aggressive as he nibbled his way down to her shoulder.

His hands slid down her back, going to land on her hips, fingers fighting to hold her in place as she wiggled about. Her actions brought her up against his trapped erection, Lotor moaning to feel her innocently grind against it. Allura made a noise at the feel of him, not quite panicked as she started to tremble in his arms. Lotor smirked, the expression hidden against her skin. She couldn’t play indifferent to him, no matter how much she wanted to. Her body would always react to his, he’d see to it personally.

His own hips moving, bumping groins together, the leather of his pants constricted even more. He needed to free himself, needed to escape the confines of his pants so he could think just a little clearer. One arm around her waist, holding her secure on top of him, Lotor dropped his right hand between their bodies, searching out the zipper to his pants. It was a clear sign of how distracted she had him that Lotor fumbled about for the small bit of metal, letting it slip through his fingers several times before he managed to wrench it down.

Lotor breathed a sigh of relief, even as he rubbed against the cotton on Allura’s belly, his erection trapped between their two bodies. If she kept on squirming against him, he’d spill his release on them before he even got inside her, something he hadn’t done since he was a school boy.

“Allura…” He groaned out her name, voice hoarse with need as his finger began bunching up the material of her skirt. He revealed her legs just long enough to shift her about, seeing to seating her on his erection. She seemed to sigh in resignation, feeling him rubbing between her legs, her own body betraying how wet with arousal she was.

He let go of her skirt, the material falling back into place, draped around their legs. His own hands slid up her waist, fingers nudging against the sides of her breasts as he settled her more firmly on top his cock. Allura seemed to hiss at him as he entered her, Lotor as gentle as he could manage considering his great need for her. He moaned in response to the warmth enveloping him, feeling her insides constrict around him in a pleasurable squeeze.

It was enough to almost make him forget himself, Lotor wanting to steal a kiss from her now more than ever. Allura’s fingers sank into his skin, the girl clinging to him as he sank in deeper inside her. Lotor licked playfully at her cheek, Allura lifting her head to look at him in surprise. He smiled at her, and whispered out a command, “Allura move!” even as his hands began to lift her up.

“AH!” She cried out as he started to slip out of her, Lotor doing a slow withdrawal that left only the tip of his cock inside her. Before he could pop free, he dropped her back downwards, burying himself to the hilt inside her.

“Move.” He repeated, his tone more urgent as he began bouncing her up and down on his lap, doing upward thrusts with his body. She caught onto his intentions, moving her own body, doing a slow bounce in response to his urgings.

Lotor hissed and moaned, enjoying the friction, taking pleasure from the way they worked together to find a rhythm that was mutually satisfying to them both. He tore his eyes away from her face, glancing down at quivering breasts. Without even thinking the motion through, he was burying his face against them, mouth open, tongue licking hungrily at the top of those trembling globes.

It was like this that the soldiers found them, two fools who walked into the room without so much as knocking on the door. Between them was a boy, short in height, his body hidden by baggy clothes, his blonde hair covered by a cap. The guards threw the boy onto the ground, the youth landing on his knees, and staying like that, head bowed low.

The two guards hesitated for a moment, staring at their prince and his slave, uncertain of what to do. Lotor lifted his head at Allura’s embarrassed cry, her hands now pushing at his shoulders, the girl trying to escape his grasp.

“What?” Lotor growled out, never breaking stride in his thrusting. It didn’t matter to him that they saw him like this, Allura’s gown hid much of their bodies from sight, even as the bouncing made it obvious what they were doing.

Allura made a a sound, dismayed, Lotor glancing at her face. He caught sight of reddened cheeks, her eyes embarrassed, and then she was burying her face against his shoulder. Muffled squeals came from her, Allura unable to hold back her pleasure, her hands wrapped around his waist as she tried to hide from the soldier’s eyes.

“What is it?!” Lotor demanded once more, glaring at his men even as he fought the urge to moan. “What’s so urgent that you come barging in here like this?!”

“Your highness…” One began nervously, a hint of sweat on his face as he averted his eyes from the chair. “It’s the Princess Romelle….”

“What about the former princess of Pollux?!” Lotor demanded gruffly, feeling Allura tense in his arms at the woman’s name.

“She’s been found.” Answered the guard, the other remaining silent, a slack jawed expression on his face as he ogled the entwined pair.

“No…” whispered Allura, Lotor absentmindedly rubbing her back in response to her upset.

“Oh? Where is she?” Lotor asked, and now the staring guard gestured at the youth on the floor. Lotor lifted a brow, expression curious as the guard approached the boy. He grabbed his arm, twisting it behind his back as he forced him to sit up and look at Lotor. The prince caught sight of blue eyes a few shades darker than Allura’s, and a face that was smudged with dirt, the blotches too artfully arranged to be anything but placed there on purpose.

The guard snatched at the cap, and the boy let out a cry, trying to grab at it before it could be pulled free of his head. But it was too late, blonde hair came tumbling down, straight and scraggly from being unwashed. Lotor snorted, eyes amused as he looked over the princess of Pollux, seeing her stare uncertainly back at him. Her own eyes were wide, staring at what he was doing, or rather WHO he was doing.

Her lower lip trembled, and for a second Lotor thought Romelle would burst into tears. She surprised him with her anger, directed not at him or the guards, but at the girl on his lap, her voice sharp as she angrily cried out. The words all foreign to Lotor except for Allura’s name, Allura seeming to cringe at the accusation in Romelle’s voice.

“No, no!” Allura was crying out, repeating a refusal again and again. Romelle grew angrier, practically spitting in their direction as she shouted. She seemed to be fighting against the guard’s grip on her hair, the former princess of Pollux trying to lunge towards Allura. Lotor saw tears glistening in Allura’s eyes, she turned her face away from Romelle, her whole body shuddering as it started it’s release.

Lotor was quiet as he considered the scene, bouncing Allura faster on his lap, intending for nothing to delay his own climax. With one hand he gestured for Romelle to be brought closer to him, the guard keeping a careful hold on her arms as he dragged her over to the chair. Romelle still glared at Allura, her eyes containing all her fury and disgust for the slave. Lotor’s own eyes were thoughtful, staring hard at Romelle’s face. Even with the dirt in place, he could still she had some beauty to her face, bearing a slight resemblance to Allura, thought Romelle’s nose was more pointed, and her lips were thin compared to the fullness of Allura’s own mouth. They looked enough alike for Lotor to be clear of their relation, the prince giving a curt nod to his men.

“‘Take her away.” He ordered, trying to keep the tension out of his voice as he neared his own orgasm. “Have her clean and prepared.” The men nodded, offering Lotor a bow before pulling Romelle away from the chair. She screamed and shouted something at Allura, her own eyes full of hate as she was dragged out the room.

The door slammed shut, and Lotor let out his held in moan, all but howling as he came, sperm erupting from his cock in a sticky explosion. For one brief instant he just held Allura, listening to the panting of their breaths as he luxuriated in the high of his climax.

Allura continued to tremble against him, and she returned the embrace, hugging him tight. He realized she was trying not to cry, and failing to do just that, her tears soaking the shoulder of his shirt. “Allura?” He asked, pulling back with a frown, his finger tips brushing just under her eyes. “What did she say to you?”

Allura looked at him, eyes sad and miserable, the tears seeming to come faster as she tried to form the words to answer his question. “She say….She say….it all my fault.”

“What is your fault?” Lotor asked, not understanding.

“Everything.” Allura sighed, looking down and away from his eyes.

“Everything?” Lotor made a ah of understanding, his hands tilting her head upwards to look at him. “She means the invasion of Pollux, the killings of her brothers, and the enslavement of her people?”

It was too much for her to follow, Allura looking blankly at him. He returned her look with a humorless one of his own. “Romelle is right you know.” Lotor said, tone almost conversational as he spoke to her. Allura cocked her head, brow furrowed as she tried to follow what he was saying. “Avok is dead because of you.”

That much she understood, and her expression twisted up into an angry one. “NO!!” She shouted, her hands now pushing him away as she tried to climb off his lap. “No! Avok die…Avok die because of you!”

“We’re both to blame.” Conceded Lotor, refusing to let her leave him. He jerked her against his chest, hand going into the back of her hair, fingers holding her in place as he hissed in her ear. “He’s dead because I wanted you so badly. Because I couldn’t bear to part from you. That makes you as much his murderer as I am!”

She tried to shake her head no, her whole body trembling, her expression one of pure agony. “Everything that happened here on Pollux…’s all because of you.” Lotor told her, and then he laughed. An honest to goodness chuckle escaping him, Lotor amused at the situation. “Pollux would have never fallen, Doom would have never found it’s way around it’s shield if not for Avok inviting us here.”

He wondered how much she was understanding, her tears pouring down her cheeks, Lotor doing a slow drag of his tongue down one. Her sadness was salty to the taste, Lotor unable to lick the tears away as more kept coming. “It’s all because of you.” He repeated, lips brushing against her skin with each word. “You enchant men with your body, you place a spell on us. On Avok and me both. It led to his ruination….I won’t let you be mine!”

With that he was pushing her off his lap, Allura landing on the paper strewn carpet with a cry of pain. He looked down at her for a moment, trying not to show how much her cry had bothered him. With a snort he was turning, tucking himself into his pants and stepping over the data pad. He had things to do, and could no longer afford these delays with Allura.

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