Slave 020

The pen moved, scrawling across the paper as Lotor signed his name to the document, the official seal of Doom already stamped in place on the page. He lifted the pen, the ink drying almost instantaneously as Lotor turned to the courier standing next to his desk. “Take these to Commander Donovan immediately.”

“Yes, your highness.” The courier said, placing the documents into his bag. He was in the process of bowing when the doors to the bedroom opened, Lotor glancing towards them in time to see Allura shoved into the room.

“Go now.” Lotor said, his eyes on Allura, noting the miserable expression on her face. The courier nodded, moving to hurry out the room, offering a side long glance to Allura as he passed her by. She didn’t even react, just standing there, using the back of her hands to rub at her eyes. Lotor frowned, annoyed that she was crying again, the man leaning back against his seat.

“Allura.” She looked up at her name, seeing Lotor gesturing to her. She sniffled, trying to hold in her sobs, still upset about how her visit with Romelle had gone. “Allura, come here.”

Sighing to herself, she moved, walking across the carpeted floor to stand before Lotor’s chair. His eyes seemed critical, looking her over, Allura trying not to fidget from the intensity of his stare.

Lotor looked Allura over carefully, his eyes noticing the bruises on her arm, imprints of the guard’s fingers, and the red marks on her neck. He frowned harder, lifting a hand to touch her throat, Allura seeming to flinch at the contact. “Allura, what happened?”

“Nothing.” Allura answered, not wanting to get her cousin in trouble. Too late did she remember the guards, inwardly cursing at the thought of them filling Lotor in on Romelle’s actions.

“Allura hurt.” Lotor said, his hand moving from her neck to her shoulder. “Why are you crying?” She just shook her head no, unwilling to explain, Lotor’s eyes flashing with annoyance.

“Fix me a drink.” He ordered, hand gesturing at the make shift bar in the corner. Wordlessly, Allura moved, heading towards the table that contained an impressive selection of colorful bottles. She touched one, fingers tracing the label of a midnight blue bottle, Lotor calling out to her. “Fix one for yourself as well.”

She didn’t know what to pick, cautiously sniffing at the various bottles, the scent of berries filling her nose. Finally Allura settled on a peach colored bottle, pouring out a generous amount of the pink colored liquid into a goblet. A red wine was poured out for Lotor, Allura lifting the glasses, carrying them carefully by their stems.

Lotor was still sitting, relaxed as he waited for to return. She handed him a goblet, Lotor taking it from her and downing half the glass in one gulp. Allura herself did not drink, merely fidgeting in place as she looked down at her cup. “Allura sit.” Lotor patted his knee, seeing the hesitation on her face. “Allura….” A hint of warning in his tone, the girl reacting to the sound of it by plopping down on his lap.

Lotor hid a smirk from behind his wine glass, watching as Allura continued to stare at her cup. “Allura, drink.” Lotor ordered, seeing her take a tentative sip of the liquid. He touched the goblet, tilting it back so that more of the wine ended up in her mouth, Allura making a surprised noise. Drops of the pink liquid stained her chin, Allura licking her lips. “Is it good?”

She nodded, this time needing no prodding as she took another generous gulp of the liquid. Lotor smirked, just watching her, finishing off his own goblet. Carelessly, he dropped it on the floor, leaning towards Allura, his hands reaching for her hair. He swept it aside, exposing the side of her neck to him, Lotor planting a kiss on her skin. Allura choked on her drink, Lotor’s arms wrapping around her waist to hold her in place as she tensed to flee.

“Allura tastes good.” Lotor commented, lips brushing against her skin. Allura flushed, occupying herself with finishing her drink so as not to have to respond to Lotor’s words. She was all too aware of him holding her, his lips moving down past her collar, to kiss along the line of skin between neck and shoulder. She shivered and gasped around a mouthful of wine, Lotor biting down on one sensitive spot with his sharpened teeth.

She finished her drink, sitting stiffly on his lap, unsure of what to do with her cup. He noticed, reaching for it, dropping the cup onto the floor besides the chair. It left her unsure of what to do with her hands, Allura used to always pushing Lotor away whenever he held her. She started to lower them to her lap, then changed her mind, moving to let them hang limply at her sides. Only to change her mind a third time, and place one on her lap, the other hesitating to touch the hand on her waist.

Her fidgety actions did not go unnoticed, Lotor noting the effort she was making to not shove him away. He caught her one hand in his, Allura raising her eyes to peer curiously at him. He smiled at her, Lotor bringing her hand to his face, his lips kissing the palm of her hand. Her cheeks immediately blossomed into two spots of pink, Allura averting her eyes at the gesture.

It charmed Lotor, her reactions, the man chuckling lightly against her skin. He kissed up towards her fingers, tiny pecks along the underside of one, his mouth opening when he reached the end of her finger. He actually caught hold of the tip, tongue licking it as he began to suck on her finger, watching her carefully for her reactions. That blush of hers deepened, Allura’s hand on her lap bunching up the material of her nightgown, nervous movement as she tried to avoid looking at him.

Allura didn’t get what Lotor was doing, feeling him moisten her finger, his lips drawing an odd sensation with each suck of his mouth. She practically wilted in relief when he released her finger, Allura snatching back her hand to rest it stiffly on her knee. She felt him kiss her shoulder once more, and then his hands were both on her waist, turning her to face him.

She kept her eyes downcast, trying to avoid looking at him, but not before she caught his eyes half veiled by his lids, Lotor staring at her in the lazy manner of a cat moments before it pounced on it’s prey. “Allura.” His tone was husky, commanding, Lotor speaking to her. “Look at me.”

She didn’t obey, staring down at her legs, forcing him to capture her chin with his fingers. “I said look at me.” Lotor said, tilting her head upwards so he could look in her eyes. He could see they were still rimmed with red, a result of her earlier tears, and now they looked warily at him. “That’s better.” Lotor smiled, liking that Allura’s attention was focused on him.

Still holding onto her chin, Lotor leaned in to kiss her, eager for another tasting of her lips. She attempted to pull back, Allura’s mouth opening, words tumbling out. “Lotor no….don’t…”

Lotor fought to keep the annoyance from showing in his eyes, hoping his smile remained pleasant as he reminded her. “Allura promised.” She tried to shake her head no, Lotor’s eyes narrowing. “Allura be good. That’s what Allura said.”

His words made her stiffen, Allura sighing softly. Lotor was close enough to feel the warmth of her breath, his eyes on her face as he moved to close the distance between them. “You won’t fight, right?”

“Right….” Allura conceded, and that was all the invitation Lotor needed, the prince locking his mouth onto hers before she had a chance to close her lips. He heard her squeal, unprepared for the vigorous way he kissed her, Lotor’s lips molding to hers. His tongue licked across her bottom lip, a slow tease before moving on to the main course, Lotor touching his tongue’s tip to hers.

Allura seemed to sigh with her whole body, her hands grabbing at the upper portion of his arms, just holding onto him. His own hands were still on her waist, keeping her steady on his knee, Lotor tasting the wine she had drank. It merely added flavor to the kiss, Lotor feeling a rush of pleasure spiking through him at finally being able to kiss her like this.

Allura made a sound, shocked to realize it was a muffled moan that escaped her, feeling Lotor’s tongue rubbing against hers. She tried to remain impassive to his kiss, leaving her tongue to lie still in her mouth. But he kept at her, soft brushes and insistent strokes, encouraging her to return the motions. Slowly, she began to give in, Allura bringing her tongue to battle against Lotor’s.

She was surprised at the rush of pleasure she felt at moving her tongue against his, finding his tongue felt like velvet to the touch. She wasn’t as aggressive as Lotor, her strokes were shy, timid, leaving Lotor in command of the kiss. It was just the way he preferred things, keeping them pressed together until Allura started to feel dizzy, desperate for air.

She must have made some sound, a noise that revealed her need, Lotor pulling back to let oxygen flood back into her lungs. Allura panted, breathing heavily as she stared dazed at a smirking Lotor. He leaned in again, a quick pressing of his lips, then rested his forehead against hers. “Allura like?”

He saw her blush, Allura starting to look away. He caught hold of her chin, forcing her to remain staring at him, and repeated his question. “Allura like?” He saw her lick her lips, Allura hesitating before giving a shy answer.


His grin grew, Lotor leaning in to claim her lips once more. He was no less passionate this time around, thrusting his tongue expertly into her mouth. Fireworks seemed to go off in his ears, Lotor never imagining a kiss could feel so good.

He pulled her so she slid across his leg, Allura ending up straddling his hips. Never breaking the kiss, he stood, lifting up Allura in the process. She gasped and tried to break the kiss, hands going to clutch at his shoulders as she wrapped her legs around him. He didn’t delude himself into thinking she did so out of desire, the little slave was more concerned with being dropped than grinding against him.

Lotor moved around the table, letting Allura pull back for air. “Lotor what?” She asked, frowning at him. He merely smiled in response, seconds later kissing her once more. They made slow progress across the room, Lotor bumping into furniture, nearly falling over the couch as he walked towards his goal.

Allura was surprised when he lowered her, the girl feeling the softness of the mattress at her back. She went to sit up, Lotor darting in close to lick at her neck, Allura closing her eyes, offering up the line of her throat to him. He planted a quick kiss against it, his hands on her wrists pulling her up so that she kneeled on the bed.

“Help me undress.” Lotor told her, seeing her look curiously at him. He illustrated his point by putting her hands on his shirt, helping her fingers to undo the buttons. For one brief instant she froze, Lotor wondering if he’d have to remind her of her promise once more. But then she was moving, working to unfasten his buttons, the shirt opening up to reveal a line of blue skin down the center.

Her hands shook as she helped get Lotor free of his shirt, Allura keeping her eyes on the task he had appointed her with. When the last button came undone, he chased her hands away, a cocky smile on his lips as he slowly pulled the shirt off his arms. He never took his eyes off her, Allura watching as he tossed the shirt onto the floor. An instant after, he climbed on the bed, hands reaching for her, pulling her in for another kiss.

Each of Lotor’s kisses stole her breath away, leaving Allura dizzy and confused. His fingers were in her hair, holding her head in place as he continued to feast at her lips. Allura was shy as she mimicked his movements, feeling awkward and inexperienced. It made her wonder if Lotor was kissing her so much because he couldn’t get any pleasure from her clumsy attempts.

When he rolled them over, Lotor ending up on his back, Allura was surprised. He grinned mischievously at her, settling her between his legs, his hands on her wrists, bringing her hands to his chest. “Allura, touch me…” Her fingers were limp, Allura unsure of what to do. “Touch!” He repeated urgently, moving her hands all along his front.

She hesitated just a second, and then she began moving her fingers, rubbing along his smooth skin. It was the first time she could remember truly touching him, feeling the satin like texture of his skin against her fingertips. Lotor seemed to melt beneath her hands, sighing a blissful sound as she rubbed and caressed his muscles.

“Yes, like that.” Lotor said approvingly, liking the little slave’s touches. She was so innocent in how she handled him, so careful as though he might break, her fingertips rubbing across one stiff nipple.

He made encouraging noise as she moved lower, fingers tracing the lines of his abdomen, only to skirt back upwards toward his pectoral muscles. Allura stared down at his skin, an intense look of concentration on her face, hands moving to touch his arms, feel out the muscles there. Lotor pulled at her, moving her up his body to tuck her in close so she could have access to his neck.

“Allura kiss.” Lotor ordered, pressing her head to his throat. He felt the breath escape her, warm on his skin, Allura hesitating just a second. She tentatively touched her tongue to his throat, Lotor arching underneath her, a hissed out yes escaping him. She licked him harder, dragging her tongue all the way up to the under side of his chin. Lotor turned his face to the side, Allura growing bolder, kissing along the line of his jaw as she moved towards his ears.

A Drule’s ears was very sensitive, Lotor crooning out soft encourgaements as her lips brushed against the lobe of his ear. She caught at it with her lips, doing a gentle nibble that had Lotor purring, the man feeling her hands touching his hair. He knew he was smiling, feeling ridiculously happy to have Allura fawning over him like this, her finger tips feeling like heaven as they stroked though his mane.

Allura nuzzled her lips against Lotor’s ear, mouthing along the curve of it, all the way to the pointed tip. She gave a teasing suck on the end, feeling Lotor’s fingers tense on her hips. She repeated the move, sucking harder, hearing him moan out her name.

A flick of her tongue at the inside of his ear, and then she was kissing back down the side of his face, intent on returning to his neck. He turned his face, quick and stealthy as he claimed another kiss from her, Allura squealing in surprise. He petted her hair to calm her, Allura relaxing against him, growing more and more positive with each stroke of his tongue that she really, really liked Lotor’s kisses.

~So much better than Avok’s.~ She thought with a sigh, then froze. Evil, evil thought, traitorous and damning, Allura stiff against Lotor as he kissed all over face, lips butterfly soft as he kissed her cheeks and the tip of her nose. He didn’t seem to notice she had stopped responding, Lotor pushing her head back towards his neck. Dully she kissed him again, feeling his pulse beating strongly against his neck.

Allura was going through the motions now, kissing and licking halfheartedly at Lotor’s skin. Her mind was working furiously, condemning her for her actions, screaming at her to fight him. She wondered how she could be doing this, lying with Avok’s murderer, going willingly into his arms, actually participating rather than pushing him away. Her eyes started to grow wet, Romelle’s words repeating in her mind, telling her she was spitting on Avok’s memory by being with Lotor.

Dully she kissed down his chest, barely aware he was pushing her lower and lower down his body, his hands on her shoulders. Her breasts ended up pressed against his covered groin, Allura feeling the hardness of his erection against her bosom. It made her sick, Allura’s tongue lapping delicately at his stomach now.

“Good Allura, good…” Lotor said, praising her. “More!” A lusty demand from him, Allura suddenly pushing her hands flat on his torso, fighting against his hands as she tried to shove away from him.

“Allura?!” Lotor cried out, confused at the sudden fight in her. “What are you doing?!”

“I…I can’t!” Allura said, shaking her head no. “I can’t do this! Not with you…maybe not with anyone!”

Lotor frowned at her, not understanding her words, only aware that she was refusing him. “Don’t stop!” He snapped, trying to pull her against him once more. She shook her head no, her hands becoming more forceful as she tried to evade him.

She was flipped onto her back, Lotor changing their positions. Allura cried out, and began thrashing about in an attempt to wiggle out from underneath him. He grabbed at her arms, pinning them to the mattress, Lotor staring at her, eyes bewildered. “Why?” He asked, and she went still.

“Avok…” She began, and saw his eyes narrow, an angry look in them. “You killed him….I can’t….not with his murderer…”

“Allura, you promised!” Lotor snapped, ducking his head in close to kiss her. She didn’t respond, didn’t so much as squeal or attempt to bite him, merely laying there and enduring his heated attempt at coaxing her mouth open. “Allura…” A half moan, half growl from him, Lotor raising his head.

“I’m sorry…” She whispered, waiting for the angry assault to begin, sure he would rape her now. But he surprised her with his actions, an angry shout escaping him as he rolled off her. Stunned, Allura just lay there, staring up at the bed’s canopy, not daring to move lest Lotor change his mind.

“Allura is a liar!” Lotor announced, and then was stalking away from the bed. She didn’t watch him go, flinching when she heard the bedroom door slam shut. She didn’t know what to think at his abandoning her, part of her relieved. But, and this was the part she hated to admit. There was a part of her, some small traitorous part that was disappointed they had not had sex after all.

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