Slave 028


The bed wasn’t built to comfortably seat more than one person, it’s frame creaking and groaning in protest with each of their movements but Lotor didn’t care. Right now it could come crashing down beneath him and he wouldn’t part from the girl he embraced. She was everything to him, all lightness and hope, things he had never realized he wanted, never knew he craved. But it was things he knew he could not give up, Lotor desperate to do anything to hold onto Allura.

She mirrored his desperation, but her reasons were different. She wanted to save her planet, wanted to spare them from a fate even crueler than enslavement. Allura said she’d do anything to see them saved, being far more self sacrificing than Lotor could have ever imagined anyone could be. It brought them together, united in purpose if not desire, Lotor quick to take any and everything she offered him.

She wasn’t holding back, Allura pressing against him, arching up off the bed to rub her body against his in a sensual slide. Her bare breasts caressed against his chest, nipples starting to harden from the coarse material of his uniform rubbing against them. She used her whole body to touch him, sliding a dainty foot down the back of his leg, rubbing it in place behind his knee.

Her hands were not idle, they alternated between clutching at him, and smoothing down his back, Lotor feeling her rub down the ridges of his spine. Lower they dipped, disappearing down the back of his pants, Allura palming his ass in her hands, his trousers starting to slip lower on his waist from her actions. Lotor knew he was smiling as he kissed her, enjoying the aggressive show of attention she displayed towards him.

His mouth was on hers, lips clinging together in a needy fashion, Lotor not having to force Allura to open to his tongue’s advance. She met him halfway, tongue tips touching, gliding and caressing, almost battling against each other for dominance of the kiss. She had initiated the encounter, but she quickly gave ground to him, going submissive in the kiss.

His own fingers were in her hair, gently gripping the golden strands as he controlled her head’s movements. He wouldn’t let her pull back, not even for an instant, pressing his lips harder against hers. Allura made a noise, a desperate plea for something but her tongue never faltered in it’s movements. She’d let him suffocate her in this instant, Allura growing dazed by the need to breathe.

It was only when his own need let itself be known that he pulled back, resting his forehead against hers as he stared into her eyes. They were bright with emotion, desire ridden as they stared back at him. Lotor felt his lips curving, a pleased smile on his face as he listened to her pant. His own lips caught at her bottom one, playfully nibbling on it. Allura immediately tried to kiss him again, but he tugged on her hair, guiding her neck back, the line of her throat offered up to him.

He kissed it now, feasting on the front of it, tongue washing over every available inch, Lotor cursing the collar that got in his way. Allura made a sound, and he realized she had giggled, the sound pure in it’s joy. He glanced at her, a question in his eyes, and she flushed, embarrassed.

“I thought I was supposed to be seducing you.” Allura whispered, making him grin.

“Then have at me…” Lotor offered, releasing his hold on her hair. She nodded, eyes looking determined, Lotor laughing to see the serious way she took to her task. Her hands slid up his body, one reaching the back of his neck, Allura attempting to hold him in place as she leaned towards his face. He couldn’t help himself, he kissed the corner of her mouth, hearing her let out an oh of surprise.

“Can’t stop myself.” Lotor admitted, hugging her close. She said nothing in reply, settling for kissing all over his face, teasing him by avoiding his lips. He found his own mouth puckering, greedy for hers and trying desperately to sneak kisses as she skirted nearer and nearer to his lips. When she moved to kiss his chin, he jerked his head free of her grip, lips capturing hers once more.

Allura made a protesting sound, but settled against him, her hands settling in his hair. Her fingers massaged his scalp, a luxurious touch that had Lotor sighing. His eyes flew open when she brushed the pads of her fingertips against the tips of his ears, a ghost like touch he almost thought he imagined. It was confirmed to be real when her fingers traced just behind the back of his ear, a soft touch that made Lotor bite back a moan of pleasure.

He lowered his head at the first tug of her fingers, eager to give her the access she need to his ears. She went for the right one, fingers brushing back his hair from it as her mouth caught at the shell. She gave a little tug with her mouth causing a purr to rumble out of Lotor’s throat, the prince leaning into her. He settled his arms around her waist, molding her body to his as he made himself comfortable.

Allura nuzzled her lips against his ear, and then exhaled, her breath warm against him, making a pleasurable shiver go down Lotor’s spine. Her hand was on his cheek, holding him in place as she fawned over his ear, tongue flicking out to do a hard lick of the inside. Such actions made his fingers tense on her waist, Lotor letting out a throaty command.

“Do that again!”

Again that half giggle from her, Allura whispering softly in his ear. “I never dreamed an ear could be so sensitive…”

“It’s the length….” Lotor gasped out as her lips captured hold of the pointed tip of his ear. “It makes room for extra nerves, makes them more sensitive to touches.”

“Hmmm.” Just a sound from her, a soft hum of agreement that he felt all the way from the tip of his ear down to the toes of his feet. She rolled her tongue against it, moistening it thoroughly, and then she began to exert pressure on it. Another gasp from Lotor, the man finding his cock was jerking hard in his pants in reaction to the suction of her lips.

“Lotor…?” He practically pouted when she let go of his ear, her voice sounding uncertain as she breathed against it. “You won’t let anything happen to Arus, right?”

He was silent a moment, trying to think, knowing his answer was important. A part of him wanted to say no, to prove she had no power over him, but the greater truth was she did.

“Please!” She repeated urgently, a hand sliding down the front of his chest. She had misunderstood his silence, becoming anxious against him, her hand almost desperate as it slid past his belly and towards the front of his pants. Her fingers slid under the waist band, Lotor making a strangled noise as they brushed against his manhood, Allura reaching down lower to grab hold of his cock.

“Arus…” She breathed in his ear, a second before she licked him. “Save Arus!” Again she mouthed at the pointed tip of his ear, lips sucking sweetly as she handled his erection. The combination was proving to be his undoing, Lotor hardening completely in her hand.

“I will…” He moaned out his promise, his hands on the move once more. “Arus will be spared….from the this and any future plots…” A gasp, his hands touching her breasts, distracting her with soft squeezes that made her let out a trilling sound. “This I swear…”

One more suck of her lips, and then she was kissing down the curve of his ear, quick teasing smacks that reached past his lobe and down onto the line of his jaw. He seemed to tremble against her, feeling weak like a kitten to her handling of him. Lotor knew his own touches were distracted, the man almost absentminded as he rubbed his palms over her pebbled nipples.

Her fingers were curled around his shaft, Allura doing her own squeezes, Lotor letting out encouraging sounds that made her grow bolder. Her thumb caressed over the head of his cock, spreading the fluid that leaked out of him over it’s surface. He twitched in reaction, breath sharp as he inhaled, and then he turned his face to capture her lips once more.

He could never get enough of her mouth, Lotor all but devouring her lips as he pressed her against the mattress. Her own lips were already swollen from all his kisses, leaving more to caress as his tongue licked and traced at the outline of her mouth.

She grew impatient for his tongue, her own darting out to lick playfully at his, distracting Lotor from his exploration of her lips. He responded to her touches, tongue pushing against hers in a collide of wet velvet.

Allura’s hand was stroking him now, moving up and down in sure motions that made him groan and kiss her more desperately. “Allura…” He gasped out her name, hand reaching for hers, drawing it out of his pants. He shook as her fingers did a slow reluctant slide away from his length, Allura looking confused at him. He lifted her hand to his mouth, giving the back of it a kiss. “Help me out of my clothes before we….make a mess…”

It was the closest he’d come to confessing that she nearly caused him to climax with just that simple touch, Lotor reacting to everything she did as though he was a school boy with his first crush. The confused look left her eyes, she reached for his shirt, Lotor raising his arms as Allura pulled it up and over his head. She paused to look at him, her eyes taking in the sight of his azure skin, and he saw approval in her eyes. It was a welcome change from her usual apprehension, the fear and loathing she normally exhibited.

Allura brought her face to his chest, nuzzling her cheek against his skin right over his heart. His own hand touched her hair, petting her while she listened to the accelerated beat of his heart, Lotor knowing it’s excitement was all due to her. “It’s so fast…” She whispered.

“It’s because of you.” Lotor told her, feeling her place a kiss on his flesh. “You make it…make me react this way.” She didn’t question his statement, just seeming to accept it as truth. Her hands were on the move, caressing the sides of his waist as she licked her way towards a nipple. Her teeth caught at it, doing a soft jerk on the little nub of flesh Lotor moaning even as he moved to kick off his shoes.

They thumped loudly against the floor, the sound making Allura jump. “It’s okay…” He crooned to her, hands back in her hair. She calmed immediately, doing a quick lick of his nipple, and then began tracing her tongue across his muscles. Moist kisses placed between his pecs, Allura starting an unhurried descent lower, tongue dragging over the lines of his abdomen.

Her hands were on his hips, fingers hooking over the waist band of his pants, drawing it down lower with each lick of her tongue. Lotor shifted enough to let the pants be pulled off him, Allura dropping them so they fell to the floor. Now he was as naked as she, Allura not slowing her descent, her breasts brushing against his erection. Lotor held his breath, just staring down at her as she lowered her head into his lap, her legs dangling off the edge of the bed.

“Allura….” She glanced at him, hands touching his cock, bringing it against her cheek so that she rubbed it against her face. Her soft skin felt absolutely wonderful against his hardness, Lotor letting out a pleased hiss. He was grateful she didn’t say anything back, he feared she’d spoil the mood if she uttered something as cliche as, “For Arus.”

Instead she was quiet as she turned her lips to his dick, tongue coming out to lick slowly at the tip of it. That made him hiss, Lotor arching against the pillows, his fingers stroking through her hair all the more vigorously. Allura was careful, treating his cock like it was something fragile that would break at her touch. Her tongue moved slowly, the whole of it pressed against him.

“Harder…” Lotor gasped. “You can lick me harder…’s okay…” Again that flash of blue as she looked at him, eyes showing her understanding as she pressed her tongue harder against him. He couldn’t stop himself from making noises, sounds of approval as she twirled her tongue down the side of his cock, Allura finding a bulging vein to trace.

She followed that line, and went past it, all the way down to the base of his cock, her trembling hand reaching out to steady him. She even went so far as to lick at his balls, Lotor letting out a loud moan, his eyes falling closed in pleasure. Another lick upwards, and then she set off to experimenting, Allura pausing to give tiny kisses to the underside of his dick. She’d pause and take sections into her mouth, wetting them with her lips as she nibbled lovingly on it.

It seemed to take an eternity for her to reach the top, an eternity of delightful torments, Lotor all but writhing in pleasure as Allura worked herself towards taking him inside her mouth. Just the tip, and Lotor swore he saw stars, his heart beat thumping loudly in his ears.

Allura held the tip of his cock in her mouth, tongue brushing against it’s underside as she gave an experimental suck on it. It made his toes curl, Lotor crying out her name with a hoarse shout, his fingers tightening in her hair. She repeated the move, rolling her eyes up to watch him, intent on his reactions to what she was doing. Whatever the expression on his face, it must have reassured her, Allura taking more of him into her.

She didn’t try to deep throat him, and he didn’t try to force her to, Lotor grateful for the amount of care she offered him. She continued sucking, and here Lotor tried to help her, using his hands to guided her head up and down in the bobbing motion he found so pleasing.

He luxuriated in the warm wetness of her mouth, his mind ready to compose love sonnets to her in return for this exquisite pleasure. Allura’s lips were tightly sealed around him, leaving wet rings on his shaft as she moved. She never seemed to tire, seeing to his cock with a merciless quality, Lotor feeling tension build up inside him.

“Enough…” He said, trying to pull her off him. “Enough!” He said, frowning as she continued to suck, refusing to move. “Allura, don’t…”

Confused eyes looked at him, she let him pop out of her mouth so she could whisper out her question. “Why? I thought…”

“I don’t want to finish that way…” He told her, and now she frowned.

“I thought this was about your pleasure….”

He smiled at her, drawing her up so that she faced him. “It’ll give me pleasure to give YOU pleasure.” He explained, seeing the look of surprise on her face. It increased when he flipped her over onto her back, pressing her against the pillows. His hands moved across her body, making her wiggle and gasp, Allura arching up off the bed when his fingers pinched her nipples.

He buried his face in her neck, hands busy as they stroked and caressed her. He was impatient in his movements, blood pounding in his veins as he touched her, right hand slipping down her waist to the apex of her thighs. He stroked through the curls there, finding her center, finding she was damp and ready for him. It made him chuckle, Lotor driving his fingers inside her, hearing her squeal in surprise as his fingers penetrated her.

Her legs spread even further, Allura crooning out his name, not minding the laughter that shone in his eyes as he worked his fingers in and out of her. He went so far as to crook his fingers inside her, tips pushing against a spot that left her squealing. His fingers rubbed and wiggled, Lotor staring at her face as he watched the play of emotions act out in her eyes.

When she started to tremble, her insides tightening up further, he eased his fingers out of her, leaving her wanting for more. She seemed breathless, her swollen lips pouty as she looked at him. That pout turned into an o of surprise when she felt him against her, cock rubbing between her legs, Lotor letting her moisture get on his shaft.

There was no going back now, no protests, no regrets, Lotor sliding into place, his cock probing the entrance to her body.

He ducked his head down, biting at the front of her neck the instant he thrust inside her. He felt the vibrations of her moan, Allura tightening around him, seeming to spasm in place. She shook, she trembled, his earlier ministrations having built her up to the point that she climaxed just from the feel of him penetrating her. He chuckled proud of himself, looking at Allura and her pink cheeks, feeling how her insides constricted tight around him.

For one brief instant he did not move, just staring at her, enjoying the feel of her squeezing him, and the way she quivered and moaned out her pleasure. When she seemed to come down from her high, her eyes looking clear once more, that was when he moved. She let out a shriek, his thrusts sending after shocks of pleasure coursing through her, Allura grabbing at his arms for support.

The more he thrust, the louder she seemed to get, Lotor wondering if the whole medical wing could hear them. He found he did not care, smirking as he picked up his pace, speeding up to pound desperately at her body. Her own fingers tensed, nails scratching at his arms, leaving tiny welts on his skin. An offense he would have once punished for, but now he felt proud to bear her marks, Lotor grunting out his own pleasure.

His hips surged forward, only to pull back again, the wet, slick sounds of their bodies joined together filling the room. He touched her legs, lifting one, than the other onto his shoulders, changing the angle of his penetration. It let him slide in deeper inside her, Allura crying out, seeming to do a whole body shudder as she began to climax a second time.

This time he gave in to the squeezing of her body, Lotor pushing in as deep as he could go, letting out a vicious shout as he came. The room went dark for a second, Lotor aware only of the bliss he felt, and the fireworks that seemed to ring his ears. It didn’t last long enough, he was blinking, finding Allura staring up at him, not quite smiling as she looked at him.

He reached down to touch her face, her legs still on his shoulders. She leaned into his touch, turning her face so she could kiss his fingertips. He smiled at her, slow to pull out, slow to lower her legs. They ended up on their sides, Lotor cuddling Allura close to him, the pair balanced precariously on the small bed. He was tired, his eyes drooping close, but he forced them to stay open as he studied the sleepy Allura.

As beautiful as ever, even with her face flush, and her hair damp with sweat, she lay her head on his chest, giving a contented sigh. He bent his head towards her hair, letting his lips brush a kiss on the top of her head. Lotor was too consumed with Allura and the need for sleep to notice the shadow that was on the other side of the window’s curtain.

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