Slave 031

Her world was upside down. That was the first thought that crossed Allura’s mind as she awoke with a moan. Upside down and moving, Allura frowning as she looked down at a pair of feet that were not her own. They walked with a limp, causing her body to bounce in place, the resulting jar causing her mind to become more alert. She quickly realized she was slung over the shoulder of a man, her hands tightly bound behind her back. She could feel the numbness in them, the ropes too tight, cutting off her circulation, Allura making a protesting sound.


A sharp word, spoken in Drule, the man expecting his command to be obeyed. It was not, Allura angrily snapping back in her best attempt at Drule. “Where are you taking me?!”

She was all but ignored, the man not dignifying her question with a response. She wasn’t content to be ignored, Allura starting to struggle as best she could, kicking her legs out. “Put me down!” She shouted, squirming about so vigorously the man nearly dropped her, his hands shifting on her body.

“Stay still!” snapped the man, and he slapped his hand on her rump. It wasn’t a gentle smack, the slap stinging, Allura’s cheeks reddening as she gasped in shock. She wasn’t used to being hit, and she blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

“Lotor will see you pay for this!” The man paused, hefting her up to a better position on his shoulder, his body shaking. Shaking, she realized with laughter. “What’s so funny?” She questioned, growing angry that he was laughing at her.

“You.” Came the answer, surprising her.


“Thinking the prince will care.” The man snorted. “Thinking he will come to your rescue. He won’t you know. He’s through with you.” She frowned, only half understanding everything he was saying. “He’s given you away.” Continued the man. “Tossed you aside like yesterday’s trash.”


“Allura has a new master now.” The man said, those simple words she could understand. She went stiff on his shoulder, just hanging there as she digested the news.

“I don’t believe you.” Allura said at last, shaking her head. “You’re a liar. Lotor…Lotor wouldn’t give me away.”

“Ha ha ha.” The man laughed even harder, ducking down to walk through a metal archway. Allura realized metal was all around them, making his footsteps clang loudly on the floor. It wasn’t the castle, at least not any part of it she had ever been in, well lit and with some kind of foreign insignias on the wall. “You overestimate your worth to prince Lotor.” More foreign words she could not understand, the man having to simplify them at her questioning chirp. “Allura means nothing to Lotor.”

“That….that’s not true…” She said uncertainly, the man continuing that awful laughter of his. “It’s not!” She insisted, wanting nothing more than to beat her fists against his back. “Lotor will come for me…Lotor….”

“Lotor what?” demanded the man. “Do you think he cares for you? That he loves you? You’re just another slave to him….one whose value is at an end.” She had no response, frowning as she tried to understand everything the man was implying. “Last night….it meant nothing. Lotor isn’t going to save Arus. His promise to you is worth nothing.”

She went rigid at those words, a cold chill working it’s way through her body, wondering how he could possibly know what Lotor had promised her. “No…” She whispered, hearing her captor issue a confirmation in response to her sounds. “NO!”

“It was all a lie Allura.” Ruthless words, piercing straight to her heart. “Why do you think he left you this morning, without even saying good-bye? Because he was done with you!”

His words were succeeding in making Allura have her doubts, the girl thinking back on this morning when she had first awakened. It seemed like an eternity had gone by, but really it had been just a few hours since then, Allura remembering the disappointment she felt upon discovering Lotor had left her. She had tried to reason to herself his absence, saying he couldn’t spend forever by her side, even if that is what he had supposedly been doing those last few days she was asleep.

He was a prince, and with that title came duties, duties that extended beyond caring for one little slave. Now that she was close to making a full recovery, he would go back to his life as a busy prince, and she would be fortunate for any scrap of attention he bestowed on her. She knew that, and somewhat accepted it.

Accepted it enough to get moving, getting up to change into her harem dress, hands behind her back to work the clasps of her bra close. It was then that it had happened, the door opening, heavy footsteps on the floor. She could remember the elation in her heart, thinking Lotor had returned, face almost blossoming into a smile as she spun around. It died before it could take form, Allura staring in surprise at the Drule before her.

He had been dressed in the uniform of a high ranking official, with several medals lining his chest. She looked at him in confusion, but his eyes showed that he knew her. Knew her and had something malicious planned, his lips curving upwards in a cruel smile. That smile of his had unnerved Allura, the girl pressing against her bed’s side.

Before either one of them could speak, a doctor had appeared, words tumbling out almost too fast to follow. The man had given a curt answer, saying he was on King Zarkon’s business. The doctor had tried to argue with him, saying she was still ill and needed to remain in the hospital. The Drule had turned to fix cold eyes on the doctor, asking if he dared go against the king’s orders.

With a shake of his head, the doctor said no, offering one last, helpless look at Allura. He had then left them alone, the door clicking close behind him. The Drule had turned his full attention on Allura, ordering her to come to him. She shook her head no, seeing the way his eyes lit up with anger at her refusal. He had sighed, and stalked forward, Allura pressing herself against the mattress.

He had grabbed her, fingers tightening around her upper arms, jerking her against him. His words were a contradiction, the man telling her he was here by Lotor’s command. She had frowned and pointed out that he had said Zarkon to the doctor, seeing the way the Drule’s eyes grew tight at being caught in a lie. Gruffly he had told her she was coming with him, and to be good or else. She had nodded, docile, allowing him to turn towards the door. It was then she had drawn the dagger on his hip, pressing it against his thigh.

She had meant only to threaten him, but things had turned violent fast. He went to grab at her wrist, and somehow she had stabbed him, the man giving a pained grunt at the piercing of his flesh. He reacted in an instant, backhanding her across the face, Allura falling shocked to the floor. A pained whimper from her, staring as he pulled out the dagger, seeing the arc of blood accompany that movement.

She shouldn’t have struggled any further, but she thought the other people in the med wing would help her once they were out of the private room. She had been wrong, the man rearing back with his arm, the punch to her stomach rendering her unconscious. The last thing she could remember was the pain, the way her breath was forcibly expelled from her lungs.

She realized now it was the same Drule from the hospital that carried her, his limp surely having to do with the injury she had inflicted on him. It frightened her to think she was alone with him, almost more than it did to think no one had done anything to save her from his fists.

The Drule was silent so long as she was, continuing his awkward walk forward. She could see nothing from her vantage point, Allura shaking her head, trying to force her hair out of her way. From behind them, stretching a long mile of metal hall, a small door at the end of it. It was open, but she couldn’t make out anything that appeared recognizable to her.

She moved her arms, testing the bonds on her wrists, but it was useless. Too tight with no hope of breaking free, Allura letting out a sigh of exasperation. The man suddenly bent down, Allura feeling something graze her arms, scraping across her skin. He hadn’t ducked down low enough, the top of the archway hitting the back of her arms, making her grunt in pain.

Voices from behind her, a mixture of Drule and some language she did not know. The man carrying her responded, tone harsh and impatient. Apologetic was the response, one of the newcomers begging for forgiveness.

“It’s fine….just show me the way.” He ordered, and was moving again. One of the newcomers remained behind, Allura catching sight of pink hair, a woman dressed in armor of yellow and black. It’s striped pattern reminded Allura of a bumble bee, the girl unable to keep from staring. She had never seen anyone with pink hair before, and she wondered what sort of alien this was, the woman’s face hidden behind a metallic visor that reflected her surroundings.

Allura shifted, looking around and got the shock of her life. A window was to the left of her, wide and almost as tall as the wall, showing a black back drops that was scattered with a million stars. In the distance, what had to be a planet was seen, Allura’s jaw dropping as she realized they could no longer be in the castle.

She must have made some sound, the Drule was speaking to her. “Take a good look.” He ordered. “That’s the last time you’ll be seeing Planet Doom. At least in this lifetime.”

She did as he asked, helpless to look away. She was stunned to think she was off the planet, dismayed by his words. It set her off squirming, Allura crying out wordlessly as she tried to slide free of the man’s shoulder.

“Problem?” asked the woman who was leading them deeper into what Allura assumed was a ship.

“Nothing I can’t handle.” The man assured her, slapping Allura on the rear, the pain making her go still.

“Hey now!” The woman’s protest gave Allura hope, Allura opening her mouth to plead for assistance. Before she could, the woman’s next words had her freezing. “Don’t be so rough. The Queen will not be pleased if her new toy is damaged before she can look her over.”

The Queen? Allura frowned, not understanding.

“Sorry.” The Drule was hardly repentant of his actions. “She still sometimes gets a sudden bit of fight in her. Needs a good hard smack to bring her order control.”

“I thought these slaves of Prince Lotor were better trained than that!” The woman was aghast, the man hurrying to amend his statement.

‘They are, they are! This one is just….special….”

“Special? Hmph…The Queen will be the judge of that!” Silence then, the two walking forward, Allura closing her eyes as she wondered just what her fate was to be. She wouldn’t give in to despair, refusing to let tears form in her eyes.

Footsteps echoed all around them, the further they traveled into the ship, the more people Allura saw passing them by. Plenty of pink haired women, all dressed in that strange armor, Allura realizing they were guards. It was surprising to see women as security, Allura knowing Doom had few if any women employed in their military. Who ever this ship belonged to, they did not abide by the Drule’s chauvinistic rules.

The guards barely reacted to the sight of her perched on the man’s shoulder. Indeed they didn’t even pause, walking by with only a brief glance her way. No help was coming from them, they simply did not care about her plight. It made her sigh, and go limp, eyes focused on the floor, Allura uncaring of the sights around her.

Sounds were growing louder, people talking, and a voice over the intercom system speaking in that foreign tongue. She could even hear music, faint but lively sounds, and laughter. It was different from the laughter she was used to hearing, sounding almost warm in direct contrast to the taunting quality amusement seemed to hold on Doom.

“One moment please.” The woman said, the whoosh of doors opening accompanying her words.

“Make it quick.” Grunted the man impatiently. The music had grown louder at the opening of the doors, it muted once more when they slid shut. Allura counted out the seconds in her head, growing more and more nervous as they stretched out to minutes.

Five in all, and then the door was opening, the woman having returned. “Queen Merla will see you now.” He merely grunted in reply, stepping towards the doors. Allura caught sight of their escort, a woman dressed in pale green robes, a veil across her face, another over her hair. Only her eyes were uncovered, and they were as golden as a Drule’s, hinting at the woman’s true heritage.

The metal floor was replaced with soft carpeting, exotic rugs with intricately woven patterns and designs sewn onto their surface. She turned her head, peering anxiously around the room, seeing various men and women sitting about on cushioned seating, relaxed and smiling, jovial expressions on their faces. Spread among them were serving girls, surely slaves captured from other planets, dressed in skimpy attire as they doted on the seated nobles.

A red drink flowed from the center of fountain, dribbling down it’s cone center to pour into a crystal serving bowl. All around it on the table was exotic food stuffs, delicious aromas that set Allura’s mouth watering, the girl remembering she had yet to eat this day.

Live music in the form of a string quartet set in one corner of the room, their faces smiling as they concentrated on making more of their beautiful music. Dancers, both men and women, almost naked as they moved, undulating to the beat. Their moves were sensual, mimicking things best left seen behind closed doors, Allura’s eyes growing wide as the men caught the women around their waist, thrusting and grinding their hips together.

She was still staring at the dance, when suddenly her captor stopped, his hands tightening on her legs. “A greetings, oh gracious Queen.”

“Ah Commander Donovan.” Allura whispered the name, now having a face to put to that name. “It is good to see you. We have been waiting most anxiously for your arrival.”

We? Allura frowned, wondering just who this we was.

“A pleasure as always Queen Merla.” Donovan said. “And good day to you, Prince Morwin.”

“Hello commander.” A man’s voice, his tone bored, clearly disinterested with the pleasantries. “Is that her? Is that my new slave?”

“Morwin!” The Queen gasped out his name, but laughter was in her tone. “You’ll have to forgive my son. He has been rather impatient as of late.”

“Of that I have no doubt.” Donovan said. “It is not everyday that Prince Lotor agrees to part from one of his harem slaves.”

“Indeed.” Agreed Merla. “We are most honored by this gift.”

“I want to see her.” The man said, Allura realizing it was the prince, Morwin.

“Of course.” Allura felt Donovan move her, sliding her slowly down the front of his body. For a second she stared into his face, her eyes showing their worry, and then he was spinning her around. She heard both the Queen and the prince gasp, and then she was forced onto her knees. “As you can see… beautiful as promised.”

“Hmm yes.” Merla cast a critical eye on Allura. “She is indeed lovely. Although….”

“Why is her face marred?!” demanded Morwin, staring hard at Allura.

“An accident.” Donovan said. “The bruise shall be easy enough to conceal with a little powder.” A short chuckle then. “These human girls bruise so easily as you’ll soon find out.”

“Just so long as she is not bruised elsewhere.” Morwin said, then smirked. “I would like to examine the goods before accepting this gift.”

“Of course.” Donovan said, his hands on Allura’s shoulders. “Shall we start with her hair?” Fingers were lifted into her hair, sweeping it forward. “You’ll find the finest silk cannot compare to the sheer quality of this girl’s locks….”

Allura was dragged forward before the Queen, Merla reaching out with a lazy hand to place manicured nails in Allura’s hair. “Very nice.” She said approvingly, looking Allura over as though she was property and not a human being.

“Eyes as blue as any ocean…” continued Donovan, running the back of his fingers against her cheek. “Skin as soft as rose petal…” Merla ran fingers along Allura’s face, testing Donovan’s claims. “And lips…..ah….soft, plump….and able to please a man with a mere pursing of them.”

Morwin seemed to shudder at those words, a lascivious grin on his face. Allura didn’t like the way he looked at her, the way his eyes lighted up with undisguised lust. She had more troublesome thoughts to worry about when Donovan’s fingers slid down her back, undoing the clasp of her bra. Her breasts fell free of the lace, a blush coming to her cheeks as all eyes in the room stared at her.

“See how she blushes, mother?!” Morwin laughed, seeming delighted by Allura’s reaction. “One would think she was an innocent maid, and not a tried hand at seduction!”

Allura’s lips pressed together, a thin line of disapproval at his words. They parted into an o of surprise when Donovan cupped her breasts in his hands, squeezing cruelly so that she let out a protesting squeal.

“Sensitive to the touch.” Donovan continued his sale of her, hands moving vigorously about. “See how she reacts to a mere touch?” He touched her nipples, doing hard pinches that left them aching in protest.

Morwin was staring, outright ogling her as he leaned forward in his seat, his hands trembling with excitement. Donovan moved to pluck the strings that held the skirt up on Allura’s hips, letting the silk crumple to the floor. The prince seemed to hiss in pleasure, nearly falling off his seat as he followed Donovan’s hands, watching as the man forced Allura to spread her knees.

“A man could surely find much pleasure between the legs of this slave.” Donovan said, easily holding Allura’s trembling thighs open. “Prince Lotor himself gives his seal of approval….But if you’re not convinced…” He let go of Allura, her legs snapping close in an instant. “I can always take her back.”

Allura felt no hope in those words, her stomach sinking as Morwin let out a hasty protest. “No don’t! I am convinced…I’ll take her…gladly.”

“Very well.” Donovan said, his hands reaching for Allura. He grasped her by her arms, jerking her up to her feet at the same time the prince stood. He cast an uncertain glance at the Queen, Merla giving a negligent wave of her hand.

“Go ahead Morwin. You’ve waited long enough for her.”

“Thank you mother.” Breathed Morwin, and with two quick steps covered the distance from throne to Donovan’s side. The commander kept his hold on Allura, not letting go of her until Morwin had secured his grip. His fingers caught Allura’s chin, jerking her head up so that her eyes were level with his. He stared for a moment longer, than nodded to himself, apparently pleased with the fear and uncertainty she showed him.

“Come.” He said, his hand grasping her arm tightly. “It is time I discover what true paradise is like.”

His words had the gathered court laughing, amused by their prince’s eagerness. Allura made a sound, stepping in the direction he pulled her to. It was either move or be dragged, the prince’s grip showing he would allow no hesitation on her part.

You better believe it’s to be continued!


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