Slave 032

Curtains were everywhere, a sheer gauze that hung down from the ceiling to the floor, veiling the room in an air of secrecy. Allura squinted, trying to make out her surroundings, feeling with every movement of her body the curtains brushing against her skin. It was almost as though they sought to ensnare her, curtains trying to wrap around her body as she was pulled forward by the hand on her arm.

Perfume was scented in the air, she could smell it clinging to the curtains, being released each time she felt it caress around her. It competed with the incense that was burning, a heavy smoke that lingered in the air, making her nose burn and her eyes grow heavy with tears. The Drule dragging her deeper into the room seem unaffected, both by curtains and the smoke, pausing occasionally to turn back and grin at her.

She had no smile for him, only fear, her eyes showing it all. The prince was not bothered by it, if anything he looked pleased to see it, grin widening as he pulled her up against him. She could feel the muscles under his clothing, the prince packing more than enough power to give her pause about fighting him.

Morwin continued to wear that lecherous grin, his hand going to her hair, roughly stroking fingers through it. Allura winced, but kept silent, just watching him, studying his face for signs of his intentions. From that grin, and the way his yellow eyes darkened with desire, she had a pretty good idea what he planned to do with her.

“Hmm…” He sighed, his breath hissing in her face. “Do struggle some my dear.” Her eyes showed her surprise, the prince hurrying to explain. “It’s so boring if all you do is just stand there.”

That just made her more determined to not be this evening’s entertainment, Allura holding herself as still as a statue. She saw his eyes narrow, the prince angry with her show of stubbornness. “I said move!” He snapped, and shook her, his hands hurting hard enough for her to cry out. She reacted on instinct, Allura trying to pull away from him, to get away from the pain he was causing her.

“Better.” He said, his eyes staring at her exposed chest, and the way her breasts jiggled as she squirmed. Thrashing about, she was pulled tight against him, her whole body fighting, feeling every line, every muscle of his. She even felt his erection, her eyes growing horrified as the bulge dug into her hip.

Morwin gave an excited laugh, and moved against her, a slight grinding motion that had his bulge increasing in size. He moaned into her ear, and then he was pulling her once more, leading her deeper into the room. Allura cast her eyes about, desperate for an escape but except for the door they had entered through, there was no other exits.

The room itself seemed to curve in on itself, round with pillows spread all over the floor, it’s carpeting ankle deep and soft. A mattress lay in the center of the room, neatly made, and one of the only pieces of furniture to be found. A well stocked bar was pushed to the right of it, a multitude of colorful bottles covering it’s surface. There was even a small table set up with covered dishes, a buffet of some kind should the occupants of this room grow hungry for something beyond the pleasures of each other’s flesh.

Items hung on the wall, phallic shaped devices, handcuffs, and whips. Allura didn’t know what she was more disturbed by, the whips or those oddly shaped devices. She was still staring when the prince propelled her forward, Allura tripping over the cushions at her feet. She ended up planting face first on the mattress, grateful it’s softness cushioned her body from injury.

The gratitude faded away the instant she felt Morwin on top of her. the prince letting out an excited laugh as his hands roamed her body. She cried out in disgust as his hands found her breasts, his handling of her sloppy and forceful. She felt no arousal at his touch, only pain and revulsion, Allura bucking back against him, her rear planting itself against his groin. That was a mistake, he merely moaned, wiggling against her so she felt every inch of him, hard and ready for her.

“I haven’t felt this excited in ages.” He whispered in her ear, a laugh accompanying his words. His teeth caught the lobe of her ear, biting down on that sensitive bit of flesh. It made her shudder, Morwin practically purring in response to her trembles.

Another gyration of his hips, and then he was rolling off her, leaving Allura confused. She risked pushing herself up on her knees, seeing Morwin watching her lazily, his head propped up on one hand. She stared back at him uncertainly, her mind seeking to focus on something, anything other than the loathsome look in his eyes.

She picked out the details of his appearance, noting he appeared older than Lotor, with the briefest hint of wrinkles around his eyes. Smile lines were etched into his face, deep groves around his mouth. His lips were a darker stain of blue, almost too dark to look right against his paler colored skin. His close cropped hair was the most shocking of all, a bright pink color that matched the Queen’s, a shade that was magenta hued at best.

Morwin continued to smile at her, reaching out with his hand to snag one of her curls, fingers pulling teasingly on that golden strand. Allura couldn’t stand for even an innocent touch by this man, the girl jerking back so violently she nearly fell over in the process. Her struggles to right herself amused the prince, he let out loud laughter, body shaking with mirth.

“You’ll have to get used to me touching you soon enough little one.” He crooned to her, placing his hand on her knee. Allura could have sworn her skin crawled at the touch of his clammy palm, feeling goose bumps break out on her skin. “After all, you and I are going to be very….close.”

“I doubt that very much.” Allura said, giving a shake of her head. He was hardly put off by her denial, fingers moving to caress up her leg.

“Oh but we are.” He was quick to assure her, still wearing that creepy smile. “You’re going to be my favorite after all.”

“You’re favorite?” She was hardly pleased by the news, tearing her eyes away from his smile to watch his fingers creep higher on her leg. She felt movement from Morwin, the prince nodding his head, his fingers going to press against the inside of her thigh.

“Oh yes. My special, special little slave.” He told her, breath seeming to catch as he neared the crease where her leg attached itself to her body. His proximity to her exposed center had her shifting, breath coming a little faster as Allura tried to move away. Morwin noticed, hand pausing in place, just resting his fingers in that spot. It was agonizing to have his touch so close, Allura fearing that at any second he’d complete the move and touch her. She didn’t think she could stand to be touched in so intimate a place by him, Allura trying to inch away from his hand.

“I’ve waited for you for a long time….” Morwin continued, sitting up now. His eyes were half lidded as he stared at her, he seemed to expect some kind of reaction from her.

“Waited for me?” Allura asked, confused.

“Yes. Days and days….weeks….it feels like years…” Morwin said. “I was beginning to give up hope that Lotor would ever give up one of his precious, precious harem slaves. I offered him so much, money, jewels, a half a dozen women to replace the one taken from him. He always turned me down.” To her relief he moved his hand, placing it on her hip instead. He seemed to pull on her body, dragging her across the bed so she was kneeling before him. “Always said no, always so stubborn in holding onto all the jewels in his harem.”

Allura said nothing, just stared at him, wondering what could have changed for Lotor to ever consider handing her over to this desperate man. “You can’t imagine my surprise, the pleasure I felt when King Zarkon told me his son had deigned to grant me my fondest desire.” Both hands on her body now, slowly traveling up her sides, Allura trying not to make a sound at his touches.

“And to find one so beautiful presented to me….so fresh faced and young…” Those hands of his had reached her breasts, the man sliding his hands around them, trying to hold them in his hands. He couldn’t, she simply had too large a chest, his fingers grasping and squeezing at what he could cover. “I expected a tired old maid, some jaded harpy Lotor had grown tired with.”

Another laugh from Morwin, his eyes transfixed by her chest, and the way her breasts jiggled when he released his grip on them. “I don’t know why fortune has smiled on me, but I cannot wait to show you off to all my friends.” A pull on her arm, drawing her near so he could whisper silkily in her ear. “You’re going to make me the envy of all the courts. But more than that, you’re going to make me very, very happy.”

“I doubt that very much.” Allura said, trying to pull away. “You’re setting yourself up for disappointment if you place your happiness on the shoulders of another.” Her words came out a mixture of Drule and Arusian, Allura unable to convey her full meaning to the man.

He frowned at her, shifting back to look her in the eyes. A quizzical expression was on his face, but then it calmed, the man giving a shrug. “I guess it doesn’t matter if I understand you. Your voice is pleasant enough, and as long as you know enough Drule to respond to my commands, we won’t have a problem.”

She just stared at him, Morwin’s attention drifting from her face to her body again. “You are a wonder to behold, my precious slave. Truly Lotor is a fool to part with a gem like you. Generous, but a fool all the same.”

“For once we are in agreement.” Allura muttered under her breath, stiffening as Morwin’s arms slipped around her. He jerked her against him, hugging her tightly, his nose buried in her hair. He did an exaggerated sniff of it, sighing happily at her scent.

His hand touched down the back of her hair, stroking past the ends and onto her back. His fingers felt cold, sending icy chills down her spine, Allura unable to keep from trembling in his embrace. “I delight in your reactions…” Morwin told her, rubbing his hands along her skin. “So different from the typical slave….so seductive in your innocent facade.”

She was surprised when he touched her wrists, using his nails to undo the cord that kept her hands bound together. Relief was immediate, Allura grateful for the tight ropes to be removed. Not grateful enough to suffer one more minute in Morwin’s arms, the princess bringing her hands forward to shove him away from her.

He moved easily enough, falling back on the bed with a laugh. Allura scooted backwards, right hand touching her left wrist, trying to rub some life back into it. “You laugh too much.” She told him, still frowning. It unsettled her, putting her on edge, as did the heated looks he sent her way.

“I have a lot to be happy about.” Morwin told her, and then pushed up on elbows. “Come…won’t you share a drink with me?”

She hesitated just a minute, and then was nodding. “All right.” Anything to distract him from putting the bed to his perverted use, Allura watching as the man stood up. He fiddled with the cuffs of his shirt’s sleeves as he walked, unbuttoning them so that the material loosened around his wrists. Humming a merry tune, he reached the bar, and selected a green bottle, pouring a thick purple liquid into glass goblets.

“Here….a rare treat from Zaloria…” He handed her the glass, Allura taking it carefully from him. “It’s not everyday a slave gets to taste wine, let alone one that is so expensive…”

She tried not to make a face at the taste, finding it was bitter and thick like molasses, all but burning as it went down her throat. She actually started to choke, Morwin pounding a concerned fist on her back. “It takes some getting used too, but in time you’ll be gulping it down like it was water.”

Allura said nothing, setting the glass down on the floor, not eager for another taste. The prince downed his cup in one gulp, purple liquid spilling down the sides of his face. “Care to help clean me up?”

“I have no towel.” Allura pointed out, seeing him grin, his teeth stained purple by the wine.

“You can use your tongue.” He chuckled at the horrified expression on her face, the sound ending in a sigh. “Does the thought displease you so?” She nodded quickly, Morwin putting on a playful pout. “I know I am not as….pretty a prince as Lotor, but I hardly think my suggestion merits such a look.”

“It doesn’t have anything to do with looks.” Allura told him. She almost told him it was because she didn’t like him, but wisely decided to hold her tongue.

“Then come here…” He gave her no room to disagree, snagging her wrist. She was pulled forward, mattress shaking as he positioned her on his knee, hands on her hips, holding her close. “Now….let me get a taste of that tongue of yours…”

He leaned in, and she got a whiff of his breath, foul and tainted by the Zalorian wine, Allura trying not to gag from the smell. He seemed not to notice her reaction, eyes intent on her mouth, lips puckered as he aimed for a kiss.

“Ah…..let me refill your wine glass!” Allura said in a burst of inspiration, turning her face to the side. His lips landed on her cheek, smearing wine and saliva on her skin, Allura fighting not to show her revulsion. She struggled to stand up, but he was holding onto her, enjoying her attempts to flee.

“I think the wine can wait….” Morwin breathed out his words, they hung heavy in the air as he nuzzled his face against her hair. “I want to be clear headed for this….for you…”

Allura let out a yelp, finding he had let go of her, the girl tumbling to the floor. It left her stunned, surprised that he had released her so suddenly. She went to sit up, and his hands landed on her shoulders, pulling her forward so that she crouched before him on her knees. Morwin smiled, approval in his eyes. “You look good on your knees…I thought that the first time I saw you…”

His hand cupped her chin, thumb extending to brush against her bottom lip. “What was it the Commander said? Lips guaranteed to bring a man pleasure with a mere puckering of them? That I can believe.” A husky laugh, Allura’s cheeks turning red to hear it.

One last graze of her lip and then his hand shifted to the back of her hair. His fingers tightened, holding her in place, the prince staring at her with desire ridden eyes. “I think a sampling of that is called for…” Her eyes widened at his words, growing impossibly huge as his other hand reached for his belt.

“N….no!” Allura protested, trying to jerk her hair free of his grasp. She didn’t care if he tore her hair out by the roots, she just wanted to be free.

“Do remember my dear, that protests can grow tiresome if uttered one time too many.” He had succeeded in unbuckling his belt, and now was easing down his zipper. Allura fought against his hand, being drawn towards his crotch, the man pulling out his erection. It wasn’t as thick as Prince Lotor’s, lacking the sheer girth the prince possessed. But it was still large, Morwin proud as he revealed himself to her.

“Do you like?” He asked, then laughed. “Of course you do. I can tell by the look in your eyes.”

Allura wondered what look he saw to mistake her fear and loathing as approval, the girl giving tiny jerks of her head. Morwin pushed on her head, forcing her to go nose to cock, the girl going cross eyed as she stared at his manhood.

“Oh do hurry…” Morwin all but begged her, rubbing the tip of his cock against her cheek. She made a cry of revulsion, the sound escaping through sealed lips. “I need to feel your lips wrapped around me now….”

“Let….let go of me…” Allura began, and the instant her mouth opened he shoved his cock past her lips. She squealed as he moaned, a loud cry of pleasure as he tried to push deeper into her mouth. Allura saw red, her freed hands rising to hit at his legs, trying to beat him off. They had no effect, the man reaching to gather up her wrists in a one handed grip, leaving her with no choice but to retaliate.

Allura did the only thing she could do in this instant. She bit down with all her might, teeth sinking into the cock in her mouth. Morwin screamed, letting go of her wrists, Allura feeling what had to be blood in her mouth. The metallic taste sickened her, as did the man’s screams, his pain vocal as he let loose with a fist, cuffing her on the side of her head.

Stunned, and seeing stars, Allura released her hold on his length, feeling Morwin pull out of her mouth. But not before her teeth scraped one last time across his skin, his dick rapidly going soft from her vicious treatment of him.

Morwin was half hysterical, glancing downwards to assess the damage. He stroked and cuddled his cock, whispering nonsensical words as he moaned in pain. Allura lay at his feet, trying to shake off the effects of his punch, pushing herself shakily to sit up. Her movement caught Morwin’s attention, the prince recovering enough to hiss at her hatefully.

“YOU!!” He let go of his cock, leaving it to swing between his legs as he grabbed at her hair, wrenching her neck backwards. She stared up at him defiantly, and he raised his hand, ready to strike her again.

“You’ll never be my master!” She said, fearful this might be the last thing she ever said. Allura closed her eyes, ready to accept the blow, to accept death if that was her fate. But the punch never landed, instead she felt the pain of her hair being yanked, Allura being dragged to a half standing, half crouching position.

“You’ll pay for that!” Morwin snarled, dragging her away from the bed. “But not with your life….not when there is so much worse things I can do to you! DWARFLINGS!”

At his shout, the door to the room opened, music being heard from the adjoining room. The women warriors dressed in their yellow and black armor ran in, guns in their hands. They paused to see their prince disheveled and enraged, and the screaming slave who pulled and fought against the grip in her hair.

“Just what is going on in here?” A female’s voice, regal and concerned. Allura managed to see through the pain to catch sight of Merla surrounded by guards, dressed in form fitting purple robes that flowed to the floor.

“Mother.” Morwin threw Allura down onto the floor, a foot landing in her back. He seemed not to care that he was exposed before his mother and the guards, gesturing dramatically with his hand. “The bitch bit me!”

“Bit you?” Merla was turning, an accusation in her eyes. “Donovan, I thought you said this slave was tame?”

“Tame as can be, but absolutely loyal to Prince Lotor.” Donovan offered up. “It’ll take some getting used to before she comes to accept her new master…Perhaps if we beat her….”

“Beat her? Yes!” Morwin gave an excited laugh, his foot pressing down harder on Allura’s back. “I’ll break her for what she did to me…Make her submit before me…”

“All right Morwin, it’s your decision to make. But do try to be careful.” Merla said, sounding bored of the whole proceedings. “This is a rare treat, one that won’t be repeated. If you damage this slave, you’ll just have to make do with the remains.”

“I’ll be careful mother…” promised Morwin, and now his foot left Allura’s back. She cautiously looked up, but saw there was no chance for escape, the door packed with people, including concerned onlookers from the other room. “I’ll only hurt her ten times as much as she hurt me.”

Allura wondered if now would be a good time to say she was sorry, wondering if anything could stop the oncoming abuse. And yet she kept quiet, even when the Dwarflings approached her, two of the women hauling her up by her arms and dragging her over to the wall. She noticed things she had not seen before, seeing the chains that hung against the padded wall, saw the rust color stains of blood from times past.

Her wrists were quickly enveloped by manacles, leaving her to hang against the wall, back exposed to the room. She began to struggle, trying to pull her arms free but the chains held fast. “I’m going to enjoy this.” Morwin’s whisper in her ear, his fingers touching her back. She shivered at the promise in his words, tensing up as his hands left her body.

She almost missed the sound of the whip cracking, feeling it an instant later when the leather smacked across her back. She bit her lip, Allura trying to stifle her cries, though it came out a pitiful whimper. The next time she was prepared, hearing the crack, feeling the lash across her lower back, splitting her skin open. She screamed, her body pushing forward to slam against the padding.

Again the whip made that awful, hated sound, a second’s warning before Morwin slashed across her right shoulder. Allura’s arms tensed, the chains tightened as she pulled, trying to leap away from the whip. Morwin laughed, taunting her with his words. “Not so proud now are you slave?!”

She didn’t answer him, at least not with words, screaming again and again as the whip mercilessly came down to strike at her over and over. It left her panting, breath sounding harsh in her ears, Morwin sounding just as out of breath. He paused a beat, the whip silent, Allura daring not to hope the worse was over. She was right not to, the whip cracked again, lashing across her rear, Allura shrieking as loudly as she could. A desperate prayer whispered across her mind, Allura wishing she could pass out from the pain and escape the nightmare she had been thrust into.

~OH Lotor.~ She thought, the first of her tears escaping her eyes. ~Why have you forsaken me?!~ She had no answer, only her screams, only the pain as the whip ripped into her back, her blood splattering onto the floor.

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