Slave 034


It was more a tunnel than a ramp, metal stretching forward for several feet. It covered not just the floor, but the ceilings and the walls, a slick gray expanse that was smooth and airtight, oxygen being piped into the chute. Doom insignias were painted on the walls, the grinning skull and cross bones placed at intervals of every two feet. Their malevolent red eyes seemed to stare, watching as the boarding party from Lotor’s ship began their run down the ramp.

Lotor followed them, a hurried pace that had him practically tripping over their heels, his shadow falling on the backs of the soldiers in the rear. He had his sword in his right hand, and his left clutched a small blaster, the prince’s finger on the trigger. It was set to kill, charger at full energy, a sleek and efficient weapon of death. Lotor had sneered at the weapon when the General had handed it to him, the prince preferring to get up close and personal during his battles. But even Lotor was forced to concede the point that a sword would be of little use in a laser battle.

For now Lotor would bide his time, using whatever means was at his disposal to fight his way to Allura’s side. He couldn’t wait to get a chance to inflict some damage, the prince’s black mood made even fouler by the Queen’s representative refusing to hand over Allura. Lotor was sincerely hoping he would run into that soldier, wanting to deliver a message personally to her.

Behind him, clutching a medium sized shoulder cannon was Cossack, the leather straps slid across his shoulder and down to his hip. He had a a smaller gun on his belt, but Cossack believed in the adage bigger was better, preferring to have as much fire power as possible at his disposal.

“Are you sure about this?” Cossack asked, voice nervous as they hurried down the tunnel. “We can still go back. We haven’t technically set foot on the Queen’s ship.”

“Cossack, were you always this much of a coward?” Lotor asked, watching as the first of his men reached the sealed doors that would lead them onto Merla’s ship.

“It’s not cowardice sire. I’m being practical!'” protested Cossack. “This is going to cause a lot of trouble for all parties involved. I just know it.”

“We are moving ahead with the mission.” Lotor snapped, turning to glare at Cossack. “If you have a problem with my orders, then you can go and wait back on the ship.”

“No need for that sire. Just trying to be the voice of reason.” Cossack said, a little too brightly.

“Where were you when my father concocted this hare brained scheme of his?” Lotor wondered out loud.


“It was a rhetorical question!” Lotor said in response to Cossack’s stuttering. The men had all reached the door, crowding in close to it, going down on their knees, laser blasters held up and glowing as they took aim at the door. Lotor followed their example, going down on one knee, his blaster pointed at the door. Cossack let out a deep sigh, and went down as well, hefting the cannon onto his shoulder.

Only one guard remained standing, pressed to the side of the door as his hand hovered over the control panel. He glanced at Lotor, the prince giving a silent command with the nod of his head. The soldier nodded in return, fingers flying over the control panel, inputting the code to open the door. A hum was heard, the doors shaking as they slowly began to part.

Through the widening crack in the doors, Lotor could see the yellow and black clad warriors of Merla, the female soldiers standing, weapons in hand. They began shooting through the crack of the doors, the laser blasts being lobbed over the head of Lotor’s men.

“Return fire!” called Cossack, taking aim. His command was a waste of breath, Lotor’s men efficient as they began shooting at the women, their energy blasts taking them out at the knees, the warriors dropping to the floor one by one, with high pitched screams.

The women to the side, and behind the first to fall quickly recuperated, retreating to hide behind walls and objects, their guns coming around the corner to fire at Lotor’s men. Losses were had on Lotor’s side, men letting out their dying screams as their brethren were quick to return fire and take out their killers.

Cossack let out a wild yell, firing his shoulder cannon, a large black ball torpedoing into Merla’s ship. A woman screamed out a warning, “Incoming!” The soldiers diving for cover as the ball exploded, a thick cloud of smoke filling that area of the ship, some of the smoke spilling trails into the ramp Lotor’s men occupied. Coughing could be heard, and the frantic shouts of the women, aimless laser fire emerging from the direction of the smoke.

The soldiers of Doom reached up to their helmets, turning a knob. Their visors lowered, infrared vision switching on, enabling them to make out the bodies of Merla’s warriors even through the thick smoke. They stood and began stalking onto the ship, their footsteps echoing ominously. One by one they picked off the blinded women, quickly striking vital points on their body, their armor doing little to stand up to the heavy fire.

“Keep pressing forward!” Lotor commanded, shooting off a blast that had a woman’s visor splintering into a dozen pieces. The plastic shards got into her eyes, making her scream, Lotor following up that shot with another, this time piercing the center of her forehead. She didn’t even gasp, just falling backward to slam into the floor, smoke pouring out of the hole in her head.

Bodies were everywhere, Lotor stepping over them carefully, avoiding the spill of blood as he moved. Cossack was behind him, reloading his cannon, the man breathing heavily in excitement.

“Been a while since you’ve been in among the action, eh Commander?” Lotor teased, a laugh not quite escaping him.

“Yes, sire.” Cossack agreed. “Guarding you and the harem may keep me busy, but it pales in comparison to an actual battlefield.” He didn’t sound exactly thrilled, Lotor wondering if Cossack wished he had been left behind on planet Doom.

“Hmm yes. Well, keep your eyes open, things are about to get more hectic.” Lotor said, watching as the general knelt down over a body, his hands pulling a communicator device off her belt. His finger pressed a button, voices coming out over the air waves, demanding a status report, others being advised to rush to the Queen’s side to protect her.

“Let’s keep moving.” Lotor said, and strode forward, his men hurrying to surround him. He passed by a window, catching sight of the space battle going on outside, the Elite’s remaining fighters defending against Lotor’s star cutters. The explosions of laser fire lit up the sky, flickering like lightning inside the hall of the Elite. Lotor let out a grunt, and kept moving and soon they came on the next advance of guards.

“Take one alive if you can!” Lotor shouted, aiming his blaster at a woman. His aim was true, striking to the heart. The gun may not be Lotor’s preferred weapon, but he had spent countless hours working on his marksmanship skills for just such an occasion.

“Your highness, look out!” Cossack slammed into Lotor, knocking the prince to the floor. A cry of pain accompanied the commander’s words, Lotor glancing up to see Cossack clutching at his left shoulder, his uniform growing damp with blood.

“Just a surface wound sir.” Cossack said through gritted teeth, and Lotor nodded.

“I won’t forget this.” He said, and then took aim at the warrior who had succeeding in wounded the commander. He was methodical in his firing, taking out her knees, then firing at her hands, causing her to drop her weapon. She was left screeching in pain, tears of agony on her face.

“I believe we have our target.” Lotor shouted, following up his words with a cold command. “Kill the rest.” He turned to look at Cossack, the man leaning against the wall, leaving a smear of blood on it’s surface. His good hand was fumbling with his belt, trying to open a pack and retrieve his first aid kit. “Allow me.” Lotor said, reaching over to pull out the gauze.

“Thank you Prince Lotor.” Cossack said, slumping down to his knees. Lotor knelt beside him, and began wrapping the wound with gauze, making it tight so as to stop the bleeding. It was a temporary measure at best, Cossack would need to see a doctor and soon if he wanted to keep use of that arm.

“Least I can do.” Lotor said gruffly, tying off the gauze. “It would have been me on the floor if not for you. You’ve earned yourself a new medal Commander.”

“A medal?” Cossack tried to grin, giving a shaky laugh. “I’d rather get a cash bonus.”

“Name it and it’s yours.” Lotor said simply, rising to stand.

“Gee…” Cossack was amazed, taking Lotor’s hand, the prince pulling the commander to his feet.

“Now let’s go interrogate the prisoner.” Lotor said, and walked over to the still hysterical woman. She was lying on the floor, rolling around in pain, and Lotor went to stand over, staring coldly down at her. “Where is the slave?!”

“AH!” The woman cried out in response, ignoring him.

Lotor sighed, and rolled his eyes. “I’ll ask you again. The slave, the one brought here under King Zarkon’s orders. Where is she?!”

“I’ll not tell you!” The woman managed to moan out between her pained crying. “I’ll not betray my Queen!”

“Such loyalty will get you nowhere.” Lotor said, and nodded at Cossack. “You see that man? He’s the one you shot. If you don’t start speaking in the next twenty seconds, I am going to leave you alone with him. And trust me when I say the commander will not be showing you any mercy.”

She seemed to look at Cossack, cringing back as he revealed a toothy grin at her. “No….no…” She shook her head. “I can’t…the Queen…”

“The Queen may kill you for revealing information, but trust me when I say Cossack will most assuredly do the same if you do not speak up.” Lotor said, watching as Cossack knelt down by the woman’s head, pulling her off helmet. A pretty face was revealed, the Drule female lovely even with the pain wracking her features. Cossack’s grin turned lecherous, and he ran a finger down the side of her face, gathering up the sweat beading on her skin. She seemed to stare horrified as he slowly brought that finger to his mouth, tasting her sweat.

“Well? Time’s wasting.” Lotor said, gesturing impatiently with his sword.

“Ah….ah…she’s with Prince Morwin and the Queen!” The woman said, shaking as the words spilled out of her.

“Where?! Where are they?!” demanded Lotor.

“In the pleasure room… the back of the entertainment deck.” She gasped out the details, jerking her head away when Cossack reached out to touch her hair. “Just keep following this hall about fifty more feet, and the first door you see will be the room.”

“Thank you. You’ve been very informative.” Lotor stepped over her, not even looking back as he spoke to Cossack. “Commander, it’s your call.”

“Much as I would love to play with you…” regret was in Cossack’s voice, the man bringing his blaster to trace the barrel down between the woman’s breasts. “I have my duty to the prince to uphold first.” He pulled the trigger, putting the woman out of her misery with a sigh. “Such a shame.”

Lotor heard the sound of footsteps, Cossack hurrying to reach his side, the shoulder cannon left behind in favor of the easier to manage hand blaster. Lotor gave a curt nod in his direction, face tight with tension as they all but ran down the hall. He didn’t like the sound of this pleasure room, a jealous rage starting to work through him at the thought of Morwin touching Allura in any sort of manner. He wasn’t sure what he’d do if he came across the man in the midst of having sex with the girl, but he knew it would be violent, and leave a mess.

The hall curved inwards, and a third group of the yellow and black armored warriors appeared, engaging in another laser fight with Lotor and his men. The prince snarled, firing off round after round, his impatience eating away at him. Every second wasted meant more time for Morwin to be alone with Allura. For him to touch and kiss her, for him to fuck her. That last thought had Lotor howling, finger pulling the trigger of his weapon like crazy.

The blasts from the female soldiers came close to hitting him, Lotor remembering to use his sword, the lazon an effective shield against the laser. He used it to deflect the blasts, lasers ricocheting off it and onto the walls, sometimes being returned to the originator of the blasts.

Losses occurred among Lotor’s men, their bodies joining the women’s on the floor of the Elite, but little by little, Lotor and his remaining soldiers managed to destroy this third group of soldiers.

“Check you ammunition men.” The General shouted, the soldiers all posing to replace the energy cartridges on their guns. Lotor popped the cartridge off his gun, hearing it click loudly on the floor. He reached into his belt, pulling out a fresh charger, and snapped it onto place on his weapon. And thus renewed, they pressed forward once more, cautious but moving swiftly.

One soldier was counting out the feet they had traveled, a reader in his hand. “Forty-seven…..forty-eight…..forty nine….” The hall curved, another turn and when they moved around it he shouted. “Fifty!”

There was two soldiers standing in front of the door, their mouths dropping open in shock. Apparently Lotor and his men hadn’t been expected, the women moving in slow motion to draw their weapons. Lotor let out a shout, running forward, sword arm swinging as the lazon blade sliced through the barrel of the one soldier’s gun, rendering her weapon useless.

He then spun on his heels, delivering a hard knee to the other woman’s stomach, knocking the wind out of her and the weapon out of her hand. His right arm stabbed back, elbowing the first woman in the face, Lotor stabbing the hunched over woman through the back. Before he could turn and finish off the first woman, a blast was fired, Cossack taking her out with his gun.

Lotor turned and looked at the man, the commander shrugging. “Can’t let you have ALL the fun.” Lotor snorted, and then gestured for his men to open the door, a laser torch being brought forward to sear the lock in half. Yellow and orange sparks drifted down onto the floor, a shower of them as the door’s locking mechanism was dismantled.

The door was then forced open, screams being heard from the other side. Lotor smirked as his men burst into the room, doing a quick look around. Servants and slaves were huddled in the corner, women clutching at each other, wide eyed and frightened. There was a few men spread out across the floor, almost naked, with their lithe dancer frames, lacking the muscle to pose a threat to the Drules.

Still Lotor’s men quickly rounded up the people, forcing them into a group against one wall. Weapons were trained on them, three of the soldiers remaining behind to watch over the prisoners. Lotor barely paid any attention to them, he was being drawn towards a partially open door, hearing the sound of leather cracking.

Cossack hurried in front of him, pushing open the door, ready to shield Lotor’s body with his own. The commander made a sound, and froze, blocking Lotor from entering the room.

“Cossack, what is it?!” Lotor demanded sharply.

“Uh….you do not want to know.” Cossack said, even as voices murmured, some sounding outraged, a woman shouting above all others for silence.

“Yes, I do, now let me past.” Lotor ordered, but the commander refused to move.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea….” opinioned Cossack, and Lotor growled.

“MOVE!” He gave a hard shove, Cossack being pushed further into the room. The man still tried to turn, to block Lotor from entering, the prince very close to stabbing one of his own men in order to get into the room.

“Prince Lotor, what is the meaning of this?!” demanded a woman with bright pink hair that was wound back in a thick braid. She wore a silver crown, along with a multitude of bracelets on her sleeve encased wrists.

Lotor glanced at her briefly, identifying her as Queen Merla, but then the cracked leather noise sounded again. He turned, even as Cossack whispered out an uh oh, Lotor’s eyes seeing Prince Morwin standing there, arm raised, a slicked up whip in his fist. Slicked up with blood, Lotor realized, the prince watching as the whip slowly fell down once more.

Directly onto a backside he’d recognize anywhere, even with it’s injuries, the blood and cuts changing the very shape of that once flawless skin. For a brief instant Lotor closed his eyes, trying to block out the sound of the whip, trying to tell himself he imagined seeing it strike the girl. But at the pained whimper from a half conscious Allura, Lotor’s vision turned red, and with a scream of absolute fury he took off running, dropping his blaster so he could grip his sword with both hands. Morwin would pay, Lotor would see to it personally, consequence be damned.

I feel like adding a disclaimer, no Drules were harmed in the making of this fic! XD

To Be Continued!


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