Slave 040

He wasn’t sure what roused him from his sleep, Lotor’s eye opening as he looked blearily around the room. He saw by the chrono meter that it was late morning, the time ticking onwards to approaching the mid day. It was no surprise to him that he had slept in after the exhausting events of the previous day, Lotor glad his day was his, free to do what he wanted, when he wanted.

With a sigh he settled back against his pillow, his fingers almost absentminded as they played with the hair of the girl lying snuggled up next to him. His eyes were almost closed when he heard it, a soft sound of distress. Allura was making noise, her voice upset, protesting things in her native language.

“Allura?” Lotor said her name loudly, trying to wake her. She just lay there, mumbling in her sleep, her expression fitful as she trembled. “Allura, wake up. You’re having a nightmare.” He reached with his hand to take hold of her, giving her a soft shake that had her gasping. She tried to sit up and leap away from him, but he held on to her, drawing her back down against him.

“It’s okay.” Lotor said, seeing her blue eyes were frightened. “You’re safe now. It was just a dream.”

“A dream?” She repeated the word, licking her lips. At his nod, she seemed to sigh, wilting against him. “It seemed so real….”

“Dreams have a way of doing that.” Lotor told her. She said nothing in response to that, just laying quiet against him. He didn’t pry, sure he knew what her dreams were about. It was only natural she have nightmares after her ordeal, Lotor fighting not to tense. He felt helpless to protect her from the terrors her own mind offered her, Lotor damning both Morwin and his father for inflicting new horrors into her subconscious.

Allura moved, touching his hand with her small one. Her fingers rain across the blood stained surface, the red having dried to the point of being a crusty looking brown. She studied it, fingers tracing carefully over the lines of his palm.

“What are you thinking?” Lotor asked her, and a flurry of Arusian words came out of her. She then hesitated, trying to think of how to put it in Drule, eyes still on his hand.

“That I am glad….” She began slowly. “Glad he is dead. Glad that this is his blood on your hands.” She sounded so small, so uncertain when she asked her next question. “Does that make me a bad person?”

“No, Allura.” Lotor shook his head, his fingers moving to lace together with hers. “It just means you’re an honest person. Few people if any would feel differently after what he did to you.” He wondered if his words reassured her, Lotor lifting her hand to his face to place a small kiss against the back of it. She turned her head to look up at him, blinking blue eyes at him.

“Here…” He sat up, his hand reaching into his pant’s pocket. “It’s probably time for another dose.” He brought out the bottle of Haggar’s pills, shaking out two more tablets which Allura took from him. A glass of water from the pitcher on his night stand helped her to swallow them down, Allura drinking thristily of the water.

“Do they help?” He asked, and she nodded.

“Oh yes. The pain is greatly lessened.” That made him smile, relieved, Lotor taking the empty glass from her and setting it down. Allura shifted on the bed, moving to inch off it when he reached out to snag her by the waist.

“Where are you going?”

“I think….a wash is needed.” She said, and looked away embarrassed. “I’m dirty…”

“No more than I.” Lotor responded, knowing his hands weren’t the only part of him with blood on them. “Come Allura…” He let go of her long enough to leave the bed, Lotor coming around to her side of the mattress. “Let’s go get cleaned up.”

Before she could protest he was lifting her, Allura making a sound and grabbing at him for support. He smiled at her clinginess, stepping quickly towards his private bathroom. He passed by a mirror, seeing the red flakes on his face, his neck covered with a good portion of dried blood as well. Even his hair had some colored streaks in them, Lotor wondering what kind of sight he made to Allura.

Inside the roomy bathroom, he set her down on a bath stool, helping to remove his uniform’s top from her body. He threw it towards the trash receptacle, figuring it a loss due to the blood that had dried into the very fibers of the uniform. The removal of the top left Allura clad only in her gauze bandages, the white material tied around her like a corset for the body. He reached for the tied off ends, nails tearing through the material, and began helping her to peal off the bandages.

Bit by bit her body was revealed to him, Lotor’s hands skirting down lower and lower. Bit by bit her wounds stared back at him, mocking him over how late he had been to rescue her. He tensed, fingers hovering over the stitched up gash on her shoulder blade, angry that she suffered for his mistakes.

The gauze came down, Lotor working to unwind the remaining bandages from her thighs, his hands doing a soft touch on her skin. She seemed to shiver at that light touch, Lotor’s fingers lingering on the inside of her thigh. A glance at her face showed her watching him anxiously, Allura biting her lip as though trying to keep silent. His reaction was abrupt, hands leaving her to stand and turn from her.

Without looking at her, he tossed away the gauze, and then reached for the zipper on his pants. Pulling it down, he kicked off his shoes, then wrenched his pants off all the way. He padded naked to the bathtub, turning on the water. He fiddled with the controls, trying for the best temperature, inwardly wondering what would be better for Allura. To sit and soak in the tub, or to stand and have a quick rinse.

A glance at her back had him deciding on the standing shower, Lotor figuring it would be better to not let her wounds soak in too much soapy water. Leaving the shower running, he walked over to the sink, opening the cabinet underneath it to retrieve soap and shampoos. He then set the items on the tray inside the shower, and stepped in, calling out to Allura to join him.

She came when called, radiating nervous energy as she stepped into the shower. Lotor closed the glass door behind her, then reached to adjust one of the shower heads, letting it rain down water on her head. She made a sound, surprised at suddenly being drenched, Lotor laughing at the expression she turned towards him. He leaned his head back, letting the shower head that was behind him wet his hair, water being poured on them from three angles of the tub.

Thoroughly drenched, he reached for the shampoo, squeezing out a generous amount into his hands. He then reached for Allura, hands landing on her hair, the prince beginning a vigorous assault on her stained tresses, working the shampoo into a fine lather in her scalp. She looked at him while he did this, blue eyes just blinking up at him as his fingers massaged the shampoo into her scalp.

“Good?” Lotor asked, hands lowering to follow the length of her hair down her back. He pulled the shampoo lathered hair to her front, letting them cover her breasts as he worked on covering every inch of her hair with the shampoo.

“Good.” She confirmed, seeming to sigh with bliss as his fingers return to her scalp. He reached for a shower head, pulling on it so as to aim it over her hair, working to wash out the shampoo. It ran down her body, Allura letting out a hiss as some of it passed over her tender tears, Lotor inwardly wincing at her pain. He was quick to rinse the shampoo remains off her body, seeing how the white substance was tinged a brownish red color as the blood remains were washed out of her hair.

Once he was satisfied with her hair’s newfound cleanness, he reached for a bar of soap, working the ivory green bar into a foamy lather. He smiled at her as he ran soapy fingers under her chin, rubbing his hand just above her slave collar. He quickly skirted past that sign of ownership, hands landing on her shoulders, washing her carefully along the line of skin between neck and shoulder.

Hands smoothed soap over her collarbone, inching it’s way downwards, the trickle of water sending soapy rivulets down her chest. Lotor paused, watching one such spill of water, seeing it arch down her breast, and tip over her nipple, forming a sudsy drop of water that hung suspended in place for the moment.

“Lotor?” Her voice had him shaking his head, his hands moving once more. Brisk, all business as he touched her arms, soaping them up all the way down to her fingers. He then reached for the bar again, renewing the soap on his hands before he tackled her waist. His hands moved in vigorous circles, making her move in response to his rubbing. Higher and higher climbed his hands, until his fingers were nudging the undersides of her breasts.

His breath seemed to catch in his throat, his fingers hesitating. Allura saw his indecision and reacted, turning away from him. “Allura clean herself.” She announced, reaching for the soap.

She tried to step away from him, but he reached out, hands landing on her shoulders. With a jerk and a surprised sound from her, he had her back pinned against his front, Lotor feeling the wounds’ rough surface against his skin. “I can do this.” Lotor said, and moved to resume his washing of her. She squirmed, making him use one arm to pin her in place, pressed just above her breasts as his other hand went to touch her right breast.

Soapy fingers slid over the surface of her pliant flesh, Lotor palming it in his hand, beginning a slow rub that made Allura shudder against him. He swore to himself he was just cleaning her, and yet part of him remembered Haggar’s words. The witch seemed to whisper in his mind, telling him how he didn’t have the luxury of waiting if he wanted to get her with child.

Still holding on to her right breast, he moved his arm, Lotor dropping his hand to cup her left one, effectively holding her in place. The sooner the better, even he had to agree with the witch, his hands working the soap’s lather into her flesh, his fingers doing an absentminded squeeze of her breasts. Allura made a sound in response to that squeeze, Lotor tensing to hear it.

It wasn’t pain that made her moan, but a kind of hesitant pleasure, Allura leaning against him with a sigh. He wondered how strong Haggar’s pills were, if they could numb her to the point she’d be able to have sex without pain. Even as he thought that, his hands ceased their cleaning motions, and began the act of seductive touches.

Gentle rubs across her nipples using only the palm of his hands, encouraging them to pearl. His fingers ghosting across her skin, stroking down softly to her hardened nipples, capturing hold of them between thumb and forefinger.

Allura seemed to jump in place when he began to rub, twiddling her nipples between his fingers to create heat and tension against her breasts. She started to make noises, half hearted protests he ignored, Lotor bending to kiss against the crook of her shoulder, tasting the water that had washed the soap away.

Her hips moved, brushing against his groin, Lotor starting to react to not just that touch but her sounds and the way she felt in his hands. With a moan of his own, he licked up the side of her neck, Allura sighing as he began to bite and suck at her sensitive flesh. His fingers moved faster, Allura shaking and crying out, trying to pull away. It only planted her more firmly against him, the girl going still as she felt his growing need.

He let go of her nipples, taking hold of the whole of her breast once more, an artful fondle to relax her once more. The tension left her body, Allura leaning against him limp and languid. His one hand left her right breast to stroke down her belly, a slow, unhurried journey towards her center. He soon was stroking through the damp curls that covered her womanhood, his fingers teasingly grazing against the slit her lips guarded.

“AH!!” Allura reached down, her own hand landing on the back of his. But she didn’t try to stop him, her fingers stroking his skin as though she was encouraging him. Embolden by that thought and touch, he stroked her more firmly, middle finger inserting itself among her folds, caressing her thoroughly. He took his time, going about it in a leisurely fashion. Allura moaned and wiggled, as though trying to drive his finger inside her. He ignored her apparent need, continuing his gentle strokes, moving his finger up and down, stroking her from top to bottom.

“Lotor…” She whimpered out his name, Lotor licking her cheek in response. “Allura hot…”

“Very hot…” He agreed, smirking. A few more strokes, and then he turned his attention to her clit, that hidden pearl of flesh that he touched now. She tensed up, a shuddery sigh escaping her as he began making lazy circles on it.

“Hmm! Hmmm!” Soft squeals from her, Allura practically panting as she wiggled. She was so sensitive to his touch, and he had barely started tormenting her clit, Lotor’s grin widening as he adjusted his fingers, reaching to catch her clit and give it a little pinch. “OH!”

Just like with her nipples, he set about to rubbing it, slow at first but then speeding up, increasing the heat and friction on that one spot in her body. Allura’s voice was getting louder and louder, the girl starting to pull at his hand, trying to draw it away from her.

“Not yet Allura.” Lotor said, even as she bent forward Lotor following to hunch over her, his fingers never ceasing their pleasurable torment. The shaking in her body increased in tempo, Allura practically wailing, her body seeming to lose it’s will to keep her standing. His hand left her breast to hold her up, Lotor feeling her drench his hand with her release, the liquid even coating the inside of her thighs as she sagged in place.

It was only then that he withdrew his hand, a pleased smile on his face. His hands turned her around, Lotor getting a good look at the dazed Allura’s face. Her cheeks were reddened, a heated flush from her orgasm, and her chest heaved as she breathed heavily. He pulled her so she plastered against him, lifting her up on tip toe to meet him halfway as he sought to claim her lips with his own.

He feasted at her mouth, lips teasing hers, nibbling and pulling gently on her bottom one. She yielded to his mouth, lips parting eagerly for his tongue, Lotor thrusting it into her even as he was grinding against her front. He moaned into the kiss, Lotor suddenly pushing her hard against the cold tile of the shower wall, pinning her in place with his body. He was rougher than he meant to be, or perhaps she was simply in too much pain, for Allura suddenly cried out, stiffening against him.

Alarmed he pulled back, looking at her questioningly. She lowered her eyes, looking away from him, forcing him to capture her chin. He tilted her head back to make her look at him, and voiced his question. “What’s wrong?”

“My back…” She began hesitantly. “The wall….when it hit against me just now….pain…”

Of course. He sighed, stepping back so as to let her move away from the wall. He stared, seeing a smear of blood on the tile, Lotor suddenly grabbing her by the arm. He whipped her around, eyes intent on her back, checking over her quickly. He was relieved to see the stitches still in place across her shoulder blade, but one of the lesser wounds glistened, fresh drops of blood on her skin.

Lotor cursed, his desire for her fading as he realized his rash behavior had only hurt her. It really was too soon for this kind of behavior, no matter what Haggar said, no matter what he wanted. “I’m sorry.” He said simply, and turned his back on her.

“Lotor?” Allura’s hands on his back, the girl touching him hesitatingly.

“Forgive me.” He said, surprised when her arms slid around his front, hugging him to her. It was his turn to tremble, Lotor shaking with the effort of holding back as she pressed her breasts against his back.

“It’s okay…” She said, making him shake his head.

“No, it is not.” Lotor said, and pulled her hands free of his body. He reached for the door, opening it as he quickly stepped out. Allura stared at him confused as he closed the door, leaving her behind in the shower. “Finish cleaning Allura.” He told her, and retrieved a towel. He quickly dried off, and stalked nude from the bathroom and back into his bedroom.

He closed the door, then collapsed against it with an agonized sigh. He seemed destined to hurt her no matter what he did, Lotor scowling to himself. “I’ll just have to be patient.” He muttered. “I can do this….I can go a few days without her.” But he feared it would take monumental effort on his part, Lotor glancing down at his erection with a grimace.

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