Slave 041

The sounds of the shower had ceased, the bathroom being shrouded in silence for quite some time. It left Lotor to wonder what Allura was doing, the girl having yet to emerge from the room, staying locked inside. He left her to her privacy, choosing not to override the codes to the bathroom door, reasoning to himself that at least he knew where she was and that she was safe. Reasonably safe, he amended, thinking of the blood on the tile, and how he had been the one to cause one of her wounds to reopen.

The recalling caused him to make a fist, Lotor staring down at it, angry at this power he had to hurt her. A power that was unwanted, Lotor growling to himself as he stalked across the carpeted floor. He reached a large stereo set in the bookcase shelf, Lotor jabbing a finger into a button, triggering the classical sounds of a talented Drule pianist. The music was an intense sound, the keys of the piano being tapped out at a hurried pace, all low tones as it played an angry, fast beat.

It matched his mood, but Lotor wasn’t playing the music to soothe any savagery he felt inside him. No, he had a purpose far beyond pleasing his ears, the prince moving towards the table where several devices lay across it’s table top. Lotor looked down at them fingers reaching for one, a small rectangular device with a monitor strip set near the top.

He pressed the button, and the screen immediately lit up, alerting him to the fact that there was a listening device implanted somewhere in the room. He just needed to find it. He picked up another device, leaving the first one up right on the table, and activated it. A soft hum was heard, the music of the piano doing much to cover the noise of the tracking device.

Lotor inserted a plug into his ear, it’s wire coiling down to attach itself to the tracking device. It amplified the humming, but for his ears only. He moved, waving the tracking device slowly over the wall, the hum maintaining it’s low volume, not reacting at all. Lotor frowned, but knew it wouldn’t have been that easy. He couldn’t expect to find one of his father’s bugs in the first place he checked, Lotor moving slowly with the device hovering over the wall.

He could have had someone else sweep his room for bugs, but Lotor wanted to put some of his tense energy into doing something for himself. It was either that or go slowly mad with desire for Allura, and the prince feared the outcome of that dose of insanity. So he put in some calls, having Cossack deliver a variety of tools and devices, the commander not questioning his need for such things.

The humming increased slightly in volume, Lotor waving the device in the direction that seemed to trigger that reaction. Again that increase, the prince moving to follow it, turning around when the hum lowered. It was a game of hot and cold, Lotor holding the device at various angles, trying to recapture the thread that made the noise louder.

As he did this, he thought on Zarkon, thought on how his father had ample time to implant the listening devices in his chambers. With Lotor constantly leaving to take over some new planet, it gave the King a large window of opportunity. If their relationship had been anything other than hostile, Lotor would have been hurt by the lack of trust his father showed him.

The tracking device suddenly did a high pitch whine, the sound loud enough for Lotor to tear the plug from his ear, hissing as he did so. He glanced up at the bookcase in front of him, the heavy steel frame covering a patch of wall. Lotor hooked the device onto his belt, and began removing books, letting them clatter to the floor in a messy pile.

He soon had all the books cleared, with their weight gone from the bookcase it was enough to allow him, grunting and straining, to move it over to the side, revealing the wall space it had guarded. Lotor returned to the table, gathering up a belt with tools on it. He slung it over his shoulder, returning to the wall, eyeing it critically. Again he waved the tracking device, hearing the hum shriek out even without the plug to amplify it, Lotor marking the spot on the wall that triggered the reaction.

He selected a small cutting tool, pressing the round blade against the wall. It whirred silently to life, it’s titanium metal working to dig an opening into the wall. Lotor watched, dragging it along as it slowly cut a line into the wall. And then another, and another, until he had a large square shaped hole. He then pulled out what looked like a small plunger, the device adhering itself to the wall’s plaster. The sticky adhesive held fast, Lotor pulling until the block he cut into the wall was removed.

He stared into the hollow space left behind, and there he saw it. Beetle black metal, with a blinking red light, about as large as his fist. He smiled and reached for it, handling it carefully. He studied it, wondering how best to dispose of it.

Lotor cracked open it’s side panel, bringing a screwdriver to bear against the screws and wires. He switched it off with a turn of the tool, the light dimming until it faded completely. A glance at the device on the table showed it still sensed at least one other listening device, Lotor sighing. He pocketed the one in his hand, and set about to using the tracking device once more.

It was at this point the door to the bathroom opened, Allura peeking out her head, blinking blue eyes at him. He smiled at her, but his attention was diverted, Lotor concentrating on the hums the device offered him. Hesitantly, Allura emerged from the bathroom, clad in an oversized towel, gauze in one hand. She walked over to the bed, and took a seat on the edge, quiet as she watched him, a puzzled look on her face.

Lotor had soon swept the device over every inch of the walls, and yet nothing had caused the tracker to react, leaving the prince to mutter and frown. On a whim he knelt down, brining his tracker to the carpeted floor, hearing the hum do a subtle increase in volume.

With a sigh, Lotor got on his hands and knees, and began crawling along the floor, device constantly checking each spot to see if there was a bug beneath the fibers of the carpet. Allura watched him curiously, but did not laugh at the sight of him crawling.

A few minutes more, and then the tracker shrieked, finding the bug just under his bed. Lotor switched off the tracking device, and pulled out the cutting tool, setting to work open the floor. He soon had a square of carpeting removed, seeing the wooden floor boards beneath it. He worked on prying one open with the plunger, and there he found it. It was smaller than the one that had been in the wall, but no less powerful.

Lotor held it up so Allura could see, his finger to his lips for her silence. Her eyes widened, but she nodded in understanding, watching as Lotor strode over to the com unit on his bedroom’s wall.

“Commander….I belive you have taken it upon yourself to be in charge of Allura’s meals?” Lotor spoke into the unit, holding the listening device up close to it.

“Yes Prince Lotor. What do you need?” Came Cossack’s answer, the man sounding eager to be of help.

“I think a late brunch is in order. The works if you please. Allura’s having a craving for some fish.” Lotor wondered if it was too soon for her to have cravings, but figured he father wouldn’t read too much into it.

“Okay…I’ll get right on it. Cossack out.”

Lotor turned away from the com unit, still staring thoughtfully at the bug in his hand. It would be a waste to destroy it, not when it could be used to feed his father all kinds of useful information, falsified claims of what Lotor and Allura were doing. He smiled, a crafty look in his eyes as he deactivated the device, setting it and the one in his pocket on a book shelf.

He walked over to the stereo, switching it off, and draped his tool belt onto the back of his chair. The mess on the floor could wait, Lotor not looking forward to reorganizing his book collection. But he would have to do it if he didn’t want servant’s tongues to wag over the hole in the wall, and the books on the floor. It didn’t mean he had to do it this instant, turning to smile at Allura.

She looked back at him, lips moving silently, Lotor making out her words. She was asking if it was safe to talk, the girl having caught on to the nature of the device he had shown her. He nodded, and strode over to the bed, Allura sighing in relief.

She said something in Arusian, some complex notion she couldn’t express in Drule. He looked inquisitively at her, and she gestured. “Lotor, why?” It could have meant a hundred things, Lotor frowning but settling on what he hoped was her question.

“Why would anyone want to bug me?” He asked, seeing her silently repeat some of the unfamiliar words. “Oh I have plenty of enemies. My father chief among them. No doubt it amuses him to be privy to all my secrets. Something we won’t let him get away with.”

She was blinking, that confused look back on her face. More Arusian words came from her, and Lotor felt the first flicker of an idea forming. “Allura…Can you teach me your language?”


“Allura teach Lotor?” He simplified his request, fingers touching her lips. “Teach Lotor Arus?”

“You want me to teach you?” She asked, and he nodded. She looked very surprised, he couldn’t resist chuckling at her look.

“It’ll be a way to annoy my father. Our own somewhat private language.” He smiled, liking the idea very much. It wouldn’t deter Zarkon for long, but it would infuriate him while he hurried to hire the best translators he could find. But more than that, it would foster closeness between him and Allura, help them to better communicate, an exchange of words and ideas, each one learning the other’s language bit by bit.

“Yes.” Allura said in answer to his question, then repeated the word in Arusian. Lotor listened to her carefully, slowly saying the word she said. It sounded weird to his tongue, his Drule accent making the r’s more pronounced but she smiled and nodded in approval at him.

“What’s this then?” Lotor said, pointing at the gauze she held. Allura told him the word, Lotor repeating it. “Do you want me to help you put it on?” Another nod from her, Lotor finding his own head bobbing in agreement. “All right. I also have some ointment for you.”

She just nodded, and stood, dropping her towel. Lotor’s breath caught, taken in by her sudden nudity, feeling the first signs of desire flaring into life. He quickly shoved it down, gesturing for her to lie down on the bed. She did as he asked, laying on her stomach, face resting on a pillow.

“I’ll be right back.” Lotor said, and hurried into the bathroom to wash his hands. On his way out, he retrieved the ointment he had ordered, unrolling the cap and squeezing a glob onto his hands. He returned to the bed, climbing onto it, and ended up straddling Allura’s thighs. “Move your hair for me.” He ordered, the girl complying by sweeping her hair forward.

He stared down at her exposed back, wondering if it was his imagination that the lesser injuries, the welts and tears looked as though they had healed just a little more. He shrugged and touched her flesh, hands flat as he began to massage the ointment into her skin. The kneading of his hands relaxed Allura, she was soon sighing a blissful sound, Lotor’s strong hands rubbing and caressing, moving carefully down her back.

He started to sweat when his hands touched her round rear, Lotor shifting downwards to smooth ointment across the welt that marred an otherwise perfect buttocks. It didn’t look like it would scar permanently, Lotor thanking the scar reducing ointment he had slathered on her when they were aboard his ship. Allura seemed to relax even further as he rubbed and caressed her rump, going languid beneath him as he moved off her legs to work the ointment on their backs.

Finished with his massage, he reached for the gauze, choosing to wrap up her thighs first, and work his way up. Allura pushed up on her elbows, allowing him to wind the gauze on both the front and back of her body, leaving a tight bandage that covered her from her knees to the top of her breasts. He then stood, and returned to the bathroom to wash off the remains of the ointment, putting a thought in as to what she was going to wear. The uniform top was out, he had trashed it, and he didn’t want her to put on the skimpy harem garb.

“Here.” Lotor said, returning to the bedroom. “You can borrow one of my shirts for now.” He strode over to his closet, and removed a pale purple shirt, it’s silk made from expensive Gatavatian silk worms.

She looked good in his shirt, although it bagged on her, Allura rolling up the sleeves so that her hands could be seen. It hung down low on her legs, offering her modest covering, far more than anything the harem could have given her.

A knock at the door, Lotor turning from the compelling vision Allura presented to gravitate towards the outer chamber. He opened the door to find Cossack on the other side, a cart loaded down with covered trays.

“You said fish…” He began, pushing it past Lotor and into the room. “But you didn’t say what kind, so I got her a little of everything the kitchens had.”

“Er….thank you Cossack. I’m sure Allura will appreciate it.” Lotor said, following the commander into the bedroom. Allura made a glad sound at the sight of the food, hurrying over to the table to clear some space for their plates.

“Boy she really is hungry!” Cossack laughed, positioning the cart next to the table. “Maybe Drule babies eat more than human ones.”

“Perhaps.” Lotor said, inwardly wondering what Allura’s appetite would be like when she really was pregnant!

“So…” Cossack lingering by the table, in no apparent hurry to leave. “Do you need anything else boss?”

“Actually yes.” An idea had taken hold, Lotor glancing at the shirt clad Allura. “I need you to find the tailor.”

“The tailor?” Cossack was surprised.

“Yes. I want to order a complete wardrobe for Allura.” Lotor told him.

“Ah, makes sense. No more harem garb for her.” Cossack winked, and nudged him with his elbow. “Except when you’re feeling kinky.” A stoic look was his answer, Lotor staring at Cossack until the man fidgeted. “Okay…never mind then. One tailor coming right up!” Cossack then surprised them both by dropping a bow to Allura. “Well, she IS a princess…..and if you’re going to marry her, I’ll have to get used to bowing to her anyway, right? So I figured why wait, get some practice in.”

“Uh thank you Cossack. I’m sure that thought makes Allura happy.” Lotor said.

“Ah, she doesn’t have a clue what I just said.” Cossack pointed out. “She’s more interested in the food!” Indeed the girl was uncovering the platters, poking her fork at the center of seasoned clams, and spiced up fish.

“I find myself echoing her sentiments.” Lotor said, and took a seat at the table. “You can show yourself out, right Cossack?”

“Right.” Cossack bowed to Lotor, then turned swiftly on his heel, marching out of the room. The pair focused on piling their plates with food, Allura looking like she didn’t know what to try first.

“Try some of the red carp.” Lotor said, pointing his knife at a portion on her plate. “You’ll find it’s taste is out of this world.”

She took his advice, tentatively tasting the food. “HMM!” She said appreciatively, and took another bite. Lotor chuckled, eyes dancing as he watched her eat, his own fork and knife moving as he cut into his own meal.

They didn’t talk much, but the silence was a companionable one, the two sharing glances among the food. Lotor wished this time could stretch on forever, but he knew he had to talk to her now that the listening devices had been taken care of.

He waited until Allura had her fill of the meal, the girl leaning back to drink her juice. Cossack had seen fit to exclude any wine from their meal, a fact that had Lotor grumpy but understanding of the man’s intentions. Wine would not be good for the baby, and he was sincerely glad Allura was not a heavy drinker of it.

“Allura….” She glanced up at her name, Lotor finding he was hesitating. “Ah…I know you’ve been wanting me to explain everything that’s happened. I think now is the time.” Her eyes shone with her interest, Allura cocking her head to the side.

“Lotor explain now?”

“Yes.” He nodded. “My father….he….well he’s never been one to appreciate relationships with women. And I suppose I’ve spent these last few years following his example. I’ve never gotten close to a woman beyond using her for sex. Sex and political advancements.” He amended, wondering how much she was understanding. “No friendships, no girlfriends…just pleasure slaves.”

She was quiet, just listening to him, Lotor wondering if he would have to repeat this conversation when he was proficient in Arusian. He shuddered at the thought, finding it difficult enough with her only half understanding him. “I never thought I was missing anything either. I was content with the way things were. That was until I encountered you Allura.”

“You changed me.” He continued. “And sometimes I wonder if it wasn’t for the worse….”

“Allura changed Lotor?” She questioned sharply, understanding that much. He nodded, not quite understanding the expression that crossed her face.

“Yes…I’ve changed. At least where you are concerned. I find myself doing things differently, acting impulsively and actually caring about another’s feelings.” He wouldn’t tell her he loved her, but this much he could confess too. “A few months, hell a few weeks ago, seeing you bleed like that….it wouldn’t have stopped me from taking my pleasure from you. I wouldn’t have cared that you were in pain. I’d just want my pleasure, seeking immediate gratification. But now I find it hurts inside when I think of you in pain…”

He was getting off track, sounding like a love sick schoolboy! Lotor shook his head, gathering his thoughts. “My father has noticed the change in me. Little by little he had become suspicious of my relationship with you, acting to dissolve it. His attempts at giving you to that bastard Morwin was meant to…well to free me from your influence. He thought if he got rid of you, I’d go back to being my old self.”

A curt laugh then, but it held no humor to it. “Obviously he didn’t think I’d go after you.”

“Lotor save Allura from Zarkon and Morwin.” She said, showing she was following him as best she could. He could see the frustration in her beautiful eyes, Allura surely wishing she could understand everything he was saying.

“Yes…That’s the gist of it.” Lotor stood, and began pacing in front of her. “Only….it gets even more complicated. My father was….IS very mad over what I have done. Madder than I have ever seen….” She was watching him move, eyes tracking him as he walked. “There was only one thing that could calm him down, only one thing that could make what I have done, make this war I plunged Doom into okay. And that was to tell him you were pregnant.”

He paused in front of her now, staring down at her. “I know you don’t know that word. But you soon will. You have to know…” He hesitated, coming to a decision. He would tell Allura a half truth, something that would keep her from the unneeded stress of carrying the burden of a lie on her shoulders. “You’re pregnant Allura.”

“Pregnant?” She sounded out the unfamiliar word, eyes serious as she looked up at him.

“Yes…it’s…damn….how do I get you to understand.” His hand ran through his hair, Lotor frowning. “You’re pregnant, with my baby. Baby….” He mimicked cradling something in his arms, and she frowned.

“A baby Allura…” He knelt before her now, hands touching her face. “Ours.” A sigh from him, his hands dropping to her waist. “Pregnant.” He repeated, and touched her belly. She was frowning at him, trying to understand, Lotor reaching for her hands. He pressed them over her belly, and said it again. “Pregnant.”


“A baby Allura.” He nodded at her.

He watched her eyes widen, realization starting to dawn in them. “Baby?” She said, and pulled on his shirt so it ballooned to look like she had a fat belly.

He nodded, and smiled. “Lotors.” He couldn’t keep the cocky tone out of his voice, Lotor boasting proud of this. Allura blinked her eyes, slowly digesting the news, her breath seeming to catch in her throat. He expected her to smile, or to say something, anything. What he wasn’t prepared for was her to burst into tears, her hand letting go of the shirt to cover and hide her face from him.

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