Slave 044

He lay on his bed, back propped up by pillows, a discarded sheaf of documents on his lap. He barely glanced at the words, more interested in the girl tucked in under his arm. Allura was relaxed against him, for the moment ignoring his teasing touch of her curls, her eyes concentrating on the pad of paper she held. Lotor glanced briefly at what she was writing, seeing the Drule alphabet laid out across the page in her neat handwriting. Below it was what he assumed was the Arusian alphabet, Allura trying to make a cheat sheet for them both to use.

She had already written down some important phrases for him to learn, Lotor practicing the strange words over and over until he became confidant in his pronunciation of them. Allura no longer giggled at his attempts, Lotor taking it as a sign he was improving.

It was more difficult than he had ever imagined, to learn a new language. He was bristling with impatience, wanting to master it all in one day. Allura had pointed out it would take time, Lotor sighing and working harder. It wasn’t as if they had anything else to do when they were alone together, the girl needing this time to rest and recover from her injuries.

He took it as a hopeful sign that she was recovered enough to lay on her back, Allura seeming comfortable in her position next to him on the bed. She no longer limped when she walked, no wince of pain on her face from the bending of her knees. Given time she would make a full recovery, Lotor eager for that day.

Twisting a golden curl around his blue finger, he stared off absentmindedly into space, thinking back on the last two days. It had been a busy time since the moment he had abandoned Donovan to die in the dungeon. He had put to good use the list of names Donovan had given him, routing out the spies in his employ. He did it quietly, alerting the men that their services were no longer needed, handing them their last paychecks and refusing them their severance pay. There had been protests all around, Lotor offering no reason towards the firing.

Even with those soldiers removed, it still left his father’s other spies free to roam the castle, Lotor giving careful thought to their disposal. Accidents were arranged, little mishaps with deadly consequences. A maid had slipped while washing windows, crashing through the glass, the lacerations on her body causing her to bleed to death. A stable boy had been cleaning the arena when a robeast was accidentally let loose. A castle control technician was found guilty of putting a virus on the castle’s private server, the damage costing time and money to fix. Zarkon himself had ordered the man’s termination, much to Lotor’s glee.

He had been busy with these murderous plots, only able to relax fully when he knew every last spy was either dead or sent away from the castle. It left just his father’s listening devices to worry about, Lotor sweeping the outer chamber of his quarters, finding two more bugs hidden in the walls. His quarters were now a safe zone, free of his father’s snooping, though Lotor knew it wouldn’t last. The old man was probably chomping at the bit to replace them, unable to do so with Allura being a constant presence in Lotor’s rooms.

He glanced at her again, eyeing the low cut decolletage of her blouse, the material tight across her breasts. It offered an enticing peek into the valley between them, Lotor’s eyes lingering on her flesh. The tailor had taken time out of designing Allura’s wardrobe to modify a few existing dresses so the girl need not be limited to wearing his shirts any longer.

The dress she wore was simple, pale pink and purple splashed across the cotton, but even without any fancy adornments, Allura made a lovely picture. She had been pleased by the dress, glad to know she’d no longer had need of the strips of cloth that passed for outfits in the harem.

His thoughts turned to the harem, Lotor hardly believing he had had no want nor desire to return to that chamber, the prince shunning the women he had enslaved all in favor for the company of this one girl. He found he didn’t want anyone else, choosing to suffer with his lusts unsatisfied rather than hurt Allura by taking another woman into his—their bed.

He was slowly getting used to that, the sharing of his room, of his things. He still thought of Allura as belonging to him, but it was a different kind of ownership. An almost partnership as he readied himself to take the step towards marrying her. He still hadn’t told her about the ceremony, Zarkon hemming and hawing about holding one. Lotor was in no rush, more concerned over the matter of getting her pregnant than any silly little ceremony.

Merla had ceased her calls to the castle, finally realizing King Zarkon had no intention of giving in to her demands where Lotor’s head was concerned. She had left Doom air space in a huff, not even thanking the King for the assistance he provided in repairing her ship, or acknowledging the escort he had given her back to her planet, Amazonia.

There was no doubt she would be back, ready to bring her battle to Doom’s home front. Lotor knew he would be busy, between battling Merla’s forces, watching over Allura, and waiting for word on Arus. So far his two generals had yet to contact him, Lotor taking it as a depressing sign they had found little to report. He found himself wishing Allura hadn’t come from such an improvised world, the prince wondering how he would pull a miracle out of his bag of tricks in concern to saving it.

At least he was able to save her cousin, Lotor thinking back to the surprising request Allura had made. She had begged and pleaded with him, almost to the point of tears, asking him to release Romelle from the dungeons. It was easy enough to give in to her, he hadn’t really planned to keep the former princess of Pollux down there indefinitely. He left her in Cossack’s care, ordering the man to clean her up before returning her to the harem, Allura covering him in grateful kisses.

He enjoyed her kisses, liking them a lot, though in this case their side effect was unwanted, getting him hot under the collar of his shirt. A fact he wouldn’t normally mind, but here he was trying to behave himself around her!

She shifted now, the movement of her body drawing Lotor out of his thoughts. “Lotor here….” Allura glanced at him, extending her hand to give him the piece of paper with the translated alphabet on it.

“Thank you.” He said the words in Arusian, a pleased look appearing on her face. It was the first time he had been able to remember a phrase, simple though it may be, without any help from her.

He took the paper from her, studying it, noting the key differences in their language. Drule was a more guttural sounding tongue, with lots of r and hard consonants. Arusian was softer, holding a sing song quality to it as the speaker seemed to chant out the words.

Allura sat up, finger pointing at the first letter of the alphabet, making a chirping sound. He mimicked her noise, his low baritone sounding awkward as he tried to pronounce the letter. She just nodded and moved on to the second, making another sound, then waited for him to echo her letter. It was like this they went through the alphabet, Allura teaching him the vowels and consonants of her language.

He was by no means ready to start reading books written in Arusian, but Lotor felt he was one step closer to understanding her language. This time when Allura pointed at the letters, he was able to recite them without her first pronouncing them, Allura nodding in approval.

She was in the process of quizzing him on various words she had taught him the day before when a knock sounded at his door. They both glanced away from the paper to peer into the outer room, Allura making a questioning sound.

“No, I am not expecting anyone.” Lotor said, a frown on his face. The knock sound again, more urgent this time as the door seemed to rattle in place.

“It might be important….” Allura pointed out, and Lotor sighed.

“Then I better go see what they want.” With a reluctance in his body, he eased off the bed, his fingers sliding free of her hair. Allura watched him move, her eyes tracking him as he walked out of the bedroom and into the next chamber. Again that infernal knocking, a desperate pounding of someone demanding entrance to his room. Lotor moved to open the door, and was nearly barreled over by the brown clad figure who pushed her way into the room.

“Haggar!” Lotor exclaimed, hastily closing the door. “What are you doing here?” He watched as the witch ignored him, looking around his room with interest. She froze when she noticed Allura looking back at her, the girl curious and unafraid of the scary visage of the witch. Lotor hastened to step between Hagger’s view of Allura, frowning down at her.

She held a potion in her hand, that bubbling green concoction she used to block Zarkon’s listening devices. She had come prepared to talk, and she looked up at him now, her lips twisting into a scowl as she looked him over. “You!” The animosity in her voice surprised him, Haggar jabbing a bony finger into his chest. “Why haven’t you had at her yet?!”

Startled, Lotor took a step back from her, casting a nervous glance in Allura’s direction. She was still watching, and he only prayed she did not catch Hagger’s meaning. “You stick your nose too far in my business witch.” He muttered, and hurried over to the bedroom door, hitting a switch that had it sliding close, giving them a sense of privacy.

“You should be grateful I care enough to keep an eye on you and your woman!” Haggar retorted. Still clutching the potion in hand, she shuffled over to the couch, sitting down as though she had all the intentions of staying a while. “I’ll ask you again, why haven’t you had sex with Allura?!”

“It’s only been a few days. She needs this time to recover.” Lotor began, seeing Haggar restlessly shake her head no.

“I told you it’s time you don’t have!”

“But….” Lotor hesitated, not wanting to admit to a weakness.

“I know.” Haggar said, looking levelly at him. “I know all about your desire not to hurt her with your actions. But it’s a luxury you can’t afford. If you wait for her injuries to heal completely it’ll be too late!”

“Do you know something I do not?” Lotor asked. “Is the wind whispering things to you again?”

“Zarkon’s witch.” Haggar’s lips curled into a sneer, lower lip trembling with distaste as she said a name. “Cortana! She seeks to work her magic, to ferret out the truth behind this pregnancy.”

“I thought my father accepted what his doctors told him.”

“You thought wrong! Not with the witch whispering in his ear, telling him the whole thing smells foul. She suspects…and if she’s allowed to follow through, Zarkon will know that slave of yours is not with child.” Haggar sighed, a weary, exhausted quality to that sound. “I’ve been blocking her attempts with my magic, but it is tiresome work always being on alert against her. I am doing much for you prince, with plenty of danger to myself.”

“I’m sorry.” Lotor said, abashed. “I can see the lengths you are going to, to protect my interests.”

She nodded again, her cowl cloaking her face in shadows so that only her gleaming eyes could be seen. “Witches can smell lies a mile away. We need to combat this with a grain of truth. Allura needs to have your child growing inside her, and she needs it now.”

“All right, I understand.”

“You needn’t sound so resigned about this.” Haggar laughed. “It’ll be pleasurable enough for you both. She’s still taking my pills, yes?” At his nod she continued, voice ripe with satisfaction. “That is good. It’s helping her, numbing the pain and allowing her to heal. With your skill, you’ll be able to make her enjoy herself.”

Lotor was glad he couldn’t blush, giving the witch an annoyed look. “What do you know of my skill?” She just cackled, her eyes fixed on his face, leaving Lotor all the more uncomfortable. “In that crystal ball of yours, you don’t spy on me do you?”

Her laughter increased, Haggar shaking with it. “Oh relax…” Her words hardly got him to do that, Haggar waving her hand at him. “I turn away at the naughty parts. I am not that much of a voyeur.”

Lotor wasn’t convinced, his skin crawling at the thought of Haggar watching his bedroom performances. “What else can you tell me?”

“Not much, I’ll admit.” Haggar said. “I do need you to bring the girl to me for regular visits.”

“What? Why?” He demanded, not liking the thought of Haggar being anywhere near Allura.

“Why I’ll need to check her to make sure she’s conceived.” She snorted, her face revealed to the room one more, a smirk on her lips. “Don’t think you can trust any of the doctors on Doom to keep silent about this. They’ll be quick to go to Zarkon if you try to hire one secretly to monitor your attempts at impregnating her. No, you’ll have to leave everything up to Auntie Haggar.”

“Great…” An ill at ease Lotor said.

“Tell her I’m a nursemaid you hired. Or don’t. I don’t care just as long as you get her to come visit with me.” Continued Haggar. “That girl of yours will need all the help she can get, and if I’m right, she’ll take well to learning a spell or two.”

“Spells” The very thought of Allura wielding magic made him frown, an alarmed Lotor protesting. “I don’t want her to become a witch!”

“Relax….” Haggar said, trying to calm him down. “She won’t turn down the path of the witch just at knowing a few protection spells. She’ll need them for herself and the baby. Especially where Cortana is concerned.”

“Why can’t you just cast those spells yourself?” Lotor asked.

“They’ll work better if they come from her. From someone pure and untouched by the dark arts.” Explained the witch. She pushed up off the couch, standing once more. “We’ve talked enough. You best get back in the bedroom and show her how much you love her!”

“It’s not love.” Lotor said moodily, and Haggar did a doubtful look at him.

“You’re a fool if you expect me to believe that.” She turned on her heel, heading towards the door. Lotor followed her, eager to be rid of her, and nearly crashed into her back when she paused. “I almost forgot…”

“What now?” Lotor asked wearily.

“You’ll have to tell those men of yours to look harder if they want to find the lost technology of Arus.” Cryptic words, Lotor gaping at her, stunned.

“What are you talking about witch?!”

“Ask Allura about it once you have spilled your seed inside her.” Another cackle from the witch, the woman never failing to stress the urgency of his having sex with Allura. “She’ll know what I’m talking about, though she won’t believe.” A sigh then. “None of them do, and that is a mistake. One that has cost them.”

She left him puzzling over those words, Haggar slipping out of the room, and scuttling down the hall, reminding him of a bug with her jerky way of moving. He waited until she was out of sight, then closed the door. “How does she expect me to perform when she gives me so much to think about?!” Lotor muttered, stalking over to the bedroom door.

He could feel himself grimacing, the prince pausing to take a deep breath, trying to compose himself into at least relaxing. He didn’t want Allura to see his agitation, didn’t want to come to her bed with a glower on his face. A few seconds passed, Lotor listening to the sound of his breath, and then he was jabbing his finger on the door’s switch, the metal sliding open with a hiss.

Allura was still on the bed, she looked up at his entrance, the writing pad clutched in her hand. Her pen was poised over the paper, Allura in the midst of writing more words for him to learn. “Lotor? Is everything all right?” Concern was in her tone, the girl blinking curious eyes at him.

“It’s fine. Just fine.” He forced a smile at her, and moved, walking over to the bar set up in the corner of his room. She looked down, resuming her writing as Lotor poured himself a drink, a fine pint of Tyrusian brandy, the smell strong in the air.

He turned, leaning against the bar, sipping his brandy, and watching her carefully. He tried to push all thoughts of Haggar’s troubling and confusing words away, focusing instead on Allura. He studied her face, the way her lashes were thick against her cheeks, the way her lips were full and colored a soft reddish pink. She had her tongue sticking out, a hint of pink at the corner of her mouth as she concentrated on what she was writing. It was a cute look on her and it made him smile, Lotor relaxing more.

His eyes traveled lower, seeing the hint of long hair grazing her neck, the curls loose, really more waves than the tight ringlets of a true curl. He loved running his fingers through her hair, feeling the silk like texture on his skin. Almost as much as he enjoyed kissing her, her lips offering up sweet temptation that had him sighing at the remembrance.

He finished off his brandy, and began walking towards her, an unhurried pace that she did not look up at until his shadow fell over her. He saw Allura tilt back her head, a question in her blue eyes as she looked at him. He smiled and reached out, hands landing on either side of her face, Lotor bending downwards to hunch over her. His own hair swept forward, the white mingling with her gold, Lotor touching foreheads with her as he gazed into her eyes.

“Lotor?” Her hands touched his wrists, fingers resting against them with no attempt to pull away from him. He did something unexpected then, he kissed the tip of her nose, hearing her let out a surprised giggle. “You’re in a funny mood.” She said

“Am I?” Lotor asked, then kissed her, capturing her lips mid nod. He started out simple, a chaste pressing of their lips together, Lotor watching as Allura closed her eyes, and leaned into the kiss. Her fingers started their caress, stroking the back of his hands softly.

It was Allura who tried to deepen the kiss, her lips parting, tongue flicking out shyly against his bottom lip. He held back his chuckles, not wanting to discourage her, Lotor letting her play her tongue against his mouth. She licked his lips, tongue prodding at them in a bold manner, Lotor opening up under her insistent touch. She seemed to sigh as she glided her tongue into his mouth, eager to explore the velvet conters inside. She licked and probed at the corners of his mouth, tongue ghosting along to flick teasingly at the roof top of his mouth.

Lotor grew impatient with her tease, he brought his tongue to tickle the underside of hers, Allura making a surprised sound. Again that tickling touch, and then she rubbed back at him, their two tongues wrapping around each other to dance against their velvet contours.

As they kissed, Lotor let go of her face, dropping his hand to her lap to reach for her writing pad. He withdrew it, tossing it aside so that it slid across the mattress to dangle precariously on the edge of the bed. Allura’s own hands grabbed at his face, her fingers soft and stroking against his cheeks. Lotor pressed against her, and she yielded to his push, falling slowly back on the bed. She pulled him down with her, keeping them connected by their lips.

Her hands slid back, gong into his hair, tangling her fingers in his straight strands. Lotor kept his hands pressed down on the bed, just to the side of her shoulders, hovering his body over hers.

Allura gasped when he broke the kiss, breathless and flush faced, staring at him with her blue eyes darkened with desire. He breathed heavily too, staring down at her for an instant, then moving to plant his lips against her jaw line, hearing her cry out his name, voice passionate and loud. Her fingers clutched at his scalp, she was trying to pull him flat on top of her, Lotor refusing to relax his arms.

He nibbled all along her jaw line, lips working tirelessly up and down the length of it. Allura moved, wiggling enticingly, her voice begging him to touch her. “Lotor please! I need….”

“What do you need.” He whispered huskily, tongue darting out to drag across her skin, tasting her.

“Your hands! On me!” She gasped out, and he rewarded her by placing his hands on her waist, feeling the cotton that kept him from touching her skin directly. She cried out again, trembling Lotor kissing down her neck and past her collarbone. She soon realized he was doing nothing with his hands, just leaving them lying on her waist, holding her in place.

“Lotor…please…” She begged, but he ignored her. He licked a path towards her breasts, mouthing at those quivering mounds. Allura’s hands stayed in his hair, the girl clinging desperately to him as he began gathering up skin in his mouth, exerting sucking force on the top of her left breast. He was marking her, in a place the low cut bodice of her dress couldn’t hope to hide. Allura would bear the imprint of his mouth for all to see, for all to know she was his, Lotor worrying at the skin harder.

She was practically mewling, arching up under him, Allura trying to hold his head trapped against her bosom. His fingers tensed on her waist, Lotor having to remind himself to be careful not to tear what was one of her only dresses.

She didn’t understand when he released his mouthful, her skin already looking red from his attention, Lotor pausing only long enough to dip his tongue in the valley between her breasts. A quick flick of his tongue, and then he was kissing down her cotton covered waist. She started to move her hands, reaching for the top of her sleeves, wanting to pull off her dress for him.

“Leave it.” Lotor growled against her belly, Allura going still at his command. His fingers began gathering up the material of her skirts, drawing them upwards to reveal her thighs. He slid downwards, body settling in between her spread legs, Lotor lovingly kissing the inside of one thigh. He left her skirts drawn up by her waist, the material bunched up all around her.

He lifted her right leg, kissing at her skin, even darting behind her knee to lick across one of her healing wounds, Allura seeming to shiver and spasm from the touch. He used his tongue to lick down her leg, Lotor doing circles with his muscle as he worked along her thigh. Patterns were traced, Lotor pausing in his licking to kiss and suck at the skin there, hearing Allura do a low keening sound.

He set about placing another mark on her, this one far more intimate than the last, one no one else would know about save him and her. He even went so far as to bite her, leaving the imprint of his fangs on her skin. One last suck of his lips, and he nuzzled his way up to her panties, burying his nose against the cotton fabric that covered her.

“No don’t.” Allura said, when his fingers hooked under the waistband of her panties, Lotor drawing them down past her knees.

“No?” He frowned at her, concern leaking into his eyes. “Allura in pain?”

“No…” She rapidly shook her head no, leaving him confused.

“Then why no?”

She blushed, mumbling out an answer. “Last time you made me feel good. Now it’s Lotor’s turn….”

Her answer made him chuckle, his breath blowing against her moist center. “No one’s keeping track but you.” He said, and before she could issue anymore protests, he kissed her, lips pressed against her slit, tongue inserted inside it in one swift move. He heard her cry out, her thighs tensing up, Lotor grabbing onto them before she could close them around his head.

He began a subtle licking of her, tongue insidious as it moved, tasting the droplets of moisture that had glistened on her pink skin. It was sweet, Lotor lapping harder against her, wanting to drink down more. She gave it to him, responding to his tongue’s movements, Lotor dragging it slowly so it washed over every inch of her womanhood.

Somehow her legs ended up on his shoulders, his neck between her bent knees, Lotor letting go of her thighs to slide his hands down to the underside of her body. He cupped the cheeks of her rump, lifting her half off the bed as he pressed himself more firmly against her.

Allura had made a fist, bringing that hand to her mouth, trying to muffle her sounds. But there was no quieting her, voice too loud even with that hand in the way. Her other hand gripped at the bed sheets, fingers scrunching up the silk, nails tearing holes into it.

Her trembling increased, moisture leaking out of her, Lotor seeking out the source of that precious liquid. His tongue probed at the entrance of her body, doing a teasing push where he inserted just the tip of it. She tried to clench down around him, Lotor withdrawing before her body could grip proper hold of him. A chuckle escaped him, Lotor probing once more, deeper this time, feeling how tight she felt to him.

He rubbed his tongue inside her, extending it the full length, licking as far as he could reach and falling short. She told him as much, crying out in a distorted voice, “Lotor please! Need you…want….” She trailed off, not knowing the words, Lotor vowing to amend this over sight. He’d teach her all kinds of wonderful phrases to whisper for his ears alone, delightfully naughty ones that would bring a blush to her cheeks if she realized how truly wicked the things she was saying was.

“My cock Allura.” He said, lifting his head to look at her. “You want my cock.” He lowered her rear back down to the bed, Lotor sliding her legs off his shoulders. He scooted back up her body, his mouth and chin wet with the juice she had dripped, Lotor pressing his mouth onto hers, transferring the taste of her essence to Allura. “Say it.” He said, kissing down to her ear, whispering heavily in it. “Say you want my cock.”

“I…..want your cock!” She cried out, hooking an arm around him.

“Good girl.” Lotor praised her, doing a tiny nibble on her ear.

“I want your cock!” Allura repeated it louder, tone more urgent, surprising him when her hand dropped to the front of his pants. She pressed her palm against the bulge there, rubbing it in a desperate motion. He stayed fixated on her ear, kissing behind it as he leaned into her rubbing, wanting to see what else she would do.

Allura began a desperate mantra, please whispered no less than a thousand times, her arm holding him against her. Her other hand shifted, fingers finding the zipper to his pants, and pulling it down so fast he thought she’d break it off. “Please….!” She said, her hand drawing out his member, fingers curing around his shaft.

Now it was his turn to moan, Lotor letting out a desperate saying of her name. “Allura!” His hips moved, involuntarily thrusting into her hand, Allura crying out in protest.

“NO! Inside me!”

He abandoned her ear, giving her a quick kiss on the lips, finding she was tugging urgently on his manhood, trying to draw him closer to her spread thighs. His little darling was so eager for him, she was ready to pull him inside her, Lotor smiling at her actions.

“Okay, okay! I’ll give you what you’re so desperate for.” Lotor said, catching at her wrist to draw her hand away from his cock. His other hand gripped her body, fingers tense on her hip as he started to slide into position. They groaned together, voices mingled in passion, Lotor’s cock probing her as slowly as his tongue had.

“Faster!” She got out, her legs moving to wrap around his waist.

It made him laugh, Lotor teasing her with his retort. “Well, aren’t you a bossy little thing!” She just looked at him, her eyes heated, her face flushed. He watched her mouth open in a round o of shock, Lotor thrusting inside her, no longer teasing her with a slow penetration. He went in easy enough, the way slicked with her arousal, Lotor pulling back his hips to draw out of her. He could feel Allura’s legs tensing around him, the girl using her feet to pull him back in.

Lotor let out a pleasured hiss, enjoying the friction that was starting to generate between them. He let go of her hand, grabbing at her body, hands sliding behind her back, finger oh so careful on the cotton. The dress covered most of her wounds, the back high and leaving just the briefest of skin showing just above her shoulder blades. But he knew they were there, Lotor being careful as he touched her, not wanting to agitate her injuries.

As he rubbed circles on her back, his hips kept up a steady pace, pistoning back and forth, his body slamming into hers with forceful thrusts. He cringed the first time he did it, thinking he was being too rough too soon, but Allura cried out like she was loving it, grabbing at his shoulders and pulling him close to her. Her own nails dug into his skin, Lotor not minding the pain, feeling her scratch and even bite at his shoulder, her cry a muffled whimper on his skin.

Everything about her was distracting, Lotor almost mindless as he continued his thrusts, feeling the rub of her body as he moved in and out of her tight sheathe. His own lips grazed the side of her head, Lotor whispering hoarsely into her hair. “Allura!”

He could feel her breasts rubbing against his chest, the two pressed so tightly together it was impossible to separate them. He had no intention of letting her go, and neither did Allura, clinging so strongly to him. His hands slid down her back, moving to go under her skirt and grip her rear. He held her up off the bed, stabbing in as deep as he could go, Allura gasping when he brushed against the entrance to her womb.

The snug fit around him grew tighter yet, Allura’s insides constricting as she climaxed, the girl shuddering, caught in the tight grip of pleasure. The shudders were nearly his undoing, Lotor feeling it down all the way down to the bottom of his feet. His thrusting became even more frantic, Allura’s coos in his ears as each movement of his cock sent more quivers through her, her body sensitive in the way that only followed an orgasm.

It ended the way all good sex must, with screams and shaking, Lotor howling his pleasure into Allura’s hair. His hips jabbed forward one last time, and at the deepest point inside her, he gave in, letting his seed spill out of him to fill up her womb. They clung to each other, Lotor determined not to pull out until every last drop was inside her, his own body trembling from the force of his release.

His fingers were tense on her ass, holding her firmly in place, Lotor hearing a noise and realizing it was the combined sound of their breathless panting. He could feel her breath blowing against his neck, Allura’s face buried against it.

He did something he never ever did, he whispered out words, a first for him. “I love you.” He said into her hair, hearing her make a sound. Slowly he eased her down onto the bed, reluctantly drawing out of her, her legs falling away from his sides. She was slow to release her arms’ hold on him, but when he did he saw her eyes were wet, the tears glistening on her cheeks.

“Allura?” He said in concern, going to touch her face. “What’s the matter?”

She shook her head, and whispered out an answer. “Happy.”

“You’re happy?” He asked, and smiled when she nodded her head, the move slow and hesitant. “Then I’m happy too.” That got her to smile, an expression that was exceedingly rare for Allura. It left Lotor stunned, the prince dazzled by the beauty of her smile, his fingers moving to trace the upwards curve of her lips.

She playfully kissed at his fingertips, Lotor’s own grin widening, the man bringing his face down to replace his fingers with his lips. She had to be tired, but she reacted enthusiastically to his kiss, all fire and passion as she kissed him back. For the moment Lotor lost himself to the warm softness of her lips, not at all concerned with his father’s schemes, Haggar’s words, of the burning need to get Allura pregnant. For now none of that mattered, none of it existed, it was just the two of them, alone in their shared bed.

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