Slave 045

The bed sheets were kicked aside, the silk badly wrinkled, with tears in several sections, a remnant of Allura’s nails. Pillows were spread around, spilling onto the floor, unwanted for the moment. The bed itself was a mess, it’s mattress knocked off it’s frame by several inches. It would have to be moved back, but for now Lotor ignored it, his eyes all for the girl laying naked next to him on the bed.

Allura was on her side, face propped up by her elbow, her hair a tangled mess from how often he had run his fingers through her golden curls. He was sure his own hair was just as rumpled, Allura hadn’t been able to keep her hands off of it.

A meal lay out between them, spread out on a silver tray, various food stuffs meant to energize and increase one’s passion. Things such as steamed oysters, their shells already cracked open for easy access to their meat inside. Plenty of fruit, date palms, pineapples, and pomegranates. Even the pulp of the Durian fruit, which Allura reached for now, popping the sticky substance into lips that were swollen from how many times he had kissed them.

Lotor himself drank Agave wine, a potent mixture meant to increase virility and get one’s blood pounding. He kept the wine away from Allura, the girl pouting as he forced her to settle for sparkling cider. He reached for a bite sized piece of melted cacao tree chocolate, the dark brown candy a rich treat for the taste buds. Earlier he had spread some of the melted chocolate onto Allura’s body, taking great pleasure in licking it off her.

She had squirmed and cried out, the girl having an innate weakness to his tongue’s movements. The mattress itself ended up with stains of the chocolate, dark smears that ended up on his own skin as well. For now he was content to eat the food normally, letting them both recharge from their exhausting bouts of love making.

He felt like he was in a heightened state of arousal, no doubt the food had played their hand well. But it was more than that, Lotor being attuned to Allura’s body, reacting to the smallest touch, the slightest movement. Such as now, seeing her tongue coming out to lick up the sticky juice off her lips. Almost without being able to stop himself, Lotor found himself leaning towards her, his shadow falling over the tray as he pressed his lips to hers.

It was an odd taste, mixing the chocolate with the Durian fruit, almost sour as the pulp overwhelmed the chocolate. He didn’t care, finding the natural sweetness of her mouth was more potent than the most bitter of tastes.

He went to deepen the kiss, and Allura pulled back, leaving him to blink confused eyes at her. She shook her head, but she was smiling as she chided him. “Ah, we just….just did it. We rest now.”

“It?” He pretended not to know what she spoke of, a pout forming on his lips.

She flushed, mumbling out an answer. “We just…..we just had sex….”

“Love.” He corrected her. “We made love.”

Her blush deepened, Allura reaching for a date palm, occupying her mouth so as not to have to answer him. He chuckled, Lotor taking another piece of chocolate, careful to lick his fingers clean of it’s gooey remains. Allura’s eyes watched him, and his tongue slowed, Lotor making a sensual art of the finger cleansing. She couldn’t pull away from watching him, as though he had cast a hypnotic spell on her.

It was broken when he chuckled, Allura quickly lowering her eyes, embarrassed. She reached for more pulp, showing a preference to the sticky Durian fruit.

It had been hours since he first took her to his bed, hours since they locked themselves in his chambers, shunning the outside world except for a brief visit for a platter of the food they dined on now. Hours since Haggar’s visit, Lotor just now remembering her cryptic words as she exited his quarters.

“Allura…?” He spoke her name lazily, as though what he was about to say was something of no importance. She lifted her eyes to acknowledge him, chewing softly on the pulp. “Tell me….what do you know about the lost technology of Arus?”

A frown from her, Allura shaking her head. “I…I do not know this word. Technology?”

Bother! He mirrored her frown, trying to think how to convey it’s meaning. “You know….science…..computers….electronics?” She was shaking her head, showing she was unfamiliar with all those words.

“Lotor? What about Arus? What are you asking me?”

“Hold on.” He slid out of the bed, unmindful of his nudity as he padded barefoot over to the large computer set up in the corner of the room opposite his bar. She watched him, the food forgotten for the moment as he took a seat before the computer console. He switched it on, the monitor flaring to life with a bright glow, Lotor waiting impatiently for it to finish loading up it’s start up program.

“Computer…” Lotor said, typing in his password, and using the mouse to click onto the castle’s private web server. “Locate me a translation program. Drule to Arusian.”

The computer’s high pitched voice crackled out it’s acknowledgment, Lotor watching as pages began loading up. He picked one at random, eyes reading the type hurriedly, Lotor looking for the correct link to click on. He found it, and soon he was typing the word onto the screen, the computer ticking away the seconds as it set to work locating the Arusian equivalent.

A word came up, Lotor trying to pronounce it. Allura smiled, and eased off the bed, walking over to him. She repeated the word, pronunciation drastically different from the one Lotor had said. He shrugged, and pointed at the monitor, Allura reading the word and nodding.

“Technology…” He turned his chair to look at her, hands reaching for her body. She went unresisting to his lap, sitting so the side of her body touched his chest. “What is it about Arus you ask me?”

“The lost technology of Arus.” Lotor said, watching as her eyes widened with surprise. “I want to know about it.”

“It’s nothing, really.” She began, a wistful sigh escaping her. ‘It’s just a story, a…fairy tale.” An unfamiliar word, Lotor reaching to type it into the program.

“Ah, a fairy tale.” She nodded, and he continued. “I’d like to hear it anyway.” Allura looked hesitant, and he touched her shoulder, offering her a soft smile. “Please.”

“All right.” Allura was quiet a moment, just gathering her thoughts, her lips moving silently as she tried to find the right words to speak in Drule. “There is a story, a legend…Arus wasn’t always the simple planet you see. We were once a great Mecca of power, of…technology. Our civilization was very advanced….”

She kept pausing, slipping into Arusian, Lotor working to translate her words via the computer program. It took time, but little by little he filled in the blanks of her story, able to follow along with what she was saying.

“What happened?” Lotor asked, and she gave a shrug.

“No one knows for sure.” Allura frowned. “There are many ideas about how the once great civilization was destroyed. Some say it was the Gods themselves punishing our ancestors for their arrogance. Others say a natural disaster happened, while more say a comet hit the planet, laying devastation in it’s wake.” She paused to let him translate her words, Lotor wondering if any of it could be true.

“We had many things…” continued Allura. “Castles that could transform into space ships…a planetary shield much like the one on Pollux, cures for all kinds of diseases. But supposedly, the greatest of technology was our protector Voltron.”

“Voltron?” Lotor said, and tried typing the word into the computer. She stopped him, hand on his wrist, Allura shaking her head no. “You won’t find any translation for that word….it is special.”

“Who is Voltron?”

“You should ask WHAT is Voltron.” Allura corrected him. She was changing as she spoke, growing wistful and nostalgic. “He….it is a mighty….robot. Unstoppable with it’s sword and it’s raw power. The stories say Voltron was a sentient being, one who’s arrogance grew until a Goddess took notice. She struck him down, but did not destroy him. Instead he was split into five parts, made into five smaller robots, lion shaped ships.”


Allura nodded. “Even split apart Voltron was still strong enough to repel defenders. But something happened, he was lost, the lions going to sleep deep in the ground.” Now she sighed, the sound deep and depressed. “Our stories blame the loss of the lions on everything going wrong. Without Voltron to fight for us, to watch over us, the disasters struck, spreading ruin across the planet.”

Lotor was still thinking about the lion shaped ships, wondering at their strength. “So this Voltron and the lions were weapons of war…?”

“Weapons for peace.” Allura corrected him. “Arus never, ever went after other planets. We stuck to ourselves as best we could. Voltron was our defender, our protector, repelling invaders, stopping comets, putting out fires. Voltron could do it all.”

“Sounds like it.” Lotor said. “And you have no proof of it’s existence?”

“No, just the stories handed down from generation to generation.” Replied Allura. “We never found any artifacts, any signs of the lions. But my people did find ruins….remains of buildings with strange devices. Sadly no one has ever figured out how to activate them, the power source is loss to us. As is the records our ancestors surely kept.”

“What can you tell me about the lions? What sort of powers did they have?” Lotor asked.

“They were the power of nature itself, the five key elements contained in each of the lions. Water, Wind, Fire, Earth, and Lightning.” Allura said, counting off on her fingers. “They were magic.” She finished up simply, and Lotor frowned.

“Magic….” If that was true, no wonder Haggar had an interest in them!

“Lotor….” He met her eyes, seeing the curiosity in them. “Why did you ask? How…how did you even know about the stories?”

“It’s no reason.” Lotor shook his head, easing her off the lap. “Just an idle curiosity.” She frowned, not believing him but did not press him for the truth. “Allura, go start the shower. I’ll join you shortly.”

She was silent a moment, still staring searchingly at his face. At last she sighed, and nodded, moving away from his side. Lotor watched her walk, admiring her backside as she headed towards the room’s bathroom. He waited until the door closed behind her, and heard the sounds of the shower start to move into action, Lotor clearing the computer screen of the translation programs.

“Computer, activate voice mode only.” Lotor said, a picture of him appearing on the screen. His fingers began typing, Lotor keying in the transmission codes to the Carnage, the flag ship of the fifty forth fleet of Doom. He waited impatiently, as the signal was sent out, traveling millions and millions of light years to reach the ship as it floated above planet Arus.

At last he was answered, the screen splitting in half to show a static image of the General who answered the call. “Ah General Dicorta…” Lotor began, leaning back in his seat. “A greetings to you.”

“Prince Lotor…hello.” Dicorta echoed his greetings, his voice sounded tired and tinged with nervousness. “If you are calling about the Arus project, I regret to inform you, we have made no progress in our inquiries.”

“I figured as much from the lack of communication between us.” Lotor made a tsking sound. “I have some news for you, some interesting information that may be worth following.”

“At this point any help would be appreciated.” Said Dicorta.

“Wait until you hear this before you get your hopes up.” Lotor said. “There is a rumor, a story handed down among the locals of a time when Arus was much more advance than it is now.”

“Ah…we’ve seen some of the ruins.” Interjected Dicorta. “We’ve been able to activate some of the lesser technology by giving it an energy source of lazon fuel. But what we have found is merely the equal of things in the Doom Empire. The…bigger devices, we have had no success in activating. Whatever they are, they are holding fast to their secrets.”

“I see. Well….don’t waste too much time trying to operate archaic contraptions.” Lotor’s lips twitched, knowing he was about to drop a bombshell on the general. “I want you to speak to the locals….ask them about their lost technology. More specifically, find out anything you can on Voltron.”


“Yes. It’s the name of their guardian. A robot that just may prove more advance than anything we have ever seen.” Lotor certainly hoped that was the case.

“Guardian robots?” There was a hint of laughter in Dicorta’s voice.

“It gets better. It’s composed of five lesser robots. Lion shaped ships that rely on magic and nature for weapons.” Lotor heard Dicorta sigh, the man speaking hesitantly.

“I don’t wish to doubt you, your highness….But really….Voltron, lion robots, magic? This sounds nothing more than wishful thinking.”

“It just may be.” Admitted Lotor. “But if there is a chance, no matter how small, it is worth pursuing.”

“All right…We’ll gather up some of the local historians and have them tell us what they know.” Dicorta said.

“Do so. And move swiftly General. Time is running out for Arus…” Lotor reminded him. “You MUST be successful.”

“I and my crew shall do our best.” Promised the General.

“Your best is all I can ask for you. Lotor out.” He was already switching off the computer as Dicorta said his good-byes, Lotor leaning back in his chair to steeple his fingers together. His eyes narrowed, Lotor hoping that Haggar had not just sent them all on a wild goose chase where Arus was concerned.

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