Slave 046

Her back was against the wall, rubbing against the hard surface, a move that was surely agitating her injuries. But she didn’t care, Allura barely noticing if there was any pain, too consumed with the pleasure between her legs.

“Hmmm! AH!!” She heard her voice as though it sounded from a distance, tinny and echoing, a strange distortion to it. It was barely recognizable as her own, Allura hearing the pleading note as she begged him, for what she was not sure. To stop, or to continue, either option seemed unbearable at this point. “Please!”

Lotor silenced her cries with his lips, heat flaring at the touch of their mouths. It wasn’t the only hot spot on her body, she tingled everywhere he kissed her, the flames of desire licking along her body and remaining burning. Aching, needing, wanting. He made her too sensitive to him, too aware of his every movement, too hungry for him, Allura feeling as though she was changing in his arms, becoming something different. Something as desperate and needy as him, her arms tightening around his back.

She couldn’t get away from him, he had complete control of her body, lifting her up to balance against the wall, his arms holding onto her legs, forcing them to wrap around him. It was a sign of his strength how effortlessly he held her up, able to both keep her suspended in the air, and move his hips in and out between her dangling legs.

“Ah no!” Her voice came out again, his lips having released hers, Lotor growling softly as he pressed his mouth to the side of her throat. She could feel him biting her, fangs gentle on her skin, the man leaving a trail of love bites up and down the side of her neck. She squealed loudly, Allura feeling him speed up, his pace frantic, driving her body to match his with the shaking of her hips.

Some part of her watched this all detached, watched and wondered, whispering in her mind. Asking her how long it had been since they locked themselves into this room, how many minutes, how many hours, how many DAYS. It seemed an unusual amount of loving even for one of the prince’s stamina, Lotor desperate and beyond spoiled indulgence as he had at her.

It was almost too much for one woman to bear, for her to take, this all consuming sum of his desires. Even on Pollux they hadn’t done it as often as they did now, Allura left struggling to keep up with his pace, wondering if anyone in the harem would be able to match him in his lusts.

“St…..stop!” She half begged, half gasped, her fingers tightening on his back, the black silk of his open robe crumpling under her nails. It looked nice against his blue skin, the material rustling from his movements.

“Just a little bit longer.” Came his moaned out answer, the prince thrusting into her harder. He filled her so completely, his cock stabbing into her with sure moves, expanding her insides just enough to accept him into her body. She seemed to sob every time he withdrew, missing the feel of holding him inside her, even as she protested it as too much sensation, too soon and too often.

It was almost too much for her when she came, back arching up off the wall, her chest being pressed against his as everything about her grew tight. Her muscles, her nerves, her most secret place. Her legs around him squeezed his body, Allura letting out a wild yowl, her hands scrambling to pull him harder against him. He let her move him, his cock seeming to thrust in deeper as she constricted around it.

It wasn’t just tightness she felt, a tension left her body as stars seemed to explode behind her lowered eye lids. The moment seemed to last an eternity, though in reality it was over too soon, Allura melting, body going limp with relief as she sagged in place against him. But he wasn’t done, Lotor striving for his own climax, hips pounding away, leaving her to wonder how bruised and sore she would be from his treatment.

Each thrust of his cock had aftershocks spiking through her, remnants of her own climax that left her shuddering as though she experienced miniature releases in quick succession. They were no less intense, Allura making protesting squeals, finding Lotor’s mouth reclaiming hers. He thrust his tongue past her swollen lips, caressing her tongue in fast, strokes that mimicked the speed and roughness of his cock’s thrusting down below.

She continued to voice her protests, hoping for a chance to recover, and knowing it would not come. Allura almost cried in relief when she felt him tense, Lotor breaking off the kiss to let out a wild shout, surging forward one last time to slam into her. She felt it when he released inside her, sticky but warm, the heat hotter than anything their two bodies had produced on their own.

Lotor kept her pinned, his head titled back so he looked not at her but the ceiling, his whole body shuddering. It sent off her own shudders, tingles coursing it’s way through her body. She was relieved he had finally decided to end this, Allura wanting nothing more than to be set down so she could stumble to the bed. Though the way her legs were feeling, weak and rubbery, she’d settle for going to sleep on the carpeted floor!

He still wasn’t letting her down, even as he looked at her through lust filled eyes, a smirk on his lips as he looked to her for a reaction. She gave him one, chest heaving as she took in forceful gulps of air, sure her face was a red mess from her blush, aware of the beads of sweat on her skin. Her hair was wild, tangled and sticking to the wall, static electricity holding it in place.

The longer he held her up, the more she became aware of her body’s aches and pains, she let the discomfort show in her eyes, watching as Lotor’s smirk faded to a frown. “What’s wrong?” He asked, his tone alert and ripe with concern.

“Tired.” She whispered, her voice sounding hoarse from all the screaming she had done.

“Not too tired I hope.” Came his answer, and at last he pulled out of her, his hands guiding her legs down to the floor. As her toes touched the carpet once more, she nearly sagged with relief, only her hold on his back, and his hand suddenly on her waist kept her upright, Allura leaning into Lotor wearily.

She was instantly suspicious at his words, giving him a perplexed look. He chuckled, and began helping her to the bed, his voice a soothing murmur. “Relax Allura. I’ve no intention of taking you again so soon. Even I need my rest.”

She was doubtful of that, collapsing gratefully onto the bed, watching as Lotor sat down next to her, pulling his robe closed. “Then why?” She asked, finding his right hand was in her hair, petting her now.

“It’s just we have someone to meet.” He explained, and his face showed his lack of enthusiasm at the prospect.

“We?” She questioned sharply, seeing him nod.

“Yes. It has to do with the baby. I…I’ve gotten you a nursemaid.” She wondered at his hesitation, Lotor continuing. “She’ll be helping you out as you prepare to give birth. Breathing exercises, and making sure you have the proper diet and care. That sort of thing….” Again he hesitated.


“This baby is special. Special because it’s ours.” He placed his other hand on her stomach, caressing it in a slow rubbing motions. “She’ll be able to help you protect it.”

“Protect it how?” Allura asked, then followed up with a gasp. “And from what?!”

“With magic.” He answered. “It’s just a precaution. Just in case.” She wasn’t reassured, Allura wondering what Lotor thought could go wrong with the pregnancy. Her doubts and fears showed on her face, Lotor smiling down at her. “I won’t let anything harm you or the baby. I promise.”

“I want to believe but…your father…”

“My father won’t be an issue if he knows what is good for him.” His eyes had hardened the instant she mentioned Zarkon, Lotor growing moody and angry. “He wouldn’t dare give you away when you are carrying my heir!”

“What about after?” Her tone was apprehensive, Allura worried about her fate nine months from now.

“A lot can change in nine months.” Lotor smiled, his answer cryptic. “Who knows, my father may not be alive for the birth of his own grandchild.” That made Allura’s eyes widen, the girl sitting up to touch Lotor’s arm.

“Are you planning something?” She couldn’t keep the fear out of her voice, worried for him and what would happen should he fail.

“It’s better if you don’t ask.” Lotor told her, and placed a kiss on her forehead. “Ah….are you recovered enough to get dressed?” She really wasn’t, Allura unable to hold back her sigh. Lotor smirked and stood, stalking over to the closet. He rummaged through the clothing there, pulling out a light blue dress that had a darker blue jacket to go over the sleeveless arms.

“Here…Put this on.” He handed it to her, then dropped his robe, returning to the closet to pick out his own set of clothes. Another sigh from Allura, the girl struggling to pull the dress over her head.

“Lotor?” Her voice muffled as she slid down the silk, hands pulling it into place around her. “Do we have to go meet with this woman now? Can’t we rest a while?”

“I’m afraid not.” He was buttoning up a black shirt, fingers moving quickly over the fastenings. “I’ve put it off as long as I can afford. She’s growing impatient with me…”

“I didn’t think anyone could dare grow impatient with the crown prince of Doom!” Allura exclaimed, sliding her arms into the jacket’s sleeves. It’s length was short, the material falling to end just beneath her breasts.

“There are some exceptions…” Lotor admitted, zipping up his pants. “Haggar is one of those.”

“Haggar?” She repeated the name, watching as Lotor brought her her shoes, slippers dyed to match the blue of her dress. He nodded at her, and once her shoes were in place, his hands caught at her wrists, pulling her to her feet.

Taking her by the hand, he led her out of the room, Allura taking shaky steps behind him. She willed herself not to fall or stumble, wanting to save herself from that sort of embarrassment.

They passed through the outer room, and into the hall, several guards walking up and down the length of it, in the midst of their daily patrol. They stopped when they saw their prince, dropping hasty bows to Lotor. Their eyes seemed to stare knowingly at Allura, the girl turning red with embarrassment, knowing what everyone had to have assumed she had been doing these past few days.

It was all the worse that they would be right, Allura’s body aching from the fierce love makings she had gotten from Lotor.

“Carry on.” Lotor ordered, the guards straightening. They resumed their patrol, Allura being led past them and deeper into the castle. Once they left the area of the harem, she no longer felt comfortable with their surroundings, the girl knowing they were leaving the safety of Lotor’s domain and traveling deeper into Zarkon’s territory. It made her wonder why the nursemaid couldn’t come to them, Allura’s hand tightening on Lotor’s, seeking reassurance.

“Lotor…” He glanced over his shoulder at her, but did not slow his walking, leading her around a bend in the hall. “Was it okay that you spent all that time with me? I mean….surely you had more important things to do…”

“You’re the most important thing in my life at the moment.” His blunt honesty surprised her, Allura ducking her head shyly.

“But surely your father would object…”

“My father is content to let me do as I please. He just wants me to stay close to the castle.” A chuckle then, Lotor amused. “He’s all but grounded me, forbidden me from taking you and leaving the planet.”

“Oh.” She wondered why, wishing she knew why Zarkon was so determined to keep them on Doom. It wasn’t as though she was so late in her pregnancy as for space travel to be unsafe for her and the baby!

“Do not worry so.” Lotor said, his voice a soft command. “I am not going anywhere, especially without you!”

That cheered her up some, Allura relieved to know Lotor would always be near. “Thank you.” She whispered, his sharp hearing picking up her words, the prince giving her a gruff nod in acknowledgment.

They continued traveling through the castle, winding their way through the twists and turns of the corridors, until at last they were in a hall with a row of doors down one wall. Lotor marched right over to one, it’s door looking like all the others, and made a fist. Before he could connect it with the metal, the door was sliding open, an agitated face appearing in it’s place.

“It’s about time you got here!” The voice was female, high pitched to the point of being annoying. It didn’t help that she was angry, her words practically screeching as she spoke.

“I was seeing to that matter you so hen pecked me about.” Lotor retorted, and pushed at the woman’s body. She moved, allowing the prince to step inside, Allura having no choice but to follow where he led her.

As they walked inside, Allura risked taking a peek at the woman, seeing her dressed in faded brown robes, a hood up over her head, hiding whatever hair she might have had. Her skin was a dark blue, darker than the prince’s, and covered with wrinkles. The woman seemed to look back at Allura, studying her just as intently, her cracked lips slowly forming what Allura realized was an attempt at a smile!

Uncertain, she gave a small, hesitant smile back, feeling Lotor draw her closer to him as though he didn’t trust this exchange. The woman shot him an annoyed look, then shut the door, locking it tight behind them.

“Well, Allura….this is her.” Lotor said, voice holding an unrecognizable note of emotion to it. “This is Haggar. Haggar the ….nursemaid.”

Haggar turned, and swept out her arm, bowing stiffly to Allura. “I am pleased to meet you, your highness.” Allura gasped in surprise, her eyes growing wide with shock. She heard Lotor make a sound, surprise at the heart of it. She couldn’t blame him, Allura could barely believe it herself. Haggar had just greeted her in near perfect Arusian, only her Drule accent fudged some of the pronunciation.

“You speak Arusian!” Allura exclaimed, excited to have someone new to converse with.

“Oh a little, a little.” Haggar laughed, the sound like broken glass, grating to hear. “It’s been ages since I’ve had the chance to practice it though, so I’m a bit rusty.”

“You sound more than proficient at it.” Allura told her, and felt Lotor shift besides her. He cleared his throat, drawing the two female’s attention to him, a frown on his face.

“Men.” Haggar scoffed. “Always having to be the center of attention. Especially princes!” Allura just giggled, seeing Lotor’s frown grow, the man hardly appeased when Haggar switched back to Drule. “Calm down your highness, we won’t leave you out of the conversation for long.”

“Why didn’t you tell me you could speak Arusian?!” Lotor demanded with a snarl.

“Because you never asked.” Retorted Haggar, and she brushed past the pair to walk over to her desk. “Now….bring her closer to me…I must….check on the baby.”

Still grumbling to himself, Lotor led Allura over to the nursemaid, the girl noticing there was several things laid out across the table’s surface. A bowl with bubbling green water, and some distance from it was a smaller bowl, empty for the moment. Various bottles of colorful liquids lay next to the empty bowl, along with a jar of sand, and some other unidentifiable herbs.

“Now this is a spell…old magic passed down from mid wife to mid wife. It’ll tell us if the baby is strong, although with Lotor as the father there can be no doubt of that!” She winked at Allura, the girl letting out a nervous giggle.

“Just get it over with.” Lotor growled, and Haggar flashed him an annoyed look.

“Magic can’t be rushed. It takes time to do a spell properly. You’d best be learning that from the start!” Snapped Hagger, her yellow eyes flashing.

“Fine, fine.” Lotor sighed.

“Now…give me your hand dear.” Hagger said, holding out her hand to Allura. She moved, extending her arm in the nursemaid’s direction, the woman grasping hold of her wrist with withered fingers. Her other hand lifted a large sewing needle off the table, Allura’s eyes growing wide with apprehension. Lotor mirrored her concern, his voice sharp as he spoke.

“What is that for? You won’t hurt Allura?!”

“Hurt her? Heavens no!” Hagger shook her head. “But I’ll need a drop of blood from her if the spell is to work.” She cast a side long glance at Lotor, smirking. ‘I’ll need your blood too, prince.”

“Mine?!” He sounded less than thrilled, Haggar nodding.

“It’s essential to the spell.” She switched to Arusian, speaking as soft as she could manage to Allura. “It’ll just be a quick prick. The pain will fade all too fast. Are you ready my dear?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” Allura admitted with a sigh. She had barely finished, and Haggar was already jabbing her index finder with the needle, Allura gasping, an outcry of pain from her.

“Allura?!” Lotor’s hands on her shoulders, the prince rubbing them in concern.

“I’m fine.” She assured him in Drule, watching as Hagger squeezed out a fat drop of blood from her finger into the bowl.

“Now you.” Haggar said, and Lotor reluctantly gave her his hand. He didn’t quite cry as she stabbed him, though he did jump in place when the needle pierced his skin. Hagger cackled as she let his blood join Allura’s in her bowl, the woman setting down the needle and reaching for a bottle. “You can rest on my cot dearie. I know you are in need of it.” A look of disapproval at Lotor, the witch tsking.

Allura blushed, but went to sit down on the cot in the corner, seeing the blue cat that slept on it’s pillow give her a considering look. She must have passed some kind of test, for it raised up on all four paws, yawning loudly as it stretched and padded over to her. It bumped it’s head against her arm, Allura hesitantly reaching to pet it. At the touch of her fingers, a loud, rumbling purr came out, the cat vocal in it’s pleasure.

Lotor and Haggar were holding a whispered conversation, the words coming too fast for Allura to follow. As they talked, Haggar’s hands moved, uncorking bottles and pouring various colorful liquids into the bowl. She soon was dumping the sand in, a wooden spoon mixing the concoction. Herbs were cut and crushed, their remains sprinkled into the mixture, Haggar muttering under her breath.

At her last word, a poof of smoke erupted from the center of the bowl, leaving both the prince and the nursemaid to choke on the smell.

“Well, Haggar?” Lotor demanded, his hand waving at the smoke in an attempt to bat it away. “What are the results?”

Haggar peered into the bowl, eyes squinted almost shut as she searched for something. At last she turned and nodded at Lotor, the prince letting out a sigh as tension seemed to flow out of his body.

“It is done.” Said the nursemaid, and now she laughed. “Cortana won’t know what to think when I drop my shielding spells!”

“You’re sure about this?” Lotor asked, and now Haggar scowled at him.

“Of course I’m sure! And you should be too! Don’t dare doubt my magic!”

“I’m not, I’m not!” protested Lotor, and he turned away from the witch to walk towards Allura. “I’m just a bit…taken aback by the confirmation.”

“Now is not the time for uncertainties. You knew what you were trying to do when you set out on this goal.” Haggar reminded him.

“Uncertainties?” Allura echoed the word, the two Drules looking surprised. It was as though they had forgotten she could understand them, the pair exchanging uncomfortable looks.

“Just the typical concerns and fears all new fathers have.” Haggar said as an answer, Allura nodding in understanding. As a new mother, she had concerns of her own, so she shouldn’t be surprised that Lotor would worry about the baby and the changes it would bring to his lifestyle. “It’s nothing to worry your pretty little head about.”

“Are we finished here?” Lotor asked, touching the back of Allura’s hair. He seemed eager to leave this room, growing more agitated the longer he spoke with the nursemaid.

“Yes, yes. You can go now. But remember to bring her back for frequent visits.” Haggar shook a finger at Lotor. “It will take time to teach her the white magic she needs to cast the protection spells. Plus I’ll be monitoring the child’s growth carefully through out these long nine months. We are in agreement that neither one of us wants anything to happen to Allura or the baby.”

“Is…something wrong with my child?” Allura asked, a concerned look on her face. The two Drules looked at her, and she flushed. “All this talk is making me nervous.”

“You shouldn’t be.” Lotor started to say, and Haggar interrupted him.

“She should! It’s a high risk pregnancy when you consider the outside factors.”

“Don’t upset Allura needlessly!” Lotor snapped.

“Lotor, please…..I want….need to know.” Allura begged, touching his arm.

He sighed, and knelt down before her, capturing both her hands in his. “Allura, it’s too soon to know how your body will react to carry a half Drule baby. But there are other factors…I have many enemies, people who won’t hesitate to try and hurt you and the child. It’s one reason why I’ve brought you to Haggar. She’ll teach you the magic needed to protect you and the baby you carry. So…don’t worry…”

“How can I not?” A troubled Allura asked.

“Well….try not to worry quite as hard.” Lotor amended. “We just have to get through these next few months. Cossack and my guard will be on high alert, and you’ll have me by your side as much as possible. So…please, relax. Worrying won’t do any good for the baby.”

“All right…” Allura said, sighing in agreement. He smiled, and stood, still holding onto her hands, pulling her off the cot. Allura glanced down at her stomach, trying not to frown, trying to do what Lotor asked her to do. But inwardly she couldn’t help but shiver, wondering just what sort of things his enemies would try to do to them.

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