Slave 075

His hunger for her was mounting, Lotor descending upon Allura’s flesh like a starved man, using his mouth and tongue to explore the texture of her nipples. They stiffened further in his mouth, the prince doing delicate sucks on flesh that was exceedingly sensitive. Even at his most gentle, she wiggled and cried out, fighting against his grip on her shoulders.

It left him intrigued, Lotor wanting to find out just how sensitive she had become, his tongue swirling over the peak of the breast in his mouth. Apparently that touch was enough to make Allura arch her back, pressing more firmly against his lips even as she cried out a protesting no. He barely registered her words, so used to ignoring what others wanted in favor of his own needs and desires.

And his need was great, he could feel his cock throbbing in the tight confines of his pants, Lotor pressing more firmly against Allura’s legs. They were still closed, a situation that needed to be remedied just as soon as he could tear his mouth away from her breast. He settle for alleviating the pressure in his pants by grinding against her, friction being slow to generate, teasing and tantalizing him.

A moan erupted from him, muffled against her skin as he began sucking just a little harder on her breast. Even as she moved her hands against his brow, pushing at his face to move him, Lotor stayed connected to her. He growled a warning to her, her hands dropping away as she muttered something about being too sensitive, seeming to give up on protesting his actions.

It didn’t ease the tension in him, Lotor unable to relax completely even as he lavished attention on Allura. It was times like this that had Lotor wondering how he had made it through the last several weeks without her. He had been as close to celibate as a man of his sexual appetite could be, ignoring his harem and favoring his hand. It wasn’t enough to curb his need for Allura, and though he was able to reach climax with his hand on many an occasion, he couldn’t truthfully say he was satisfied.

Not in the way just touching her bare body made him, a kind of contentment easing through him. It just felt so right, even as she shook and said no, Lotor abandoning her breasts to begin touching kisses down her belly. Allura seemed to sigh in relief, sagging back against the mattress an instant before he dipped his tongue inside her navel. That set her off squirming, Lotor gripping the sides of her waist, trying to hold her in place.

She gave an honest to goodness squeak at his actions, his tongue surely tickling her as he licked around her belly. He didn’t linger in one spot too long, kissing downwards as his lips reached the edge of her satin panties. The barrier infuriated him, Lotors’ breath sucking in on a hiss, even as he snagged the waist band with his teeth. He began dragging it downwards, mouth doing insistent tugs on the fabric, revealing the last of Allura’s body to him bit by bit.

His hands moved, fingers hooking into the sides of the panties as he abandoned his mouth’s hold on them. He had to fight with himself not to rip them off her completely, Lotor drawing them down past her knees. By the time he passed the panties over her toes, he was impatiently spreading her legs open, eyes and fingers seeking out the evidence of her arousal.

He found Allura wet and ready for him, Lotor making a satisfied sound. It seemed she too needed this as desperately as him, Lotor smiling as he stroked his fingers against her sex. His was careful actions, fingers feeling out each velvet fold, smearing her wetness in place. She made a soft cooing sound as he touched her, a glance at her face showing Allura’s eyes were closed. Her chest rose and fell with her heavy breath, Allura’s hips moving as she pushed back against his fingers.

Lotor couldn’t help chuckling, satisfied with the way she was reacting. He gave one last stroke of his fingers, then dropped both hands to the front of his pants. Impatience had him fumbling with the laces of his breeches, fingers all but tangling up in the strings. He let out an annoyed growl, tearing at the laces in an effort to free his erection from his pants.

Allura was unmoving, save for her fingers, which gripped the bed sheets, crushing the silk in her grasp. Cock in hand, Lotor pressed against her, bending down to kiss her lips even as his erection began to probe at the entrance of her body. Her lips moved against his, her voice so faint at first he thought he imagined Allura speaking.

“It hurt.”

He had been poised to penetrate her, Allura’s words confusing him. He lifted his head upward to stare at her now open eyes, but Allura wasn’t looking at him. Instead she was gazing up at the ceiling, eyes glistening with tears. “Pardon?” Lotor asked with a frown, wondering if he had hurt her somehow.

“It hurt.” She repeated, and slowly licked her lips. The sight of her tongue moving in the sensuously slide had his cock reacting, but Lotor steeled himself to be unmoving. It was taking every last ounce of will power not to thrust forward and impale her on his rock hard cock. “Seeing the castle like that.”

“I didn’t expect it to be easy on you.” Somehow he got those words out, sounding almost normal. He saw Allura blink, the act causing a tear to fall free of her eye. “The damage was extensive…” He added, even as she slowly looked at him, nodding her head in agreement.

“It was. It was terrible.” She still spoke softly, causing him to lean closer to hear her words. “I’ve never seen such damage before…” She sighed then, shaking her head no. “Even viewing it from afar, and knowing it happened months ago, it’s hard to distance myself from the hurt.”

He didn’t know what to say, Lotor having been responsible for much destruction and devastation in the past. He was long since used to such sights, and he lacked the emotional attachment to the building to share in Allura’s distress.

“Why did….why did your people do such a thing?” She asked, eyes begging him for answers. Her question made him sigh, Lotor easing back from her, rolling to the side to lay back on the bed. His erection continued to throb, practically screaming with need, Lotor knowing his desires would go unfulfilled this night.

“It’s a force of habit.” He said at last, hearing her echo his word.


“No…that’s not right…not really.” Lotor shook his head, staring up at the ceiling rather than look at Allura. “It’s more a demoralizing tactic….a way to bring the people’s spirits down.” He snorted though the sound was unamused. Out the corner of his eye he caught Allura looking at him, and he hastened to explain. “The castle was…is a symbol to the people of Arus. A remnant of the old regime…to see it untouched would give false hope, lead people to believe that maybe a return to the old rule would come about.”

She was quiet, just studying him as he fell silent. He waited a minute, hoping she would break the silence, though it became apparent Allura would not. “We’ve done this on many planets, time and time again.” Lotor added with a sigh. “Destroy what matters to the people…”

“On Pollux your men burned the paintings of the royal family…” Allura pointed out, then frowned. “Even on Arus, damage was done to the portraits in the castle’s gallery…”

“It’s a common practice to wipe out all remains of the previous rulers.” Lotor explained. “It’s not enough to just kill or enslave them…To wipe their memories from a planet’s history…..that is the Drule’s ultimate goal.”

“It’s horrible…” He nodded at that, seeing Allura was surprised at his agreement. “You’ve done it to my family on Arus…” It was not a question she asked, Allura boldly stating truth. “The only records that they were ever there is in the report you gave me….and in my memories….” Now Lotor looked at her, seeing Allura tremble as she fought to keep from crying. “They’re all dead now….my father….cousins, nieces and nephews….the kingdoms destroyed, their people enslaved.”

“I’m sorry.” He said it simple enough, and she shook her head, bringing up her hands to her face.

“Do you mean it?” Allura asked, voice muffled and sniffling through her tears. “Or are you just saying that?!”

He had to think about it, Lotor carefully considering his answer. “I mean it.” He said at last, and saw her lower her hands to stare at him surprised. “If it causes you pain, then I regret what has been done to Arus. I…I would change things if I could.”

“You still could…” She began, and now it was his turn to stare, seeing her lower her eyes as she offered up a suggestion. “You could make the conditions better for my people…you could…free them…”

She was so hopeful as she asked that, Lotor frowning at her. “I cannot free an entire planet’s worth of people!” He protested, hiding his wince at her upset. “Allura, you ask for the impossible…my father would never allow it. ” A rueful shake of his head, Lotor imagining the punishments his father would offer to him. “He’d have me disowned, or declared insane….he might even hand me over to Merla as a peace offering!”

Her face had fallen, Allura turning to stare up at the ceiling once more. He shifted closer to her, his hand closest to her touching her hair. “Forgive me…”

“It was a foolish request.” Allura said, tone stiff. “I should have known that, should have realized that before I asked.” He held back his agreement, concentrating on the feel of her hair. “My people…they will always be slaves of the Doom Empire…” She looked close to crumpling, tears streaming down her cheeks.

He couldn’t refute that, Lotor holding back a sigh. “What about the people who haven’t been enslaved?” Wet eyes peered at him, but they were without hope. “Such as the people who were hiding in the castle ruins?”

“What about them?” Lotor asked, tone guarded.

“Could you not do something about them….? Something to make their lives better?” questioned Allura.

“What would you have me do?” Lotor wanted to know, and she fell quiet thinking about it.

“Let them return to their homes….” suggested Allura. “Allow them a chance to live and to work for you. A little bit of kindness would go a long way towards easing resentment of their new rulers.” He held back his laugh, knowing the Drules didn’t give a damn about resentments being harbored. “The slaves….treat them well, and they will work hard for you….feed them properly, tend to their injuries rather than leave them to die or recover on their own…”

“You’re just full of suggestiosn, aren’t you?” Lotor murmured, amused. “Very well Allura…I will consider this.”

“Thank you!” She rolled over onto her side, facing him as she lifted her hand to touch his arm. She seemed about to hug him, but then reconsidered at the last minute, blushing bright red at the sight of his erection.

It was good that she didn’t pull him into the hug, Lotor unsure he would have been able to control himself any longer if he felt her soft body press against his cock. But still he couldn’t help sighing, his regret making itself known to her. “You better get some sleep.” Lotor told her, slowly sitting up, his every movement careful to avoid brushing up against Allura.

She stayed laying flat on the mattress, nodding her head in agreement. “I promise I will get those symbols deciphered and soon.”

“I’m counting on you Allura…” Lotor said, mustering up a smile in her direction. “Do not let me down…”

“I won’t…” She promised as he turned away from her. He could feel Allura’s eyes on his back, Lotor walking out a dignified pace towards the bedroom’s bathroom. It wasn’t until the door closed, that Lotor lost the last of his composure, the prince slamming a fist back against the metal door.

“Damn it!” A muffled curse escaped him, Lotor staring glumly down at his erection. The whole conversation with Allura had put him in a bad mood, Lotor annoyed and unsatisfied with the encounter. But he knew he couldn’t go back out there and insist on finishing, not when she was still so upset. Not if he wanted to prove he was a different person from the man he had been a few short months ago.

If he thought about things really hard, he could see the whole encounter had been wrong of him to initiate. She clearly hadn’t been ready emotionally to have sex with him, her protests still ringing in his ears. Protests that had only goaded him on, Lotor ignoring them in favor of his own desire. He wondered now if he could have ruined everything with Allura, and all for a few minutes of pleasure.

“I’m such an idiot!” He grimaced, even as his hand reached for his cock. He knew his erection wasn’t going away anytime soon, at least not without some assistance on his part. He sighed as he touched himself, Lotor resigned to once again using his hand for pleasure.

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