Slave 088

It had taken less than an hour for the nurse to give them permission to take Allura out of the hospital. By that time even Allura had been itching to leave, Lotor’s impatience transferring to her, and making her want to pace in agitation. She had all but grumbled as the nurse checked her vitals one last time, Allura fearing the woman would find some excuse to keep her longer in the hospital.

But her vitals had remained the same, perfectly healthy levels that no sane doctor could argue against. They simply had to release her, and give the room to someone else who needed it more. Lotor had been excited to leave, swooping down on Allura to lift her off the floor. She had tried to protest his carrying her, but the prince had been insistent, striding out of the room, and down the busy hospital corridor.

Even now as they drew near to the hall that housed their rooms, he still carried her cradled against his chest, Lotor practically humming under his breath as he stepped lively through the castle. Try as she might to begrudge him the act of carrying her like she was some sort of invalid, Allura couldn’t help smiling, Lotor’s good mood infectious. He had been unable to stop grinning, the prince ecstatic at the news they had learned.

Allura had to admit she too was excited over the knowledge that she was carrying twins, the girl getting over the shock of the news to embrace the thought of two lives growing within her. Even now as Lotor carried her, she kept one hand on her belly, rubbing circles into her skin as she imagined her children could sense the motion. Her joy hadn’t yet turned to sorrow, Allura refusing to think on how it would be doubly hard to leave two babies behind in six and a half months time.

Instead she concentrated on happy thoughts, her grin celebrating the fact that there were two babies, and they were healthy. From the way Lotor acted, it was a small miracle that neither child was affected by the magic Haggar and Allura had shared, or the attacks Allura had suffered at Cortana’s hand. Allura’s back was bruised, a mark from when she had been thrown into the bookcase, but other than that and the cuts on her wrist, she had gotten off easy.

Allura still broke out into shivers when she thought on how close Cortana had come to ending her life, the girl sure if she closed her eyes, she’d see the witch’s imperfect face, the dagger being brought down against her barrier again and again. She thanked her lucky stars that Haggar had taught her the magic she had needed to protect herself, even as Allura hoped that never again would the time come that she’d need to defend herself in that manner.

But with Zarkon still on the prowl, she feared that time would come and soon, Allura wondering what manner of attack he would use next. She was also wondering how they had discovered the secret to forming Voltron, Allura wishing desperately that there was some other way to form the mighty robot. She knew Lotor would never dream of sacrificing her or their children, but others would make the attempt if they knew.

“What’s the matter?” Lotor asked, his tone concerned as he gazed down at her. His smile had faltered, the prince noting how distracted she was.

“I’m just thinking about the future…” Allura answered as truthfully as she could. “What will happen now?”

“I’m not sure.” His honest answer surprised her, Allura expecting him to have made up some sort of fanciful tale to soothe her. “I’m just living moment to moment right now. Although soon it will come time to make plans, and decide our next course of action.”

“Yes.” She nodded, Lotor turning the corner that led into the corridor outside their apartments. For once it was empty of guards, the Drules sent elsewhere to help in the castle. “Can we afford to wait?”

“We have to.” Lotor said. “There’s not much we can do, trapped in the castle the way we are.” Most of the computers were still down, leaving them clueless about how the war was proceeding. Though Lotor put on confidant airs, insisting the lions had to be winning the war for them. “We’ll have to find Merla. She can’t be allowed to live…not after all the devastation she caused with this war of hers.”

Allura kept quiet to that, not wanting to openly wish for the queen’s death. But Lotor had explained to her many times, that Merla would keep attacking until she was killed, the queen over zealous in her attempts for revenge and her greed for the Doom Empire.

“We’ll have to rebuild.” Lotor continued, approaching the door that led into the room Allura was staying in. “Not just the castle and the city, but the people’s faith in their leaders. Too many died, too many lost things that were precious to them, home and family.” He was setting her down on the floor, reaching out to key in the sequence that would unlock the door.

“You’ll help them right?” Allura asked as the door opened. “You’ll give them the money to rebuild their lives?”

“I’ll try. Though my father…” He hissed the word, losing his smile in the process. “Will be against it.”

“He really is a horrible man.” Lamented Allura, Lotor taking hold of her uninjured hand to lace their fingers together. He nodded agreement to her statement, stepping forward to lead her into the room. It looked much like she had last seen it, couch cushions on the floor for her friends to seat themselves upon. The meal they had been too nervous to eat had been cleared out of the room, no sign of it’s presence remaining behind.

“He’s the worst. But let’s not waste anymore talk about him. Not tonight.” Lotor said, continuing to lead her through the room.

“Is that a command, my prince?” Allura asked, her soft voice teasing him.

He smiled in her direction, nodding his head. “Yes. Tonight should be about celebrations…” They passed by the couch, and were nearing the door that led to the bedroom.

“Celebrations?” Allura was wary of going into the bedroom with him, especially when he was talking about celebrating.

“Yes….of life….of victory…of surviving our enemies.” They were in the bedroom now, Lotor veering towards the bed. “Of rejoicing in the news of twins.”

“Those are all worthy things…” Allura agreed, surprised when Lotor ushered her past the bed, the prince heading for the bathroom’s door. She couldn’t fathom his intent in taking her there, Allura lifting her eyebrows in surprise. He stopped before the door, and turned to her, waving a hand over her face.

“Close your eyes.” She opened her mouth to protest, and he quickly interjected before she could speak. “Humor me Allura.”

“All right.” A put up expression on her face, she closed her eyes, feeling Lotor clutch her hand tighter in his. She listened with her ears, hearing the bathroom door creak open, and stepped forward when he urged her too. She felt the cold tile of the bathroom floor against her bare feet, Allura still clad in the hospital gown. But more than their breathing, and the door creaking close, she could hear water running, a gentle rhythm of a continuos stream.

Lotor tugged her forward, then let go of her hand, the prince moving around her. She felt him stand behind her, pressing his chest against her back, his hands landing on her shoulders. “You can open them now.”

She didn’t need telling twice, snapping her eyes open, the move followed up with a gasp. The room had been transformed, what seemed like a million lit candles on every conceivable surface. Their colors were white and lavender, forming a pretty pattern that was lit up by their tiny flames. The flames cast the room in a soft glow, Allura realizing Lotor had not bothered with turning on the bathroom’s overhead lights.

The candles weren’t the only decorative in the room, flowers were there, bright and colorful bits of silk, formed into the shape of roses. Since the war had started, the delivery of flowers to Doom had been halted, leaving Allura in a flowerless world as her bouquets wilted. The fabric flowers not only looked like a lovely facsimile, their silk was wet with perfume, a fragrant aroma that smelt like wild jungle flowers.

A few of the silk flowers floated on trays in the large bath tub, shaped like water lilies, with candles in the center. The water was frothy with bubbles, scented bath oils having been added to the liquid. To the right of the tub, just off center of it’s three steps, was a silver platter, various assortments of fruits on the tray. Allura’s stomach did a growl, reminding her that it had been hours since she had last ate.

“Do you like?” Lotor asked, his soft tone startling her out of her study of the room. She nodded slowly, then turned to face him, a dazzling smile on her face.

“I love it!” He seemed relieved to hear that, Allura wrapping her arms around him. She felt him return the hug, Lotor’s arms tight around her body. “When did you have time to do all this?!” He smiled, Lotor looking as though he wanted to withhold the information form her. “Tell me!” She said insistently, and he laughed.

“Remember when you went to the bathroom?” She nodded, and he continued. “I made a quick call down to Cossack. He got the servants to prepare the room for you.”

“Cossack?” A fond smile was on her lips, even as she admonished Lotor. “He’s supposed to be confined to bed rest.”

“He was glad to do it.” Lotor insisted, then added. “Besides, he merely oversaw the servant’s duties. It’s not as though he had to do any heavy lifting.”

“Does he know about the twins?” Allura asked, seeing Lotor shake his head no.

“If I told him, he’d never shut up in time to do what I asked!” She laughed at that, Lotor grinning at her. “No, we’ll tell him the good news later. But right now…the night belongs to us…” His expression turned serious, his eyes intent on hers. Allura swallowed, suddenly growing nervous at the way Lotor was staring at her.

“To us?” She took a step back, easing out of his embrace. She was conscious that he let her do that, Lotor just watching her with half lidded eyes. “Lotor I…” She turned her back on him, staring into the water of the tub. “I don’t know what you’re expecting from me….”

“Nothing you don’t want to give.” She jumped for his voice was directly in her ear, a soft, throaty whisper full of sin and seduction.

“Lo….Lotor…” She started to say, feeling his arms come around from behind her. His fingers hooked into the collar of her hospital gown, and in one swift move he was jerking it downwards, the flimsy fabric ripping in half. That left her naked except for her panties, remnants of the gel the doctor has used still clinging stickily to her belly. Before she could think to stop him, he was touching her panties, quickly unraveling the ties so the satin garment fell apart.

She whirled around, ready to shout an accusation at him. But he was gripping her arms, pulling her up on tip toe, his mouth crashing down on hers. She moaned into the kiss, confused by his sudden aggression, not liking when his hands swept her up off the floor. He never ceased kissing her, not even as he carried her towards the tub, setting her down gently in the water.

“Mpgh!” She made a protesting sound, Allura placing her hands against Lotor’s chest, trying to push him away. To her surprise he moved, breaking the kiss, the girl left to blink owlishly at him. He was smirking, the look devastating in it’s feral beauty. Lotor’s eyes danced with mischief, a second before he laughed, Allura turning red with confusion.

“The look on your face is absolutely adorable.” Lotor told her, and she frowned. “Calm down Allura, I’m not going to ravish you.”

“You aren’t?” Her voice was laced with suspicion, Allura eyeing him warily.

“No.” He shook his head, still smirking. “Tonight is about you, for you. It’s all about your comfort and pleasure.” She liked the thought of comfort, but the pleasure aspect left her worried. It must have shown on her face, for Lotor was laughing, kneeling down to perch on the raised marble side of the bathtub. His hand dipped into the water, the prince flicking drops of it at Allura. She didn’t so much as squeal, just staring at him as she waited for an explanation.

“You’ve been through so much tonight. I just want to make you feel good.” Lotor’s hand dipped lower in the water, searching out her ankle of her right foot. Her first instinct was to kick out at him, but she controlled that impulse, allowing Lotor to lift her leg up out of the warm water. The soapy bubbles slid down her skin, the leg revealed just short of her thigh.

Lotor brushed his hands against her calves, rubbing up and down the length of her leg. He kept right on with that motion, her foot being planted in his lap. He smiled as he worked his hands up and down her leg, Allura blinking at him in surprise. “You’re going to give me a massage?”

“A full body one if you’ll let me.” His smile was teasing, his hands pleasant warmth along her wet skin. She grudgingly had to admit it felt good, Allura relaxing enough to lean back against the wet marble of the tub. He took her relaxed state as affirmation of her agreement, Lotor’s hands continuing their friction generating movements.

“Why a massage?” She asked, noting Lotor’s hands moving down her ankle and onto her foot.

“Why not?” Another teasing smirk from him, Lotor’s eyes dancing with amusement. “I believe very strongly in the healing and relaxing qualities of a good massage.” Hs fingers kneaded the bottom of her foot, Allura biting back a hiss of pleasure at how good it felt to be touched there. He noticed her sound, working over the arch of her foot with his sure fingers.

“Where did you learn to do that?” Allura asked, fighting back the pleasured oooh that wanted to come out. “I didn’t think this is something the crown prince of Doom would be good at.”

“You doubt my skills with my hands?” Lotor asked, fingers now touching her toes.

“Oh no…” She protested, and even to her, she sounded too sultry. “I’m well aware of just how talented your hands are.” Allura flushed as soon as she said that, embarrassed when Lotor chuckled.

“That you are.” He agreed, and bent to place a kiss just under her toes. His grip relaxed enough to let her know to set her leg back down in the water, Lotor gesturing for her to give him her left leg. She did so with a whole lot less fuss, eager for the same treatment for her other leg. He started at her knee, and worked his way down, hands moving back and forth along the length of her leg.

“It was surprising…” Allura said, breaking the silence that had settled between them. He arched an eyebrow, looking at her questioningly. “To learn about the twins.”

“Surprising but exciting.” Lotor told her, hands now working the top of her foot. “You’ve given me a gift beyond my wildest expectations.”

“A gift…” Her tone was thoughtful, Allura shaking her head no. “You act as if I alone was responsible for the miracles growing inside me.” A small smile, Allura wiggling her toes as he kneaded the bottom of her foot. “You played a part too.”

“Yes, but you will be the one who does the hard work.” Lotor told her, running his fingers up and down the bottom of her foot. “Although…” His grin was rakish, unabashed at his immense pleasure in stating the following. “I enjoyed greatly, the making of those miracles.”

He was staring at her, his golden eyes seeming to darken with lustful intentions. Allura turned bright red with her blush, trying not to think of one of the many sexual encounters they had had. “Do you miss it?” She blurted out, then realized it was a foolish question. “Of course you do….how could you not…”

“I do miss being with you.” Lotor admitted, not acting like she asked something stupid in it’s obviousness. “But more than the pleasure, I miss the closeness we shared.”

“We’re close now…” She pointed out, Lotor’s fingers going still on her foot.

“Yes.” He repeated his earlier gesture, kissing her foot before releasing it from his finger’s grasp. “But it’s not the same.” She said nothing, quietly wondering if they could ever get back to those days of reckless pleasure. “Of course…” Lotor said, dipping his fingers into the water. “We shouldn’t want to capture those days….”

“We shouldn’t….?” Allura looked at him surprised. He smiled at her, and flicked drops of water at her.

“Those days were a time when you didn’t have a choice…it may have made things simpler between us, but…” A shrug of his shoulders. Lotor seeming to stumble on his words. “I want you to WANT to be with me. I want you to choose me, to be with me because it’s your desire. Not because I forced you, or you went along with me out of fear of my reactions.”

It was true, Allura realized, knowing many of their sexual encounters she had allowed for fear of what he would do if she raised objections. She had never felt like she had a choice with him, except for that night when she brokered a deal to save Arus from the demon’s insane plot. The choice was important, and she valued that Lotor wanted to give it to her.

“Thank you.” She said out loud, looking down to play with the bubbles that surrounded her. Her nail popped one, the soap exploding into a white shower. Lotor didn’t have to ask her for what, the Drule understanding instantly.

“Come here Allura.” Lotor said, gesturing for her to walk over to him. She hesitated, and he smiled, tone patient. “I merely want to work on your shoulders now.” She nodded, and crawled towards him, her breasts swaying so that the tips of them stayed covered in the water. She then sat down before him, her back presented for his inspection.

He touched her hair, Lotor gathering the slightly damp strands to drape them over her chest, leaving her back bare. His fingertips touched her skin, tracing along one of the faint scars from Morwin’s whip. They had never really spoken about them, not once they had healed as best as they were going too.

“You’ll always carry the memory of that awful night…” Lotor murmured, fingers rubbing across another of the scars, the one right over her left shoulder blade.

“At least they are not in a position where I can see them easily.” Allura replied, fingers playing with the wet ends of her hair.

“If only I had gotten there sooner…” Lotor lamented, a deep sigh escaping him.

“That you got there at all is what I am grateful for.” Allura told him, nearly jumping when she felt him press a kiss at the nape of her neck.

“I think I love you more for the scars.” He said, mouth raining kisses down to between her shoulder blades.


“It’s a mark of strength in you.” Lotor explained, and his hands landed on her shoulders. “You’re strong Allura, you’ve been through so much, seen so many things, survived so many horrors. And you’ve never let it break you.” His fingers began kneading her shoulders, flexing and squeezing her there.

“I’ve come close though.” She admitted, feeling her tension melt away at the magic his fingers worked into her shoulders. “Sometimes I thought it would be so easy to just give in…to give up….”

“But you held on. And for that I am grateful.” Lotor said, continuing his shoddier massage. She closed her eyes, letting his fingers soothe her even more. “I hope….I hope our children have your strength.”

That surprised her, Allura haven’t yet to give thought on the qualities she wanted her child—her children she corrected, to inherit from their parents. “It’s good to be strong physically….” Lotor continued, his hands sliding down her arms now. “But the inner strength is what really matters.”

“I thought your people valued the physical the most.” Allura questioned, tone surprised.

“Many of us do.” His hands were back to touching her scars, light feathery touches that left her with the urge to shiver. Especially when he kissed the crook of her shoulder, goose bumps raising from his actions. “But I’m learning what truly counts in life.”

He didn’t stop at her shoulder, kissing onto the side of her neck. Allura was sure he could feel her pulse beating quicker, a frantic rhythm against his pursed lips. “Lotor…”

“Shhh….” He whispered, his arms sliding around her. He pressed her against his chest, and she blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

“You’ll get your shirt wet!”

“Don’t care.” Lotor told her, his fangs grazing the side of her neck as he did tiny nibbles by her pulse point. She sighed, noting that at least his hands were behaving, resting in place against her, as he continued to hug her possessively.

His hand suddenly moved, as though he had sensed her thought and wanted to challenge it. She squeaked out a protest, feeling his hands cup her heavy breasts, her bosom still so sensitive to the slightest of touches. “Lotor…” She couldn’t muster up a sigh, not when she wanted to moan, feeling him squeezing her breasts. “Can’t you behave for more than few minutes?”

“I said I was going to give you a full body massage…” His tone was rife with mischief, his hands continuing to grope firmly at her breasts. “That includes all your sore spots.”

“You also said only if I let you.” Allura pointed out, starting to squirm about in the water, hearing it splash as she tried to escape his manipulations.

“Will you let me?” He asked, voice sounding almost desperate for her agreement. His thumb and forefinger of each hand, captured her nipples, giving them little tweaks and rubbing friction fast and furiously into her skin. It set her off tingling, a pleasant buzz that went down her body, straight to her core.

“Lotor…” She moaned, frustrated with him. Allura wasn’t immune to his actions, after months of being loved by him, her body was quick to react. If she examined deep inside, she’d know she even sometimes MISSED their sexual encounters. But she felt the pleasure came at a price, one she couldn’t afford to pay willingly.

“Love it when you moan my name.” He murmured huskily in her ear. His tongue flicked out, tracing the curve, and though her ear wasn’t as sensitive as a Drule’s, it still felt nice.

“Even when I am exasperated with you?” She breathlessly demanded, her nipples growing stiffer and stiffer under his finger’s assault.

“Even then.” He agreed, mouthing at the lobe of her ear. She settled down against him, no longer trying to get away.

“You always take what you want.” Allura accused, and felt him go still behind her. “You do!” Allura cried out, twisting in his arms to face him. His expression was lustful, eyes dark and intent on her.

“Allura….it’s true I usually do take what I want….but….”

“There is not but!” She interrupted him.

“But!” Lotor repeated insistently. “The truth of the matter is this.” He leaned into her, a hand raised so he could tap her on the tip of her nose with his finger. “Not one time tonight have you flat out told me no. Not one time have you said the magic word. Stop.”

Allura turned even redder, thinking back on the last few minutes. She had made a lot of noise without really saying nothing at all. “I…I guess…” She began uncertainly. “I guess I’m still used to having to do what you say.”

“But you don’t. Not in this regard.” Lotor reminded her.

“is that true?” She stared searchingly into his eyes, seeing how he fought against denying her this right.

“Yes it is.” Lotor said at last, and Allura nearly wilted in relief.

“Then….I’m sorry but no.” Allura truly was regretful, not wanting to disappoint him. “I don’t want to go any further with you….”

“All right.” His easy agreement surprised her, Lotor rising to stand. She could see the erection tenting the groin of his pants, Lotor having grown excited from touching her. “I can’t say I am not disappointed, but I will respect your wishes.”

“I’m sorry….” Allura almost wanted to call him back, to invite him to join her in the tub. But she held that urge at bay, watching as Lotor strode towards the room’s exit. “Lotor…” She said plaintively, and he paused, casting one last look at her.

“I’m sorry too Allura.” He said, and then was stepping out of the room. The door closed behind him, leaving her all alone, Allura feeling agitated by the romantic surroundings. She felt now he had wasted his efforts on her, the girl wondering if she’d ever be able to feel comfortable enough to take the next step with him. And if she did, would it mean she was serious about staying on Doom, and forging a marriage with him? She just didn’t know, and that left Allura sighing, the girl sinking down into the water until it came up to her chin.

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