Slave 095

From the instant the play had started, to the moment it ended, Allura had been in sheer paradise. She laughed at the appropriate moments, and cheered for the hero, and blushed deeply during the loves scenes, of which there had been plenty. When the cast came out to take their final bow, Allura felt their exhilaration, rising to her feet to give them a standing ovation.

They looked grateful for her applause, relieved smiles on their faces, though Allura wondered if it had something to do with the nod of approval Lotor gave them. She didn’t know what he thought of the play, only knowing that every time she had glanced at Lotor, his attention had been focused on her. He seemed to have made it a habit to study her reactions, finding she entertained him more than the paid performers on the stage.

Even now he watched her, finishing off his glass of wine in one swallow. Allura had lost count of how many glasses Lotor had drank, the girl feeling nervous as he rose to stand, his hands reaching out for hers. But she didn’t fight his hold, allowing him to lead her out of the banquet room, and into the hall. She could still hear the actors talking, congratulating one another for a job well done.

“Did you enjoy yourself Allura?” Lotor asked, and she tried to tell if his words held a slight slurring to them.

“Oh yes.” She answered promptly, sure her eyes were shining with glee. “It was a wonderful play. So touching, so moving!”

“I’m glad.” Lotor said, walking side by side with her. “What was your favorite part?”

“Oh the scene where Junipa learned to forgive Romeus for his father’s crime.” Allura didn’t even have to think, recalling the love and adoration the two performers had shown in that instant. Romeus had worked hard to regain Junipa’s love, the Drule going so far as to kidnap the woman, and hide her away in a secret cabin. Junipa had been unable to resist him, falling for his charm, and reopening her heart to him.

“Love..” Allura sighed, a wistful happy sound. “It can heal almost anything can’t it?”

“I think so Allura.” Lotor agreed, and she smiled.

“I’m glad the play had a happy ending.” Allura had feared it wouldn’t, once Junipa’s father had been killed. And although the two familles remained at each other’s throat, Romeus and Junipa had fled the city of Yevona, content to live and love in a city that was free of hatred. “And it was so romantic!” She blushed then, and muttered sheepishly. “Even with all the sex scenes.”

“I thought it was romantic because of the sex scenes.” She couldn’t tell if Lotor was joking, his expression unreadable as he looked at her. Allura was the first to look away, the girl’s free hand fidgeting with her skirt. She still remembered how Lotor had watched her during the play, and how he shifted closer and closer to her until he was sniffing at her hair.

It had almost proved distracting, Allura trying to ignore what he was doing to watch the play. She was grateful he had kept his hands to himself, Lotor not betraying his feelings about the sex scenes by attempting to molest Allura.

“Are you sure it was wise though…” Allura began, trying to direct the conversation away from the steamier aspects of the play. “To hold the play here? Surely such an expense will not go unnoticed by the people of the cities.”

“One play can’t possibly hurt an already suffering economy. Besides…” Lotor flashed a smile at her. “It was my own private fortune that funded tonight’s performance.”

“Thank you Lotor.” Allura said, giving his hand a gentle squeeze. “Thank you for everything.”

“You’re welcome Allura.” They had reached the corridor outside their apartments, a guard hurrying to open the door for them. Lotor ushered Allura into the room, and there she let go of his hand, taking the time to do an excited twirl. She was still so wound up from the play that she began humming the music from the ball room scene, spinning in place again and again. Each turn had her catching sight of Lotor’s face, the prince leaning against the closed door, watching her dance.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you dance before.” He commented, Allura continuing her twirls. “You used to always find some excuse to avoid that exercise in my harem.”

“I need to be happy to dance.” She paused in her song to explain. “And back then I wasn’t happy.”

“But you are now?” Lotor asked, and that got her to stop dancing, Allura needing to think about it.

“I’m not sure. Tonight I am…tonight was….perfect.”

“Perfect.” He repeated with a smile, and nodded his head slowly. “Yes, it is.” Lotor started to walk towards her, his eyes intent on her face. Allura watched him uncertainly, noting there was a change in the air between them. She shivered though she was not cold, Allura fighting not to back up at Lotor’s advance.

“It can always be like this between us.” He told her, hand lifting towards her face, fingers catching the stray curls that had escape her barrette. “Perfect and happy…”

“You can’t have a play performed for us every night.” Allura said, her words making Lotor frown for an instant. He quickly shook off that expression, regaining his smile.

“We don’t need plays to be happy Allura.” His hand dropped from her face, to land on her shoulder. She could feel the heat of it through her thin wrap, the prince dragging his fingers across it’s material to seek out the front of it. “We don’t need any of it….the food, the surprises…as long as we have each other.” Lotor was opening the wrap, easing it off her.

At first Allura said nothing, just digesting his words. She didn’t feel there was an us strong enough for them to not need outside stimulus to make her happy with Lotor. But she didn’t dare voice that suspicion, shivering as he threw her wrap towards the couch. It fell short, landing on the floor, but neither one of them looked in it’s direction. Instead Lotor was touching her bare arms, rubbing his hands up and down the length of them.

“Allura…” He said her name huskily, leaning in, and she knew, just knew he would attempt to kiss her. So she stopped him, grabbing at his wrists to place his hands around her waist.

“Do you dance Lotor?” She asked, and he frowned at her. A solemn shake of his head no, had her tittering nervously. “I thought all princes knew how to dance?”

“I must have missed that lesson at school.” Lotor said, and Allura wondered if that was his attempt at a joke.

“It’s not too difficult to learn.” She grasped his one hand, and began attempting to lead him in a dance, partly because she wanted to distract him, but also because Allura couldn’t stand to keep still. She was full of boundless energy, still wound up from the play, and not wanting Lotor to do something that would ruin tonight.

He began moving with her, the couple swaying in place as they stood. But Lotor’s look was serious, his darkening eyes focused on her face even as Allura tried to get him to move about the room. “We used to have balls back on Arus.” The memories came with her words, Allura thinking of her sixteenth birthday, Avok sharing in her first official dance. “They were always grand affairs, no expense was spared. I used to have the prettiest gowns…”

“I can get you those gowns.” He was smooth on his feet, Lotor effortlessly gliding about the room with her. “And once I am king, I will hold these balls just for you. In your honor.” He was always quick to spend money for her, and Allura wondered now if Lotor thought he could buy her love. “You’re frowning.” He sighed, and she blinked.

“Am I?” Lotor nodded, and now Allura sighed. “I’m sorry.”

“Think of the play.” He urged her, pulling her close so that she pressed against his body. “Think of the moments that made you happiest. I want to see you smile again.”

She did as he asked, Allura recalling all the many scenes that had made up the play. Her favorites being the love filled movements between Romeus and Junipa. It must have shown on her face, for Lotor smiled, and then was nuzzling his lips against the side of her head. “You always smell so good.” Lotor purred, and she felt his breath rustle her hair, the prince taking a deep inhale of her scent. “Like flowers and springtime. I can never get enough of your scent.”

Allura didn’t know what to say to that, noticing they had slowed in their dance, until they were barely moving. It was more a holding of each other’s body, swaying back and forth in a manner that took ten seconds or more for each breath. She decided to pull back, and that had Lotor tightening his arms around her, the prince almost begging as he spoke. “No stay. Stay with me just a little more.”

“I don’t know if I should.” This close to him she could smell the wine on his breath, it drowned out all his other scents.

“Don’t over think it Allura.” Lotor advised her, still rubbing his face into her hair. “Just let it be….let us be.” He wasn’t loosening his grip, holding onto her with a sort of desperation that had her worried.

He must have taken her silence as some sort of acceptance, Lotor placing his lips by her ear. He practically moaned out his words, puckered lips kissing the soft shell of her ear. “Do you know how hard it was to sit there during that play and not touch you?”

“You smelled my hair.” She pointed out, hearing him slur out a protest.

“But I didn’t lay one finger on you! I behaved.” He seemed to be waiting for some sort of acknowledgment from her, Allura hesitating. “It was especially hard during those love scenes.” His voice took on a dreamy tone, Lotor starting to lead them around the room once more. She couldn’t see his face though, not with his lips pressed against her ear. “I kept imagining it was you and I up on that stage. That it was me making your moan….me making you feel that good.”

“Lotor…” Allura knew she was blushing, finding Lotor was licking at the inside of her ear.

“Our own love making would put Romeus and Junipa’s to shame!” He passionately exclaimed, pulling back now so she could look in his eyes. They had darkened with desire, a look she was all to familiar with, and dread starting to pound in her stomach.

“Romeus and Junipa…” She began, trying to think how to distract him from the seduction attempt she knew he’d try.

“Are merely actors. Paid performers that can’t capture the essence of a couple that are truly in love.”

“And you think we can?” She demanded, and didn’t like the smile Lotor gave her.

“I know we can.” He had danced her into the doorway of the bedroom, Lotor trying to advance her further in. Allura planted her feet firmly in the ground, refusing to accommodate him in his quest to reach the bed. “Oh Allura, remember the passion we shared? The fire? The emotions, the sex?!”

“I remember.” Her tone was less than fond, Allura frowning at him. “It’s not…” He cut her off before she could finished, Allura wanting to tell him she didn’t look back on the sex with happy feelings. But his mouth on hers prevented the words, Allura squealing indignantly. She swore she could taste the wine he had drank, his lips hot and heavy on her mouth, his tongue thrusting past her parted lips.

She heard him moan, the sound sending shivers through her, Allura trying to take a step back to escape him. He moved with her, keeping their lips connected, his tongue caressing urgently against hers. His hands were on her waist, fingers starting to dig into her skin, Lotor not content to let her escape. His kiss was hungry, needy, and although he was drunk on wine, it lacked none of his skill. It would be so easy to give in to him, to return the kiss, Allura’s lips fluttering against his in a moment of hesitation.

That seemed to be all the encouragement Lotor needed, the prince pushing against her body. It was move or fall over, Allura backing up a step, and then another, doing an odd kind of walk that had her leaning away from Lotor. And still he kept them connected, backing her up all the way to the bed, the edge of the mattress bumping into the back of Allura’s knees.

“Allura.” He moaned, and for a second she could breath, though her nostrils were filled with the scent of wine. She inhaled, not even trying to speak, just trying to get enough breath to able to last against him, and then his mouth came crashing down on hers once more. His tongue licked across the seam of her lips, demanding entrance, Lotor doing a hard coaxing of her mouth.

He was no less brutal when she opened to him, tongue inside her, one instant brushing against her tongue, the next doing a slow study of her mouth’s contours. His body continued to push at hers, and Allura had no where to go, reaching out behind her to touch the bed. Her hand was flat on the mattress, trying to keep herself from falling completely. Their combined weight pushed against her arm, Lotor rubbing up against her in a manner that let her feel just how happy he was about the situation.

A whimper escaped her, and she moved her hand, falling backwards onto the mattress. Lotor bent over her, his arms scooping up her legs, hitching them up as he moved her so that all of her sank into the bed’s mattress. It was an act that took just seconds to complete, Lotor releasing her legs and staring down at her. He looked to be breathing as heavy as she, and his eyes were two dark amber pools, heavy with lust.

Pushing up on her elbows, Allura stared up at him, the nervous dread in her stomach continuing to pound away at her insides. At the slightest hint of movement from Lotor, Allura moved, easing backwards on the mattress until her back hit the pillows against the bed’s headboard. He was reaching for the collar of his shirt, fingers dipping inside to tug at it as though he found it too tight. Lotor got a button or two open before putting a knee up on the bed, his attention focused on Allura.

“Lotor….don’t…” She began, licking her lips nervously as the bed sagged with his weight.

“Allura don’t stop me.” It was an odd mix of command and begging, Lotor crawling towards her. Allura started to draw her knees up to her chest, but then he was there, legs spread so that he straddled her body, his hands forcing her legs to lay flat against the bed. He lingered on her thighs, fingers caressing patterns into the silk of her skirt, but his attention was on her face, staring at her with a look that could only be described as single minded determination.

“Please…” She whispered, and he reacted, pressing a finger against her lips.

“Shh…” He silenced her, then replaced his finger with his mouth, the kiss quicker this time. Quicker but no less fierce, the prince’s lips smacking against hers, than fluttering across her skin to move along the line of her jaw. His hand was in her hair, just behind her head, and Lotor actually fisted her mane to the point it started to hurt. She whimpered, and tried again, wanting to protest but he was talking over her.

“Oh please….please Allura.” His voice was raw, needy, Lotor sounding desperate as he growled into her ear. “Just let this happen. Let US happen.”

“N….no…” She stuttered, lifting her hands to push at his chest, needing him off her. The hand in her hair tightened, jerking her head back slowly, Lotor offering up her throat to his lips. “I can’t…” She said, even as Lotor began lavishing attention on her skin, alternating his kisses with licks and bites.

“It’ll be so easy….you just have to stop holding us back.” Lotor told Allura, his voice a gravely growl. “It can be good between us…it can be like before…”

“Before?!” She squeaked out, horrified at the thought. “I don’t want it to…..” He had kissed up to her lips again, stealing her words away and leaving her panting for breath. The wine smell pressed in on her, making her dizzy, Allura wondering if she was becoming as intoxicated as he.

“I’ll prove it to you.” His lips caressed hers with each word, his warm breath heavy on her skin. “You needn’t do anything this time. Just lie back and accept my love. So please…”

“Lotor no…” Allura said, and found him kissing her again, the Drule determined to cut off her protests before they could properly take root.

“I’ll do it all…” He was back to her throat, lips kissing to the side, seeking out her wildly beating pulse. “You needn’t lift a finger, just give in to the pleasure I want to give you.” He bit her then, fangs sinking into the skin just above her pulse point, a light pricking that had her flinching, blood trickling out. That seemed to make Lotor more excited, the prince lapping slowly at the blood, moans escaping him.

Allura tried to sit up, and Lotor pushed her back down, his hands starting to wander her body. She felt him cup her breasts, fingers sinking into the softness of her flesh, and then he was squeezing her. The squeeze tore a sound out of Allura’s throat, a sort of pleasured revulsion though all Lotor seemed to acknowledge was the positive.

Lotor lifted his head, and he was smiling, expression pleased. It couldn’t hide the hunger in his eyes, the neediness he felt in the moment. His hands moved, fingers finding the seam where the dress’ buttons were fastened together. His smiled widened, then his hands tensed, fingers flexing to tear apart her dress. Allura felt the fabric give, his hands pulling apart so hard that the action was violent, her breasts spilling out into the open.

She tried to gear up to scream, and he timed their next kiss so it died down between their lips. Allura wondered if Lotor could taste her terror, wondered if her fear was somehow fueling his desires. She whimpered pathetically into the kiss, feeling wet heat in her eyes. But the tears would not fall, not yet, even though he was suffocating her. He was everywhere, making Allura aware of Lotor in ways she hadn’t noticed in a long time. His hand on the back of her head, controlling her movements, his lips stealing her breath, his fingers on the flesh of her breasts. His spread legs keeping hers pinned, his whole body weighing her down so that when she tried to buck him off, she merely brushed her front against his.

When he released her from his kiss, Allura let her head fall back against the pillows, the girl staring dazed up past his shoulder. The room seemed to be spinning, Lotor purring, happy as he set about to kissing across her breasts. Both his hands were touching them, kneading and squeezing at the flesh, working to make her moan. She held in the sounds, but that only made Lotor more determined, the prince licking circles around her nipples.

The wet feel of his tongue and her fear had them reacted, nipples tightening into two stiff points. Lotor smiling, poking at one with the tip of his finger, chuckling as he spoke. “There she is. There’s the Allura I remember.”

“What?!” She was confused, almost indignant as he played with her nipple, flicking it back and forth with the pad of his finger.

“The girl who is as eager for this as I am.” Lotor told her, all seriousness as he teased her nipple. “The girl who is quick to give in to pleasure.” Allura stared at Lotor, appalled. Is that what he thought? Is that what he remembered of their previous sexual encounters? She opened her mouth to angrily retort, but Lotor was already licking at her with his tongue. Her words came out an angry sound, a loud squeal that made Lotor smirk. She glared at him, infuriated by his reaction, an angry blush on her face as he continued to lick her nipple.

And yet, it felt good, a fact that she only grudgingly admitted to herself. It didn’t make it right, not even when he fastened his lips around her, enveloping her nipple in the seething warmth of his mouth. Allura moaned, her head lolling back on the pillow, an insidious voice whispering to her. Telling her to give in and enjoy what he offered. She felt a flare of defiance, and with it strength, Allura shoving at Lotor’s face.

He stayed latched on to her, sucking hard, fingers gripping her waist. When her nails scratched at his face, he let out a startled sound, grabbing her wrists and pinning them to the bed. He looked angry, and she stiffened, frightened of what he would do. “All right.” He said at last, and for a second Allura felt hope, almost sagging with relief. “No more foreplay.”

A rakish smile from him, Allura’s eyes widening as she took in his meaning. Lotor was transferring the grip on her wrists, gathering them up in one hand. Even as he kept control of her hands, he turned her, flipping her onto her stomach. Nothing had prepared her to have Lotor suddenly at her back, his free hand working to pull down the rest of her dress.

It tangled on her legs, Lotor swearing, wrenching it apart with his nails. Allura’s breath came out in harsh pants, her mind transporting her to another time, to the only time he had taken her from behind. The bed changed, the red and black sheets turning blue, and sounds drifted to her, of laser fires and soldiers cheering. Somewhere there was a woman crying, begging in her native language to be left alone. Allura could even smell the fire, the thick choking smoke of the bonfire the Drules had built to burn the dead soldiers of Pollux.

Her breath hitched, a harsh rattle as she remembered Lotor’s words back then, the prince telling her he was through being nice. He had yanked up her skirt, revealing her from the waist down, his hands tearing at her panties. The rip sounded all too real, Allura realizing with a start it was happening again, he was tearing off the last flimsy barrier she had, touching between her legs to stroke a fire into her.

But she couldn’t get aroused, panicking further at the situation, the memories of what happened on Pollux making her mindless. Tears began to fall, Allura biting back a sob, hearing the sound of a zipper being eased down. She tried to leap away when she felt the head of his cock rubbing against her sex, and Allura cried out, her head shaking no. “Lotor! You no do that!”

Hesitation from behind her, and then she was screaming, remembering what happened next on Pollux. The pain that accompanied his actions, how it had felt to have him thrust into her dry, how he had continued to hurt her no matter how many pained sounds she had made. Allura was sobbing openly now, the tears streaking down her face and dripping onto the mattress. When Lotor tried to turn her to face him, she fought him, acting like a wild animal that was wounded.

Her hand slapped across his face, she could no longer see his reactions, Allura fighting harder than she had ever fought him before. She wasn’t even aware that Lotor wasn’t inside her, that he had never even started his penetration of her, her screams distracting him. All she could think of was Pollux, smelling the stench of flesh being roasted, and hearing that woman screaming. A scream she echoed, Allura being pinned in Lotor’s arms, his erection against her belly as he tried to soothe her.

“It’s okay! It’s okay!” Lotor was whispering, words no longer slurred as he held her trapped against him. His one hand was petting her hair, over and over, the prince rocking back and forth with her in his arms. She continued to scream, trying to pull back enough to hit him, but the way he held her allowed for no room to strike him, Lotor tucking Allura’s head underneath his chin.

Slowly the memory finished, Allura remembering how it had burned when he shot off inside her, the spilling of his seed just one last indignity she had suffered that horrible night. In the present Lotor continued to murmur soothingly to her, trying his best to calm her. But she was inconsolable, clutching at his shirt as she broke down into tears, hiccuping loudly in the process. She shivered and trembled in his arms, face buried against his neck, and all she could whisper in between sobs was panicked words about his rape of her.

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