Report 02


It was supposed to have been a day of celebration, a joyous occasion heralding the return of one of Planet Arus’ most treasured landmarks. Many people had sacrificed time and money to see a bridge constructed over the River Chozzerai. It would connected two of their kingdoms, allowing trade and commerce to flourish, allow long lost friends and family members to be reunited.

They had even imported some of the original stone, trying to stay close to recreating the original bridge, lost to them months ago during an attack by Planet Doom. Arus’ people may have suffered during this time, but hope was returning, the robot Voltron playing a hand.

Unfortunately for everyone who had arrived to witness the opening of the bridge, Voltron was nowhere to be found. Screams could be heard, people terrified and panicking, watching as a fighter jet hovered above the bridge, unleashing missiles. They torpedoed towards the bridge, crashing into the stone just as Allura was finishing her run, her dear friend Hunk within arm’s reach.

Allura screamed, the ensuing explosion leaving her blinded by the thick smoke that choked out the very air from her lungs. She could hear Hunk yelling, hear thunder in the air, sonic booms as the bridge gave a mighty shake. Support beams groaned, the whole structure seemed to be swaying, Allura fighting to keep her footing.

“What’s going on?!” Allura shouted, taking a step backwards. She bumped against the guard rail, her hands flailing, grabbing onto it for support. The smoke continued to obscure her vision, she could hear a ship hovering close by over the sound of the explosions.

The stone at her feet crumbled, leaving her dangling as she held onto the guard rail. She screamed again, finding she was falling, Allura thinking her life was finally at an end. She could hear the sound of water splashing, great waves of it as the stone and rock fell into it’s icy depths. Allura could only hope she wouldn’t be crushed to pieces by the falling stone, flailing about as she fell.

Her hands caught hold of smooth stone, her fall slowing. Allura swung her legs about, trying to find purchase. As she scrambled to save herself, the smoke began to clear. She could see the support beams sticking out of the water, curving in on themselves. She was holding onto one of them now, Allura gritting her teeth, forcing her to swing her body upwards.

She gave a thought of thanks for not being any heavier, managing to land on top of the beam. It let out a protesting creak at her weight, but it held, Allura sighing, squatting precariously on the wood. Her dress billowed around her, the hem of it wet from the water, and her hair was stirred up by the breeze. Allura cast anxious eyes towards the water, trying to find some sign of Hunk.

Over on both sides of the cliffs, her people stood, watching and pointing, yelling. They were being so brave, not running away, though she didn’t know what they could do to help her at this moment. What good were farmers and bridge builders against Doom missiles?

It was as though thinking about Doom summoned his attention, the ship that had attacked the bridge speeding towards her. It was a combination of fighter and transporter, a sleek ship of black metal, with curved wings that allowed it’s pilot to maneuver in close to the remains of the bridge, Allura gasped as it hovered before her, seeing the hatch to the cock pit pop open, a man standing up to pose with the sun behind him, casting him in shadows.

She didn’t get a chance to identfty him, he was already leaping from his ship, hurtling towards her and the support beam she perched on. Allura struggled to stand, just barely maintaining her balance on the beam. The man landed, knees tucked in close to the beam’s surface. His head was bowed, but at the sight of his snow white hair, her stomach tightened into tight rolls of dread, Allura gasping out a name.


He lifted his head, and she fought to keep from screaming as she saw his face, that hated and all too familiar smirk on his lips. His eyes seemed to pin her in place, two golden pools that lit up in pleasure as they looked at her. Slowly he stood, unfolding his body from his crouching position, letting her take in the full height of him. The sun seemed to cast shadows on his blue skin, making him look all the more menacing.

“I’ve come to discuss plans for your future, princess Allura.” He spoke calmly, just a hint of mockery to his tone as he purred out her name. His smile widened, but she could not muster up the nerve to speak to him, staring frightened at him.

“Nothing to say?” Lotor asked, arching a white brow at her. “Then let me do all the talking!” That laugh then, the one that sent shivers down her spine, making her gasp, reeling backwards. She almost slipped off the support beam, and for one brief instant she thought it better to plunge into the water than to face Lotor all alone.

The prince grew tired with her silence, not losing that smile as he began walking towards her. He was completely graceful, never taking his eyes off her as his feet traversed the narrow space of the beam. Allura took in a panicked gulp of air, her hand to her mouth as though to stifle the scream that wasn’t coming. As he advanced towards her, she stepped backwards, trying to move away from him.

He easily kept the distance from widening, and soon she had nowhere left to run to. He erupted into peals of self satisfied laughter, as he cornered her. “Why don’t you rush to my arms?” He asked, her face flushing as he made a mockery of the ceremony she and Hunk had been enacting. It almost moved her to speak, Allura trying to find her tongue to offer up a suitable retort. But another voice called out, welcome and familiar, and angry.


Hunk, high in the sky as he leaped to her rescue. She saw him contorting into an attack pose, leg jutted out to slam into Lotor. The prince caught the man by his foot, effortlessly swinging the man’s bulk away from him. Hunk recovered and landed on the beam, the wood shaking in protest at the weight of three people on it.

Hunk tried to punch Lotor, the prince deflecting his blows. A kick was aimed at Lotor’s head, the prince stepping back so that it passed harmlessly before him. Hunk stepped back as well, crouching protectively in front of Allura, arms splayed wide to ward off Lotor.

“You dare challenge me?” A scowl was on his face, twisting it, making it ugly. His hand reached for the sword at his side, pulling it free of it’s scabbard. Allura closed her eyes at the sound of lazon humming, an unwelcome flashback trying to intrude on her thoughts. From this distance she couldn’t feel the heat of the blade, yet her body reacted, goose pimpling as it recalled how hot the blade had felt next to her skin, tearing through her uniform.

“YAH!!” Lotor roared a challenge, Allura opening her eyes just in time to see him lunging towards Hunk. He held his sword up high over his head, intent on slashing it downwards. It completed it’s arc, just missing Hunk’s chest.

“HA!” yelled her friend. “You missed!” He went to take a step forward, and somehow he tripped, Allura screaming in horror as Hunk went over the side. Frozen, unable to move, she sighed in relief as she saw Hunk’s hand grab onto the beam, hanging over the edge. He was helpless, dangling and Lotor smirked, laughing as Hunk growled at him.

“You’ve had it!” Lotor said, and lifted his foot, intent on stamping his boot on Hunk’s fingers. That spurred Allura into motion, she was running without thinking.

“No you can’t! Beast!” She screamed, and grabbed Lotor’s arm. He seemed to react without thinking, turning to shove her away from him. Allura cried out, in shock that he had pushed her, losing her balance so that she went falling head first into the water.

The water was all around her, cold and dark, Allura desperately kicking out. Her skirt tangled around her legs, making swimming difficult. Holding her breath, she began tearing at the hem, attempting to free herself. The light shone from above, she kicked up towards it, stroking her arms through the water, desperate to break the surface.

With a gasp she did, casting about in a panic. She was glad there were no deadly creatures in the River Chozzerai, knew it was one last thing to worry about. She heard the sound of an engine, and splashed about turning. It seemed she had been under the water longer than she thought, Lotor having returned to his ship. That vehicle of his began pursuing her, bearing down close to the water.

Panting, Allura began swimming for the shore, desperate to get away. The shore seemed miles away, and her arms were rapidly tiring. Panic was making her slow down, her legs kicking out as she floundered, thoughts running rampant in her mind. All she could think of was Lotor was gaining on her, and this time he’d never let her go.

Her breath was heavy in her ears, ragged and fast, and water was splashing into her mouth as she paddled. The cold made her feel numb, fear kept her moving, but barely.

Unexpectedly, a lion swooped down out of the sky, Allura unable to turn and see which one it was. She hoped it was Hunk, hoped he had managed to reach his lion. She swam faster, listening to the sounds of fighting, her pursuer slowing as he turned to deal with the lion. Laser fire behind her, missiles and photon blasts being exchanged, some sending bombs of water flying behind her, drenching her further.

Suddenly the lion was in front of her, crashing against the rocks. “Hunk!” Allura cried, seeing it was yellow lion that had come to her rescue. No sign of Lotor, Allura swimming those last few yards to shore. She couldn’t reach yellow lion, not on foot. She’d have to come back with blue lion, and see if Hunk was all right.

Wearily she began the climb up the mountain, grateful for the steep steps carved into it’s side. Her skirt was a ruined mess, tattered remains hanging just above her knees. She bore scratches on her arms and legs, they bled lightly but otherwise would heal. She walked quickly, wanted to run, but knowing the slightest misstep would send her falling, to crash into the beach down below.

At the top there was still people waiting for her, they cheered to see her, surrounding her. “Please! I’ve got to get to my lion!” Allura said, trying to push her way through the crowd.

Only one seemed to understand her need, handing her a blaster. Allura took it gratefully from him, and squeezed her way past the crowd. Running, again she was running, she seemed to do nothing but flee, but this time she would bring help. Allura spared a thought to the rest of the Voltron Force, wondering where they were, why they had not come to her rescue.

Her feet were stumbling, she was so exhausted, she just wanted a chance to rest. But she dared not stop, not knowing where the enemy was, not knowing if Hunk was still alive, not knowing if other parts of her planet were under attack.

She never seemed able to catch her breath, panting, chest heaving as she ran. A pain was in her side, protesting all the activity she was doing. But in the distance she could see her goal, blue lion never looking more majestic than at that moment. A smile lit up her face, she ran harder, almost falling to her knees in the grass. Everything had been worth it, Allura thought. All the terror, all the pain, just so long as she could survive for this moment now, to make it to her lion.

She was within reach of it, the beauty of her lion awe inspiring. She didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, didn’t wonder why the forest seemed so quiet until she heard laughter. The smiled died down on Allura’s face, her legs trying to skid to a halt as she propelled herself forward those last few steps.

Now she saw him, perched on the front leg joint, sitting as calm as can be, as though he was perched on a fancy throne and not on her lion. “Lotor!” She gasped his name, wheezing it out in a pained lungful of air.

“Now princess!” Lotor stood, and took a leap off the lion, hurtling towards the grand to land gracefully on his feet. She stepped back, trying to keep space between them, watching him straighten. That damned smirk was back in place, his eyes gloating, the prince knowing she had no energy left to run from him. “Perhaps we can have a pleasant talk about uniting our two planets.”

“Our two planets can never be united.” She told him, taking another step back.

“I insist.” Lotor said, advancing on her. She remembered the blaster in her hand, bringing it up to bear at him. Her hand shook so badly, she had to hold it with both hands, issuing out an order.

“Stay back!”

He was unperturbed by the sight of the blaster pointed at him. “Now be a good girl and give me that weapon.” Lotor ordered, walking towards her. “Could you shoot someone who only admires you very much and wishes to make you his wife?”

Her eyes widened at his words, Allura gaping at him, thinking the prince had indeed lost his mind. Apparently her shock was all he needed, Lotor lunging towards her, hand out to grab the blaster from her. She cried out, jerking her hand away, turning to the side to avoid his hand. His fingers landed on her shoulder, gripping hold of the material of her dress.

A ripping sound was in her ears, Lotor wrenching off a layer of her dress, revealing her shoulder. This time her voice was disgusted, Allura panicking as she remembered the last time he had torn clothing of hers. The memory seemed to freeze her in place, long enough for Lotor to get his arms around her. He pinned her against his chest, one arm pressing into her neck, the other reaching for her wrist.

“No!” Allura screamed, trying to break free. Her finger pulled the trigger, laser fire shooting harmlessly into the sky.

“Let go of that weapon before you hurt yourself!” hissed Lotor, his fist squeezing down on her wrist. She cried out in pain, Allura trying to hold onto the blaster for as long as possible. She feared he’d break her bones in the effort of forcing her to release her hold on the blaster, Allura squirming, crying out in pain. Her fingers unclenched, the blaster dropping from her hand.

“That’s better.” Lotor’s voice in her ear, the man kicking the blaster some distance away from them. Allura tracked it’s travel with her eyes, memorizing it’s exact location, hoping she would get a chance to try for it again.

“Now…” The arm against her wind pipe pulled away, Allura trying to lunge forward. But Lotor held onto her wrist, laughing as he swung her around to face him. “Well, now…” He purred, looking her over. “I believe this is the first time I’ve seen you in a dress. It’s very fetching on you Allura.”

“Spare me your false flattery!” Allura snapped, jerking hard on her arm.

“It’s no lie. I speak only the truth when I am in your presence.” Lotor smiled. “You should be very honored, your beauty is such that is moves me to think of elevating you from slave to wife.”

“To be the wife of a tyrant, is to be a slave in everything but name!” Allura retorted, and her free arm swung at him, her fist thumping ineffectually against his broad chest. “You might as well kill me now, because I will never, ever marry you!”

“Never is a long time…” Lotor growled, grabbing her so that he now held both wrists in his hands. “And you’ll find that being my wife comes with some perks that being a slave can’t ever hope to match!”

“I don’t believe you!” Allura said, struggling, jerking as hard as she could manage. It only hurt her arms, Allura feeling as though she wrenched them right out of their sockets in an attempt to free herself from his hold.

“Then believe this.” Lotor told her, watching her struggles with interest. “Yellow Lion is down, and the other three lions are engaged with my robeast. There is no one left to come to your rescue. If you give in to me now, agree to become my wife, I will allow your friends to live. I will allow your people to enjoy some modicum of freedom under Doom’s rule.”

“You seek to make my people slaves!” Allura snapped, and his smile was all the confirmation she needed. “I won’t do it! I won’t sell out my people!”

“Not even to save the lives of your friends?” He asked. “Dear princess, I had no idea you were so cold hearted!”

“No more than you!” She retorted, her eyes narrowed into a glare.

“Then we are a perfect match.” Lotor said, and he jerk her up against his chest, Allura gasping. She started to say something, but his mouth was upon her, lips pressing down with bruising force. Allura squealed into the kiss, trying to pull back, her hands curling into fists as she jerked her arms about spastically. Lotor kept his grip on her, holding her steady as his lips sought to coax her mouth open.

He soon gave up on the beguilement route when it became apparent she wasn’t about to give in, Lotor thrusting his tongue into her mouth. Allura made muffled protests, trying to curl her tongue away from his. That velvet muscle of his was doing a lavish exploration of her mouth, running it’s tips across the contours of her mouth. Her eyes were wide, Allura staring into Lotor’s lust crazed eyes.

His kiss was suffocating, stealing her breath, Allura feeling dizzy, half swooning against him. The hold on her wrists kept her standing, Allura trying to think of a way to get away from him. Perhaps if she played along, an opportunity would present itself….

She screamed into his mouth, Lotor pulling back at the sound. He was barely winded, tongue licking across his bottom lip, as he stared at her with open desire. He waited a beat, allowing her to gulp in some much needed air, and then was moving to reclaim her lips.

“All right!” Allura cried, turning her face to the side so his mouth landed on her cheek.

“All right?” Lotor asked, sounding confused.

“All right….I agree to be your wife…” Allura said, hoping she could be forgiven for this small lie. “Just promise me you’ll spare my friend’s lives.”

“What brought this on all of a sudden?” He wanted to know, pulling back to study her. She fidgeted under his attention, Lotor’s eyes boring into her with a fierce intensity. Suddenly he smiled, his voice a low purr. “I knew I was good, but I didn’t think you were the type to be kissed into submission!”

Allura fought to keep from making a smart comment, wanting to tell him he was anything but a good kisser. Instead she meekly lowered her eyes, not having to force the blush on her cheeks. “I just realized my options…” She mumbled. “I know you are going to conquer Arus one way or the other….it’s time I accept it. I can fight you and lose, or join the winning side.”

“How very smart of you.” Lotor smirked. “And how very foolish of me it would be to believe you without some proof of your….devotion to me.”

“Proof?” She had long since stopped struggling, just leaning against him. Now she moved, going on tip toe to reach his lips. She was hesitant at first, lips gentle compared to the harsh, heated kiss he had given her. Lotor watched her, eyes amused, letting Allura lick her tongue across his lips. She attempted to deepen the kiss, probing at his mouth with her tongue.

Lotor made a low grumble, parting his lips with little coaxing. He sighed into the kiss, one hand letting go of her wrist to reach and touch her hair. She was still kissing him, touching her tongue shyly to his when Lotor took command of the kiss, doing expert strokes against her tongue. His fingers tangled in her hair, holding her in place, Allura fighting a shudder of revulsion as they kissed.

At last he allowed them to come up for air, Allura dismayed to see a thin strand of saliva connecting their lips. Nervously, she licked her lips, breaking the strand, looking at him.

“That was good.” Lotor said, his voice husky. “That was very good. But I am not convinced. You need to do something more for me.”

“More?” Allura was taken aback. What more could he possibly want? The answer to that question flashed in her mind, of their bodies entwined, sweating as they made love, voices moaning. She felt the heat rush to her face, Allura blinking rapidly as she tried to clear away those images.

“Yes, more…” His hands were on her shoulders, she realized he was trying to shove her down to her knees. “Do you remember that very difficult decision I had last time Allura?” He didn’t wait for an answer, continuing. “I had you one way, and it was sweet. But I find myself wondering how good it could have been if I had use your mouth instead of your body.”

Her knees thumped onto the grass covered ground, her face paling as she realized his meaning. He must have felt her tremors, he was laughing again. “If you really mean to be my wife, this is something you must learn to do. And what better time to start practicing then now?”

“Lotor…” She whispered his name, feeling faint. Her arms were hanging limp at her sides, she stared up at him, his face seeming so far away from this vantage point. “I…I can’t…”

“Why not?”

“It’s not proper…” Allura began, and he threw back his head and laughed.

“Allura, we’re about to be wed. It doesn’t get any more proper than that!” Lotor pointed out. “Now, no more delays…any instant your friends could die at the hands of my robeast. And we wouldn’t want that, now would we?”

“No…” Allura said, her hands shaking as she reached towards his belt. It, like so many items from Doom, bore the skull and cross bones insignia on it’s buckle, Allura’s fingers fumbling to open it. She must have taken too long, Lotor was helping her, impatient. Together they got the belt open, the pleated kilt he wore loosening. She hooked her fingers into the sides of the waist band, and drew his kilt down, letting it crumple at his feet.

“Hurry Allura….hurry!” Lotor urged her, hands on his hips as her hands hesitated to draw down his tights. “Time is a wasting…why I can practically hear the captain’s cries of pain echoing in the distance.”

To her horror, she felt her eyes welling up with tears, Allura keeping her head downwards so Lotor wouldn’t see. She willed herself not to cry, but a tear trickled down her cheek anyway. She let out a deep sigh, scrunching her eyes closed as she yanked down his pants to his knees.

“Look at me Allura.” Lotor’s voice, commanding her to do as he bade. “Look and be amazed.”

She risked opening her eyes, seeing his cock before her face. It was only partially erect, it seemed anticipation of what he wanted her to do was getting him excited. She stared, and could swear she saw it twitch, Lotor laughing.

“Magnificent, aren”t I?” He asked her. She said nothing, did nothing, just staring wide eyed, wondering how she was going to handle this. A hysterical giggle wanted to escape her at the thought of handling him, Allura’s hands once again at her sides trembling. Her knees hurt, pebbles were biting into her tender flesh, but she dared not shift to get comfortable.

“Well, don’t just kneel there!” A hint of impatience in his tone, but eagerness over rode that sound. “Take me in your hand, touch me….learn the feel of me…”

She gulped, eyes falling close as she reached out with her hand. She took too long, Lotor grabbing her hand, pressing it against his cock. She squealed at the feel of his member, Lotor laughing at her reaction.

“Feels good, doesn’t it Allura?” Lotor asked, forcing her hand to close around his cock. Her fingers barely touched, so thick was he. He gave a jerk of his hand, urging her to move hers up and down. Once he was satisfied she knew the motion he wanted, he let go, Allura dully moving her hand. As she stroked him, he lengthened and firmed up, the word immense coming to mind as she looked and touched him.

“That’s good, but I want more.” Lotor said, and she glanced up at him uncertainly. “Will you give it to me Allura?”

“I don’t know what to do.” Allura said, blushing, her hand still moving, going from top to bottom then back up again.

“That’s right….you were a virgin last we met.” She flinched at his usage of the word were, knowing he was to blame for her lost maiden head. “I suppose it can’t be help…I’ll have to talk you through it.” He made it sound like a big chore, Allura wishing he would lose interest in humiliating her like this.

“Start with a little taste.” Lotor suggested. “Bring your lips to bear against my cock, kiss it, lick it, LOVE it.”

“Like this?” Allura asked, hesitantly puckering her lips for a kiss. Holding back a grimace, she pressed her lips against the dark blue head of his cock. Something wet was on the tip, the moisture getting on her lips, Allura trying to be careful not to taste it.

“Yes…..only use your tongue more.” Lotor commanded her, and she sighed, letting her tongue come out. She lapped delicately at the head, hearing Lotor grunt in approval. She rolled her eyes upward, trying to see his face but the sun was currently in her eyes, leaving her guessing at his expression.

She licked him again, harder this time, hearing him make a pleased sound. It left her encouraged towards what he liked, Allura using one hand to steady his twitching cock, her mouth hovering over the tip of him. Her tongue came out, and she licked him again, tasting that fluid that decorated the tip. She tried to imagine she was licking an ice cream cone, using her tongue to lick and swirl around the head, dabbing the tip against the slit in the center. It oozed fluid, seeming to produce more the harder she licked.

She grew bolder in using her tongue, dragging it down away from the head. “Oh that’s good Allura!” Lotor voice praising her, the princess tracing a vein with her tongue. She dragged that wet muscle of hers back up, trailing it over to the under side of his cock. Lotor seemed to REALLY like that, twitching, a moan escaping him. If the situation wasn’t so horrible, Allura would almost laugh, thrilled that for once she held power over Lotor.

“My balls!” gasped Lotor. “Don’t forget my balls!”

She let go of him, licking down to his ball sac. Her tongue teased the flesh, licking him hard before moving back up the base of his shaft. She moved back to the tip, hesitating, her breath huffing over the wet skin. Lotor did not quite gasp when she blew on him, the man’s voice distorted as he spoke. “Licking is good…but a man can get tired of all this teasing. Allura…open your mouth…..wider….wider….good….just like that.”

She felt ridiculous sitting with her mouth gaping wide open, Lotor’s hand on her head, pushing her head towards his cock. “Now..” He continued with his instructions, voice growling. “Take me into your mouth, and whatever you do, don’t use your teeth!”

She was tempted to bite him, Allura finding the tip of him in her mouth. She started to make a sound, to protest against this when he thrust, pushing a good two inches into her mouth. Her sounds turned into squeals, her voice humming around his cock. A deep rumble came from Lotor’s throat, the man holding onto her hair, shifting, forcing more of himself into her mouth.

Tears came to her eyes, she blinked them back as she tried not to gag. He pushed until she sure was sure he was touching the back of her throat, Allura fearing she would be bruised from the experience. Lotor was moaning, letting out soft oods and deep growls, just enjoying the feel of her mouth around him. Allura tried to remember to breathe through her nose, listening to Lotor’s advice.

“Now form a tight seal around me, yes like that….good, you’re a quick study.” A wicked laughter then, Allura fighting not to shudder. “I want you to start sucking…and for God’s sake, use your tongue!”

Frowning around the large mouthful, Allura begin doing as he asked, using a hand to hold onto the base of his cock. Her other hand went behind him, resting just under the cleft of his ass, Allura holding onto him for support. His hands guided her, pushing and pulling her head back and forth along his length, Lotor babbling nonsense to her. He spoke about making her his queen, about the riches he would give her, the jewels he would cover her with. But mostly he just moaned, body trembling. She realized he was fighting not to start thrusting, Allura quick to understand he could hurt her if he lost control.

She hummed around the cock in her mouth, exerting immense suction force on him. Her tongue swirled against the under side of his cock, rubbing and teasing it. Lotor’s moans increased, his fingers tightening in her hair, trying to make her go even faster. Her head bobbed as best it could, Allura finding he was leaking in her mouth.

She tried to pull back to ask if it was natural, and he shoved her back in place.

A loud exclamation followed the shove, Lotor screaming something profane. Seconds later she felt it, it burst from the tip of him to shoot into the back of her throat, hot and sticky, and tasting too salty. This time she really did gag, Lotor seeming not to notice as he forced her head to move. Another pump into her mouth, another load shooting, leaving her forced to swallow it all down.

Only then did he withdraw from her mouth, breathing heavily. Her mouth free, Allura let out a scream, a cry of revulsion, the back of her hand to her mouth, wiping out the remains of his come.

“Don’t worry…” Lotor said, voice sounding drowsy. “You’ll learn to like the taste….oh how you’ll learn.” A laugh then, half delirious, Allura feeling a flash of anger to be made the bunt of his joke.

“Don’t count on it!” She screamed, and she pushed him. Her shove caught him off balance, down he went, hitting the grass hard. She was already running, Lotor shouting her name, trying to sit up.

“Allura!” Lotor snarled, struggling to pull up his tights, and untangle the kilt from around his feet. “Come back here this instant! Your HUSBAND commands you!”

“You don’t order me around, and you never will be my husband!” She shot back, leaping up onto the joints of her lion. She quickly reached the top, pulling open the hatch, while Lotor cursed and growled, all but tearing his kilt into pieces, Allura didn’t even spare a glance at him, sliding into her lion.

She quickly got into the command seat, firing up the engines, letting the power charge. Lotor had gotten dressed, and was standing, pulling out his sword. He looked ridiculous charging towards her with it, the sword a veritable toothpick compared to the giant that was her blue lion.

With a smirk, Allura began firing her weapons at Lotor, watching the prince back flip, neatly avoiding the rays. “I’ll be back for you!” He screamed, shaking a fist. An explosion of dirt occurred at his feet, Allura just missing him. He quickly retreated towards the trees, no doubt heading for where he had left his ship hidden. Allura didn’t bother to pursue him, she had bigger fish to fry, and friends to rescue.

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