Report 03

Incident report number three! ;-p Lotor’s birthday bash. You know what that means! Birthday spankings! XD This one is a bit kinky, as we got bondage, blindfolds, and even a toy or two.

I change a few things from the episode, mainly Lance stayed inside Red Lion when it went inside Lotor’s statue. So the whole sub plot of Lance getting seperated from them wasn’t dealt with. Other than that, it plays out the same, just…we get to see what happens before the birthday dinner. ;-p


The transport ship had been floating in space, little more than dead weight, when the Voltron Force came across it. It wasn’t clear what had happened to the ship to leave it in it’s disabled state, but Allura considered it a lucky break. Keith on the other hand had been more suspicious, fearing a trap. He allowed the lions to board the ship, but only while exercising extreme caution.

And so they boarded at the docking bay, climbing down from their lions and sneaking like thieves into the heart of the ship. Keith and Lance had gone ahead, blasters drawn, ready for action. But there was none, everyone on the ship was laying crumpled on the ground, unconscious as the results of whatever had attacked the ship. Allura had shivered, tip toeing quietly around their prone bodies, fearing whoever had done this had taken the gold and left.

Indeed many things had been stripped from the walls, anything of value that wasn’t nailed down taken away by space pirates. The only thing of worth was a statue, far too heavy to lift. A solid piece of gold that had been molded to resemble prince Lotor of planet Doom. Allura felt uneasy looking at the statue, finding the sculptor had captured every nuance of detail, right down to his cold, malevolent eyes.

Those eyes seemed to follow her around the room, watching her the way the real prince was prone to. Watching and waiting for something, for the right moment to strike when she least expected it. Allura knew such thoughts only served to frighten her, causing goose bumps to dot her skin under her uniform. She nearly shrieked when she heard the squeaking, relieved to see it was just her little friend Cheddar.

The mouse danced around her feet, desperate for attention. She would have chided him for sneaking along with them on a mission, but it seemed the mouse had made a discovery. A hidden room stowed in the bowels of the ship, containing riches as far as the eye could see. There was gold everywhere, even a large chest of it, which they cracked open with it’s heavy key.

They were rewarded with a welcome sight, the treasure Lotor’s men had stolen from Planet Arus in a recent surface raid. Keith had been overjoyed, the boys overwhelmed with the sight of the wealth. She had hated to bring down the mood, Allura reluctantly admitting that the treasure did not even begin to cover the amount stolen from Arus. There was more somewhere, a lot more, and they needed it back if her people hoped to buy special medicine from a neighboring planet.

It was not greed that motivated them to stay, but need. But before they could make up their minds on what to do, Cheddar had reacted, hopping up and down before a port window. Allura had gazed into the emptiness of space, expecting to see nothing but stars. But a light twinkled, and slowly from the gloom, another ship emerged, Drule designed and bearing the insignias of Planet Doom.

It had sent them off in a panic, Keith making hasty plans. Lance in the red lion was to use his atomizer, shifting molecules to allow the lion to merge with the statue. He would be undetectable, hidden away in reserve should they need him. Lance hadn’t wanted to go, it was plain to see on his face, but there had been no time to argue, the pilot reboarding his lion.

That left four other lions, Keith banking on the Drule soldiers not bothering to check the docking bay first. All their plans would crumble if the lions were discovered, Allura knew this, and she whispered a prayer as she helped undress some of the unconscious soldiers.

The uniform was too big on her, but that was all right, it’s bulk worked in her advantage, hiding her womanly curves as it bagged around her. There was helmets, with crossed visors, to go along with the uniforms. They slipped them on now, leaving the visor’s closed so their faces were obscured. Their disguises were in place, now all they needed to do was wait.

“Hurry up!” A harsh voice shouted, the sound of many footsteps running accompanying the words. Allura crouched just out of sight of the statue, waiting for Keith’s signal. The footsteps grew louder, the men drawing near. They burst into the room with the statue of Lotor, a loud shout heralding their arrival.

“There it is!”

They were all eyes for the gold, not bothering to check on the bodies on the floor. They didn’t care if the gold’s guards were alive or dead, all intent on their orders. Keith let out a moan, staggering to his feet. He nearly got shot by a spooked soldier, before his superior made him stay his hand.

“It’s one of the palace guards sent to protect the treasure chest.” He explained, watching as Keith fell face down on the floor, still groaning loudly in feigned pain. Soldiers approached him, one kneeling to check his pulse.

“‘Are you badly hurt guard?”

“No, but the meteorite barrage was terrible…” Keith moaned, trying to offer an explanation of what had happened to the ship.

“And where are all the others?” The soldier asked.

“They’re still unconscious captain.” Keith said.

“Well…” The Drule was sighing, looking regretful. “You’ll just have to fend for yourselves. We’re here with orders from Prince Lotor to retrieve the treasure from this ship. You’re not considered treasure.” He turned to yell at his subordinates. “Remove all treasure, including the golden statue!”

The soldiers started to move, when Allura stepped out of her hiding spot. Hunk and Pidge were quick to follow her, making a show of leaning on each other for support. “Hold it just a minute men.” The commander said.

“It is our sacred duty…” Keith said, shrugging off the commander’s hands as he stood up, back stiff. “…To finish the job we started.”

“Well…” began the commander. “You’ve suffered so much and come this far, I don’t suppose there is any harm in bending the order a little. Very well! I will allow you to return the treasure to Prince Lotor on planet Tyrus.”

“Thank you captain!” Keith said, Allura relieved the plan had worked. She, along with her friends went to stand guard over the hidden treasure room. The commander quickly realized they had no way to move the heavy statue of Prince Lotor. A change of plan was made, the ship being anchored by tow cables, heavy, resilient cords that secured the ship to several smaller ones.

Working together, those ships managed to move the bigger one, beginning the slow process of dragging the damaged treasure ship back to Tyrus. All the while, Allura and the Voltron Force remained on board, standing diligently as they guarded over the treasure. She hoped they were doing the right thing, hoped it would lead to the recovery of the rest of the wealth stolen from Planet Arus.

It took several hours, and by the time they reached Planet Tyrus, Allura was more than a little uncomfortable. Her uniform itched, and the metal helmet chafed against her skin. Why her nose was twitching, an itch she couldn’t scratch, the princess hoping she wouldn’t start sneezing.

Allura got her first look at Planet Tyrus through the grilled visor of her helmet. The people looked a lot like those found on Planet Arus, only they were more expensively dressed. They cheered to see the Doom ships, letting out cries that glorified Prince Lotor and Zarkon’s rule. Allura found herself glaring angrily at the Tyrusians, wondering how anyone could be so accepting of those two fiend’s crimes, knowing Doom benefited off the misery of others. And so it seemed, did Tyrus.

There wasn’t much time for sight seeing, they were quickly led off the ship, and into a pointed structure. It was a castle of some sort, with easy to navigate halls. Soon they reached the ante chamber of the room Prince Lotor was rumored to be in. The commander went in ahead of them, his voice carrying out clearly into the hall.

“My prince! We have that which what you so eagerly await!”

“Then bring it to me at once!” Lotor commanded, and that was their cue. Working together, Allura and the boys wheeled the gold plated treasure chest into the room. Allura’s eyes were shifting behind the grill, she trembled with fear as she spotted the evil witch Haggar sitting at a table, drinking some kind of red liquid. An older man was next to her, a crown on his head. Surely he must be the tyrant King of Tyrus.

She didn’t look at them long, her eyes were drawn irresistibly to Prince Lotor. He was dressed like all the other times she had seen him, in his military uniform. He stood bristling with impatience, his hands on his hips as he waited for the treasure to be presented to him. They rolled the chest right up before him, the others following Keith’s lead, as the Voltron Captain offered a half bow to the prince.

Allura bit back a hiss not wanting to lower herself, even in disguise to Lotor. But she had a part to play, so she did, even as a voice in her head screamed at the wrongness of it all.

“Here are your riches sire.” Keith said, saluting Lotor. “Our task has been fulfilled!”

“I’m pleased. You’ve done well.” It was strange, but for once when he smiled, there was no menace or mockery in that expression. He almost looked like a normal person, and not the cruel, maniacal tyrant she knew Lotor to be. “Gold!” Lotor placed a hand on the treasure chest, rubbing the lid almost lovingly. “The very thought of it quickens my pulse and warms my blood!”

“Don’t keep me in suspense!” Lotor snapped, all traces of his smile gone. “Open it!”

“Yes, sire!” Hunk was the only one capable of lifting the key. He did so now, carrying the heavy burden forward. Only it proved too much for him, Hunk stumbling, falling to his knees before Lotor as he dropped the key. Hunk offered up a thousand apologies, Lotor gritting his teeth as he glared at the man.

“Who are these miserable guards?!” Lotor demanded, gesturing at the disguised Voltron Force. “I ordered YOU to bring back the treasure.” He stepped away from the chest, walking towards the commander who was beginning to look nervous.

“I can explain!” The commander was interrupted by Lotor, who bellowed.

“No excuses!”

“But please sire!”

Lotor growled and drew his sword, Allura unable to stifle her gasp as he made a move to stab the man. He heard her gasp and turned, sword gesturing in the air as he snarled out a demand. “And now my masked friend, let’s see who you really are!!”

Keith suddenly let out a battle cry, doing a magnificent back flip on top of the treasure chest. He removed his helmet, black hair and tanned skin revealed, tossing the helm onto the floor. “Masked or not, I’m no friend of yours, Lotor!” Keith retorted, tearing the disguise off to reveal the lycra of the uniform beneath it.

That was all the signal they needed, the boys were making noise, shouting as they pulled off their helmets. Allura was more sedate, calmly removing the helm from her head, struggling to rip off the disguise. Haggar made a sound, she and the king rose to their feet, gaping in shock. Only Lotor looked unsurprised, calmly speaking.

“The Voltron Force.” Lotor didn’t even raise his sword, just assessing the situation. “Four agaisnt one? I refuse to fight against odds like that.” His lips twitched, a hint of his smirk. “However…” Allura gasped as he turned to look her in the eyes, a leer on his face. “I wouldn’t refuse an encounter with a beautiful princess.”

“How about a one to one with me?!” demanded Keith, unable to control his anger at the look Lotor had given Allura.

“How about this?!” Lotor shouted, and the doors lifted open behind him, revealing over a dozen armed guards, who swarmed into the room. Keith let out a shocked sound, Lotor smirking as he pointed his sword at the Voltron force. “Get them!”

They had the swords from their disguises, the guards couldn’t risk blaster fire inside the enclosed room. It was simply too deadly, the shots could ricochet off the walls and into an ally. They were forced to fight hand to hand, swords clashing together. At first the Voltron Force did well at fending them off, even little Pidge managed to cut down a guard. But soon even the mighty Hunk was puffing in exertion, overwhelmed at the sheer numbers they faced.

Their backs were up against a wall, the four of them forced to drop their weapons. Lotor’s victorious peals of laughter grated on Allura’s nerves, the prince walking forward, pushing his way to the front of the guards. “Now I wonder what’s going to happen to you and your friends princess…” Lotor smirked. “Without Voltron here to come to your rescue!” Keith growled, but Lotor continued. “That really reduces you to nothing, doesn’t it?”

Suddenly he took hold of Allura’s hand, pulling her away from her friends. They made protests, but Lotor spoke over them. “Forgive me dear princess…” He purred, fingers holding on loosely to her wrist. “When I say nothing, I don’t include you.”

“You’re a beast!” All the rage she had felt over her last few encounters with Lotor came out, Allura putting all her force into the blow. She slapped him so hard, he bit his lip, a thin trickle of blood marring the corner of his mouth.

“You’ll pay for that!” growled Lotor, his hand to his cheek as he glared at her.

“Prince Lotor…” A new soldier had entered the room, hesitating as he sensed the tense atmosphere in the room. “The birthday preparations are almost complete.”

“Good.” Lotor said, and he grabbed Allura by the hand. “Come, be a guest at my birthday party. All of you!”

“We’d rather refuse!” Keith said, and Lotor laughed, though it sounded force as he was surely smarting over her slap.

“You don’t have a choice! Take them away!” Lotor ordered, watching as the guards began prodding the Voltron Force with their swords, the pointed tips making them move reluctantly from the room.

“What are you going to do with the princess?” Haggar voiced the question Allura feared to ask.

“Worry about the Voltron Force.” Lotor told her. “Let me take care of the princess.” He started to draw her after him, Allura pausing to grab onto the wall.

“I won’t go with you!”

“She’s a feisty one!” laughed the King of Tyrus, watching as Lotor struggled to pull her nails free of the molding.

“Feisty and troublesome, and hardly worth the effort.” Sniffed Haggar, taking the king by the arm. She began walking, leading the king down the path the Voltron Force had been dragged. “Lotor…” She called over her shoulder, a cackle accompanying her words. “Do try not to be late to your own birthday party!”

Lotor ignored her, grappling with Allura. He pried her hand free, only to have her lunge towards his belt. “Well, now my pretty princess!” He laughed. “I didn’t realize you’d be so eager to do that again!” Her cheeks burned as he caught her hands, pulling them away from his sword.

“You’re disgusting!” Allura cried out, valiantly struggling against his grip.

“And you my dear, are a liar!” His words stunned her, Allura pausing to gape at him in shock. “I am no such thing!”

“Oh?” An arch of his eyebrow, Lotor resuming dragging her out of the room. “Then what about the last time we met. Back in the woods. You promised to be my wife.”

“That was….was…” She shook her head, trying to block out the memories.

‘That was what?!” Lotor demanded. “A trick? A ploy? A deception!” She couldn’t deny it had been all those things, Allura only agreeing to marry him to buy time until she could escape. “Fear not Allura…I’ll make an honest woman of you yet!”

“AH!” He pushed her against the table Haggar had been sitting at, the edge of the metal biting into her stomach. Before she could straighten, he pressed his body against hers, hand reaching for her arm, twisting it behind her back. “NO!” She screamed, feeling rope wind about her wrist. Lotor merely grunted in reply, bringing her other arm behind her back, the cord quickly being tied to her left wrist as well.

When he was done, he stepped back, allowing the trussed up princess to turn to face him. She glared at him, head held high. He merely smiled, pleased by her defiance. “I see nothing tempers that fiery spirit of yours. That’s good! You’ll need it if you are to survive on Planet Doom!” The thought of going to Doom frightened her, Allura trying to keep from trembling.

“I’ve missed you Allura.” Lotor said, and grabbed her by the bend in her arm, forcing her to walk with him. “Tell me, my darling princess, how often have you thought about me? Every hour? Hmm? Or how about every minute?”

“How about never!” Allura said, being dragged towards another room.

“Come now, you’re not being honest with me.” Lotor said, opening the door. He ushered her into the darkened room, Allura inadvertently stepping closer to him as she shied away from the darkness. “Surely you’ve dreamt about me.”

“Only nightmares, ones I wake up screaming from.” Allura retorted.

“Ha ha ha…screaming in frustration is more like it.” Lotor said, and turned on the lights. The room was a lavishly appointed bedroom, with all the amenities, and a huge bed that dominated the center of the floor. “I know I left you unsatisfied in our last encounter. That was your fault entirely, rushing off like you did.”

“You’ve left me unsatisfied in ALL our encounters!” Allura cried, digging her heels into the floor. It made no difference, he dragged her stumbling body towards the bed, smirking all the way.

“But fear not Allura. This time there will be no escaping, no interruptions. Both of us will have our pleasure and more.” He gave a tug on her arm, spinning her around to face him. She struggled, squirming against his chest, feeling his hand grabbed at her hair. She knew what was coming, she didn’t even cry out when he claimed her mouth with his, allowing Lotor to kiss her thoroughly.

He held her up on tip toe, forcing her to strain to meet his lips, the satin texture of them brushing teasingly against hers. His mouth moved, lips working to devour and eat away at her own mouth. His lips could beguile the devil’s own mother, she parted hers with a soft sigh, Lotor immediately taking the initiative to plunge his tongue into her mouth. His desire for her was fierce, he didn’t so much as kiss her as make love to her mouth, tongue thrusting away at hers.

It left her panting and dizzy, Allura trying to focus on breathing through her nose. She actually closed her eyes, feeling her lips do the slightest movement against his. She felt the vibration of his laughter against her lips, Allura trying to frown. But he kept her lips occupied with his, his free hand dropping to her waist. Her eyes flew open when he undid her belt, the princess making a sound.

Unexpectedly he let her go, actually pushing her backwards onto the bed. Her world turned upside down, Allura bouncing on the mattress. For a second she lay there just breathing, the sound heavy as her chest heaved. And then she was struggling to sit up, finding Lotor had his hands on her boots. “Let’s make you more comfortable.” He said, tugging the pink boot off.

“Oh, are you going to leave?” Allura asked, with false bravado.

“Don’t be cheeky.” Lotor told her, removing her other boot. It joined the right one on the floor, a loud thump as it hit the carpet. He bent over her, those large hands of his touching her legs. She was aware of how small she was in comparison to him, Allura trying to squirm away from those groping hands. He merely pulled her back in place, and this time he removed the bottom half of her uniform, the lycra pants being tossed over his shoulder.

“They’re pink.” Lotor commented, touching her panties. He looked pleased, petting the satin and lace material. Allura tried to stay still, flashing back to what happened the last time he had caressed her through her panties. “Pretty though they may be, it’s time they come off.”

“Wait!” Allura cried out, her mind desperate to think of a reason to dissuade him. “You can’t!”

“Come now Allura. You know there’s nothing I can’t do….” Lotor told her, fingers starting to pull on the band of her panty. She tried to roll away from him, pulling back on her body. That only succeeded in making him rip the material of her under garment, Allura freezing at the sound. She glanced at Lotor, who was holding the shredded remains of pink lace in his hand, not at all apologetic looking.

“Must you rip something of mine every time we meet?!” Allura demanded, glaring.

“Yes, it’s seems to be a habit between us.” Lotor replied, grinning. “Along with your running away. Tell you what, I’ll stop shredding your clothes, if you promise to stay put.”

“No deal!” Allura said, her eyes widening in horror as Lotor raised the remains of the panty to his nose. He had the gall to sniff at the fabric, inhaling deeply. It made her cheeks turn red, Allura’s jaw dropping open.

He was completely nonchalant, straightening and stepping away from the bed. The panty was clutched in his hands, and he began pacing back and forth before her. “You know Allura, you left me in such an awkward position last time….” She said nothing, just tracking his movement with her eyes. “I’ve spent countless hours thinking about what I would do to you, once I caught you again.”

Allura shivered, all too aware of her vulnerability, sitting half naked before him. She made sure to keep her legs tightly closed, not liking the way Lotor kept sneaking glances at her thighs.

“It’s given me time to be….creative.” He paused, and his grin did nothing to reassure her, his fangs flashing at her.

“What are you going to do?” Allura whispered out her question, unable to keep her tremors under control.

“I think you should be asking yourself what won’t I do?!” Lotor laughed, and strode over to a chest in the corner, dropping the panty onto the carpet. She watched him bend over it, rummaging around, her nervousness increasing. He started removing things, setting them on the floor, the pile of strange devices growing. He straightened, and stalked towards her, his right hand held behind his back.

“Are….are you going to hurt me…” Allura asked, flinching when he touched her leg.

“Hurt you?” Lotor looked surprised, his expression softening for an instant. “Gods no! Although you may feel some slight discomfort. But it’s nothing you can’t handle…and no less than you deserve, you naughty minx.” His fingers pressed down on her thigh, his right hand reaching towards her face. She saw a bit of black material in his hand, some sort of blindfold that was soft against her cheek.

He put it over her eyes, stealing away her sight. Being submerged in total darkness didn’t ease her panic one bit, it only made her feel more exposed, hearing her breathing coming out too loud.

The bed creaked, she turned towards the sound, realizing Lotor had joined her on the mattress. “It’s my birthday you know.” His tone was conversational, she breathed out a disinterested sound.


“Yes. I’ve been given many gifts these days, but you are my favorite.” Lotor said, and that made her angry.

“I’m not a gift!”
“Oh but you are!” Lotor chuckled, Allura jumping as she tried to identify which direction his voice came from. “The greatest one I could ever hope to receive.” His hands were on her waist, her flesh crawling at his touch. She found him moving her, shifting her forward and to the side, forcing her down onto her belly. She struggled and squirmed, making a protesting sound, finding his knees were against her stomach, Allura laying across Lotor’s lap.

This position confused her, she didn’t understand what he was doing, his hand on her back, the lycra preventing her from feeling it’s warmth. “Just relax Allura…” Lotor purred, his hand smoothing down her back and onto her rump. She shifted, nervous, not liking the way he was caressing circles into her skin. “Relax and accept your birthday spankings.”

“Spankings?!” She squeaked out in horror, trying to sit up. Allura was not a fan of being spanked, her bottom had been turned red one too many times by her nanny, and she had no doubt Lotor could hurt her a million times worse. “Lotor stop!”

He pushed her down as she tried to struggle up, Allura cruising under her breath her lack of mobility for her arms. One hand held her down, the other rubbing her rear, deceptively gentle. She tensed when that caressing touch left her rear, Allura waiting with held breath for the slap to come. He did not disappoint her, a resounding smack of his hand on her rump, Allura crying out, wriggling in place.

Each time he spanked her, he would take care to rub the sting of his slap away, trying to soothe her with his touch. She was inconsolable, feeling tears in her eyes, threatening to drop free at any moment. “Please, stop…” Allura cried out, her voice breaking off as his hand smacked her rump once again.

“Beg me just a little more, and maybe I will.” Lotor chuckled, his hand landing on her rear for the umpteenth time.

“Please…” She said, her breathless whisper turning into a shriek.

“Are you sorry you lied to me Allura?” Lotor asked, rubbing her cheek.

“Yes!” At this point Allura would have said yes to anything, just to get him to stop. But his actions made her truly regret her deceit at Chozzerai, Allura wishing she had never done anything to make him want to punish her like this. “I’m sorry!”

“Good….” He continued to caress her stinging rump, his voice sounding satisfied. “Next time I ask you to be my wife, you’ll know better than to make me false promises.”

“Next time?!” Allura asked, tensing up when his hand left her rear. She kept expecting it to slap her one last time, Allura trembling with anticipation. Instead he was moving her, rolling her back onto the silk sheets. He kept her on her stomach, Allura hearing the bed creak as he moved. She didn’t trust him, shaking, surprised when she felt something ghost along her aching rear.

It was the ends of his hair, Lotor hovering over her, his hands massaging the backs of her thighs. He seemed to be moving his head, letting his hair tease against her rear, Allura noticing how baby soft his hair felt. Those strong hands of his worked over her thighs, fingers flexing and kneading, Lotor sweeping more of his hair over her rump.

When he suddenly pressed his lips onto her cheek, she jumped, hearing him chuckle against her. “The worst is over Allura…” Lotor told her, lips brushing her skin with each word whispered. “You need not be afraid any longer…”

She almost lied and said she wasn’t, but the thought that he might resume spanking her at the slightest hint of a falsity held her tongue. Instead she laid there, stiff, feeling his mouth placing kisses all over her rear. Those hands of his moved upwards, kneading just under the cleft of her ass. It was actually feeling good, Allura shifting restless as he covered her skin with kisses.

Soon his hands left her, Allura could hear Lotor walking away. “Lotor?” She asked, worried at the thought of being left alone, undressed and tied, without her sight to warn her of what was to come. He didn’t answer her, leaving her to try and identify the sounds. Something rustled, and she heard thumps on the floor, Allura frowning. Minutes seemed to pass, and still he did not return to the bed, leaving Allura to wonder if he had gone to the birthday celebration without her.

She closed her eyes, thinking she would rest, when she felt it. A light tickle across her skin. It was different from his hair, it felt like a large feather. “Lotor!” Allura cried out, feeling him trace along the edge where her uniform’s top covered her back.

“Roll over.” came the command, and without even thinking, she complied, her rump protesting the feel of the silk sheets against it. The material was cool against her heated skin, but her rear wasn’t yet up to bearing her weight in any capacity. She made a sound, Allura feeling the feather touched her belly, teasingly sliding upwards. Lotor pressed down on the object, she realized it was sturdier than a feather, more like a thin wand with softness at the tip of it. That tip was pressing down against her covered nipple, rubbing as it prodded her.

The lycra didn’t protect her from the sensation, a sharp spike of pleasure shot through her at the touch. She started to say his name, but it was swallowed into a gasp, feeling a slight vibration from the object. It humed, a low buzzing sound as it moved against her breasts, her nipple hardening in response to it. Her other nipple seemed to react in sympathy, stiffening against the lycra as it waited for it’s turn.

The wand kept moving across her nipple, teasing her mercilessly, tracing circles around the edge. Allura bit her bottom lip, trying to keep in her cries, though they escaped her as whines. Lotor was eerily silent while doing this, forcing out a please from her that got him moving the wand to her other nipple. It had been neglected for too long, feeling extra sensitive against the vibrating tremors of the wand.

Allura soon forgot about the pain on her backside, shifting restlessly as the wand teased her breasts. Occasionally she would give pulls on her wrists, a futile effort at breaking her bonds. The vibrations continued, Allura growing more bothered, feeling wetness start to pool between her legs. As nice as it felt, the nipple play wasn’t enough, Allura finding she was growing tight with need.

She started shifting her legs, squirming in impatience. Not even a chuckle was earned for her wiggling, but the wand traveled down lower, teasing her with a slow descent. It prodded her womanhood, touching that cushion of flesh that protected her most intimate spot. With a whimper, Allura allowed her legs to part, just a slight separation that gave the wand access to her slit.

The vibrations rolled across her folds, Allura gasping, feeling it rock her to her very core. A few more teasing strokes, and then it touched her clitoris, the vibrations seeming to increase. Allura squealed, pushing against the wand, letting it press harder against the bit of flesh. It rubbed and hummed along her nerves, Allura feeling it down to her toes, which curled.

Her legs spread more, Allura shameless as she offered herself to the instrument, wriggling desperately against it. It made things inside her tighten, her body producing moisture at an alarming pace. She nearly panicked when it left her, the touch there one minute, gone the next.

She needn’t have worried, something else took it’s place, something wet and warm, moving sinuously along her folds. Hands on her thighs, holding her legs as spread as they could go, leaving her spread wide open as Lotor’s tongue licked her. That insidious tongue of his seemed made for plundering her moisten depths, tongue licking her up and down, wiggling from side to side.

“Lotor!” Allura cried out, squirming against him. She fought against his hands, wanting to draw closer to his tongue. That muscle of his licked at the entrance to her body, doing tiny thrusts that were gone before she could think to clench down on it. She made a cry of frustration, shaking badly as she lay helpless to his whims and desires.

She felt his tongue extend deeper inside of her, Allura moaning, feeling delirious with joy at it’s intrusion. Lotor wiggled it, and she shook her hips, whining. Explosions burst behind her eyelids, multi colored lights that had her reeling, Allura sinking against the mattress, body limp and languid. A chuckle from Lotor, the bed creaked, the Drule moving into place above her. She could feel him between her legs, his hands grabbing at them, lifting them up so that they rested in the crook of his arms.

She didn’t protest, Allura trying to recover her breath when she felt him thrust inside her, Allura arching her back up off the bed with a loud cry. This, yes this was what her body had been missing, the feel of him inside her, filling her to the brink. She immediately clenched down around his hardness, intending to never let go of him.

“Alllura.” A groan from Lotor, his voice sounding ragged. “You’ll make me lose control.”

“Lose it!” She ordered him, writhing against him, wishing her legs were free to wrap around his waist. She’d pull him to her if she could, dig her heels into his back and force him to go deeper.

“I’ll hurt you if I do…” He warned, but she was beyond caring.

“Lotor!” She hissed his name through gritted teeth, a demanding growl issuing out of her. “Move!” He heeded her demands, a fierce growl answering her own, as he thrust hard into her. It was this short of pain, bordering between it and pleasure, Allura crying out again.

His thrusts had her whole body moving, sliding across the silk sheets. Lotor was muttering under his breath, talking about tightness and how wet she was. He practically had to fight her body to stab into her, she was tensing up something fierce, passage tightening up in teasing squeezes. Each thrust of his cock sent her shivering, Allura feeling the burning friction between her legs, the pleasurable heat that had her moaning.

Lotor pushed on her legs, changing her position, forcing them back up so that her feet ended up on either side of her head. This changed the whole angle of his thrust, Allura feeling him brush against something deep inside her. It felt like he was touching the very center of her body, a thought that would have had her blushing under normal circumstances. But she was lost to the pleasure, hearing Lotor grunt.

“I’m close.” He announced in between pants. She could feel him leaking, just a little inside her, Allura sparing no thought to the fact they hadn’t taken any precautions against making a child together. Instead she all but purred at him, squeezing encouragingly. He moaned and muttered in response, doing frenzied thrusts in an attempt to last longer.

The pleasure came again, Allura feeling as though she had the strength to break her bonds, screaming out her release. Her hands yanked at the ropes, but the cord held fast, leaving her wiggling futilely on the bed.

“Allura!” Lotor gave a few more vigorous thrusts, waiting until he was as deep as possible in her. Only then did he give in, shooting his essence deep inside her, Allura letting out a weak whine at the feeling. Only now did she become aware of the strain on her legs, and the ache in her center. She felt rubbed raw, and wondered how much worse it would be when the endorphins wore off.

Lotor pulled out of her, and released his hold on her legs, allowing her to set them back down on the bed. She lay there, breathing heavily, feeling the bed shift and moan. The blindfold was removed, leaving Allura to blink rapidly at the change in light. Her first sight was of Lotor, smiling at her, the man completely nude. It made her blush, and he laughed, a delighted sound.

“Blushing at the mere sight of me?” Lotor asked, Allura shaking her head furiously, wishing she could hide behind her hair. “And after all we’ve done. How adorable.” He bent to kiss her forehead, Allura blinking at him, surprised by this tender gesture.

“Ah…..would that we could dally all day in bed….” Lotor pulled away from her, true regret in his voice. “But we do have a celebration to attend to.”

“Will you untie my hands now?” Allura asked hopefully, frowning when he shook his head no. “Why not?”

“You’re bound to be….excitable at the party. You will see things that upset you.” Lotor explained, using the sheets to clean up the mess between her legs. She squirmed, but endured the material rubbing against her with a sigh, realizing it was the only way she’d get clean at the moment. He finished cleaning her up, and then set about to dressing her lower half.

“What are you going to do to my friends?” Allura asked, watching as Lotor pulled on her boots. He hesitated, and she frowned. “You’re not going to kill them are you?”

“Allura, they are enemies of my kingdom. Death will be the least of their worries.” He strode away from the bed, intent on retrieving his uniform. Allura sighed, and struggled, testing the strength of the ropes. She’d just have to wait and hope an opportunity presented itself at dinner, perhaps she could sneak a knife and undo her bonds. She hid a smile, thinking it sounded like a viable plan.

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